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Chapter Directory 1816 Chapter 1779 The Finale!
    Chinese Name: 恐怖都市  Author: 猛虎道长(Měnghǔ dào zháng, Tiger Master Daoist)
    Original: | Translator:

To tell the truth, if you don’t finish the book, if you add a lot of water, you can still write five or six million words, and you can make a lot of money, but it doesn’t make any sense. It should end when the book ends.


    This is really scary.

    Of course, compared to the world of lizards, Aoki Paradise is much better.

    The Lizard World completely submerged in Aoki Paradise in just five hours.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei understood it.

    The catastrophe brought by this lizard world is both a catastrophe for Aoki Paradise, but if the lizard world can be swallowed, then for Aoki Paradise it will be a benefit from the sky!

    Thanks to the efforts of Wei Xiaobei before, the lizard world rushed into Aoki Paradise. Although it caused some damage, it did not shake the root of Aoki Paradise.


    When Aoki Paradise Gods was busy stabilizing Aoki Paradise, we heard Wei Xiaobei's voice in his mind.

    In contrast, in the world of lizards, those lizardmen were surprised to see a series of space cracks appearing on the earth. These space cracks are very giant.

    After the courageous lizardman got into the crack in the space, it didn't take long to get back, and he cried in surprise: "That's a rich world!"

    This lizard man is right.

    Compared to the lizard world, Aoki Paradise is indeed a rich world.

    The lizardman, who has always been a habit of robbing other worlds, suddenly boiled after learning of the good news.

    "This is a gift from the patron saint!""Thank you patron saint!"

    "Go grab it! Our feast is here!"


    After hurriedly ending the grand blood sacrifice ceremony, the lizardmen formed a large army. Tens of millions of lizardmen either rode strangely shaped mounts, or walked, and took their weapons to kill Aoki Paradise through those space cracks.

    For most lizardmen, this expedition is for a better life for themselves and their families.

    But for the high-ranking Lizardmen, those royals, this is a gamble. If they win, then their power will be further improved, and even become a demigod.

    If you lose?

    Well, in the simple mind of the Lizardman, there is no such thing as losing.

    Aoki Paradise The gods levitated above the sky, watching the space cracks erected on the ground.

    After the space cracks appeared, they had evacuated all the residents of nearby cities.

    The endless stream of lizardmen rushed out of the fissures in the space, and they shouted various slogans and continued to advance.

    Well, as a god, language proficiency is a necessary skill.

    So the Aoki Paradise gods watched the lizardmen shouting looting slogans, and they couldn't help laughing.

    Such a weak power actually wants to plunder Aoki Paradise?

    It's ridiculous!

    Well, in the eyes of the lizard-man patron saint, this is not ridiculous.

    Although the previous world collided with some Terror, now, the lizardman patron saint is lying on the crack of the space, greedily peeking at the situation in Aoki Paradise.

    Let's go, warriors!The Lizardmen’s patron saint quietly blessed that it had foreseen some dangers upon arrival, but its level was actually a bit lower, and it was impossible to notice the Gods in Aoki Paradise!

    "Forget it, everyone don't watch the drama, end early and rest early."

     Zhao Yun looked at the army of lizardmen and could not help but shook his head. These lizardmen had absolutely no tactical strategy at all. After entering the Aoki Paradise, they immediately became scattered and ran towards the target of their choice. There is no intention to guard against enemy raids.

     Zhao Yun, the eldest brother of Wei Xiaobei, has a very high status in the Aoki Paradise gods.

    So after his voice, the rest of the Gods had no plans to watch the drama, and each ordered his own army to start strangling the lizardmen who entered Aoki Paradise.

    "This tree is mine, mine!"

    A lizard man carrying a stone knife screamed at the other lizard man with a sting.

    In the world of lizardmen, trees are rare and therefore extremely valuable.

    In this way, after these lizardmen enter Aoki Paradise, the first thing is to snatch the trees they fancy!

    Well, this situation is almost like our human(ity) arrived in the wilderness and saw a hill made of gold!

    "Go! This is mine! Believe it or not, I cut your head!"

    The other lizard man was not a nuisance, so he roared back with a louder voice.

    Just as the two lizardmen were about to start an internal clash with each other, neat footsteps came from a distance, and the ground shook!what happened? The two lizardmen can also glance at each other in doubt, but an inexplicable chill rose from the back after a flash.

    In the distance, a neatly paced army is slowly advancing towards them!

    The encounter between these two lizardmen is not alone.

    Hundreds of millions of troops from Aoki Paradise came from all directions to encircle the plains where these cracks in the space are located.

    Where have the tens of millions of lizardmen seen such battles?

    Not to mention, just the individual strength of the soldiers, these lizardmen will be a big difference!

    Not to mention the powerful 4-Star leader among these hundreds of millions of troops.

    The only one who can contend with the lizardmen is the patron saint.

    But this patron saint has only the strength of 4-Star Calamity.

    When Zhao Yun took action personally and struck the Hundred Birds and Phoenix to kill the guardian god in one fell swoop in front of the armies of both sides, the force of the Lizardmen, which had barely gathered together, collapsed.

    In their beliefs, the patron saint is omnipotent and invincible, and now, in front of them, the patron saint is actually killed on the spot!

    This really makes them unacceptable, and the world view collapses!

    The army of lizardmen collapsed, and the army of Aoki Paradise entered the world of lizardmen following those cracks in space.

    There is only one order they receive, kill!

    Kill all the Life Life Forms you see!

    This massacre of the weak against the weak lasted for three days and three nights, until the entire lizardman world fell into an unbelievable tranquility.With the extinction of the lizardmen, the plane barrier of the lizardmen world collapsed a little bit and began to be swallowed by Aoki Paradise.

    Of course, the world's eating of the world is not as simple as human(ity) eating. This is a full-scale devouring, from the world ontology to Life Form to various rules!

    Ten years have passed, Aoki Paradise has devoured the Lizardman world to the end.

    It was only then that Wei Xiaobei was relieved, but after that, there was an incredible surprise on his face.

    At the moment when Aoki Paradise swallowed the lizardmen clean, Wei Xiaobei clearly arrived with a hunch.

    There are two more disasters! But if these two disasters can be overcome, Aoki Paradise will reach an unbelievable situation, and Wei Xiaobei will also break through the limitation of the 5-Star extinction peak bottleneck and enter a new field!

    Of course, if you can't survive the disaster, then Tao Xiao's death will become inevitable.

    And these two disasters cannot be avoided.

    Faced with such disasters or opportunities, Wei Xiaobei showed no fear at all.

    But having said that, in the previous disaster, the benefits of the Lizardman World to Aoki Paradise are too great.

