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《Super Landgraf of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms》brief introduction

Super Landgraf of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

author: 三心二缺

Introduction: The virtual reality game "War of the World" is sweeping the world. It is based on the classic history and legends of various countries. It is connected with brain waves and 100% simulated somatosensory. It is called the second world of human beings! However, the biggest gimmick of "World Warfare" is that you can fulfill the game characters into reality under certain conditions! Imagine how brave it is to have a chance to fight with famous heros like Zhao Yun and Guan Yu in reality. Wouldn't it be enviable to take classy beauties like Diao Chan and Ashi to go shopping? Of course, as the game goes deeper, you will find that there are more exciting things ... (Chinese Name: 网游之三国超级领主)

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