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Chapter Directory 1254 Chapter 5 Was Once The End Of The Sea.
    Chinese Name:   Author: Ծǧ(Yu qin chu, Sorrowful Jump)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye it will be five years later.

     I closed my eyes and slept in the passenger seat. I still remember from time to time the scene I saw when I first returned to this world, the scene of the death row prisoner being struck to death by lightning.

     The scene was so familiar, I couldn't believe it, but after confirmation, I realized that the death row prisoner was me from my previous life...Guo Jianjun.

     It was because of my return from another world that the other me was struck to death by lightning. The two people are the same person, so naturally they cannot live in the same world at the same time...,

     Gradually, I heard the sound of the hub of the rich and wealthy city hitting my shoulders. I opened my eyes and looked at the traffic coming and going outside the car window. The sky was getting darker, the neon lights were gradually rising, and the bustle of the city...

     "Yeba, do you like this world?" I mumbled while looking out the window.

     Leaf is Enchantress Bai Mei. Since I came to this world, I have always called her so affectionately, and she likes me to call her this way. In fact, she has been by my side in recent years. The other girls have been dazzled by this colorful world, and they have all found their favorite pleasures.

     Ye Zi wears a pair of black-framed flat glasses, her hair pulled behind her ears, and her back is smooth. She looks quiet and charming. Wearing a set of decent casual clothes can't conceal her proud figure.She held the target plate, turned her head to look at me, and smiled lightly: "I like some places."

     The car soon came to the outskirts and entered a leisure villa. Ye Zi parked the car. I got out of the car and lit a cigarette. A familiar car drove over and stopped.

     Qu Ping'er, in a black professional suit, got out of the car. Her whole personality appeared shrewd and capable. Her secretary followed out and reminded: "Mr Qu, the flight to France is five hours later."

     "I see, go get ready first, and pick me up after three hours." Qu Ping'er confessed, and the driver left with the secretary.

     Seeing that there was no one around, Qu Ping'er immediately grinned and got tired of it. He hugged me and kissed me. I rude the oil naturally. This girl is now the boss of a company and is very busy. We both have fewer opportunities to get in touch with each other.

     After running around for a while, the three of them went to the summit of the villa. A fairy-tale wooden house was built on the top of the mountain, and the beautiful scenery of the entire villa can be seen from the top.

     This villa was originally the property of Qu Ping'er, and we made an appointment, no matter how busy we are, everyone will have a gathering at least once a month.The three of them were sitting around a table drinking tools on the top of the mountain. The lights came from far away from the mountain, and there was a roar of thoughts, and a motorcycle racing car turned into the villa. Qu Ping'er laughed and said, "It's Ziyi who is here."

     After a while, the purple shirt, who hadn't even changed the racing suit, ran up, catching the three of us was a fierce kiss. After squeezing between us, wow, wow, I told how I won a championship, and I was very excited.

     I'm a bit speechless, this girl is still just as in the past crazy, and fell in love with racing. I have seen her competitions, her skills are actually not very good, but she can't stand her own cultivation base, the competition cheating others can't see it, but I can see at a glance, the people who compete with her are simply down. After eight lifetimes of mold, I don't know that her championship this time is like a prize.

     Before long, Yan Yu and Fu Rong got together, and Yan Yu also brought us gifts, the clothes she personally designed for us.

     As soon as Yan Yu came to this world, she was deeply impressed by the clothing of this world. She has a good talent in this area. After painstaking research, she is now an internationally renowned fashion designer.

     But I often warn her to be jealous, not to get too close to those handsome male models than me. In case it provokes me, I will kill one when I see it, and it will be useless to call the police. Yan Yu chuckled constantly.Fu Rong perhaps is from the reason of growing up in the Grasping Immortal Island circle. He has a strong desire for knowledge and has fallen into a sea of knowledge. Now he is learning the languages of several countries at the same time. This is also in line with her liking for a quiet temperament. I especially support her. Now it seems that the whole person's book atmosphere is hard to conceal.

     common saying three women are enough for a drama, it is conceivable that three women have crossed over, and they have chatted hotly. I scanned it and found that there was still one missing. Wu Lixue hasn't come yet. This girl is obsessed with photography, so she won't forget the party time again!

     As for the issue of safety, I have no worries at all. The entire earth has been surveyed by me, confirming that no one is the enemy of these women except me.

     While frowning, I faintly heard the sound coming from the sky, and I snorted: "What are you sneaking in?"

     Several chatting women stopped and looked back. Wu Lixue appeared from the back of the house grinning, wearing clothes with pockets everywhere, with a camera on his shoulders, and sticking out their tongues at everyone in embarrassment.

     "I've lived in this world several times. Since I have lived in this world, I must blend into this world. Don't do anything that shocks the world. If someone discovers it, it will cause chaos in the world..."Before I finished speaking, Wu Lixue rushed over and blocked my head on her big milf. I immediately stopped talking. This is her killer trick to me.

     She held my head and apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it! I was taking pictures in India, and I didn't want to miss the flight, so I just flew in. I guarantee this is the last time and never again. I will."

     Several women laughed, Qu Ping'er left to remind the chef to serve, and some of her pulled Wu Lixue into the chat circle. Wu Lixue immediately showed her photographic effects to everyone, and introduced where she took it. .

     The dinner was very rich, they chatted lively during the dinner, completely ignoring my existence, I was very depressed, smoking and drinking alone.

