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Chapter Directory 978 The Ninth Hundred And Fifty-six Is Chaotic.
    Chinese Name: 我的岳父大人叫吕布  Author: 大哥有枪(Dàgē yǒu qiāng, Big Brother Has Gun)
    Original: Unknown | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The Battle of Chengde is over, ending with a tragic victory by Liu Mang's army. ︾,

     Liu Mang's army, three thousand Chengde defenders killed more than two thousand three hundred people, and seriously injured more than two hundred people. Less than one hundred people really survived.

     Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry also killed more than 800 people, plus Xiliang cavalry, Liu Mang can not be described as a heavy loss.

     On the opposite side, Xiahou Yuan's soldiers and horses, Divine March Army was completely wiped out, and Wei Yan's Scarlet Battalion was also seized by Liu Mang, using Gan Ning's Monarchial Power-class to send him to hell.

     The whole Chengde was a mess, with corpses all over the floor.

     Liu Mang thought he was already cold-blooded, but from this moment, he still felt a bitterness.

     Liu Mang had anticipated the battle with Cao Cao a long time ago, but his plan was not to start a war like this. The layout of his previous paper note has been launched, in order to reduce the consumption of blood in the civil war.

     Wu Ranhua, this is the bloody lesson of Three Kingdoms after the Wei and Jin Dynasties.

     "Humble General Gan Ning has seen His Royal Highness King of Han!" Gan Ning also got off the battleship from the Monarchial Power-class and entered Chengde.

     "Xingba!" Liu Mang saw Gan Ning, Liu Mang's thoughts got better. It’s been a long time since I saw Gan Ning.

     "His Royal Highness!" Gan Ning saw Liu Mang kneeling down with luggage."Hey, no need to be polite." Gan Ning is really Liu Mang's number one warrior in the sea. If Liu Mang wants to be a man like Pirate King, then Gan Ning is his warship.

     Liu Mang and Gan Ning hadn't seen each other for a long time. They talked for a long time, and Chengde City taught them to Liu Ye over there.

     Everything in the city needs to be reset.

     Interesting facts in the sea, the various benefits of Liu Mang's ban on the sea, and the local conditions and customs in other places, Gan Ning talked to Liu Mang one by one.

     For Gan Ning, Liu Mang is really the one who made Gan Ning start again.

     If there is no Liu Mang's, his Gan Ning is probably just an only Jingzhou Commandant.

     Not to mention seeing the vast sea now.

     I used to think that Great Han Nine Provinces was already the world, but now Gan Ning only feels that Great Han is just one place.

     "Xingba. I'm interested in going oceans!" Liu Mang said suddenly.

     "Ocean?" Gan Ning now even has Monarchial Power-class, it is still driving around the coastline, the farthest is the Silla generation.

     "Ocean, Xingba, what I taught you is the Great Han's navy, not the coastal fleet!" Liu Mang said to Gan Ning with a smile.

     "As long as you Gan Ning go wherever you go. Where is the territory of my Great Han!" Liu Mang said to Gan Ning."Where is the territory of Great Han?" Gan Ning's eyes widened. The military commanders worshiped two characters, one is Wei Qing and the other is Huo Qubing. Why are these two people famous? Because of this. Both of them fought against foreigners, and similarly they expanded the territory of Great Han to nearly half.

     As for Gan Ning, what Wei Qing and Huo Qubing obtained on the land can be compared to the sea. Not to mention other things, that is, south of Jiaozhou, that is a vast land.

     "But your Highness, the number of Monarchial Power-class battleships!?" Gan Ning asked suspiciously.

     "That's it, Monarchial Power-class, I will let the captain work overtime to build it. When you go out to sea, I will guarantee at least thirty ships!"

     "Thirty?" Gan Ning was also taken aback by the number of Liu Mang's, now there are three Monarchial Power-class ships. Let Gan Ning be wild with joy, what if thirty?

     "Thirty battleships. Not all of them are Monarchial Power-class!" Liu Mang also shook his head. If you let him come for three or five years, you might be able to get it together. At this time, Liu Mang can't get it out.

     "Twelve ships, the lowest twelve Monarchial Power-class, plus various auxiliary warships totaling 30. In addition, I will increase Ling Chao's Marine Corps to 30,000!""The fleet of thirty ships, twelve Monarchial Power-class!" Gan Ning is also wild with joy. "Thank you Master, thank you Master, Master, rest assured. Humble General will certainly live up to the Master's trust!"

     When the two were discussing, Zhang Liao came back.

     "General Zhang Liao, have you ever chased Wei Yan?" Liu Mang asked Zhang Liao,

     Zhang Liao shook his head. The order Liu Mang gave Zhang Liao was a matter of life and death, but now that he has not seen Wei Yan, it means that Wei Yan has escaped.

     "Humble General is incompetent, please be punished!" Zhang Liao knelt down in front of Liu Mang's,

     "Forget it. Forget it!" Liu Mang shook his head, it was not Zhang Liao's fault that he couldn't catch up, but Wei Yan was too cunning.

