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Chapter Directory 979 Finale Of The Ninth Nine Hundred And Fifty-seventh
    Chinese Name: 我的岳父大人叫吕布  Author: 大哥有枪(Dàgē yǒu qiāng, Big Brother Has Gun)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Eastern Han, the generation that has been passed down from Liu Xiu to the Emperor of Han Liu Xie, eventually perished.

     Cao Pi forced the Emperor of Han Liu Xie to abdicate the title of Emperor, ascended the throne, and the country name Great Jin in Xudu.

     Moved to Luoyang, canonized Cao Cao as King of Wei conferred Nine Bestowments, reward fiefdom Hebei, Liu Mang as King of Han fiefdom Jingchu area.

     The rest are the great vassals. Sun Quan took the position of Grand Commandant. The Minister of Works was naturally left to Sima Yi. The General-in-Chief was taken over by Cao Pi. The others also each takes what he needs. , Cao Pi originally came and go with those landlords eyes and eyebrows, naturally they also got the support of these individuals.

     "Your Majesty! The minister has something to play!" When everyone was overjoyed, Sima Yi stood up.

     "Em?" Everyone was taken aback, but now when it is overjoyed, why does this Sima Yi stand up?

     "What's the matter with Zhongda?" Cao Pi still had a smile on his face, he thought for so long, isn't it just for the seated position.

     "The minister wants to participate in a copy of an adult in the court!!" Sima Yi said.


     "The lord who the minister wants to join, deceived your majesty, do two things at once, serve the two masters!" Sima Yi continued.

     This time I talked spiritedly up above the hall, and served the second master? This is a big taboo, loyalty is not the second master."Oh? Who is this person?"

     "This person is the Grand Commandant on the spot, Sun Quan!" Sima Yi threw a bombshell.

     Sun Quan subconsciously panicked, but then calmed down. "My Lord Minister of Works, you and I are officials in the same palace. Even if you are dirty, you shouldn't slander me like this?" Sun Quan is very pretty Calm down.

     "Hehe, Master Grand Commandant, if there is no evidence, I would speak like this!"

     In Sun Quan's eyes, the sharpness flashed,

     "Your Majesty, this is the evidence I have collected, please go through it!" Sima Yi presented a few things,

     "My Lord Minister of Works, it's really a good calculation. It's all ready to frame me!" Sun Quan said coldly.

     This Great Jin has just started, have the Minister of Works and Grand Commandant's tears appear on the court?

     Cao Pi took over. Originally, Cao Pi was a little annoyed that Sima Yi failed to see the larger issue. After all, this is his Great Jin who just started the country, you can't change the day.

     But seeing the intelligence in his hand, he took a breath. Could not help getting furious.

     "Good, good!" Cao Pi glared at Sun Quan below. "Good, you Sun Quan Sun Zhongmu!"

     "Your Majesty, the minister doesn't understand?""What? Do you still have to quibble now?" Cao Pi was full of anger. No matter who was treated as a monkey, he would be unhappy in his heart.

     "Okay. Then I'll let you understand!" Cao Pi directly threw those things in front of Sun Quan.

     Sun Quan took a look, but was dumbfounded. These are all letters. Among them are the letters he contacted between Sun Quan and Yangzhou. There is also his own letter from Sun Quan.

     "Why did you have?" Sun Quan knew it as soon as he spoke.

     "Haha, Master Sun Quan, although Zaibucai is not as resourceful as Master Sun Quan, he knows a few strokes!"

     Sure enough, Sun Quan looked at those letters carefully. Except for a few words, they didn't answer the questions.

     "You. You, you!" Sun Quan pointed to Sima Yi speechlessly. "Your Majesty has been wronged, this is Sima Yi's strategy!"

     "It is true that I wrote the first few letters based on your notes from Master Sun Quan, but this one! Master Sun Quan, this was found in your study!"

     That letter is the one that made Cao Pi jump up with anger. The description of Cao Pi above is a more fashionable word.

     In his opinion, Sun Quan, he is playing Cao Pi between applause, how can he keep Cao Pi not angry."Come here! Drag me out and chop it!" The evidence was solid, and Cao Pi was furious again.

     "Your Majesty is wronged, wronged!" Sun Quan shouted loudly from there.

     However, Cao Pi did not respond at all.

