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Chapter Directory End Of The Book
    Author: 神见(Shén jiàn, God's Vision)
    Original: www.qidian.com576
| Translator:

Five years and ten months, 7.74 million words, unmatched in the world in the end is still over.

The display is updated according to the starting point. Before the end, it has been continuously updated for 920 days.

Thank you for your friends who have been with you in unmatched in the world for five years. At the end of each book, the friends you read will have a sense of loss, but there are ups and downs in life, and there is no banquet in the world. It ’s over, although unmatched in the world is over, but in the next book, God will believe it will be more exciting, and then we will meet again!

Let's talk about the book first. When the unmatched in the world was on the shelves, the results of the main station were not very good. However, the insights persisted, and later the results of each channel were getting better and better.

In 17 years, there were more than 200 million clicks on mobile and over there, which has long occupied the top ten in mobile and best-selling lists.

In the 17-year Baidu index, hundreds of thousands of people searched invincible when the single-day peak.

QQ Bookstore now has a collection of 447,000.

There are now audiobooks with a VOD of 570 million.

There are other channels.

I originally wrote this book. I thought about writing the city two years ago. The protagonist has super powers, entrepreneurship, and billions of wealth. Then he studied at university, picked up girls, and often acted in the city. I have written about the city, so I have no idea, and finally decided to write fantasy again.

In the next fantasy, God will try to write better, try to avoid logic problems, and will not write so long. This book has been written for more than five years, everyone is tired of reading, God is more tired, now when recalling , God sees a feeling of fear afterwards.The style of Divine Insight is more suitable for channels such as Book City. Therefore, the next book will be the first to create the world. If you are willing to continue to read with the friends who see the next Genesis book, you can then register users in Genesis.

In recent years, God has seen a lot of problems with his body.

One, keratitis. I originally wanted to be like Huang Xiaolong, and I could cultivate a super-sophisticated eye or something. I didn't expect to face the computer and cultivated keratitis;

Second, the lumbar disc is protruding. Men can be outstanding and outstanding, but the only thing that can't be protruded is the lumbar disc. I saw that it is not protruding elsewhere, but the protruding one is the lumbar disc. Sometimes sitting longer, the waist is uncomfortable;

Three, cervical spine hyperplasia, God sees that he wants to grow taller, but God, you do n’t need to give me this kind of way to grow taller. Moreover, in the hospital a few days ago, God saw a height, and did not grow tall;

There is also chronic gastritis, and even arthritis is detected this year! Sitting for a long time, the joints of the legs are uncomfortable! Cover your face!

Considering that God sees physical problems, so after writing invincible, God sees to rest well and waits until September 1st to open a new book.

Of course, if the body is well-cultivated, it may open a new book in advance in August. If it is advanced, it will be announced in the Q group.

In the past few years, I often read piracy and then attacked God ’s opinions in various forums, and even cursed God ’s sons, parents, and wives. Some people were extremely ugly, and God really endured So many years. People hit the bone hole with a stick!

These bones!

Do you know the white bone cave? Sun Wukong hit the bones with three hits, one hit, two hits, and then hit again!

Hit the top!

Hit the back!Finally, hit the middle again! In the middle of this, Sun Wukong's gold hoop is just a light hit, don't hit it too hard.

See you in September, brothers! If you want to continue to scold me, continue to scold it in September, but do n’t scold my family.