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Chapter Directory 1852 Dawn Is Here
    Chinese Name: 网游之三国超级领主  Author: 三心二缺(Sān xīn èr quē, One Heart Left)
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After the wave of operations, the "dealer team" earned Yang Rui an equivalent of more than 10,000,000,000 East Sea Gold Coin. Of course, the wave of operations lasted more than a year.

     The contribution of Chen Xiaonan and the "dealer team" is not only to earn a large amount of East Sea Gold Coin, but also to control the magic civilization & Worship System civilization sector on a large scale. It is a big piece of cake in the economic aspect, laying a foundation for the possible intervention of Yang Rui in the future. Basic.

     For more than a year, Yang Rui continued to move around in the Three Kingdoms, Japan, Egypt, magic & Worship System civilization sector, and moved around in the outermost layer of the Foreign Lands Space, Kror?n Kingdom and Tongtian Tower. His affairs, so that the time is rushing without much notice.

     Such busyness naturally has many results. For the time being, let’s leave aside the plans of the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector. With the help of Yang Rui's, Little Kid Uesugi has taken full control of the situation in the Japan Civilization Sector, and has taken the role of Grand General in charge. The Edo Shogunate gradually became the core of the Japan Civilization Sector.

     At the same time, being based in Edo also brought unexpected results in two aspects. On the one hand, the system once again gave an opportunity to establish a large-scale auction and other public basic facilities in the city where the new Shogunate is located. Little Kid Uesugi naturally did his part. The value is in your hands.Secondly, thanks to the existence of Edo Bay, Little Kid Uesugi actively planned to establish its own water army, bringing the best carpenters and shipbuilding craftsmen in the entire Japan Civilization Sector to Edo Bay, inheriting a large number of shipbuilding technologies in the Japan Civilization Sector .

     Edo Bay has become the largest water army base in Little Kid Uesugi, and has also become a trade distribution center, especially the trade with the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector, most of which have moved from the north to Edo Bay, and it has become more prosperous.

     Regarding the Jiuzhou Island and the Shiguo Island, Little Kid Uesugi was directly handed over to Yang Rui for management beyond expectation. The model supported was the Emishi Island model, a purely military rule model, with a manufacturing base as the direction.

     If you look into this matter carefully, Little Kid Uesugi may consider his own deficiencies. In addition, Little Kid may also have long-term considerations. After all, at this time Little Kid Uesugi belongs to Yang Rui, and the next Shogunate is very good. .

     Although based on the current situation, no matter which generation of Uesugi Shogunate will inherit Yang Rui's blood, it may not be able to be like the current Little Kid Uesugi in name.

     Little Kid Uesugi has been busy with one thing, and he has been constantly reserving family for Uesugi Shogunate, marrying with various big and small forces, well-known forces, and even subordinate defeated generals.Little Kid did this on the one hand to stabilize the Japan Civilization Sector through marriage; on the other hand, it is probably only Yang Rui who knows best...

     Cleopatra in Egypt Civilization sector and Peliena and Peliana sisters in Kror?n Kingdom are doing similar things. Their goals are similar to those of Little Kid Uesugi. Yang Rui doesn’t know if he should be moved or frustrated. .

     Since the integration of the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector and the Japan Civilization Sector has taken a lot of energy and time, the progress of the Andorra Civilization clustering sector, the outermost layer of the Foreign Lands Space, can only be called "orderly advancement".

     Although the two puppets of Yang Rui should clone oversee the gathering sector, and the sectors under their control are gradually enlarged, the integration process is a bit slow, and the decisive battle has not been launched in time.

     However, according to the current situation, the need to launch a large-scale war is still between the two. It is precisely because of this that Yang Rui is not in a hurry to get there in one step when energy is limited. It's a united war.

     In more than a year, in addition to being busy with various tasks, Yang Rui has naturally continued to improve his own strength. Rising Dragon Internal Merit Heart Method—Spirit Soul has been diligent in repairing it, in conjunction with Tower of Babel’s rush the tower. It has always been good.

