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Chapter Directory 91 The End
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆外传唐门英雄传  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translator:

Great Circle of Gods, Committee of God Realm.

    When night falls, the golden sunlight will become dim, the body will shrink, and the dark purple moon will become larger, making everything in the entire circle of Gods quiet.

    Tang San stood in front of the Great Divine Circle with his eyes closed, and his divine power completely merged with the central God Realm in front.

    The new Great Circle of God can cover an extremely wide range, and can even be explored across galaxies. However, at this moment, as the supreme god king of the entire Great God Circle, he frowned.

    Huo Yuhao, the god of emotions, has been awakened not long ago. He is truly blessed by misfortune. He is infused with the power of chaos. The third eye on his forehead has evolved into a super artifact. He is named the eye of eternity. His son-in-law can finally become a god king justly.

    Even Tang San's own eight spider spears were also injected with the power of chaos from the seven god realms at that time, and they also completed evolution.

    However, at this time, he was not happy at all.

    For this reason, he did not even dare to tell his wife.

    Because, he could not reach the son of Douluo Shenjie.

    Even in the black hole, in the battle of the gods, he could reach his son, but he couldn’t.

    His divine power is far beyond the original, there is no black hole barrier, no restrictions, but he still can not be contacted.

    He couldn't even feel the breath of Trident.There is no excuse for not feeling the breath of the trident of Poseidon. If Tang Wulin could pass the Nine Tests of Poseidon and become the new owner of the trident of Poseidon, he would naturally not feel it. But why did the son's breath disappear.

    He didn't dare to think about that possibility, and he didn't dare to tell Xiao Wu these. He can only use his memory and judgment of galaxies to find his way back.

    "Don't find it yet?" A voice appeared behind Tang San.

    Tang San knew who was coming without looking back, and sighed, "Yeah! Still not."

    Tian Hen came to him with a hint of hesitation in his eyes, "Poseidon..."

    Tang San quickly interrupted him and said, "No, my son must be alive. He has the essence of the Golden Dragon King in his body. It is not so easy to die. Even if he wants to die, it is at most that by the Golden Dragon. Wang seized his body. But with the protection of my Neptune Trident, even if his body was lost, he must still be alive and still retain his consciousness. But, I can’t sense him, maybe this is the case.”

    "No, Poseidon, you listen to me." Tianhen's voice suddenly increased a bit.

    Tang San turned around and looked at him scorchingly, "What are you going to tell me?"

    Tian Zhen took a deep breath and said, "I have calculated it carefully these days. There may be something wrong."

    "What's the problem?" Tang San's heart tightened.Tian Jian said: "Although we have separated from the black hole by the big explosion produced by the collision, there is also a certain distortion in space and time. After these days of calculation, I think we are probably already thousands of years away from when you came. Years later. That is to say, thousands of years have passed since your God Realm was taken away."

    "What?" Tang San exclaimed in silence.

    Tian Zhen sighed, "Brother, you..."

    Tang San's whole person seemed to be lost, "No, it won't. No. For thousands of years, how could it be for thousands of years?" He knew too much what it meant if it had passed for thousands of years.

    For thousands of years, there are too many and too many variables that can appear. What he is most worried about is that even if Tang Wulin becomes a god, it is impossible to find them. The brand of God Realm that was once left to his son has disappeared during the big collision. The universe is vast, if the son is also looking for them in the universe, I am afraid it is really impossible to meet again.

    How could this be? He put forth all efforts, but...


    A crisp sound suddenly sounded from the center of the Great God Circle, and the next moment, Tang San's eyes suddenly lighted up, "It's him, it's him! He appeared, I felt his breath. Son, waiting for me, whether it is For thousands of years or ten thousand years, Dad will find you!"

    (End of the book)

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    ——Tang Family Three Young


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