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Chapter Directory 1937 After Finishing This
    Chinese Name: 地狱电影院  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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From 2013 to the present, the book has finally come to an end... Of course, this ending, I don’t deny that it is a bad end, the last volume is also written hastily, skipping many plots, but this ending was decided very early. My aim is to try not to write purely perfect and happy ending works, because life is not perfect, and life can be as good as three or four times. In my opinion, it is already very good. Therefore, many people died in the finale. Considering the large number of people and space issues, many of the deaths were carried out in one stroke. Those who are interested can try to write about the humanities of these people fighting in hell. And the final ending is also open, what is behind the door of the ultimate abyss? I don’t even know the craftsman, I’m naturally even less likely to know...

    Ok...this book is finally over, and the plot did collapse in the later period. This is my penpower problem. I am not suitable for writing fantasy upgrades. It has been fully confirmed that the following book is still in the style of the hell apartment. ! This book, um... there will be some innovations that are different from the apartment, there will be no more power props, all are pure mortals, Hell?s Cinema Many unwritten movies, such as some Restricted Scenario ideas, I all intend to join the new book. The new book should not be as long as (Hell?s) Cinema, and (Hell?s) Cinema as long, because the relationship between characters in the later period is getting more and more complicated... The character relationship in the new book will not be so complicated.Then... goodbye new book! Well, I don’t know exactly when it will be sent. Maybe it will be sent out on a whim next week. Maybe it will be in April. After the book is published, I will modify the beginning of the book’s introduction and notify the book. Before that, I recommend you to check out a new book of my friend "The Last Day of the Devil", which is a very good essay of the last days. This kind of fire is also being followed.

    Hmm... Briefly explain the plot of "Demon Exam" (preliminary version):

    Bloody demon exam papers, horrible evil spirit classrooms, students who are selected to enter the classroom will be cast into a terrifying world of spiritual missions, and come into contact with countless demons and ghosts, and only complete the exams within the exam time. This kind of question about supernatural phenomena, and at least reach the score of 60 points, in order to survive, otherwise, only death!

     Male lead Gao Ying and female lead Zhu Sunling were pulled into two different evil spirits classrooms at the same time, completing the demon exam paper in front of them, is their only hope of survival...