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Chapter Directory 1545 Chapter Fourteen Thousand Sixty-nine
    Chinese Name: 末法王座  Author: 庄毕凡(Zhuāng bì fán, Zhuang BiFan)
    Original: | Translator:

readx(); When one foot of the King of Undead stepped into the area surrounded by six steel fortresses, Lin Yun’s heart suddenly accelerated, and the Wheel of Myriad Laws and Magic Possibility Array, which were fully working, finally caught a little bit. A different place.

    Before, even in the face of so many attacks, the frequency, speed, distance of one step taken by the King of Undead, and even the changes in all parts of the body are completely unchanged. These are the Magic Spell The King of Undead has no effect.

    Even if Magic Spell becomes stronger, there will be no change in footsteps, no one can stop, no one can even interfere.

    But now, there is a slight undetectable change, and only when Magic Possibility Array and Wheel of Myriad Laws work together to overload, only a little change can be found.

    At the moment of this slight change, Lin Yun took out the previously refined Potion and swallowed it without hesitation.

    The moment I swallowed Potion, Lin Yun seemed to become a bystander, watching the time continue to pass by at a rapid speed, seeing what happened within the next thirty seconds, and even everything was taken by the Wheel of Myriad Laws and Magic Possibility Array wrote it down.

    Prophet Potion, a special Potion that can only be made by St. Alchemy. After swallowing this Potion, it is like a swimming fish. It suddenly jumps from the river of time and sees a farther place. When it falls into the river again, Everything will be restored.The normal Prophet Potion can only see the future of ten seconds, but here, Lin Yun has joined Agaron’s blood and Soul power, has the blood of the descendants of the royal family of the third dynasty, and even awakened Agaron who predicted the blood, at least for this Potion The doubled bonus, plus the materials used by Lin Yun, are the best materials, and even materials that will become extinct in the future can only reach thirty seconds.

    The gray world was restored to its original state, and everything became the same again, at the moment when the footsteps of the King of Undead fell to the ground again. The body of King Undead suddenly disappeared.

    At the same time, Lin Yun also disappeared.

    When it reappeared, King Undead and Lin Yun appeared on the surface of a sea of bones at the same time. This is the battlefield of the bones obtained before.

     Lin Yun also transformed into Skeleton King again. Support the opening of this skeleton battlefield.

     The figure of King Undead, staggered from where Lin Yun was originally, appeared on the other end of the bone battlefield.

    If Lin Yun knew this in advance, he was already dead, and Book of Death would also be taken away by the King of Undead.

    Although this guy looks down on everyone at all. Even disdain and go to resist the attack, but it does not mean that the king of Undead is idiot, everything is for Book of Death, and the rest are details that can be ignored.

    After appearing on the battlefield of the bones, the black Soul fire burning in the eyes of the King of Undead seemed to flicker and did not attack immediately. At the same time, a gray ancient balance appeared between Lin Yun and the King of Undead.The phantom of the King of Undead and the phantom of Lin Yun appear on both sides of the balance at the same time, in an instant. The side that belongs to the King of Undead fell to the extreme and almost overwhelmed the balance.

    The ancient rules floated, and the balance quickly recovered its balance. The undead king's momentum plummeted, while Lin Yun's momentum surged wildly.

    All the way up until it surpassed Heaven Rank before stopping, but at this time, Lin Yun clearly felt that the gap between himself and the King of Undead is still very large. At least the almost immortal body of King Undead has not been affected at all. weaken.

    Suddenly weakened. The King of Undead seems to be a little unaccustomed, so he flew into the air and tried to destroy the gray balance, but the phantom of the balance is the oldest rule of appearance. Representing the rules themselves, there is no way to destroy them.

     The figure of the King of Undead crossed the gray balance, as if the balance was just an illusory phantom.

     The King of Undead furiously fought back, but Lin Yun was not willing to delay at all. Book of Death turned to the page of the Sage chapter, and there was already a dark earth pattern on the top 9th grade limit Magic Spell. This is the 9th grade Magic Spell printed by Lin Yun.

    A little black light fell to the center of the bone battlefield, and instantly, the black light began to spread rapidly towards the whole bone battlefield.

    The King of Undead flying in mid-air disappeared instantly. Lin Yun had recovered his human form at the moment of his disappearance, took a step back, and completely withdrew from the skeleton battlefield. On the other side of the skeleton battlefield, one of the most Standard 'S skeleton soldier appeared there...When Lin Yun restored human form, he was still in the bone battlefield. Undead disappeared here. The rules of the bone battlefield defaulted that the owner here had died. Active toward other Undead still in the bone battlefield. Depend on the ownership of the bone battlefield .