    The diameter of Aoki Paradise did not increase much in this benefit, but it had to be greatly improved in terms of rules, etc.

    After all, the lizardman world is a world completely different from Aoki Paradise, so the rules bred in its world are naturally different.

    For the existence of the world, absorbing the rules of different worlds is their best way to grow!To put it simply, the Aoki Paradise is now the ruggedness of the plane barrier, far beyond the previous.

    Even if the lizardman world came to collide again, I am afraid that it would be difficult to crash into Aoki Paradise.

    The next disaster is still ten years away.

     Wei Xiaobei felt that he should use these three years to make a good preparation.


    Time flies like a shuttle, and it will pass in ten years.

    Aoki Paradise is now completely different from three years ago.

    Countless Yggdrasil roots spread around Aoki Paradise, and they form giant springs, which are enough to slow down any objects rushing in.

    Of course, just relying on the spring formed by these Yggdrasil roots wants to block the impact of a world, it is somewhat self-confident.

    So Wei Xiaobei also made a series of other preparations!

    After a long wait, the second world to be robbed came.

    When he entered the hundreds of millions of kilometers around Aoki Paradise, he was discovered by Wei Xiaobei.

    This is a world with a diameter of more than 100,000 kilometers!

    There is no doubt that this catastrophe came more violently than once!

    Just the diameter of this world, if it hits Aoki Paradise, the damage caused is definitely more than a hundred times stronger than that of the Lizardman World!

    When its volume exceeds a certain range, Aoki Paradise's plane barrier becomes difficult to block.

    This world is almost a water polo, with endless seawater in it, and only a few places with sky and land.As a result, Life Form in this world is also dominated by the strange marine Life Form.

    So Wei Xiaobei named it Ocean World!

    In the first time, Wei Xiaobei lightly shouted, and started the means of preparation for the previous ten years!

    "Ao, ao, ao!"

    With a violent roar, a giant with a body type beyond human(ity) imagination emerged from the void, blocking the way of the world.

    These Giants are the Avatar that Wei Xiaobei turned into the plane fragments found in the void!

    They do not have any supernatural powers, except that their physical bodies are extremely strong, and most of their body types are more than one million meters, which is thousands of kilometers! Among them, the most powerful body type Giant Giant arrived 3,000 kilometers!

    It can be said that before becoming Avatar, these Giants were all small worlds.

    This is Wei Xiaobei's first line of defense!

    And the number of Giant has reached thousands of giants!

    It can be said that if these plane fragments are swallowed by Aoki Paradise, they can grow a lot.

    But in order to deal with this disaster, Wei Xiaobei can be regarded as a painful cut.

    After all, turning it into Giant Avatar, these plane fragments almost squeeze out all the strength. When the disaster ends, I am afraid that I can't recover much value.

    These Giants kept accelerating and rushed towards the sea world, like a cannonball!

    The distance between them and the sea world is enough to accelerate them to the extreme!

    Boom!The first Giant wrapped himself into a sphere and hit the plane barrier of the marine world with one end!

    Then even a violent sound came, just like a nuclear bomb explosion, the plane barrier at the impact point instantly indented a lot, and even a trace crack appeared!

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei couldn't help but feel relieved for a while, and his own plan was more than half successful.

    The essence of those Giant Avatar is always plane fragments, that is, the incomplete small world. Its impact on the marine world is the same as the Life Form impact of the same volume. The effect is completely different.

    Just seeing that the Giant shattered around after the impact, countless fragments spattered toward the plane barrier, punching countless pits on the plane barrier, you know how powerful this blow is.

    If it is the same size of Life Form, I am afraid that even the plane barrier cannot be shaken!

    You should know that the plane barrier is the ultimate protective means of a world. There is not enough means to touch the plane barrier!

    "Who is attacking!"

    Immediately after the first Giant's impact, a spirit with two heads and a fish tail appeared on the plane barrier.

    Undoubtedly, it is angry, although it is not its unique world, but it is its duty today, and as a result, someone came up to provoke it and really made it angry.

    But without waiting for its words to fall, the giant Giant rushed into the plane barrier one after another, triggering a series of violent reactions!

    Bang Bang Bang Bang...

    The fishtail god didn't even have a reaction time, and in an instant, he was destroyed by the impact of Giant's counterpoint barrier!Not to mention the fish tail deity with poor strength, even if Wei Xiaobei is caught in such a collision, I am afraid there is not much chance of life.

    Thousands of body type Giant's incomparable plane fragments Giant at this moment bloomed his life.

    The effect is to make the speed of this marine world suddenly slow down by more than half.

    There is no doubt that the existence of the marine world is unaware of the movement of the marine world in the void.

    When the fishtail gods fell, it didn't take long for several gods that looked like fish to appear on the plane barrier.

    The first reaction after their emergence was that Wei Xiaobei attempted to start on the Ocean World. Otherwise, how could the Ocean World move on its own in the void?

    Such remarks really made Wei Xiaobei cry and laugh.

    But for the provocation of these gods, Wei Xiaobei did not tolerate, but cleanly killed them.

    This is also a frustrating thing. The gods of these marine worlds never seem to have entered the void, and they appear clumsy after entering the void, and their strength can only reach 30% at most.

    For such an opponent, Wei Xiaobei has no difficulty in crushing.

    It may be that the stories written by these gods with life frightened other gods. In the following time, there will be no gods in the marine world.

    Next, nine silver-white planets the size of the moon appeared and rammed towards the ocean world!

    These nine silver-white planets are the neutron stars transformed by Jinwu Avatar!

    Their density is surprisingly large, reaching almost 100 million tons per cubic centimeter!Under such Terror density, even if it is only the size of the moon, their mass is extremely Terror.

    And under this density, some rules have also changed.

    Bang Bang Bang Bang...

    A series of loud noises came again, and the plane barrier of the sea world suddenly appeared numerous cracks under the impact of Jinwu Avatar's body, and then collapsed!

    This result was an unexpected surprise that Wei Xiaobei did not expect.

    If the plane barrier of a world completely collapses, then it means that the world has no protection!

    Just as the plane barrier between the real world and Dust World has become flawed, it also allows Dust World Monster to easily enter the earth.

    Of course, Wei Xiaobei's price for this is quite Terror!

    The Nine-Headed Gold Wu Avatar has fallen in droves, leaving Wei Xiaobei in a state of heavy damage, and he can no longer use the ancient gold Wu Lie Yang Jiufen within thirty years!

    But having said that, Wei Xiaobei is now the master of Aoki Paradise, relying on more than just the ancient gold Wulieyang nine-point technique.

