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Chapter Directory 2272 2 Da Luo End Of The Book
    Chinese Name: 魔方大世界  Author: 吾为妖孽(Wú wèi yāoniè, I am Devil)
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In the following days, Ito became an ordinary practitioner of Earth Fairy World, traveling in the mountains and rivers, living in the wilderness, or occasionally visiting the nearby towns, villages and cities to see the customs of Earth Fairy World, but more, It is a faction who walks through the door and secretly peeks into the secret books of others in the name of the Tao, records the recipes of various Danfang secret medicines, and then digs into the mountains in the following days to dig the medicine and go to the sea to get treasure, Self-improving fairy pill supplements the strength of the women on the martial arts side and the Xiuxian side!

    In this way, under the supplement of Ito Cheng, only one year, the best-qualified Li Yingqiong entered the Jindan seven-turn situation. Seeing that he would complete the nine-turn return to Dan, he became a fairy.

    As for the other three fathers of Mi Mingniang, Qiu Zhixian and Li Yingqiong, although they entered the country slightly, they are greatly improved when the practice method is concise and consistent with the current situation. If they are not worried about their excessive advancement As a result, the foundation was unstable, and their supply of immortality medicine was temporarily suspended.

    In addition to them, the women who also received the supply of immortality, Du Gufeng, Song Yuzhi, Ji Yanran, Zhao Zhi, Sun Shangxiang, Nu Nu and other women also made great efforts to break through their respective martial arts bottles. Take Wu Xian Jin Fa.

    Of course, at the same time they quickly advanced, Ito Cheng did not ignore the mother Eri and the elder sister Ito Ling and others who had a fight in Gao Tianyuan and the Tianjin god department a year ago. After they completely repaired the injury, Ito Achievement set out to draw the power of all gods including Amaterasu, and instilled it into everyone according to their respective attributes.Under such indoctrination-like power, everyone's divine rank immediately began to increase significantly, among which Eri and Maya, the mother of the sun god, and Ena Seishuuin, the god of the sword The most obvious is that it has been upgraded from the original level to a level comparable to the golden fairy, which is the powerful Divine Power god of the main god of the small god system!

    Among them, mothers Eri and Maya are ordinary golden fairy/powerful Divine Power gods. Ena Seishuuin, who has eaten two copies of Divine Power alone, is a golden Divine Peak/Peak level Divine Power god. Only one step away can break through the restrictions and enter the same Taiyi realm as Ito.

     At the same time, because of the sufficient relationship between the true gods and false gods, Ito Chenghua also specifically divided the power of several gods and delivered them to other qualified gods.

    For example, the wind that inherited the power of Storm Goenitz became the second wind god in the Magic Cube world after Karen was instilled in power, but the attribute is more biased towards the destruction of the storm, which is somewhat different from Karen's natural wind.

    For example, Pandora, which can be regarded as a demigod in itself and has the power of a small universe, has become the god of desire and snake under the power of instillation.

    For example, in the early years, it was said that the baptism of the artifact was carried out by Ito Cheng. The two sisters, Kagura Tenki and Kagura Qianhe, who were re-given with the eighth mirror of the artifact and the mirror of the artifact that was captured from the wooden flower opening Yeji With the instillation of power, the Twin Gods were achieved.As another example, Aisha Algerte, who has an artifact-Our Lady’s smile, and Jean Ye, who achieved the eighth sense of the Universe with the help of Ito Cheng, also achieved with the help of strength and some Strength of The World The god of life and the god of warriors.

    After that, Ito achievements will feed the remaining gods and spirit gods to the world tree that will be the first heir to be born! Then after more than two months, the green egg hanging on the tree of the world exploded violently, showing a disperse with a blue glow, white and delicate skin and silvery white. The long method, the exposed ears are pointed, like the baby's female body curled up on the knees.

    Immediately afterwards, the naked eye ripples rippled from her body, quickly traversing the entire Magic Cube world, as if proclaiming her birth to the world.

    And when Ito Cheng, who was visiting a certain school at that time, noticed the message from Magic Cube, he immediately quitted from that school and entered the Magic Cube world in a secret place, appearing in the female In front of the body.