     After eating a meal for a few hours, Qu Ping'ers secretary came to pick her up. She was ashamed to tell everyone that the company is still busy. Before leaving, she gave me a wink and said, I wont be with you at night I'll pay it back when I come back."

     We also dispersed and drove back to my place of residence, a villa in the middle of the mountain away from the city.

     Along the way, Zi Yi raced her motorcycle to show off her skills, piercing the edges between our cars. Looking at the cocked butt on the motorcycle, I sneered in my heart, and I will treat her as the key target of shock tonight.In fact, I dont just have this address. When I first saw the ancient forest in the fairy world, I thought that one day I would live in such a place. Unfortunately, I couldnt find the conditions of the ancient forest on earth, so I was in the Amazon A tree house in the rain forest is fun. In the Himalayas, there is also an ice palace...

     There are several women's rooms in the Mid-Levels Villa, but women's eight-trigram nature destined them not to rest so early, and continue eight-trigram in the living room.

     I wanted to get into the lively atmosphere, but Lou couldn't talk about a piece of clothing for half a time, so I hid in the study and watched the network travel through.

     I have read a lot of books during this period of time, and I am tired to see that the protagonist inside is invincible in the end. Thinking of my own experience, I am really sad.

     During this period, I would often look up at the ceiling and ask myself, why are the protagonists invincible after people cross through, and the monsters are upgraded, but I am a soy saucer?

     I thought I was also the protagonist, but when compared with the protagonist, I realized that I was only a supporting role at best.The eight-trigram chatting in the living room ended, and the sound of washing faintly came from the bathroom. I broke my fingers and counted the number of mouthfuls tonight, turned off the computer, and walked into the bathroom sternly, bare fangs and brandish claws. Shouted: "The wolf is coming!" There was a woman's exclamation and the sound of a wolf. So the fragrant night of Mid-Levels Villa began...

     I woke up three poles of sleep until the day, and I was the only one left on the big bed. They should go to work on their own.

     After waking up to wash, there was a breakfast prepared by Ye Zi in the restaurant, and I didnt need to clean up after eating. She always looked after me so considerate and thoughtful.

     I took a book and sat in the yard while reading a book and basking in the sun. From time to time, I would glance at the balcony on the second floor, where Ye Zi was standing and painting her oil paintings. I wore a ru white loose sleeve skirt on my thighs and two white nn. The thighs were dazzling in the sun, which made me feel a little stupid when I was too yuu last night. Her style always evokes people's expectations, and she has practiced charming skills, which is really terrible.

     However, seeing her seriously painting with black-rimmed glasses, I was moved. She warned me and forbidden me to peek at her painting tools. When she finishes painting, she will give me a surprise. I am looking forward to her. What kind of surprises will it give me? I have been waiting for more than half a year.Just after eliminating distracting thoughts, and not long after focusing on the book, I heard her calling me on it. Looking up, Ye Zi smiled while holding the drawing board: "Come to my studio, and I'm ready for the surprise." She finished holding the drawing board and entered the studio.

     Could it be that the idea of this group of women's luo body oil painting flashed in my mind, my eyes lit up, one teleported to the balcony on the second floor and walked into her studio.

     There are more than a dozen paintings with white cloth on the wall of the studio. I glanced at my leaves with arms folded and smiled, and with a wave of my hand, all the white cloth covered by the wall was lifted by a gust of wind.

     A dozen oil paintings and a dozen familiar faces immediately made me stay where I was. One by one, the faces that make me dream of hun are present. Yin Baikang, Nongzhu, Nanming ancestor, Hong Qi, Gu Qingyun, Wei Shige, Yunpeng, Red Dragon, Mirage, Bi Changchun, and the white clothes. Pi Suzhen, who looked at me with a gentle smile...

     In an instant, my eye sockets were a little moist, and each picture was painted very realistically, which shows how carefully the leaves are painted. I now finally understand why Ye Zi learnt to paint, because these people, even if Wu Lixue's photography skills are good, they can't shoot them.

     "How about? Surprise!" Ye Zi walked up and waved his hand in front of my eyes, pulling my thoughts back to reality. In reality, her breasts are very plump."Yeah!" I nodded and said, "I want to give a surprise too!" I hugged her with one hand, and the other hand has slipped in along the thigh under her skirt, causing her to exclaim for a while.

     But the arrival was invalid, I hugged her downstairs, and the two returned to the room in another long-lasting battle.

     After the war ended, she lay on my chest and told me: "I will continue to paint and draw everyone I can think of."

     I moistened her soft hair, and a thought flashed through my mind. After a long silence, I slowly said, "I want to write a book."

     "Write a book? Write a book?" She stood up, looked at me and asked curiously: "What book to write?"

     "I want to write down all the stories between me and them, otherwise I am afraid I will forget one day..." I will not finish the following words, and the vivid faces have begun to emerge in my memory...

     The romantic and suave bamboo making, the ragged red dragon, the work hard without complaint mirage, the demon god of the mighty gods, and the arrogant Bi Changchun in the blue robe, and the white clothes that I can never let go of Woman, she smiled gently, always in my dream...

     Ye Zijing quietly looked at me for a while, pressed his face to my chest, and asked softly: "Have you figured out the name of the book?"

     "...Just call the cultivation realm, You Min!" I slowly hugged the woman in my arms