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Chapter Directory 4069 Three Forces Of Xuanjie
    Chinese Name: 武逆  Author: 只是小虾米(Zhǐshì xiǎo xiāmi, Just a Shrimp)
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Chapter 973 The Three Powers of Profound Realm


    Facing those clear eyes, somehow, Feng Hao had no idea of lying, but nodded and admitted.

    "Don't you have a Shenzhou? How did you get here?"

    "Aren't you an expert in Eternal Realm?"

    Liu Li's beautiful eyes couldn't stop looking at Feng Hao, and she couldn't tell why, even guessing that the latter might be a giant like the realm of the realm, but she didn't have any restraints. It seemed that she understood that Feng Hao wouldn't hurt herself.

    "Zhoujing? Isn't it."

    Feng Hao did not hide, looking at the beautiful face full of curiosity, he couldn't help but think of the beautiful lady beside him.

    "Then you just don't know where you are going?"

    Liuli chuckled and looked a little blushing: "It's better to go with me first. I'm quite familiar with the neighborhood."

    Liuli's father is similar to General Zheng Feng Stage. Zheng Feng is responsible for guarding the three gates of Xuanjie, while her father, Qian Yunlei, is the domain master behind these three gates.

    "sorry to bother you."

    Feng Hao smiled faintly and said that he usually gets along with others. Others always seem to be too restrictive, which makes Feng Hao a little uncomfortable, and Qianlili's way of getting along is what he likes.


    Seeing Feng Hao did not refuse, Liu Liqiao's face showed a beautiful smile.

    Then, the lines on the Shenzhou surged and flew directly towards the door of Xuanjie.

    Seeing this, the four guards who guarded the Xuanjie Gate did not dare to block it. As the light of the Xuanjie Gate surged, the Shenzhou quickly disappeared into it.

    ...As the space fluctuated, Feng Hao only felt that the line of sight in front of him changed, and what he saw was a lush forest. Even with his strength, he could not see the end. Obviously, the area of this forest is quite huge.

    Moreover, the aura fluctuations filled in this heaven and earth are not weaker than the demon emperor territory he passed before.

    More critically, Feng Hao clearly felt that the vaguely flooded road between heaven and earth was extremely stable, and it was simply not comparable to the false Dao in the universe ruled by the demon emperor.

    "Such a stable avenue, I am afraid that it is difficult for me to mobilize the power of Feng Zhou. If the Lord of Profound Realm makes a move to me, I am afraid..."

    Feeling this avenue, Feng Hao couldn't help but dignified.

    "Feng Hao, what are you thinking?"

    Seeing Feng Hao suddenly silent, Liuli asked with some curiosity.

    "The avenue of Xuanjie is much more stable than my homeland mainland, this lord of Xuanjie, should it be strong?"

    Feng Hao did not hide, said.

    "Master of Xuanjie? Feng Hao, you think too much..."

    Hearing this, Liuli was slightly surprised, and immediately smiled and said: "There is no master of Xuanjie at all."

    "On the Profound World Continent, the top three forces are the Misty Tower, the Eternal Star Pavilion and the Barbarians Alliance."

    "The three forces have their own strengths and each have a double-digit Expert Realm. Their collating power is almost the same. However, compared to the Eternal Star Pavilion and the Barbarian Alliance, the Misty Tower is much more mysterious."

    Liuli patiently explained to Feng Hao.

    "So many universes?"After hearing this, Feng Hao frowned, and it seemed that the Profound Realm was indeed a lying tiger and hiding dragon.

    "Is there more? In fact, there are far fewer Essence Experts under the influence of these three forces..."

    Liuli laughed softly and said, "Like my master, Zilei Tianzun, I don't like to be sent under the fence, so I made my own pulse."

    Feng nodded silently, and could become the Expert of the Eternal Realm. Most of them were proud and self-made, and they should have more of a self-contained and independent Eternal Realm Expert, shouldn't they?

    However, there can be so many Experts in the universe under the influence of the three parties. The strength should not be underestimated. After all, it is not an easy thing to let this kind of existence be invested.

    "Have you heard of Xiaoyao Tianzun?"

    Feng Hao pondered a little and suddenly asked.

    "Xiaoyao Tianzun?"

    Hearing this name, Liu Li's eyes flashed a daze, seeming to think for a long time, and finally she shook her head and said, "I'm too low in strength, I don't have much contact with Tianzun, you said Xiaoyao Tianzun, I haven't heard of it Ever."

    "Did you come to Xuanjie for this Xiaoyao Tianzun?"

    Liuli asked with some doubt.


    Feng Hao nodded, this person should be the person behind the demon emperor, if you want to pull out the demon emperor, you must first find Xiaoyao Tianzun.

    "Would he destroy your hometown?"

    "I heard that there are many Experts in the Realm Alliance, and I like to plunder the unowned world in other universes. Perhaps, I can help you to ask my Master, he has some knowledge about the Alliance."

    Liuli is extremely clever and seems to have guessed Feng Hao's purpose.

    "Then there is work..."In this regard, Feng Hao did not explain too much the reason, if you can hear the news of Xiaoyao Tianzun, naturally it is the best.

    The Shenzhou flew between the two, the two exchanged all the way, and laughed and laughed, so that many Experts in the Shenzhou secretly stunned. The master of the county would have such a chat with a stranger?

    You know, even if Zheng Yunyuan has been sticking, Qian Liuli has not had any communication with him.

    About half of the daylight scene, the end of this vast forest, finally appeared in sight.

    "Sovereign, I'll go to Yunshan girl first."

    When he was about to fly out of the forest, Pei Lao stepped out of the Shenzhou, wondering whether it was because he feared Fenghao's strength or because he disturbed the conversation between the two.

    "Old Pei, let's go together, I haven't seen Sister Yunshan for a long time."

    Liuli didn’t feel embarrassed because she was disturbed. She looked at Fenghao and asked, “This time I’m in a hurry to come back, except for the annoying guy who failed to hunt the star beast. Summon."

    "Sister Yunshan found an opportunity, but was worried that she would not be able to compete, so she asked Pei to go with her."

    "Feng Hao, do you want to be with me?"

    Liuli apparently did not want Feng Hao to mistakenly think that he regarded him as a thug, and immediately asked him to explain clearly.

    "Go check it out."

    In this regard, Feng Hao didn't think about it. He also wanted to see the Xuanjie Continent. Perhaps, this is a good opportunity.

    "Cough...well, the lord, I'll tell Yunshan girl first."Seeing that Feng Hao agreed, old Pei's old face was full of flowers, and he quickly coughed, tolerating this joy, and quickly retreated.

    Before receiving the news from Yunshan, he was still anxious. After all, for that opportunity, I am afraid that there will be an expert who cultivates a small world to secretly make a move. Even if he comes forward, it may not necessarily help Yunshan succeed in winning the opportunity. .

    However, Liuli just asked for a simple question, so he took a Expert Expert and walked with them?

    Zhoujing Expert, who usually thinks highly of himself, will not participate in this kind of competition at all. !