    When there is no master in the Skeleton Battlefield, anyone can enter and exit freely. However, when Lin Yun stepped out of the Skeleton Battlefield, a skeleton soldier appeared on the other side of the Skeleton Battlefield.

    When a skeleton soldier with no brains receives the active attachment of the skeleton battlefield, he has no idea at all to make a choice, only instinctively accept it, or even be forced to accept it...

    The skeleton soldier accepted the skeleton battlefield, then here enters the state of death war, and all life forms in it must complete the war before they can leave.

     The King of Undead can't violate this rule, because this rule is the manifestation of Undead Plane's own rules, that is, the rules themselves, and he can only appear again if he kills the skeleton soldier.

    Even when he was attached, the King of Undead got the ownership of the bone battlefield, then he had to kill all life forms in the bone battlefield to leave, even if only a small skeleton soldier less than 10th grade could hold his footsteps. ...

    So, Lin Yun came out, but the King of Undead was still trapped inside, the center of the bone battlefield, that little black light had spread to most of the bone battlefield, the uncountable bones in the bone battlefield crashed and the light was like Being swallowed, gravity soared to an incredible level.Under the terrible gravity, the movement of the King of Undead has become many times slower, and he can only watch the other end of the skeleton battlefield, where the low-level little skeleton soldier aimlessly wanders there.

    When the black covered the whole bone battlefield, the little skull was finally turned into a pile of bone residue, the body was swallowed by the darkness, the bone battlefield was unlocked, but at the same time, the king of Undead was also dragged by the darkness. Now, it becomes very difficult to move the footsteps.

    Outside the bone battlefield, Lin Yun suddenly appeared. Although it seems that there was no injury, the robe has been soaked with sweat.

    The scenes just now are all in front of the King of Undead, which is not captured by Wheel of Myriad Laws and Magic Possibility Array. It is the role of the Prophet Potion.

    Seeing what happened within thirty seconds in advance, Lin Yun died countless times in these thirty seconds. Only after living for thirty seconds is it really the last thirty seconds.

    Advance every step. Only barely able to grab a little time in front of the King of Undead, they will be easily killed in a short time.

    Flying to one of the six steel fortresses, Agaron and five others have already chosen a steel fortress, waiting for Lin Yun.

    The crowd looked towards the center surrounded by six steel fortresses. The phantom of the bone battlefield had appeared there, but it was compressed to only a hundred meters. Through the phantom phantom, you can even see that the whole bone battlefield is being Drag into the darkness. Before long, it will completely collapse.

    In the center of darkness, you can vaguely see half of the body of the King of Undead. The King of Undead bends over with one hand on the ground, resisting the terrible pressure.But this time, no one has the mood to watch it. Six people are all seriously injured. Now they are stimulating the power of creation and really activating the whole Hexagon Array.

    As six people use the power of creation to activate the most central Hexagon Array. A halo instantly spreads into the whole channel space, and connects the Alchemy Array that has been previously activated in segments. If only this is the case, then this is an Alchemy Array group. Only by using the power of creativity to activate, will this place become a whole Hexagram Array, super large Hexagram Array!

    With the gradual activation of the Hexagon Array, the whole channel space is completely integrated with the Hexagon Array, and this channel space has been disconnected from Leviathan Plane and Undead Plane.

    At this point, the Hexagon Array is still in the process of activation. Everyone was relieved.

     The King of Undead has not yet come out from the inside, so at least there is no need to worry about the King of Undead.

    In less than ten seconds, the phantom of the twisted bone battlefield finally collapsed. The whole bone battlefield seemed to be swallowed by the darkness on the ground.

     The King of Undead was half kneeling in the center of the dark zone, he could not stand up, he could only struggle to move a little bit, and the dark Soul fire swaying in his eyes was finally no longer calm, but like a burst Fire is almost squirting out of his eyes.The light slowly dissipated, a dark hemisphere slowly rose, swallowed the King of Undead in the darkness, the dark hemisphere slowly spread, and when it spread to the six steel fortresses, the invisible power was resisted The diffusion of this dark hemisphere, the six steel fortresses at the center of the six-pointed star Array, the center of the thousands of kilometers away, are covered by this dark hemisphere, the silent dark hemisphere, there is no sound at all.

     Lin Yun looked at the dark hemisphere in the center and put a heart down completely.

    This dark hemisphere is not the power of darkness, but the power of the earth!

