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Chapter Directory 1289 The Earth Is Long And Long
    Chinese Name: 醉枕江山  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Outside the temple, there were a total of 3,000 fully armed Imperial Forest Army troops, not one drop can trickle through a small temple. With spears like forests, and even strong crossbows with criss-crossed battlefields deployed, no one would ever want to rush out in such a siege.

     Suddenly, more than ten horses came galloping in the distance, and it was a group of palace guards guarding two court eunuchs. The Imperial Guard general who had besieged the mountain temple was refreshed and hurried forward. After a while, the Imperial Guard stepped aside and put the two court eunuchs into the monastery.

     One of the two court eunuchs is Gao Lishi and the other is Yang Sixuan. Because the so-called death of Princess Taiping performed by the two is actually very informative, they did not bring other people. However, Yang Sixuan himself is excellent in martial arts. Although Gao Lishi is not as good as his martial arts reach perfection, he is also a man who has learned fists and feet. His body is courageous and strong. In addition, the two of them actually brought the edict to avoid death, so they did not Worried about what the dead men of Taiping would do to them.

     "Big Brother Yang!"

     "Yang Great General!"

     Yang Sixuan and Gao Lishi respectfully salute Yang Fan when they see Yang Fan. They are not surprised to know that Yang Fan is here. The news of Princess Taiping in the Zhongnanshan Temple was what Yang Fan told the Taishang, because of his relationship with Li Longji, Yang Fan did not shy away from appearing in front of these two angels.Princess Taiping saw two court eunuchs walking into the yard, quickly wiped away the tears from their faces, proudly staring at them and said: "The emperor sent you to give death to this palace?"

     Yang Sixuan and Gao Lishi looked at each other, and Gao Lishi stepped forward and lowered his voice: "Princess, what you committed is truly unforgivable, but you are your majesty aunt. Your majesty is filial and filial, so how can you bear harm? The princess's crimes were not cured and the people of the world could not be explained, so..."

     Princess Taiping said bluntly: "You can say it straight, no need to hum and haw."

     Gao Lishi said with a dry smile: "Foreigners, your Majesty will still announce that the princess is dead. However, the Supreme Emperor can set up a palace to house the princess, but the princess will no longer appear in front of the world."

     Princess Taiping smiled faintly, then said to him: "This is the emperor's brother begging for forgiveness for me, right?"

     Gao Lishi owed his waist and did not dare to say more.

     Yang Fan approached gently, and said in a low voice: "You should take it, let's solve the current difficulties first, after this matter, I will always have a way to save you."

     Princess Taiping stared at him and said foolishly: "You...will you take me away?"

     Yang Fan nodded vigorously.

     Princess Taiping said: "But...my identity, you are not afraid of people make thoughtless remarks? Although Taoyuan Village people are not killed by me, they always die because of me. Are you not afraid of people pointing me?"Yang Fan's eyes were black and shiny, as if he could even absorb light: "People? Who are people? I am me, people are people, how scared are people? Fuck!"

     Princess Taiping smiled, there was something indescribable in her smile.

     Yang Fan worried and said: "Taiping..."

     He was worried about Taiping's strong personality and could not let go of her pride and accept Li Longji's arrangement.

     Taiping's eyes gradually softened, she sighed lightly, nodded silently to Yang Fan, and walked towards the Buddhist room.

     Yang Fan said anxiously: "Taiping, where are you going?"

     Princess Taiping stopped and said flatly: "I want to dress up, and see the emperor again."

     Yang Fan agreed and stopped. Taiping's face was indeed haggard, and her face was covered with tears. With her always proud personality, even if she failed, she would not be willing to appear in front of the winner with such a posture.