    Therefore, even with the blood flowing out of his mouth, Wei Xiaobei was all smiles. Under the drive of his mind, the tree roots that originally formed the spring took the initiative to attack, and extended tens of millions of kilometers.

    Without the slightest protection, the marine world is like a delicate girl who was pressed hard on the ground by the three big and thick men, without the slightest strength to fight back.

    At this time, the moving speed of the marine world is even slower.Yggdrasil tree root was then extended into the marine world, and without any worries, began to extract the strength of the marine world!

    Undoubtedly, for the wide variety of marine life forms in the marine world, these tree roots that invaded like Great Python are undoubtedly the demons they have never seen!

    Any Life Form close to the tree root will be attacked by the tree root in the first time, and in a flash, it will be drained and turned into a dead body.

    This is the cruelty of World War!

    In this battlefield, there is no distinction between old and weak, no distinction between men and women, and no compassion!

    Some are just food for growing your own world!

    If you switch Aoki Paradise to the weak position of Ocean World, I believe that the gods of Ocean World will not miss the great opportunity to promote Ocean World this time!

    Of course, during this period, some gods of the marine world rushed out and tried to destroy the invading tree root.

    However, Wei Xiaobei, who had been staring at him for a long time, completely gave them no chance to destroy the tree root. They took it as much as possible and threw it to the tree root.

    Although Yggdrasil is huge now, the speed of extracting strength is very fast.

    But Sea World is always a world with a diameter of more than 100,000 kilometers. So until Sea World approached Aoki Paradise after more than 20 years, it was only extracted by Yggdrasil for 40% of its strength.

    But these 40% strengths are also the essence of the marine world.

    At this time, the marine world is already dead. In the deepest center of the marine world, countless marine Life Form bones pile up like mountains!And the volume of the marine world has shrunk by more than 30%!

    In the end, under the drag of Yggdrasil's efforts, Sea World quietly merged into Aoki Paradise, completely without the violent invasion of the previous lizard world.

    Of course, at the cost of completely engulfing the marine world, heavy rains in most parts of Aoki Paradise continued for ten days and ten nights, causing the area of oceans and lakes to inadvertently increase by more than 5%!

    But having said that, with the size of Aoki Paradise, these are just trivial things.

    The second tragedy passed smoothly, which made Wei Xiaobei feel inexplicably a little uneasy.

    The second disaster was directly magnified ten times than the world of the first disaster!

    Could the world of the third catastrophe appear more than one million kilometers!

    In that case, none of Wei Xiaobei's current methods can intercept such a world!

    This really worried Wei Xiaobei.

    Similarly, after Aoki Paradise engulfed the marine world, Wei Xiaobei obtained the exact time of the third disaster and also obtained information about the third disaster.

    After receiving this information, Wei Xiaobei's face was a little bluish, and his smile was bitter.

    It would be this world! ! ?

    Well, in any unfamiliar world, Wei Xiaobei can barely accept it, but it is this world!

    Ink world!

    To be honest, Wei Xiaobei wants to swear in public.

    Wei Xiaobei does not know exactly what the ink painting world looks like, but Wei Xiaobei has seen its power.The Terror of the power of ink is probably able to make all the existing beings tremble!

    No one wants to become a painting-like existence.


    This time, even if Wei Xiaobei mobilized all his mind, it was difficult to come up with a countermeasure, and then he summoned Aoki Paradise Gods to hold a headskin meeting above the Yggdrasil canopy.

    The three stupid masters are good at Zhuge Liang.

    After listening to Wei Xiaobei's introduction to the power of ink and wash, the Gods all felt that the power of ink and wash was too Terror.

    But then I heard that a world full of ink is coming towards Aoki Paradise, and all the gods feel bad for a moment.

    How to deal with this stuff?

    No one knows that even Huang Kun, who has not always played cards according to common sense, can't think of a way by pulling a few hairs.

    Just when Aoki Paradise Gods was at a loss, Qing Niu of body type Giant came from the void and fell on the crown of Yggdrasil.

    this is?

    Aoki Paradise Gods has never seen Qing Niu, but Qing Niu's shape is too unique, so many gods have more or less guessed Qing Niu's identity.

    Seeing the arrival of Qing Niu, Wei Xiaobei couldn't help but feel ecstatic and hurried forward to the ceremony: "disciple[s] met Master!"

    To be honest, this time to see the ceremony is probably the most devout in Wei Xiaobei's life.

    No way, Aoki Paradise is at stake. When Qing Niu arrives, it seems that Wei Xiaobei was handed a life-saving straw to come over. How can we not make Wei Xiaobei excited and ecstatic.

    Of course, Wei Xiaobei didn't think about it for the time being, what if Qing Niu had no way?Seeing Wei Xiaobei coming forward to see the ceremony, Aoki Paradise Gods knew it all, this is Qing Xiao, Master of Wei Xiaobei!

    Therefore, no god dared to neglect, and went to Wei Xiaobei behind him to see Qing Niu.

    "Tuer is exempt, everyone is exempt."

     Qing Niu turned into an old man, wearing a green robe, with a happy expression.

    No way, Qing Niu is just a teacher in his life, but in the Heavenly Court. Although the fairies respected Ni Ni in the face of Laojun, they actually think that Qing Niu is just a substitute for riding animals. Which one will really take Qing Niu in his eyes.

    Here in Wei Xiaobei, Qing Niu can enjoy the treatment of a master who could not be enjoyed by arrived Heavenly Court, and thousands of gods do their best to salute themselves. In Qing Niu's life, nothing has happened.

    How not to let Qing Niu be happy.

    "Master, I haven't seen you for a long time. The disciple[s] missed it so much. I still have to stay a few days longer when I come here."

     Wei Xiaobei was also embarrassed to ask Master for help, thinking of leaving Qing Niu first, and then talking about it.

    However, what Xiao Xiaobei didn't expect was that he didn't say anything, but Qing Niu said: "Don't worry, the teacher came to solve the crisis of Aoki Paradise."

     Qing Niu said this, Wei Xiaobei didn't believe his ears.

    But the fact is the fact, Qing Niu did come for this matter.

    But the next words were inconvenient to speak in front of Aoki Paradise Gods, so Qing Niu looked around and did not continue to speak.Wei Xiaobei is not a fool, and when he saw it, he came to understand it, and then let Gods return to their respective positions, leaving only Wei Xiaobei and Qing Niu above the canopy of Yggdrasil.

    "Please also ask Master to save the disciples."

    Without other beings, Wei Xiaobei did not hold back, and knelt down towards Qing Niu directly.

    Not to mention the Master, even if it is not the Master, there are more salutes to save yourself.