     9th grade Magic Spell Gravity frenzy, slightly changed by Lin Yun spell, the direction of gravity, combined with the gravity of the earth to form a terrible extreme gravity.

    The light and sound in the center can no longer be freed from the dark hemisphere. The place where the darkness spreads is the range covered by Magic Spell, and only the range covered by Magic Spell will bear the effect of Magic Spell and leave that. Range, Magic Spell has no effect anymore.

    There is the purest regular force at work, only in the range of one kilometer.

    After the gravity frenzy was printed on the Magic Spell position on the chapter of Sage, it completely transformed into the limit Magic Spell. After combining gravity, the size of gravity will be raised to the extreme allowed by the rules. Under this gravity, Element Will be torn to the ground and can no longer float. Heaven Rank Sword Saint, entering this range, will be crushed by its own weight in an instant, and the body will be crushed into a patty.The King of Undead can still not be suppressed to the ground here, Lin Yun has been very surprised, but originally did not think that a 10th grade Magic Spell can kill the King of Undead...

    This Magic Spell itself was not designed to kill the King of Undead. From the beginning, Lin Yun had no such plan, because knowing it was impossible...

    The last book I saw in the nightmare country's mind-image world was the theory of relativity, which was not a barren library at that time.

    But Lin Yun got a little inspiration. If he can't get rid of the King of Undead, he can suppress the King of Undead. Taking this as a starting point, looking for the 9th grade Magic Spell that can be printed on the Sage chapter, you will find the gravity frenzy...

    If the gravitational frenzy becomes the limit Magic Spell, the magnitude of gravity has climbed to the extreme. Become a ten 1st grade Magic Spell, you can change the rule Magic Spell, then there will definitely be a very terrible hidden effect...

    This Magic Spell itself is intended to rely on huge power to shatter the opponent, but after the promotion to the extreme, the speed of time may be changed.

    Time is relative. The greater the gravity, the slower the time flow rate. After suppressing the King of Undead inside, the speed inside will be very slow, but the time flow rate outside is normal...

    A week later, the whole Hexagon Array was completely activated, and there was no problem with any part. The six talents flew out of the steel fortress, and they sat directly on the ground and gasped.

     Agaron looked at the black hemisphere in the distance. His eyes were worried."Merlin, I have seen this Magic Spell before, and it seems that I can’t trap the King of Undead. He seems to be able to move. I am afraid that it will not be long before he can escape again. Although this world has been completely and Leviathan Plane I was disconnected from Undead Plane, but with the power of the King of Undead, I can definitely escape..."

     Lin Yun grinned and poured Potion. Throw away the Potion bottle and lie on the ground with pale and tired expression, then smile with a grin.

    "It doesn't matter, from the very beginning. I have made the worst plan. If I can get rid of the King of Undead directly, it is naturally the best.

    It is good not to kill the King of Undead and to suppress him, even in the worst case. Under this power, he can still move, so let him escape.

    According to my calculations, with the power that the King of Undead just showed, he wants to move out, it will take at least a month..."

     Lin Yun's words haven't been finished yet. A group of people's faces are a little green. Even the most arrogant Alonzo is horrified.

    "Merlin, one month? One month later, we will face the angry King of Undead? Now Undead Plane can't devour the Leviathan Plane, and the King of Undead can definitely invade the Noscent German world..."

     Lin Yun looked indifferent and pointed to the dark hemisphere."The effect of Magic Spell is much better than I thought. One month is the worst case, but this month is the one inside, and outside, according to my estimation, at least five thousand years have passed, it is also possible It’s 10,000 years, and the flow of time is different. When he can escape, we, or Noscent, will definitely have the power to kill this guy."

    A group of people's faces are a bit strange.

    "Time rules?"

     Agaron's voice changed slightly, Alonzo's ugly face was almost twisted together, and at the touch, Andefe also got out of the Wheel of Myriad Laws, all three faces looked at Lin like a ghost Yun.

    "Merlin, do you realize the true meaning of time?"

     Lin Yun shook his head, too lazy to talk to these people so much, these things are not clear to explain, do they explain the theory of relativity? Explain the laws of mechanics? Don't joke, it's enough to solve the problem.

    Hearing that the King of Undead may be suppressed for 10,000 years, no one will take care of it again. After 10,000 years, it is estimated that the six people here may be alive in Lin Yun, while others, if they have not lit Divine Spark , Should all be dead.

    After a few days of rest, the people checked the passage space three times in detail, and confirmed that there were no errors in the details, before crossing the junction of the passage space near the Leviathan Plane and entering the Leviathan Plane.