     Yang Fan, Yang Sixu, Gao Lishi and Taiping's internal and external managers Li Yi, Zhou Min, and four female sumo wrestlers were waiting in the yard, and the other four female sumo wrestlers went inside to help Taiping dress up. Thinking about the four female sumo wrestlers with thicker fingers than Carrot, and asking them to help dress up, Yang Fan felt a strange feeling in his heart.They waited in the yard for a long time, but women’s dressing was originally a kind of waiting for making people’s fingers. They didn’t realize how long it was. They just waited, and suddenly heard a rough cry like a man and a woman in the room. The sound of Yang Fan aroused a cold war, and an ominous feeling suddenly surged in his heart.

     He rushed forward as fast as he could and opened the door of the room. Taiping has a high bun, a flying phoenix bun, a golden step, and a red peony rich brocade shirt, sitting cross-legged on the futon in the middle of the room, graceful and beautiful as if a bride about to get married, four The female sumo wrestler knelt in front of her, crying.

     Yang Fan's heart suddenly sank to the bottom. He stood at the door, not daring to take a step for a long time. Everything about before one's eyes made him feel a kind of strong anxiety, he was afraid to learn the truth. Taiping saw him, smiled peacefully, and said to the four female sumo wrestlers: "You go out!"

     No one dared to disobey her. The four female sumo wrestlers cheeks streaming with tears banged their heads at her three times and walked backwards out of the quiet room. After a while, the four female sumo wrestlers waiting outside also let out their grief. Absolutely crying, Li Yi and Zhou Min threw themselves down in front of the quiet room, crying loudly.

     Yang Fan's heart trembles, and slowly walks into the room, closing the door, but can't stop the heart-piercing cry coming in from outside the door.

     Yang Fan walked to Taiping's side and trembled: "What's wrong with you?"Taiping smiled brightly at him, the glow on his face makes people unable to look directly at him: "Jiro, I am going."

     Yang Fan’s face suddenly lost its color, but Princess Taiping smiled and smiled happily: "We two met the right person at the wrong time. Unfortunately, we chased each other, walked and stayed. It became the love that I couldn't solve in my whole life, so enduring while the world lasts became the shrike and the swallow fly in different directions.

     I used to hate things that are right and wrong. In fact, people and things are still there, but you and I are gone. So I thought, letting go like this is not a relief. There are many things in life without right and wrong, nor should or shouldn't, love, live, laugh, sad..., that's enough.

     After all, if the heart is gone, it is something that I can't help but do. But now I finally know that you still have me in your heart, I am very happy. I am different from Wan'er. Wan'er is a generation of internal appearance and literary talent, but she is just ephemeral in power, she can abandon everything and be with you..."

     Yang Fan grabbed her wrist and said anxiously: "I will take you into the city to find a famous doctor."Princess Taiping shook her head peacefully and smiled and said: "It's useless, the poison I took, if there is a solution, why should I take it? Erlang, listen to me. I am different from Wan'er. I was born with too much Many things, some shackles are caused by others or the current situation, and some are my own choices, but no matter which one, I can't get rid of it. Therefore, even if there are no other obstacles, you and I are destined to be unable to go aside. No matter what. Are there any such things as before one's eyes? This is fate, my fate..."

     Taiping took a deep look at Xue Shao’s spiritual position. When he was a child, he was her cousin, and when he grew up, he was her husband. She used to think she was going to enduring while the world lasts with this man, but he still left after all. She left. Now she will take care of the mistake he committed, so she can die proudly instead of silently dying in captivity like her mother.

     The same is true for Yang Fan in front of her. No matter how many billows and magnificence she has gone through, no matter how much love and hate she has experienced, she always has to leave when she should leave, leaving the past road, the past story, and the past person. Yes, that's enough, there is no enduring while the world lasts, right?

     Life is like summer flowers, and death is like autumn leaves! Snuggled into Yang Fan's arms too peacefully.Yang Fan held her hand, all the avoidance disappeared, only love and sorrow filled his heart. He stared down at Taiping's face and suddenly found a white hair in her temple. Yang Fan gently pulled it out, unable to help tears falling like rain...


     Tang Dynasty empire has gone through a series of fierce battles, the clan, the Wu clan, the Webster, the two Zhang, and the Taiping people, one by one, you will sing and I will appear on the stage. Once you perish, I will continue. Finally, everything is over.