     Of course, there may be other reasons.In his spare time or on the road, Yang Rui also systematically considered many things inside and outside the game world, including the development after entering the game, including various gains and mistakes, as well as the original intention of entering the game world.

     It can be said that Yang Rui's current achievements in the game world are due to the Rebirth Pill in the previous life, and in a sense, it also benefits from being driven into desperation.

     Therefore, when Yang Rui kept in mind constantly trying to find out the forces that persecuted him in his previous life, he gradually gained a new understanding in Yang Rui's heart. Since this life has not been driven into desperation, is the previous life considered cause and effect?

     If there is such a cause and effect, should I thank the other side for pushing myself into desperation, or do I have to take revenge on the other side?

     More often, Yang Rui believes that such an issue involving philosophy and metaphysics is not something he should spend time considering, and usually he does not have so much time to consider it.

     The most critical highlight is how to promote the Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector plot. Within a year, Yang Rui and the "General Staff Side" have been considering and planning this issue.After spending a lot of energy and time, Yang Rui and the "general staff side" formulated a detailed plan, preparing to start with Shu Land first, and promote its priority to become one of the most important, and will now Liu Zhang, Liu Dan, Zhang Lu The tripartite forces first distinguished themselves, and then promoted its founding named as Emperor.

     Such a Zhou chapter will naturally not be easily completed, but the land of Xishu should indeed be unified. Even if the system has recognized the three kingdoms civilization sector as the three-party power, it should be not just in name. only, but also in reality.

     Among them, it is difficult for Yang Rui to participate in the entire process. Therefore, the Shu Land plan involves agent warfare, involving operations in various aspects such as anti-interference and continuous vertical. After Yang Rui is really ready to do it after more than a year, it has actually been operated. It's been half a year.

     In order for Shu Land to complete the unification situation as soon as possible, and to punish Liu Dan, who was not very obedient, Yang Rui finally chose the most powerful Liu Zhang to help him achieve the unification of Shu Land as soon as possible.

     Of course, during this process, Yang Rui certainly can't clearly stand. It is better to achieve the goal while making the final winner of Shu Land also deep in the quagmire...

     "System Proclamation: Jiangdong Sun Jian named as Emperor, national title Wu...Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector plot advances to 213..."

     "..."Wuling county Youyang city head, Yang Rui was accidentally hearing System Proclamation three times since he was firing his troops. After a while, he shook his head with a wry smile.

     However, Yang Rui was delighted in his heart. He was just laughing at himself. He had worked hard to plan Shu Land for more than half a year, but there was only a back hand that allowed Jiangdong Sun Jian to submit.

     Sun Jian named as Emperor naturally played a role under the guise of Spreading Nation Jade Seal, a crazy stone in the game world, a fake fake, and to be honest, Yang Rui did not expect it to be able to fool Sun Jian.

     The biggest reason came from Sun Jian's heart. Yang Rui shook his head again and smiled bitterly. From the beginning, this old friend worked hard on such a stone.

     However, Sun Jian's mentality once again allowed Yang Rui to get what he wanted. The Three Kingdoms Civilization Sector system time has advanced again for 5 years, which is enough.

     "Send troops!"

     On the top of the city, Yang Rui recovered as before. Sword pointing at Shu Land gave an order.

     [Written at the end of the book: End of Han Three Kingdoms billows is magnificent, the number is the most exciting, and it belongs to the early stage. Sanxin is very nostalgic for the world of the game Three Kingdoms, but given the space and pen power, I feel that leaving some suspense is more worthy of aftertaste... ...At this point, I just hurriedly opened half of the picture scroll, still feeling lost, I hope to show a worthy story to many friends who support Sanxin, and also fulfilled the original promise.

     I would like to thank the book friends who have always supported Sanxin, thank the editor for the guidance of diligent and never slacking, and hope that my friends can continue to support Three Hearts With Two Defects and the new book-"Representatives of History". 】