    "Don't worry, Tuer, do you know the origin of this ink world?"

     Qing Niu didn't feel anxious at all. He asked with a light smile, just like he usually asked his apprentices.

     Wei Xiaobei shook his head: "disciple[s] I don't know, please ask Master for advice."

     Wei Xiaobei does not know the origin of this ink world, but he knows that Qing Niu should talk about the cause and effect before saying anything about this habit. While increasing the knowledge of the apprentice, he has also experienced the addiction of teaching and educating people!

     Wei Xiaobei's attitude made Qing Niu very happy, so next, Qing Niu slowly told the origin of the ink world.

    Simply put, the ink world is said to be only a few thousand kilometers in diameter, which is not large in many worlds.

    But because it is full of the power of ink and wash, let everyone know the existence of this world, one by one is very afraid.

    But most of these existences are not known, this ink world is actually just a drop of ink accidentally dropped by someone who is painting!

    Well, when Wei Xiaobei heard this, he couldn't help but be amazed.

    In this way, the mysterious world of Terror is actually just a drop of ink dripping from a guy's drawing?

    Is this impossible? Qing Niu is fooling me?Wei Xiaobei looked at Qing Niu, but Qing Niu was immersed in the thrill of teaching and educating people, and he didn't pay attention to Wei Xiaobei at all.

    It shouldn’t be fooling. After all, Master Qing Niu’s character, Wei Xiaobei, knows that he is extremely serious when he is a teacher.

    Who is painting?

    Well, in fact, there is no need to guess Wei Xiaobei at all, and Qing Niu said the guy who painted: "Do you know who?"

     Wei Xiaobei shook his head as usual, expressing ignorance.

    "It's Divine Dao in Taishang Laojun Cave!"

    Speaking of taboos, Qing Niu raised his hand towards the void somewhere, paying respect.

    Too old! ! ?

    Well, to say before, Wei Xiaobei knew that Taishang Laojun was very powerful, but since he hadn’t seen it, its strengths were not specific. Now when he heard Qing Niu, he immediately felt the greatness of Taishang Laojun. .

    Who? When you draw a drop of ink accidentally while painting, it becomes a world, and this world is extremely powerful!

    In this comparison, Wei Xiaobei feels that the Aoki Paradise he has worked hard to cultivate seems to have little value, just a drop of ink from others!


    This is something that Qing Niu didn't think of, and what he said actually hit Wei Xiaobei quite hard.

    "Tuer, do you know what Tai Lao Lao painted?"

    In order to cheer up Wei Xiaobei, Qing Niu immediately turned around and asked questions again.

    "Landscape painting? Or figure painting?"

    At this time, Wei Xiaobei was probably hit badly enough, and his mind was not so clear.

    "Wrong, it's a tai chi picture!"Qing Niu didn't sell too much anymore, he just said the answer.

    Tai Chi diagram?

     Wei Xiaobei was a little sobered by the name, he remembered that the Tai Chi is the treasure in the hands of Taishang Laojun!

    It is all-encompassing, able to split the sky, clear the turbidity, and set the ground for fire and wind!

    Well, the function of this tai chi picture sounds so familiar.

    That's right, you think it's right, this Tai Chi picture is said to be a treasure that can create the world!

    With such a thought, Wei Xiaobei's heart became calm. The previous emotions were nothing but Heart's Demon in the past, but as long as Wei Xiaobei wanted to understand, then Heart's Demon was suppressed and there was no chance of turning over!

    The world of ink and wash is transformed by a drop of ink dripping from Taishang Laojun's drawing of Tai Chi.

    In this way, Wei Xiaobei feels much more comfortable.

    That's the treasure that can create the world, so it's not surprising that its dripping ink turned into a world.

    "Look, what good things did the teacher bring you?"

     Qing Niu probably felt a little guilty in his heart, and then did not preach. He took out a scroll from his arms and handed it to Wei Xiaobei.

     Wei Xiaobei took a look at the scroll and couldn't help sucking in a breath of cold air. He looked at Qing Niu with horrified eyes: "My Master, did your old man steal the Tai Chi picture of Taishang Laojun?"

    There is no way, as long as the blind man can see the three characters written in the small seal in the middle of the scroll.

    Tai Chi diagram!

    These three words make Wei Xiaobei look a little creepy.

    As soon as I talked about the Tai Chi picture, Master Qing Niu took it out. How did this come about?All kinds of speculations appeared in Wei Xiaobei's mind.


    This should be the most likely fact.

    This Tai Chi picture is the treasure of Taishang Laojun, and it is as famous as the Pangu stream of Yuanshi Tianzun, Spiritual Treasure's Zhuxian sword, Xianxian sword, Xianxian sword, Zhuxian sword, Zhuxian array picture!

    The Pangu stream is said to be the result of the integration of the ancient axe of the ancient heaven and the ancient axe, which has the power of tearing the vastness of the chaos, the power of smashing the time and space of the heavens, the power of dominating the tenets of the heavens and the earth, and opening up the power of the world. And can control the prestige of the world, which is the world's best treasure!

    The Zhuxian Four Swords and the Zhuxian Array can put the Zhuxian Array and kill 10,000 immortals.

    And this Tai Chi map is the treasure of the Taishang Laojun, who possesses the power of calming the water, fire and wind, transforming the power of Yin and Yang and the five elements, and dividing the power of the mysterious mystery of the Tao of Heaven.

    In fact, even though Wei Xiaobei was worried that Master Qing Niu had stolen this thing, he couldn't help but be curious and carefully unfolded this Tai Chi picture.

    Once the Tai Chi picture was unfolded, there were thousands of rays of radiance and thousands of bright colors, which displayed chaotic yin and yang on the outside. It's all kinds of heavenly talisman looming, countless nano-sputtering, it can be described as Intimidate worlds!

    This momentum alone made Wei Xiaobei feel the power of the arrived Tai Chi!

    "Master, let's go back to this picture. If the old man found out, the consequences would be disastrous!"

    After seeing the power of this Tai Chi map, Wei Xiaobei hesitated for a moment and then said towards Qing Niu.

    "Go back? Why go back?"Master Qing Niu has some doubts about Wei Xiaobei's words.

    "Master, Tu'er knows that you are always kind to me, but it's too dangerous to steal this thing!"

     Wei Xiaobei had to bluntly say these words, thinking it might make Master Qing Niu feel a little hurt in his face.

    "Hahaha, Tu'er don't worry, this thing is not stolen for the teacher, but the gift of He Xi from Taishang Laojun."

     Qing Niu finally understood Wei Xiaobei's meaning, and found it interesting, so he could not help laughing.