    At this same time, the female body that sensed the coming person moved slightly, naturally unwinding, facing Ito and opening his eyes. It wasn't until this time that Ito succeeded in seeing the whole picture of this female humanoid creature.Her figure is very high, about 1.8 meters away, her figure is long, her skin is fair and delicate, her whole body is divided by the most accurate golden ratio, and no flaws can be found at all, even in the private place of her lower body , There is no slight foreign body, the appearance of a white tiger. The face of melon seeds, the proportion of facial features is extremely coordinated. It has the soft beauty of the Orientals and the profound and beautiful beauty of the Westerns. Even a very confident woman will feel ashamed after seeing her face and can’t afford to be in the slightest. Heart of comparison. Coupled with the bright golden eyes and long silver hair she possessed, as well as the noble, inhuman breath emitted by the disperse from time to time, she made the whole person look holy.

    "It's worthy of being fed by many gods, divine creatures and legendary creatures. As soon as I was born, I had the same strength as me." Looking at the woman in front of me, Ito couldn't help but sigh.

    However, when I thought about Mind Force, Ito became relieved. After all, the other party was the first life bred by the World Tree. It received the highest nutrition and attention, so the strength at birth was so powerful and normal. What's more, the other party may also be the manager of the life that the World Tree will conceive next, and it is similar to the existence of the World Tree spokesperson. In the Western legend, it is the spirit of the tree of the world, the existence of the wood of the ethnic group, the existence of the main god, and the strength is not normal.

    "Father... pro..." the woman opened her mouth and called with a difficult voice.

    "Uh... what do you call me?" Ito Cheng said in amazement.

    "Father." said the woman who was a little familiar with herself with a smooth voice that was a lot better than before."..., when did I become your father?" Ito asked Sakura (cherry), who looked at the innocent woman in front of him without a word.

    "Mother told me." The woman said, then turned her head and looked at the world tree with her eyes full of admiration.

    "...Well, I understand, what's your name?" Ito Cheng looked up and saw that the branches and leaves were a little dry, and the natural aura from the whole body of the disperse was also weakened a lot. The world tree was helpless.

    That's good. I haven't had a baby with my own woman yet. First, I had a cross-ethnic union with a tree.

     at the same time Arm Sakura (cherry) was transferred to the essence of the innate Otoki gas, and part of the Strength of The World was instilled in the tree of the world whose breath was greatly damaged by the birth of children.

    "There is no name yet. The mother said to ask her father to get up." The woman withdrew her eyes and looked at Ito Cheng with a wink.

    "Shasha Shasha..." The tree leaves of the world infused with the power of Innate Otsuki and Strength of The World tremble, sending a wave of Mind Force.

    "Since you want me to get up, the surname will be mine, and the surname is Chen. As for the name..., since you were bred and born from the tree of the world, it is called Mu Ling, which also fits your origin. "Ito thought for a moment.

    "En." Chen Muling nodded with joy in his face.

    "Come on, put on this dress first, and then tell me what you can do." At this time, Ito turned his palm over and took out a set of plain white satin skirt full of Greek style and handed it to Chen Muling Said.Chen Muling reached out to take over the long skirt, and did not ask how to wear it, so she put it on skillfully. Obviously, although she was a newborn baby just born, some basic common sense of the world tree has been instilled in her.

    "I have about five abilities, one is the power to control space-time, one is to nurture life, one is to control Soul, one is to control plants, and one is to communicate with animals. "Chen Muling replied."

    "It's really like the legendary ancient elf..." Ito whispered.

    "What do you plan to do next? Do you want to go with me or stay here?" Then, Ito asked openly.

    "I want to stay here to take care of my mother." Chen Muling said after thinking about it.

    "Alright, if you need anything, just tell the void, Magic Cube will help you." Ito nodded in agreement.

    "Okay, father." Chen Muling smiled.

    Ito, who was uncomfortable with the words of his father, turned his palm over and took a book of elves with the highest communication authority in the world of Magic Cube, which can directly connect to the confidential library, and threw it to Chen Muling. After saying "use him to learn the knowledge inside when it's okay", he used to move away from the tree of the world and returned to the city to start a daze.

    It was only after a long time that I gradually adapted to the fact that I had a'big' girl.

    "I can't let my girl go beyond that, otherwise it would be too faceless."However, I immediately remembered the strength of my own girl and the super-qualified Ito that she possessed. With a brow, I felt a strong sense of urgency in my heart, so I did not hesitate. I simply explained it to everyone. After that, he set off and returned to the area of Magic Cube world, opened the time rule, and swallowed the Odin Divine Power that was still in his hand by the time flow rate difference.

    As for the external travel actions, it was once again handed over to my own shadow clone. And the shadow clone that took the travel mission from Ito did nothing to change. Continue to enter the mountain and worship the mountain at the original rhythm. When you see the monster, if you are good, kill it if you are bad, collect herbs, peep at Dan Fang, provides help in cultivation for everyone in the Magic Cube world.

