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Chapter Directory 1572 T088 Summer Vacation
    Chinese Name: 极品修真强少  Author: 鱼人二代(Yú rén èr dài, Murloc II)
    Original: | Translator:

Strangely, the stone did not fall directly on the water, but it continued to fly forward in a strange line until it reached the head of another shark, then it fell heavily. .

     Pū, High Comprehension Low Strength, pass! "

    The water rose again on the sea, but this time it was accompanied by a scream, and then a few bubbles appeared from the water. The shark turned over directly, revealing a belly with white flowers and long legs with thick body hair. .

    At this time, Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan also felt something was wrong, the two looked at each other, Shuangshuang stopped and turned to look in the direction of the shark, and found that there were shark fins, but this time it was a redhead The man floated on the sea, and his head was swollen with a big bag. It was the red hair of Yaowu Yangwei before!

     Lu Shuangshuang also discovered this situation, and quickly pulled the trembling Lin Ke'er to let her look over there. At first glance, Lin Ke'er's originally crying eyes suddenly widened, and his face was not allowed Faithful look.

    I saw another little masquerade who pretended to be a shark. The situation was not good. I dared not continue to pretend anymore. I hurled off the shark's fins three times, five times, and two. , Dragging his companion who was smashed with vomiting blood and unconscious, hurriedly bypassed Xiao Chen and others, swam to the beach not far away, and ran away."Damn it! These bastards again! Dare to pretend to be a shark to frighten Miss Ben!" Seeing this scene, Cheng Mengying gritted his teeth angrily, waved a few fists in the air with a small fist, and shouted loudly: " Xiao Chen, Miss Ben ordered you to stone them all to death! All the consequences will be borne by Miss Ben, and I will give you a salary increase later!"

    "Forget it, Miss, you still come back!" Xiao Chen did not agree to Cheng Mengying's order, but waved his hand: "One of them has been smashed and bleeds. Attracted, let's not be mixed with them. Besides, it is not too early now, we should go back!"

    In fact, Xiao Chen is not afraid of encountering real sharks. The main reason is that the sun sets now and it is almost night. At night, the temperature in the sea will definitely drop a lot. If Cheng Mengying women accidentally get a cold, then It's a little more than worth it.

    "Humph! Okay, cheap those bad guys!" Cheng Mengying pouted, boring, and felt that he was sticky all over with seawater. Some were not very comfortable, so they no longer insisted, but He Lin Ke' er They swam ashore together.

    At this time in the evening, under the slant of the setting sun, Xiao Chen and his team changed their clothes and came to the parking lot together. Although Cheng Mengying and the girls felt that they hadn't had enough fun today, it was a bit of time. It is indeed time to go home.

    After all, most of the summer vacation has passed. After returning home, I will rest for a few days at home. I am about to prepare for the new semester."Lin Ke'er and Lu Shuangshuang, don't wait for the bus, you two, just take our car and go back together!" Cheng Mengying saw Lin Ke'er and Lu Shuangshuang preparing to go to the crowded bus waiting point, They stopped them with a loud voice.

    Don’t look at Cheng Mengying, I usually don’t want to see Lin Ke’er, but she still understands the most basic human relationship. Besides, the suv car is big enough to accommodate so many people, and all girls except Xiao Chen are drivers. , Chatting in the car will not feel boring or embarrassing.

    "This..." Lin Ke'er froze for a moment, and stopped, not thinking that Cheng Mengying Miss Cheng would take the initiative to invite herself, but she did not dare to make a decision by herself, and simply turned her head to seek with her eyes. Opinion of Lu Shuangshuang.

    "Okay, thank you in advance!" Lu Shuangshuang looked at the crowded waiting place, and immediately nodded simply, she didn't want to wait for the last bus, and in case she met those people just now, Maybe there will be danger, it is better to follow Xiao Chen, the safety factor is much higher!

     ?o, High Comprehension Low Strength, Aoao, Mengying cousin, let's not go in a hurry first, you see how beautiful the sunset is today, let's take a picture together, Beibei has never taken a photo with his cousin! "Jin Beibei took out his own iPhone and shook it, and then pulled out his selfie stick from his backpack and danced."

    "It's just a lot of things for you, just shoot if you want, but I can warn you in advance that you will not be allowed to send a circle of friends, or I will never take a picture with you again!" Cheng Mengying snorted , Preemptively admonished, it seems to have eaten Kim Beibei's loss of friends circle.Shen Jingxuan The few women naturally had no opinion, and they also wanted to have a good memory. The key is that they never took photos with Xiao Chen, so they all agreed happily.

    "Cousin, you come, you come!" Jin Beibei called Xiao Chen, then handed over the cell phone and selfie stick, and said with a smile: "You have the longest hand, you come and take the selfie stick!"

     Xiao Chen shook his head shyly, took over the cell phone and selfie stick, and asked casually: "So how do we shoot? From which side is the best picture?"

    Kim Beibei looked around for a while, and finally pointed to the beach with the sunset and sea view, and he shouted excitedly: "That location is very good! I look at... this way, cousin Mengying and elder sister Jingxuan are tall, You are standing behind the cousin, Lin Ke'er and me, and Lu Shuangshuang are standing against the cousin, and the cousin is standing in the middle.

    "Isn't it just taking a group photo? Why is it so troublesome?" Hearing Kim Beibei's assignment, Cheng Mengying felt an inexplicable sense of loss in her heart, and she didn't even know why. Although she murmured a few words, she still followed Kim What Beibei said was standing behind Xiao Chen.

    Shen Jingxuan also cleverly stood beside Cheng Mengying, her left arm around her waist, and her right hand quietly placed on Xiao Chen's shoulder, although she also wanted to lean on Xiao Chen to take pictures together, but it was disturbing to others Too much, and Mengying was also present, so he gave up.

    After several women were in a good posture, Xiao Chen raised the selfie stick, and while shouting the button above, shouted loudly: "Ready! One, two, three, eggplant!""Oops... this one was not well filmed, Beibei's eyes narrowed. Aunt, cousin, let's do it again..."

    "Huh? Xiao Chen, it's wrong for you to shoot like this. My face is obviously not so round. It needs to be turned a little. Let's shoot again..."

    "No, no, this one is too bad, Miss's temperament is not outstanding enough! Come again and come again..."

    "Click! Click! Click!"

    With the continuous sound of the cell phone's shutter sound, Xiao Chen's group left a strange expression on the camera, the warmth of the sunset reflected on everyone's face, and a hint of happiness appeared in the corners of everyone's mouth... (End of full text) ) (The new book "President School Flower Relies on Me" has been uploaded, and it is guaranteed to be super nice and fun! The heroine is still cmy. Please pay attention to the WeChat public number yuren22 of the fishman, qq big god fishman second generation, Sina Weibo writer Yuren two Generation) (~^~)