    "What? Lao Jun gave it to me?"

    Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei was a little dumbfounded.

    Will the old man be so generous and give his testimony to himself?

    Turn over and think about it, will you be willing to give the sun gun to others?

    will not!

    You don't need to think about this kind of problem.

    "However, there is no need to misunderstand Tu'er, this is not a real Tai Chi picture, but a fake that Lao Jun repainted."

     Qing Niu then revealed the true identity of this Tai Chi picture.

    Cottage goods?

     arrived at this moment, Wei Xiaobei finally understood.

    Even if I want to come, I am not willing to send the sun god gun, and the old man can not send the treasure of the Dao.

    This Tai Chi picture is counterfeit, and it is reasonable.

    But only a fake made by Lao Jun has such a powerful effect. Wei Xiaobei is more curious about the authentic Taiji.

    "This thing will be able to withstand the disaster once, so don't worry about it."

     Qing Niu said with a smile.This is natural. Wei Xiaobei is fully confident that he will survive the disaster. He carefully copied the Taiji figure counterfeit into the Storage Ring, and then invited Master Qing Niu to visit his floating city.

    During Wei Xiaobei's grand banquet, the master washes the dust. In his spare time, he took out the Taiji figure fakes for detailed study and so on.

    Just to say that time seems to keep flowing, Wei Xiaobei has just researched a little mystery of the counterfeit of Tai Chi, and then the disaster came.

    To say that this catastrophe is like a deliberate arrangement.

    Every time the disaster comes, a world will quietly appear in the distance of Aoki Paradise, and then bump into Aoki Paradise!

    And the Life Form in that world, the gods, basically don't know that their own world is in great trouble.


    The catastrophe is coming, Wei Xiaobei has circled Aoki Paradise and turned hundreds of times in the void, but I just can't see the shadow of the ink world!

    How is this going?

     Wei Xiaobei had to return to Aoki Paradise and ask Master Qing Niu.

    However, these inquiries are always fruitless.

    The reason is very simple. When Master Qing Niu was conquered by the old monarch, the old monarch had long preached that things related to the world of ink and wash were not known to Qing Niu before he left.

    But at this time, the world of ink and wash must be approaching Aoki Paradise, and Wei Xiaobei had a headache for eating.

    He had never thought of such an accident.

    When the Taiji counterfeit was handed over, I thought I could easily get through the disaster. I didn't expect to encounter such a situation when I was about to go.

    In the end, Wei Xiaobei settled his mind and simply unfolded the counterfeit of the Tai Chi figure, and then his mind blended in.This is Wei Xiaobei's first use of this Taiji counterfeit. Once his mind is integrated, Wei Xiaobei feels that the surrounding voids are in control, even the dust particles are counted.

    With the prestige of this Tai Chi figure counterfeit, Wei Xiaobei began to explore the surrounding voids one by one.

    Before that, he wanted to arrive at a question, since the ink world is transformed by a drop of ink, its volume may not be as big!

    Based on this, he would do so.

    What he didn't think about was that it didn't take long for him to find the ink world that had never been discovered!

    Well, at that time, the world of ink and wash was hanging on the plane barrier of Aoki Paradise, slowly releasing the power of ink and wash, quietly corroding on the plane barrier, trying to corrode the plane barrier into a channel.

    The small size of this ink world is beyond Wei Xiaobei's expectations.

    It is only the size of a fist, and it is filled with rich black and white colors. It is really difficult to find at first glance in this dark void.

    It's no wonder that I couldn't find this ink world with all my efforts.

    Of course, if Wei Xiaobei did not borrow the power of Taiji counterfeit, I am afraid that it will be necessary to wait until the world of ink and wash enters Aoki Paradise and Eruption.

    By then, it is not an easy task to solve it.

    "go with!"

     Wei Xiaobei reminded me a little, and the fake Taiji figure radiated with the sky full of glowing light, and in a flash, a golden bridge was released to put the ink world into the picture!

    Don't think this is over.After the ink world was received by Taiji counterfeit products, the power of ink painting spread out around it, attempting to turn the Taiji counterfeit products into black and white!

    But the problem is that the counterfeit Tai Chi picture was originally drawn by Lao Jun to deal with the world of ink and wash.

    In this way, no matter how tossed in the Taiji figure fakes, the ink world could not shake the Taiji figure fakes at all!

    About three days and three nights elapsed, the counterfeit of Tai Chi continues to emit glow, but the world of ink and wash inside it is now incapable of moving, which has shrunk by half compared to the previous one.

    In this regard, Wei Xiaobei has seen the problem.

    Taiji counterfeit products are constantly extracting the strength of the ink world and transforming it into a radiant glow.

    And Aoki Paradise can benefit from this glow.

    Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei couldn't help but relieved slightly.

    In this way, things should probably have passed safely.

    A week later, the world of ink and wash trapped in the counterfeit Taiji was reduced to less than the size of mung beans.

     Arrived at this moment, Master Qing Niu appeared.

    The purpose of his coming is to take away Taiji counterfeit and ink world.

    This is the command of Taishang Laojun.

    The reason, Wei Xiaobei probably guessed it.

    This ink-and-ink world is a drop of ink from the Tai Chi chart. It must have some special relationship with the Tai-chi chart. In this way, Taishang Laojun cannot let this ink-and-ink world run out.

    "Furthermore, when you go to the next level, you know that this kind of treasure is nothing strange to you."Before leaving, Master Qing Niu said in a rather enviable tone.

    Not uncommon?

     Wei Xiaobei doesn't agree with this, even if the Taiji counterfeit is left.

    But obviously, this is impossible.

    Don’t look at the world of ink and wash now, but if there is no Taiji figure counterfeit to trap it, every minute and second let you know how to behave!

    When Master Qing Niu was sent away and Wei Xiaobei was about to do something, all of a sudden, the entire Aoki Paradise glowed, and countless stars rose to the sky, embellishing Aoki Paradise extremely gorgeously.

    What's happening here?

     Wei Xiaobei froze for a moment, and at the next moment, the tide formed by countless strengths rushed into his body.

    This feeling is like the comfort of being soaked in a hot spring after being frozen in the snow and ice for three days and three nights.

    I finally broke through!

     Wei Xiaobei was under ecstasy, and only this thought came to mind.

    With the instillation of countless strengths, the hidden strengths in Wei Xiaobei's body can't bear it anymore, they are shown outside the body one by one.

    The first is that the attribute Status panel forms the illusion of Giant and appears behind Wei Xiaobei.

    Undoubtedly, this attribute Status panel should be regarded as one of the foundations of Wei Xiaobei. Without this attribute Status panel, Wei Xiaobei would not be able to go to today, and may have died under a Monster early.

