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Chapter Directory 1851 Want To Push The Plot
    Chinese Name: 网游之三国超级领主  Author: 三心二缺(Sān xīn èr quē, One Heart Left)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Little Kid Uesugi became the Grand General, the Shogunate system ushered in a new generation of general, and the Japan Civilization Sector responded with a series of responses.

     Among them, those who tend to Little Kid Uesugi have the most obvious performance. For example, the two Uesugi — Yamanouchi Uesugi and ōgigayatsu Uesugi, are the best examples.

     Prior to the gradual growth of Little Kid Uesugi's power, although the two Uesugi were nominally integrated with Little Kid Uesugi, there was still a gap in reality.

     At least the two Uesugi did not hand over the family lord to Little Kid Uesugi, nor did they admit that Little Kid Uesugi is the co-owner of the two Uesugi. Simply put, the two Uesugi and Little Kid Uesugi did not really merge, even if Little Kid Uesugi married them. 'S daughter will not work.

     The simplest reason is about the identity of Little Kid Uesugi. I don't know how his father organized a game in the first place. In the end, Little Kid Uesugi could not even say whether he was born in Uesugi or Nagao.

     Of course, strength is still a very important aspect. With the growth of Little Kid Uesugi's strength, the two Uesugi have split from the initial split and have moved toward the appearance of unity, but divided at heart.

     After Little Kid Uesugi unified the area east of Guanyuan, the two Uesugi had substantial friendly contact. This contact also took Little Kid Uesugi as a precedent and gradually began the marriage between the two races.The two Uesugi have been split for so many generations, marriage and the like are naturally possible, and a bridge between the two races through marriage can be regarded as a bridge.

     After Little Kid Uesugi became the Grand General, the situation was different. The two Uesugi should have reached a consensus, and at the first time admitted that Little Kid Uesugi was the only family lord of Uesugi and the co-owner of the two Uesugi.

     As for those who oppose Little Kid Uesugi's becoming the Grand General and create a new generation of Shogunate, due to the general lack of strength, they can only do some small actions in the dark, not even undercurrents.

     After Little Kid Uesugi used thunder to dispose of two act recklessly small households, no one dared to jump out anymore. The entire Japan Civilization Sector cannot be said to be centralized in Little Kid Uesugi, which is far from the real surrender of the entire civilization sector. It's not far.

     "System Proclamation (Japan): Uesugi Kenshin was appointed as the next-generation Grand General, also known as Shogun General, to create a new generation of Shogunate. Japan Civilization Sector moved forward to 1603, and the background and power situation remained unchanged during the advancement period.. ...."

     "System Proclamation (Japan): Uesugi Kenshin was appointed as the new generation Grand General, also known as Shogun General, and created a new generation of Shogunate. Japan Civilization Sector plot was advanced to 1603, and the background and power situation remained unchanged during the advancement period.. ...."

     "..."And Little Kid Uesugi became the Grand General of Zhengyi, which made Yang Rui the happiest. In addition to gradually turning the Japan Civilization Sector into his own back garden, there was also another advance in time.

     This also verified one point again-as long as the external side conditions are in line with the general trend, there is a possibility to advance the plot to the relevant point in time.

     Japan Civilization Sector 1603 corresponds to the time when Tokugawa Ieyasu became the Grand General of the Japanese Civilization Sector and finally opened a new generation of Shogunate, and it was also the time when the game world Muromachi Shogunate died and overlapped.

     Among the historical facts, Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Shogunate in Edo, Japan in 1603, and was only returned to the government in 1867. He experienced 15 generations of the Tokugawa family's Grand General conquest, which lasted nearly 300 years. It is the most powerful Shogunate in Japan's historical facts.

     When Little Kid Uesugi determined the location of Shogunate, he also referred to the practice of Tokugawa Ieyasu in historical facts and placed his own Shogunate in Edo, or because of so many consistency, it became the result of the advancement of system plot. the reason.

     The advancing of system plot is in line with the consistent style of the system, but it has never happened before. After all, it involves the opening of an era and the end of an era. It meets the triggering conditions of the game background, but it has completely deviated from the historical line.Therefore, Little Kid Uesugi's establishment of the Shogunate Grand General identity corresponds to this plot advancement, which not only conforms to the principle of system plot advancement, but is also the first "attitude" of the system to clearly recognize a major change in the direction of plot development in a major historical event.

     From this point of view, the three System Proclamations of the Japan Civilization Sector are also of great significance to Yang Rui, not to mention that Little Kid Uesugi itself is Yang Rui's wife and subordinates.

     With Little Kid Uesugi gradually taking control of the Japan Civilization Sector, Yang Rui could finally get away, but he still mobilized the Gan Ning water army and Fang Lan water army from the former general Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector and temporarily stayed in Japan Civilization. Sector.

     Water threats are currently the weakest link in Little Kid Uesugi. Yang Rui does not need much water army power in the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector. Only Taishi Ci water army needs to block the Changjiang waters.

     Not only that, Yang Rui even kept all the 10 "cavalry" forces he brought to the Japan Civilization Sector, so as to avoid some unexpected situations when Little Kid Uesugi just took office in the Grand General.

     Under such protection, Yang Rui was able to leave the Japan Civilization Sector with confidence, and temporarily deal with the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector, Foreign Lands Space and magic civilization @Worship System civilization issues.After the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector Jingzhou strategy achieved good results, and then experienced the Japan Civilization Sector flat push strategy, which basically achieved Little Kid Uesugi's unification of the civilization sector, Yang Rui's became excited and more urgent. A lot.

     The excitement is naturally because the two large-scale operations have achieved very ideal results, meeting or even exceeding the initial expectations; and the urgency is because the time of the two appearances has advanced, so that Yang Rui sees hope and is eager to go. Realize this hope.

     Just as Little Kid Uesugi promoted time in the Japan Civilization Sector, Yang Rui naturally wanted to see the major historical events of the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector advance the plot and shorten the time he promised Zhuge Liang.

     With Yang Rui turning over in one's mind, the only thing that can promote the development of the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector plot is probably only the formation of Three Kingdoms. Other times may not be able to promote the plot, or the time that can be promoted is very limited.

     With such thoughts in mind, Yang Rui threw this proposition to the "general staff side", and then he plans to think about it carefully, and of course he will not be idle, but plans to let the "dealer team" engage in the magic civilization sector again. Several waves of operation came out.While Yang Rui was busy with the Jingzhou strategy and the Japan Civilization Sector's horizontal push strategy, he basically handed over the operations of the magic civilization sector and the Worship System civilization sector to Chen Xiaonan and the "dealer team", and did not delay much due to the former. Instead, it has improved in efficiency.