     The dust has settled, and the imperial power has been highly unified. In December of this year, on a snowy morning, the young emperor Li Sanlang set the name of the new year: Kaiyuan.

     The Tang Dynasty Empire thus began a new era, reaching the peak of the Li Tang Dynasty.

     Jianghu time urges people to grow old. The willows by the Longqing Pool have been green a few times, and the lotus flowers downstairs in Furong have bloomed a few times. Another spring is here in the New Year.

     In the spring of this year, the annual Xinke Jinshi Qujiang Banquet began again.

     A colorful boat carrying thirty new veterans slowly sailed towards the center of Qujiang, chanting poems, enjoying songs, drinking, and watching dances. The sound of singing echoed in the air, and the dancing sleeves fluttered on the water.

     Suddenly, somehow, the ship turned over.The Buddha said: There are sixty-five moments in one flick, just a moment of effort. The boat capsized and the new veterans on the boat were detained under the boat.

     At the top of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Lu Binzhi looked at the overturned color boat and smiled coldly. He turned to look at the person next to him. That person was Ashnamus. Lu Binzhi invited a world-renowned doctor to treat him. Now he can already Speaking like ordinary people, after Lu Binzhi's patient training, his manner and tone of speech have been exactly the same as Yang Fan.

     Lu Binzhi looked at him, smiled slightly, and said: "It's started, from now on, you come to help me get revenge! As long as I can eradicate Shen Mu and Yang Fan and unify the'Ji Si Tang', I will use all my financial and material resources. , Help you become a Turkic Khan!"

     Mu Si nodded deeply, showing a smile exactly the same as Yang Fan...

     A bullock cart drove slowly to Yuzhen Temple, the curtain was lifted, and a women's crown came out from it, with clear eyes, distant eyes like a mountain, and a waist like a willow. She turned her head and glanced in the car, and groaned: "Hey! It's like a pig now, why are you so energetic at night? Come out!"

     A catkin stretched into the car and pulled out a pig named Shen Mu with sleepy eyes.

     The two got out of the car and walked towards Yuzhen Temple. Seeing the two walking in, the female Taoists in the Temple saluted them: "I have seen Taoist Jinxian and Shen Childe."In the bamboo forest, on the stone platform, a chessboard.

     Yang Fan and Princess Yuzhen are sitting on each side, one holding black and the other holding white, playing chess. Li Chiying pouted her little mouth, glared at him angrily, and muttered quietly: "Really, I don't know how to let them go."

     Princess Jinxian came over and said with a smile: "Ten Niang!"

     "Ah! Sister!" Seeing that he was about to lose, Li Chiying took the opportunity to lose the chess piece and ran to Jinxian happily.

     Shen Musui frowned at Yang Fan, who was grinning bitterly, "I heard that something happened to Qujiang Yanyou. All the new scholars you and I have cultivated have become Water Dragon King's princes, do you still have this leisurely feeling?"

     Yang Fan rolled his eyes at him and said, "Aren't you just as idle? What do we do to raise our son? Naturally, we want them to help Laozi share the worries."

     By the Qujiang pool, there are a pair of teenagers, a green robe, and a white robe. People are like Yushu, and Yushu faces the wind.

     Upstairs, Furong suddenly showed a beautiful girl's face, and screamed at them: "Shen Congwen, you come up soon. I played Shuanglu and lost to your sister. If you don't help me, there will be no dowry. Up."

     The Qingpao boy immediately made a mean expression: "Nianrong, don't worry, I'll go and help you out immediately."The boy in Qingpao had sweet words in his mouth, but his feet were motionless. When he coaxed Yang Nianrong back upstairs, he looked very serious and said to the boy in white robe standing next to him, "Nianzu, thirty new students. It's really weird that Jinshi has never survived his life. What do you think of it if you are lazy and leave the matter to you and me?"

     Baipao childe said with a deep and authentic expression: "This matter must be strange!"