     "Wei Yan, Wei Yan, I hope you have escaped back to the Cao Army camp!" Liu Mang is really afraid that Wei Yan will be without a trace from now on, as long as he is still with Cao Cao. Then Liu Mang has a chance for revenge.

     Wei Yan is not dead, how will the ghosts above and below Scarlet Battalion rest in peace, how will Wei Yan not die, how will Ju Shou souls rest in peace, how will Wei Yan not die, how will the 20,000 Yangzhou new army rest in peace, how will Wei Yan not die, how will Chengde rest in peace

     "Master, what about Xiahou Yuan father and son?" Liu Mang promised to let them go as long as Xiahou Yuan father and son tell Wei Yan's trace.

     But now Wei Yan has not caught it.

     "Go, let them go!" Liu Mang waved his hand."Let it go?"

     "The Divine March Army is gone, Xiahou Yuan is useless!" Liu Mang shook his head, leaving Xiahou Yuan is also useless, so let's send it back.


     "Chengde is fine, but you have to guard against Cao Cao and the follow-up soldiers. Where is Ling Chao!" Liu Mang shouted loudly.

     "Humble General is here!"

     "Ling Chao, you command the two thousand marine battalions to be stationed in Chengde first to assist Director Liu in the preparation of Chengde!"

     "Humble General take the lead!"

     "Ziyang, you go and take those craftsmen on the battleship of Xingba first, and set them up! If you can't do anything, you immediately blow up everything in Chengde, retreat to the River Ying, and return to the Yangtze River. , Wait for my news!” This Chengde Liu Mang can be dispensed with, but the craftsmen in this Chengde are no less.

     "Yeah!" Liu Ye nodded.

     After Chengde is arranged, Liu Mang will leave Chengde for Lujiang.

     "Master, do you want to let these three go to Monarchial Power-class together?"

     "No need!" Liu Mang shook his head. Monarchial Power-class went to River Ying and there are very few DCs. It would be bad if you don't have to meet with unexpected failure.

     Liu Mang immediately took Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry under his hand and headed towards Lujiang.Among the oversees of Lujiang is Liu Mang's cheap father-in-law Lü Bu. In the past few days, he had a good match with his old acquaintance Cao Cao.

     Without Guo Jia, Cao Cao’s design battle plan in a tent was greatly discounted, while for Lü Bu, because of the improvement in martial arts, his mood has changed, and he is no longer the same person who was angered by Cao Cao. Up.

     The two of them were completely Cao Cao and Lü Bu. It was really a match between each other.

     When he arrived in Hefei, Liu Mang separated from Zhang Liao. Zhang Liao brought his Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry to help Lü Bu, while Liu Mang went directly to Shouchun City.

     "Master, are you back?" Xu Shu immediately greeted him.

     "Yuanzhi has worked hard!" Liu Mang also apologized when he looked at the haggard Xu Shu.

     "It's okay, it's okay!" Xu Shu shook his head.

     Ju Shou is dead, Zhuge Liang is not there, Lu Su went to Lü Bu, Xu Shu is the one who can carry the banner in the city.

     "How is the situation in the city? How is Cao Army now?" Liu Mang asked Xu Shu anxiously.

     "Master, Cao Army's Marquis of Wen is irrelevant, it's just this information, you must read it!" Xu Shu took out a letter and handed it to Liu Mang.

     Liu Mang opened the letter, and was stunned.

     ...In the Cao Cao camp, Wei Yan escaped. Cao Cao already knew that Wei Yan's Scarlet Battalion total defeat of an army, and even Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Ba did not come back.

     Chengde is in a stalemate.

     Cao Cao's face was gloomy, but then he changed his face and looked at Wei Yan who was kneeling on the ground to lead the crime. Cao Cao still resisted his anger. After all, without the help of Wei Yan, Cao Cao would not get the present In the territory of China, the Yangzhou Army will not be forced to the point where only Shouchun is left.

     Therefore, Cao Cao helped Wei Yan up with a pleasant look, and it didn't hurt to speak to Wei Yan, and he even calmed Wei Yan.

     But this calmness is only a moment.

     "Report! Report to Master, the event is not good, the event is not good, Liaodong, Liaodong Xiongnu marched into the detention, Youzhou has fallen into the hands of Xiongnu half of the wall!" Xun Yu from Liaodong directly sent an envoy towards Information from Cao Cao.


     "What does Xun Yu eat! Xiongnu? Where does Xiongnu come from? Isn't Worthy Prince of the Left only more than 100,000 people?" Cao Cao said angrily.

     "Master, it's not that Master Xun Yu doesn't send troops, but, Liaodong, Liaodong hasn't paid any salary for almost three months, Master Xun Yu has no soldiers to send!"

     "what?"The good news has doubled. "Report, Second Young Master, Second Young Master killed Fourth Young Master, in Xudu, in Xudu, he became the emperor!"

     "What! Puff!" Cao Cao's eyes widened and didn't react for a while, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and he passed out immediately.

     "His Royal Highness King of Wei!"

     "Master, Master!"

     "Mengde, Mengde!" The entire Cao Army was in a mess. (...)