    Under the illusion of Giant's attribute Status panel, it is a dense and common skill.

    Sewing, gunning, shipbuilding, archery, Life Form genetics, refining, carving, Electrical Work, Eight Extremities boxing, fishing, hidden weapon, medicine, driving, cooking, language proficiency.The pseudo-hidden weapon actually became a hidden weapon skill early on, and the language became language proficiency.

    But the realm of these fifteen kinds of common skills is all fascinating!

    This all benefits from the integration of Wei Xiaobei and Aoki Paradise.

    In fact, for ordinary skills like this, Wei Xiaobei now wants to create as many as he wants. From a certain perspective, he can be omnipotent in terms of ordinary skills.

    Then there were seeds of supernatural powers jumping out of my mind.

    The ancient golden Wu Lieyang nine-point technique, Cangxuan cave incarnation method, shrinking technique, law phase world, golden lotus merit Buddha light, neutron star supernatural power!

    These six supernatural powers are centered on the neutron star, the ancient golden black sun, and the two supernatural powers. The rest of the supernatural powers slowly rotate around them. They are suspended above the phantom of the attribute Status panel, just like a binary star system.

    And then, various Special Ability appeared, suspended around Wei Xiaobei.

     crush Star Gunman, Soul Absorption, Granite King defense bonus, Fire Immunity, Life Altar, Thunderbolt True Mercury, Transformer, Electromagnetic Field, Desertification, Root Network, Sit on Diaoyutai, Wish to Hook. Fishing Gold Turtle.

    The twelve kinds of Special Ability are based on Life Altar and Thunderbolt.

     Life Altar is the only Special Ability that manifests itself in physical form. It is a meat ball shining with golden light, which resides on Wei Xiaobei's left-hand side, while Thunderbolt True Mercury resides on Wei Xiaobei's right-hand side.

    In addition, there was Jin Wu, who lived in Dantian, came out and was lying on top of Wei Xiaobei's head, with a look of displeasure.

    No way, no matter who it is, the dream is disturbed, I'm afraid not too happy.All the strengths of Wei Xiaobei have emerged. At this time, he feels like a big balloon, which is continuously poured into warm water and stretched a little.


    Time passed bit by bit.

    At this time, many gods have discovered Wei Xiaobei's abnormalities.

     Although Tu Qingqing did not seal the gods, it was naturally the goddess in the Aoki Paradise, and was connected to Wei Xiaobei’s life, so he discovered the abnormality at the earliest and hurried over, but he didn’t dare to approach Wei Xiaobei and could only stand far away. He looked at Wei Xiaobei anxiously.

    This is probably the most uneven moment in Tu Qingqing's life.

    The second one arrived was Zhu Xinyi.

    After seeing Tu Qingqing, Zhu Xinyi stopped subconsciously, until Tu Qingqing beckoned to her, Zhu Xinyi was approaching, and then called a master.

     Tu Qingqing couldn't see the coldness in the face of hidden love rivals at all. He stretched out his hand and took Zhu Xinyi, with a smile on his face, and asked about the recent situation of Zhu Xinyi.

    This is not because Tu Qingqing doesn't care about Wei Xiaobei anymore, but Wei Xiaobei has a lot of love debts that he provokes abroad. Tu Qingqing, as the main mother, also had to help Wei Xiaobei calm down one or two.

    As Aoki Paradise Gods arrived one by one, the situation on Wei Xiaobei's side began to be unclear.

    Countless golden mists existed out of nowhere, covering up Wei Xiaobei, even the gods cannot see through the golden mist.

    At this time Wei Xiaobei had closed his eyes and was immersed in the thrill of breaking through promotion.

    ........For a long time, Wei Xiaobei slowly opened his eyes. At that moment, the golden mist and even the various strengths appearing outside, just like the tide rewinding, instantly inhaled Wei Xiaobei's body.

    After a few quiet hours, Wei Xiaobei walked slowly towards Tu Qingqing.

    "Have seen Master!"

    "Have seen my Lord!"


    During this period, thousands of gods' greetings continued, and almost all voices could be heard thousands of miles away.

    "make you worry."

     Wei Xiaobei's mentality is extremely peaceful at this time, but he is also somewhat guilty. From this moment on, he may even have little time to appear in Aoki Paradise.

    "Husband, I wonder if you are now?"

    Compared with himself, Tu Qingqing is more worried about Wei Xiaobei himself.

    "It's okay, but I'm afraid there will be less time with you in the future."

    After breaking through the 5-Star annihilation and entering a higher level of 6-Star, Wei Xiaobei only understood what it meant to say what Master Qing Niu said before leaving.

    Indeed, if Qing Niu now puts Taiji counterfeit in front of himself, I am afraid he has no interest at all.

    "Let's go away first, I want to testify!"

     After Wei Xiaobei and Tu Qingqing spoke a few words, they glanced at Zhu Xinyi, then shouted softly.


    Well, even for gods, this sentence is probably tall.

    What is a sermon?

    Everyone probably knows a little, but there is no one who has really seen the process of the sermon.

    That is the only way to achieve supreme existence!But there are also doubts about the gods. Wei Xiaobei created Aoki Paradise, which merged with Aoki Paradise. Isn't this justified?

    In a flash, Wei Xiaobei left all speech and outside influence behind.

    With the right hand, the sun sharp gun was taken out in a flash.

    As the sun sharp gun was taken out, countless shadows slowly appeared in the distance of the void.

    No gods or people know what those shadows are.

    But the countless counts of those shadows have surrounded Aoki Paradise in a circle and firmly surrounded it.

    Undoubtedly, these shadows did not come with good intentions.

    At this time, some gods wanted to enter the void to block the shadows from approaching, but Wei Xiaobei made a left-hand move to drive the gods back to Aoki Paradise.

    When the gods wanted to cross the plane barrier, they found themselves unable to get close.

    "This is his battle, we just need to watch it quietly."

     Tu Qingqing said lightly.

    The shadow is extremely fast, and before less than ten breaths, it appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei from millions of kilometers away.

    What surprised the gods who watched the war was that the shadows were a copy of Wei Xiaobei!

    Except for the strong black gas all over the body, they are no different from Wei Xiaobei from top to bottom!

     Wei Xiaobei knows that these shadows resembling themselves are actually projections formed by the void in their own version!

    The strength of these projections is directly linked to Wei Xiaobei!

     Wei Xiaobei is strong, they are also strong, Wei Xiaobei is weak, they are also weak!The only thing Wei Xiaobei knows is that as long as he kills these shadows, then the problem is solved.