     Seeing myself surviving hard. Sun Quan suddenly wanted to understand, "I see, it's you, it's you!"

     Sun Quan wanted to say something, but it has been dragged down.

     Sun Quan. The shortest-lived Grand Commandant in the Great Jin country, died just one day after taking office. Cao Pi once again promoted Wu Zhi to become Grand Commandant, and then he went to court.

     Wu Zhi is really be pleased beyond one's expectations, so I became very kind to Sima Yi over there.


     In Cao Camp, Cao Cao, who had passed out for the past two days, finally woke up.

     "Your Highness, that. The Second Young Master sent someone to the messenger and said, said, said," Mao Jie and others on the side were afraid to speak directly.

     "Say what!" Cao Cao said coldly.

     "Said to give you a reward!"

     "Haha, haha!" Cao Cao burst into laughter. "Come on, tell me, what reward is my rebellious son giving me!"

     "Choose you as king, fiefdom Hebei!""Huh! I am a king. Have you ever seen my son an emperor and Laozi a prince?" Cao Cao looked at everyone, but no one dared to speak.

     "Your Highness, if you don't accept the reward, then Second Young Master will not give us any more food!" said Mao Jie on the side.

     The food and grass supplies are all sent out from Yanzhou.

     The food and grass of the army is not much. Similarly, Mao Jie also told Cao Cao a piece of news, that is, Cao Pi also sent an envoy to Liu Mang's camp

     This Cao Pi really wants him Cao Cao to die. If Cao Cao has hundreds of thousands of troops going northward, then Cao Pi will really be dead.

     So Cao Pi can also tell Liu Mang the news and let Liu Mang kill Cao Army and kill his father. In this way, his position can be done safely.

     "I really gave birth to a good son, a good son!" There were tears in Cao Cao's eyes.

     Who is he Cao Cao, he is a hero, he is a traitor, he is the one who steals the world, people in the world are afraid to hear his name Cao Cao, but what about it, he still defeated muddled and completely collapsing.

     The son is dead and scattered, Cao Pi, the rebellious son.

     It is impossible to ask him Cao Cao to bow his head like Cao Pi."Report!" Just when Cao Cao was furious, a notification came from outside the camp.

     "Return to Your Highness. Outside the camp, the enemy outside the camp is calling out!"

     "What!" Cao Cao stood up forcibly, "Go, I want to see, what is the talent of this Liu Mang kid!" Cao Cao was also exasperated. I even hated Liu Mang,

     Waiting for Cao Cao to leave the camp, he was stunned when he saw someone coming.


     "Your Highness, do you really want to do this?"

     "Yeah, Your Highness, this Cao Army has insufficient food and grass. This Cao Pi has already become the emperor. The Xiongnu invasion in the north is right in front of us to destroy the Cao Cao army!" Several people around are discouraging Liu Mang not to If you are in danger, you can't have an excess tendency to clemency. It's right to seize the world.

     Destroyed the Cao Cao army, even Cao Cao is not his Liu Mang's opponent, let alone the opposite Cao Pi.

     Liu Mang shook his head and smiled and said, "It's easy to destroy Cao Cao, but it's difficult to save the world!" Cao Cao's 300,000 army, plus various auxiliary units, has 800,000 troops. Up them. The Cao Army really doesn't have the elite, but without them, who will resist the Xiongnu in the north? Even if Xiongnu is driven out, who will protect this Great Han Nine Provinces!

     "I have decided!" Liu Mang said to everyone.

     "slow!"Liu Mang turned his head, "Father-in-law even you want to stop me?"

     "No!" Lü Bu didn't mean this. "Just do what you want, just after meeting Cao Cao, tell him that I'm letting go, what can't he let go of!"

     "I see!" Liu Mang nodded and walked towards Cao Cao camp ahead.

     In front of Cao Cao, one man, one horse, and countless grains and grass piled up outside his Cao Cao camp.

     "You, you. What do you mean!?" Cao Cao also stepped forward to question Liu Mang.

     "Duke Mengde, although you and I have played against each other for many years, the actual number of times we met is can be counted on one's fingers!" Liu Mang said with a calm smile.

     "Duke Mengde back then was very high-spirited, how come he's getting old now?"

     "Humph!" Cao Cao also regained his vigor.

