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0 Chapter Directory 2273 End Of The Testimonial
    Chinese Name: 魔方大世界  Author: 吾为妖孽(Wú wèi yāoniè, I am Devil)
    Original: | Translator:

Unconsciously, this book has gone through two springs and autumns, to be honest, when I first wrote it was for the sake of interest, and a half-promised word that I said when I wrote the same person-I will open a new book. [.. So the writing was very random at the beginning. Many things were thought out once and out. There was no routine at all. It seemed very messy. I think everyone also found out.

    I just didn't expect to be able to get a contract later.

    Then for the sake of livelihood and some enthusiasm, this book is now. But in the end is a newcomer in writing, many writing skills are not mastered, and the plot is based on the brain, so there are many problems around the book, such as the main line is not clear, the power system is chaotic (although There are also reasons why we want to pursue the fit of the real), cool points are not right, the main protagonist setting egg hurts or something...

    But this is the case, and there have always been many readers and friends who are willing to read what I wrote and support me in various ways. For this, the evil spirits here express their deep gratitude.

    Especially those who support the genuine edition, subscribe to us, give us rewards and vote monthly, are sincerely grateful to readers and friends. Because of your existence, my motivation was sufficient when I wrote (orz, if you want to despise, despise it.)

    Now the book is over and the story comes to an end, but the evil spirits will not stop, and the story will continue to be written, so here I ask you for some support in advance, hope that when the evil spirits opens a new book, everyone can go for a hit, vote Tickets.

    If all goes well, it will be uploaded at the starting point at the end of this month. If it is not smooth, it should not exceed January, so please stay tuned.Yeah, that’s probably all I want to say. It’s a bit messy, but the general meaning is right. Everyone wants to understand.

    the above!

    I wrote for the evil from 21:43 on December 11, 2014. (recording)(..)