    "Come on, let me see how strong you are!"

     Wei Xiaobei lightly shouted, and in a blink of an eye, he went towards those shadows!

    The black shadow seems to be very familiar with Wei Xiaobei. Seeing Wei Xiaobei killing, the black gas outside the body condenses and hands, turning out a weapon exactly like the sun sharp gun.

    It must be said that these black shadows are exactly the same as Wei Xiaobei, and their strength is beyond Wei Xiaobei's expectations.

    The sun sharp gun pierced with great force, the light and heat bloomed all around, like the same round of the sun coming.

    However, after a short while, the sun sharp gun was firmly held by a huge spear of the shadow, and the other nearest shadows took the opportunity to shoot and kill!

     If Wei Xiaobei didn't retreat fast enough, I'm afraid that the huge spear would pass by in a flash.

    These nights are indeed amazing!

    The strongest among them is exactly the same as Wei Xiaobei 5-Star's pinnacle of extinction!

     Wei Xiaobei has just achieved 6-Star at this time, the realm is not yet stable, and it may not be able to please with these shadows.

    But in such a confrontation, Wei Xiaobei also discovered the problem of the shadow.

    Not every shadow has such a strong strength.

    As far as these black shadows who play against themselves are concerned, the weakest one is actually only 5-Star Terror.

    After discovering this, Wei Xiaobei even adopted the roaming battle method, and did not fight with these shadows, but wandered back and forth at a very fast speed, and all the shadows encountered would be shot by Wei Xiaobei!Wei Xiaobei was gratified that the shadows seemed to have identified Wei Xiaobei only, chasing behind Wei Xiaobei, attempting to surround him, and did not pay attention to the Aoki Paradise in close proximity.

    Of course, Wei Xiaobei's situation at this time is extremely dangerous!

    There are too many of these shadows, as if the floods are generally coming from all directions.

    It can be said that if the time is too long, then even if Wei Xiaobei wants to escape, there is no chance.

     Wei Xiaobei can only use the narrow space between the shadows to desperately dodge.

    You are the one!

    After arduous swimming for a few interest hours, Wei Xiaobei finally found his goal arrived!

    Only the shadow of 4-Star Terror!

    This is not surprising, there are even lower power among the shadows, but like this, the weak power is a drop in the sea.

    To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was able to find a weak shadow within ten breaths, which is already considered luck heaven-shaking.

    "Dead!" The sun gun is like heaven-shaking Yihong, and stabbed in the shadow!

    No sound came out, just at the moment when the sun sharp gun penetrated the black shadow, the black shadow turned into black gas and was absorbed by the sun sharp gun!

    How is this going?

     Wei Xiaobei is a little puzzled, but this is not the time to consider this.

    In the next moment, Wei Xiaobei finds a strength 5-Star ordinary shadow, without a second word, directly through a shot!

    When the second black shadow was absorbed by the sun gun, Wei Xiaobei felt that there was a strength in the sun gun that was slowly forming, and showed some horror towards some of the black shadows that had come under siege.Undoubtedly, nothing else, the Intimidate power of the Sun God Gun against the Shadows has increased.

    The black shadows that show horror are all between the 5-Star elite and the 4-Star elite.

    "Kill, kill, kill!"

    The crisis at this time has not been completely lifted. Wei Xiaobei has been surrounded by hundreds of shadows, forcing him to shoot up and launch a war of mutual harm with many shadows!

    In an instant, Wei Xiaobei was stabbed by a huge spear in the shadow. At the moment of the stabbing, Wei Xiaobei felt as if he had lost something in his body.

    However, Wei Xiaobei didn't dare to look at it at this time, but took advantage of the opponent's stabbing his own gear and shot the opponent through with a backhand shot, and then broke out of the encirclement!

    It turned out to be so. After Wei Xiaobei took a closer look, he found that his ordinary skill sewing had disappeared!

    This disappeared completely, as if Wei Xiaobei brought it to Sacrifice.

    It turns out so!

     arrived at this time, Wei Xiaobei almost understood the half.

    Those shadows projected by imitating themselves seem to have only one mission, to plunder various abilities, strength from themselves!

    And after killing the black shadow, your own sun gun can absorb the black shadow and strengthen itself!

    Undoubtedly, this is a game of mutual predation.

    Wei Xiaobei seems to be at a disadvantage in the face of countless shadows.

    This discovery made Wei Xiaobei more cautious in the following battles.

    This is also a helpless thing.Every time you are attacked, you will lose a skill or ability, strength, ordinary skills. If it is a kind of supernatural power, even if all strengths are exhausted, Wei Xiaobei does not know how to continue this battle!

    Three shots, the Sun God shot through the three dark shadow throats, directly killing and absorbing!

    At this time, Wei Xiaobei got another shot and the carving skills disappeared.

    But at the next moment, Wei Xiaobei rose up and stabbed twenty shots, and abruptly took away twenty black shadows!

    The battle is still carried out under cruel conditions, and countless shadows almost enclose Wei Xiaobei into a giant black ball.

    In this Giant black ball, Wei Xiaobei used a whole body to solve the problem, constantly avoiding the huge spear from the thorn, and at the same time counterattacked from time to time, collecting a few shadows.


    But as I said before, a long walk at night will break into ghosts!

     Wei Xiaobei's dodge no matter how hard it is, he can't avoid being stabbed and lose his ability.

    Shipbuilding (attractive) disappears...

     Life Form genetics (distracted) disappears...

    The alchemy (distracted) disappears...

     Electrical Work disappears...

     hidden weapon, medicine, driving disappeared.......

    Archery disappeared...

    In less than ten minutes before and after, Wei Xiaobei's ordinary skills are only gun skills, Eight Extremities, boxing, fishing, cooking, and languages.

    However, just after the Wei Xiaobei guns swept through, killing hundreds of black shadows one after another, they were stabbed three times.

    This leaves Wei Xiaobei with only shooting skills and cooking skills.Fortunately, the shooting did not disappear, otherwise, the effect of Wei Xiaobei's attack on the shadow would probably be reduced a lot.


    With the passage of time, a trace of chaotic gas slowly rose above the sun sharp gun.

    With the rise of Chaos, Wei Xiaobei reversed the situation for the first time, from being chased and killed by the shadow, to chasing and killing the shadow!

    When each gun is swept out, hundreds of black shadows will be hit by the gas of chaos, which will turn into black gas and be swallowed by the sun gun.

    One day, two days, three days...

    Until the seventh day, the shadows circling around Wei Xiaobei were already pitiful, and they even had no courage to attack Wei Xiaobei at all.

    "I prove this!"