     "Haha!"; The two suddenly looked at each other and laughed.

     "Duke Mengde, don't you understand my intention?" Liu Mang spoke first.

     Cao Cao did not speak. Isn't Liu Mang's meaning obvious? That is to make him Cao Cao surrender!"To be honest, in this world, Liu Mang hasn't really wanted it. Is that location in Luoyang really that easy to do? The Dragon Throne on the Golden Warm Classic is all made of gold, sitting on the bottom Can you still knock people off?" Liu Mang asked several questions in a row.

     "Then what are you doing? For the people?" someone frigid irony and scorching satire next to Cao Cao asked.

     "People? Hehe, Liu Bei has already returned to the mountains and forests, who would say that he is for the people!" Liu Mang got off his horse and pointed to the Fang Daying behind him.

     "I fight this world for them! For the people I care about, for them to be able to dress warm and eat well, for those who believe that Liu Mang can bring them a good life! The place in the Golden Temple I am Yes, I can give them a hand, as long as they live comfortably, just peace and prosperity is enough!" Liu Mang helped Lü Bu to fight the world step by step. Wasn't it just in the beginning to survive.

     "We didn't lose, what are you Liu Mang hypocritical!" someone over there shouted.

     "Lost? You never won!" Liu Mang shook his head.

     "Duke Mengde, did you see this?" Liu Mang took out a piece of paper from his pocket, and dropped a stack of it in front of Cao Cao so casually, the wind blown away.

     Cao Cao took out a chapter."Gold Lü Bu, this is Gold Lü Bu!" This one is worth 100 gold, which is real gold real silver.

     What Liu Mang took out just now is a stack of at least a hundred sheets, and the several tens of thousand gold are scattered like that?

     "My Duke Mengde, your Yanzhou, no, it should be said that the paper note used in the entire Great Han world, 80% of the places, is the Gold Lü Bu in your mouth! And this thing, to me, is one A piece of paper, I want to print as much as I want! If I throw such a pile in your city every day, one city will give one away, what do you think?"

     Cao Cao grabbed the Gold Lü Bu in his hand, his arms were shaking. If Liu Mang did this, then the entire Cao Cao site would be messed up, prices would inevitably rise, inflation, and in the end the money would be worthless, the people Barter. I don't know how many people are going to starve to death. Cao Cao can no longer collect taxes so steadily. The whole world will be in chaos.

     "So you haven't won from the beginning!" Liu Mang said to Cao Cao.

     "Duke Mengde, I believe you know it too. Your son Cao Pi has sent an envoy, right here!" Liu Mang took out a package, Liu Mang is a great head.

     "There is one more thing, I also want to give you Duke Mengde!" Liu Mang beckoned, and a horse behind came up alone."Chong? Chong'er?" This person is not the other Cao Chong who left from Xudu. Zhuge Liang informed Cao Chong, and Cao Chong ran out.


     "Are you okay, Chong'er!" Cao Cao hurriedly picked up Cao Chong and looked up and down.

     "Father, I'm fine! It's just mother, mother!" Cao Chong told Cao Cao of Madame Huan's death.

     "That beast!"

     "Duke Mengde, I believe that you are not a person who does not want to die for that position! Emperor of Han Liu Xie, it has long been useless! But you have never abandoned him! It's useless to call yourself emperor, I admire You!" Liu Mang said.

     "You have done so much, not just for the unification of the world. The people no longer destitute and homeless, peace and prosperity! North Xiongnu has already invaded, and the Great Han will not be long! Duke Mengde, I still hope you Think about it! If you come here, I will definitely treat it with aspect!"

     Liu Mang left the pile of grain and grass and is about to leave. "By the way, my father-in-law asked me to send you a message. He has put it down, can't you still put it down!"

     Cao Cao's eyes widened.


     In the first year of Zhonghua Empire, the King of Wei Prime Minister of the Cabinet Cao Cao led an army of 800,000 under Lujiang and surrendered to Yangzhou.

     A crowd in Cao Camp waited. Just follow the previous treatment.Liu Mang was enthroned and proclaimed Zhonghua First Empire in Yangzhou Shouchun, and he appointed Cao Cao as the first Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Zhonghua First Empire. Xu Shu, Lu Su, Tian Feng. Guo Jia, Zhuge Liang and others are all in the cabinet.