    Only six of them can enter Leviathan Plane from the aisle space so easily in this case.Leviathan Plane is a material Plane, and is not one of the Supreme Plane. In this Plane collision, it was swallowed by Undead Plane. It was originally a doomed thing. It is now resolved. As the six people who dominate this matter, naturally There will be some preferential treatment, this is the preferential treatment given by the origin of Leviathan Plane.

    After entering the Leviathan Plane, six people felt at the same time that a trace of Plane's original power poured into everyone's body, and a new imprint appeared on Soul, which was the Leviathan Plane's imprint.

    With this imprint, everyone is just like the aborigines of Leviathan Plane, and there is no difference between Leviathan Plane and Noscent German world. Even if the Noscent German world is destroyed, they will not be affected and can continue to survive in Leviathan Plane.

    Such an imprint cannot be acquired. Only the native life of one world will have this mark, and the life form that can have two world marks will basically not appear.

    And Lin Yun, now has three world marks...

     Noscent German World, Leviathan Plane, natural semi-plane. In fact, even the mark of Noscent's German world came only after crossing this era. At the end of the world, it was a black house...

    Of course, both Lin Yun and Agaron felt that the most precious thing was this imprint, but everyone else felt that Plane’s original strength was the biggest gain.Lin Yun did not look down on this Plane's original power, but introduced this Plane's original power into Book of Death. Soon, a new page appeared in Book of Death, and a picture of a big mouth monster appeared on it. This is a new chapter, the chapter of Leviathan.

    After digesting these things, looking back, the ground seemed to be cut off with a knife, and a bottomless cliff was formed here, dark below, and not visible above. The original Mesopotamian plains have completely disappeared...

     The Undead crisis is completely resolved...

    After returning from the Leviathan Plane to the Noscent German world, Lin Yun immediately began to build a high tower of refuge.

    Because the parts have been prepared in advance before, soon. The main body was built in the Starry Sky Institute. With the addition of various parts, the most important Rhett Push disk was also made by Perfect.

    But at this moment, the gate of the abyss, the gate of purgatory, the gate of Undead, and the gate of heaven opened at the same time in the world of Noscent. The whole Noscent German world was involved in a total war.

    Countless strongmen are divided into four parts, respectively resisting the invasion in four directions, and the invasion from the abyss, because the gate of the abyss is outside the city of winter, so Starry Sky Institute took the lead to resist.

    During this process, Lin Yun felt the call from the abyss. That was the Balrog monarch who had stayed in the abyss. He awakened, because the level reached the peak of Heaven Rank, but he could not find the direction to ignite Divine Spark. Lin Yun entered himself. The abyss, at the same time began to invade the abyss from the inside.At this time, Lin Yun also knew part of the truth of Noscent de catastrophe. When End of the World's self arrived, Doomsday did not die, and unexpectedly lived to Noscent De Nirvana's rebirth from destruction, and then went through hardships. Successfully becoming a powerful and terrifying peak powerhouse, Lin Yun of Doomsday returned to the Divine Demon era and provoked the war of Divine Demon.

    The hatred of the Divine Demon era continues from one generation to the next. Lin Yun of Doomsday wants to know the truth of destruction, so instead of changing history, he keeps history in his hands and masters the progress of history. Find the truth of destruction in the middle.

    But in the end, history still developed in the original direction until Lin Yun was reborn into the present era.

    History has changed. Lin Yun of Doomsday feels that he is wrong. Lin Yun of this era is right, but he has not given up the layout for countless years.

     Doomsday Lin Yun discovered the law of destruction in each era, and it was destroyed quickly when it reached its peak, so in order to prevent the age of Mage from entering the peak, so the door of the four worlds was opened, allowing them to drag the Noscent world to the peak. , In order to avoid the final destruction.

    However, it was blocked by Lin Yun and Noscent's many powerful people in the current era, and the four doors were closed.

     Doomsday Lin Yun also found that he had gone the wrong way and merged himself with the current Lin Yun.

     After the catastrophe ended, Lin Yun finally successfully built the complete tower of asylum. The glory of the tower of asylum shrouded the whole Noscent German world. Instead of letting the magic power of Noscent German world decline, he began to strengthen the Noscent German world.Lin Yun became the strongest Mage in the Noscent German world, driving the Noscent German world to its peak.

    The natural semi-plane has truly evolved into a real world. Lin Yun has become the master of this world, but Lin Yun still lives in the world of Noscent.

    Year after year, Lin Yun stood at the top of the Asylum Tower, looking at the blue sky, and sometimes I felt a little confused in my heart.

    After tens of thousands of years, will Doomsday still appear? (.)