    Unconsciously, the outside time passed for several years.

    On this day, in the Magic Cube world, with the recovery of the maximum time misalignment in the central area, a terrifying momentum that suddenly enveloped the entire Magic Cube world erupted from the central area, disperse issued a terrifying Tianwei, all the residents in the Magic Cube world were shocked, and they looked up to the sky with horror.

    However, this situation did not last long. Almost as soon as the inhabitants of the Magic Cube world thought that the end of the world was coming, and the terrifying heavenly prestige appeared as it appeared, it quickly disappeared in the Magic Cube world, if not the top of each world. If the clouds are torn apart when the momentum erupts, everyone should mistakenly think that what they just felt is fake.

    "Hahahahaha!" Then, exaggerated laughter echoed over the central area of the Magic Cube world."Father?" shouted Chen Muling who appeared in front of Ito Cheng in doubt.

    "Scared at you." Ito Cheng, who noticed his excessive behavior, put away laughter and said, looking at Chen Muling with embarrassment.

    "No." Chen Muling shook his head slightly. "It's my father, what makes you so happy."

    "Nothing, just a breakthrough." Ito smiled.

    Chen Muling glanced up and down at Ito Cheng, and with a surprised look guessed, "Father broke into the realm of Da Luo?"

    "Yes." Ito nodded affirmatively.

    As Ito Cheng said, after swallowing Odin Divine Power, by the way, he also swallowed all the power of Hades who could not find the right one, and the Magic of Cube World has produced the Strength of The World almost over the years. Under the condition of exhaustion, he broke the two levels eventually and stepped into the strongest realm under the saint. The level of the big Luo Jinxian can be said that from now on, even in the Dixian Realm, he can walk completely sideways.

    "Congratulations to my father for a step closer." Chen Muling said with congratulations.

    However, at this moment, Chen Muling saw his father's expression suddenly changed, frowning tightly. Can't help wondering "Father?"

    "I didn't expect it to be like this." After a while, Ito growled and sighed.

    "What's wrong? Father?" Chen Muling asked curiously.

    "It's nothing. I have to leave for a while." Ito stood up and said.

    "Oh." Chen Muling nodded.

    When the words fell, Ito became a figure, and disappeared in the room in the center area, appearing in the void of the Magic Cube world."Magic Cube, how long does that world have?" Ito Cheng Yang asked.

    [Less than three years. ]

    "...What if I didn't reach my current level before that world broke down?" Ito became silent for a moment, then asked again.

    [Keep it as it is. ]

    "Your production is really forgiving." Ito grinned lightly.

    [The development of the world is full of variables. Even the owner cannot guarantee that everything will proceed according to the route he has set. So the owner will only drop Sakura (cherry) at the appropriate time and give the initial impetus, and then let everything develop on its own. ]

    "It's worthy of being high, the realm is high." Ito sighed.

    "I'm not the only one wanting to come." Then, Ito Cheng asked again.

    [Yes. ]

    "Then do you know the situation of other people?" Ito became curious.

    [Do not. ]

    "Then, can we come back after completing the task?" After a pause, Ito Cheng asked again.

    [Yes. ]

    "...Well, what should I do now?" Ito asked after opening for a while.

    [Like just now, explode all your power, and I will perform the rest. ]

     Ito nodded, and exploded all his power by words. Then a huge vortex suddenly appeared in the void of the Magic Cube world, just like a black hole, swallowing all the power surging from Ito into a large mouth, and compressing it together, until finally a very bright The spot, like a laser cannon, suddenly went out.Afterwards, the sound of "bang" exploded, and the void of the entire Magic Cube world was blocked with it.

    Immediately afterwards, the Magic Cube world hidden in inexplicable dimensions began to compress from the original strange existence back to a table tennis size, the same as the Magic Cube pendant that Ito became a Magic Cube pendant bought on the street. Do a streamer into the black hole that suddenly appeared in front of the inexplicable dimension Space...

    I don't know how long after that, with a flash of flashing light, the miniaturized Magic Cube appeared in a strange universe.

    [Universe is completed. Here we are. ]

    "Let's start now, save this Universe that is about to be destroyed..." said Ito Cheng, who looked at the familiar and unfamiliar Universe Space through the power of Magic Cube.

    [Yes. ]

    [Universe Rescue Plan, start! ]r1152