     The 800,000 army was reorganized and 150,000 elites were taken to form three army groups, in addition to Yangzhou, a total of four army groups. Lü Bu, Huang Zhong, Sun Ce, Xiahou Yuan each command an army, Chengde’s artillery is fully equipped with soldiers and horses, collects five red artillery battalions, and decentralizes them to each army.

     In the same year, Lü Bu conferred as Marshal of the Empire, with Guo Jia as the assistant, Zhang Liao, Gao Shun, Guan Yu, Zang Ba, etc., commanded a 150,000 army north to Hebei and dispatched Xiongnu.

     In the same month, Xun Yu wrote a letter to surrender. Liu Mang appointed Xun Cen as the governor of Hebei and Xun Yu as his deputy to jointly fight against Xiongnu.

     This month, Yanzhou surrendered Liu Mang with the help of Cheng Yu Zhang Family.

     That month, Zhonghua First Empire was sent by the Fourth Army of the Xiahou Yuan command to the pass, and the Kingdom of Jin descended all the way.


     "Damn it, damn it!" Cao Pi was going crazy. He had just become the emperor, but Cao Cao surrendered to Liu Mang."Cao Cao, Cao Mengde, you can give this world away, and don’t let your son become the emperor!" Cao Pi retreated and then retreated. His army was first pushed from Yanzhou to Luoyang, and now he is carrying it with him. Luoyang is about to be dying, and he is about to retreat to Chang'an, and then it will be Xiliang.

     "Your Majesty, the situation is over, let's surrender!" Cao Pi's courtier below shouted to Cao Pi.

     "Surrender!" Cao Pi's confidant drew out his sword and killed the man. "Whoever surrenders in words is like this! Give me the order. The entire Luoyang Mansion will be burned for me, and we will move the capital!" Okay, Dong Zhuo burned down Luoyang City in a big fire, making the whole Zhili almost a ghost town. I didn't expect Cao Pi to start again.

     "Your Majesty!" Sima Yi took a step forward.

     "What? Even you have to persuade me to surrender?" Cao Pi looked at Sima Yi severely.

     "No, no, your majesty, the minister has a plan to retreat from the enemy!" Sima Yi said to Cao Pi.

     "Oh?" Cao Pi's eyes lit up. "Zhongda, what are your strategies, come with me as soon as possible!"

     "Your Majesty, this plan can only be heard by your Majesty!"

     "Em?" Cao Pi was puzzled. But now he is like a drowning man who has caught a life-saving straw in the camp. "Okay, you and me come up!""Yes!" Sima Yi walked up the steps, walked to the front of Cao Pi, and leaned close to Cao Pi's ear. "Your Majesty, the minister's plan is like this!"


     Cao Pi's expression about Hill's attack suddenly changed. He clutched his chest and looked at Sima Yi inconceivable.

     "you you you!"

     "Your Majesty, the minister's strategy is to kill you, and use your head to exchange for General Xiahou Yuan to retreat!" Sima Yi said blankly.

     "Come here, kill me, kill him!" Cao Pi shouted, pointing to the guard under his hand.

     A group of guards defended Sima Yi.

     "Why? Do you want to be buried with him? Or do you want to use his head in exchange for a fortune!" Sima Yi said calmly.

     Soon Cao Pi discovered that all his loyal officials had changed.

     "Your Majesty, I'm sorry!" The guards, although he would not go forward to kill Cao Pi, he did not help Cao Pi to kill Sima Yi, but some of the civil servants below began to commotion, I don't know who shouted "Kill the false emperor!"

     There was an uproar, and a group of people rushed up. Cao Pi was stabbed by Sima Yi, blood was lost, and the whole person was dizzy. This was even more unbearable.Cao Pi, the emperor man who had been sitting for less than half a year, died just like that.

     "Minister of Works, no, no, Lord Sima Yi, I don't know my lord, have you negotiated terms with the master?!"

     Sima Yi smiled lightly, "Of course not!"

     Does Sima Yi need to discuss with Xiahou Yuan? He was originally from Zhonghua Empire.

     "Humble General Xiahou Yuan, met the court minister Zhuge! Director Sima!"


     Standing on Shouchun's palace, Liu Mang looked at the courtiers below, his lips floating up.

     "You look out the window, that is my world!" (.)

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