    After absorbing and killing the last shadow, Wei Xiaobei slowly raised the sun sharp gun.

    At this moment, the sky shook, and countless lights came from afar, falling on Wei Xiaobei, and then showed a look of awe.

    Justify it!

    Without any splendid vision, the sun sharp gun seemed to return to its original nature, and even the chaotic air above it disappeared.

    But anyone who sees the existence of the sun gun will tremble inexplicably.

    Prove the treasure!

    Sun God Gun! The world's first killing treasure!


    It has been a month since Wei Xiaobei's success in proving the sermon.

     Wei Xiaobei was accompanying his wife at this time, and his son was enjoying the rare joy of family life, but he was also feeling the difference after his testimony.

    In fact, with his wife at this time, his son's Wei Xiaobei is not the body, just an Avatar.Wei Xiaobei's ontology is in a state of inexplicable mystery, pinned in the void, and at a glance, the past and future of countless worlds fall into the eyes.


     Heavenly Court, the top of Daluo Mountain, Bajing Palace!

    The sky is full of colorful clouds, the fairy cranes are flying, and the immortal spirits are worthy of being the top of the fairyland.

    A young Taoist dressed in a robe is now at the entrance of the Bajing Palace, and behind him are Jin Ling and Yin Ling.

    For a long time, suddenly, a Kowloon Aquilaria roared in the distance, and the mighty power swayed away. Baiyun avoided it, and the cranes all bowed their heads.

    "Disciple[s] Xuandu knocked on Tianzun!"

    The young Daoist said loudly.

    In a flash, the agarwood of Jiulong landed in front of the Bajing Palace in a blink of an eye, and a white robe with long black beards floated out. When he saw that Master Xuandu nodded, he said, "Brother can be there?"

    "To report Tianzun, Master Zun is waiting for Tianzun in the ninth realm."

    Master Xuandu hurriedly replied.

    "it is good."

    The black-bearded Daoist was extremely majestic all over the body. He returned a good word, and then entered the Bajing Palace without stopping at all.

    "Brother, is that Goddess?"

    Although the two boys, Jinling and Yinling, spent a lot of time in the Bajing Palace, the Tianzun who had entered had never seen them.

    "That is Yuanshi Tianzun! You can't be rude to see you."

    Master Xuandu said softly.

    It turned out to be that mighty!

    The two boys of Jinling and Yinling couldn't help but get back cold and dared not ask more.You should know that Yuanshi Tianzun was in the Sanqing era, claiming to kill decisively and decisively, and the most respectful of ups and downs. The two little boys dare not talk behind their backs.

    You know, such a powerful, don’t mention his name, as long as he talks about things related to him, he will know!

    Yuanshi Tianzun came, but Master Xuandu did not leave, until the black-bearded black robe Taoist with a long sword hanging around his waist came riding a black buffalo into the air, and he welcomed him again: "disciple[ s] Xuandu knocked on Tianzun!"

    Not waiting for the black buffalo to fall, the black-bearded black robe Taoist jumped down and looked at Xuandu Grand Master with a smile: "Xuandu, I haven't seen you for a long time, how can I be good recently?"

    When facing the black-bearded and black-robed Taoist, Master Xuandu was much easier than Yuanshi Tianzun before: "Return to Tianzun, Xuandu had a good time recently."

    "Well, following your Master is always wrong."

    Speaking, the black-bearded and black-robed Taoist, with a bit of melancholy on his face, waved his hand, no more words, and moved into the Bajing Palace.

    This time, without waiting for the two boys to ask, Master Xuandu revealed the identity of the black-bearded and black-robed Taoist: "It's Spiritual Treasure, you have to remember."

    The two boys nodded.

    The three continued to wait at the entrance of Bajing Palace, and there was nothing more to say.

    It didn't take long for someone from afar.

    Those who came here this time made Master Xuandu slightly stunned.

    No way, this Tianzun has never seen him.

    However, he sat on the back of a flaming phoenix, wherever he passed, the white clouds spread out on their own and went straight into the high altitude of Daluo Mountain.To know that this big Luoshan is where the old monarch resides, even if the ordinary fairy finds here, it is impossible to come in.

    Even if it was primitive, the two disciples under Spiritual Treasure had to post to Master Xuandu before they could enter.

    The existence that can be driven into this way is naturally primitive, such as Spiritual Treasure.

    Well, no matter whether he knows the other person or not, the Master Xuandu still shows the style of the only apprentice of the old monarch: "disciple[s] Xuandu perceives Tianzun!"

    The fire phoenix fell, the heat wave rolled, and almost all went straight to the Bajing Palace.

    The youngster who jumped from the back of Huofeng couldn't help but frown, his right hand waved gently, and the heat wave suddenly dissipated.

    "But Master Xuandu? The deity Aoki has been admiring for a long time, hahaha."

    This person is Wei Xiaobei, but his words are a little blunt, but it is a sequelae of the previous battle with the shadows.

     Although Wei Xiaobei's testimony was successful, his language ability was completely erased. If Avatar was okay, but this time he came to see the old man, Wei Xiaobei had to get the body out, so he had to let the golden gourd cultivate A magic weapon for speaking, so that the voice becomes rigid is inevitable.

    Hearing Wei Xiaobei's words, Master Xuandu couldn't help moving his heart and immediately recalled the identity of this youngster.

    "How long has the Master been waiting in the ninth realm? Please also ask Heavenly Master to move."

    Master Xuandu could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, but it was considered to have received the righteous master, and his performance was okay, so that he would not lose his face.

    "Not urgent."Wei Xiaobei shook his hand at this moment, came to the two boys, and said with a smile: "Brother Yin Ling has been away for a long time, is this Brother Ling Ling?"

    Although it has been proved that Wei Xiaobei's identity is very noble in any world, but when facing the two boys at this time, Wei Xiaobei does not have the slightest Tianzun's shelf, and looks amiable.

    However, at this time, Yinling Boy didn't dare to be a little neglected, and pulled Jinling Boy on his knees in a hurry.

    Upon seeing this, Wei Xiaobei also knew that with his own testimony, his identity became different, and such a situation might be inevitable.

    "Yes, since you and I are destined, this gift still hopes not to leave."

    Talking, Wei Xiaobei then handed a piece of Yggdrasil leaf to Yinling Boy, and then did not talk much. He smiled at Master Xuandu and then stepped into the Bajing Palace.

     On Wei Xiaobei's departure, the Jinling boy could not help but exclaim in a low voice: "Yinling, did you even know the former Tianzun?"

    The envy in the speech is so obvious that it is difficult to hide.

    The Yinling Tongzi was in a very complicated mood. It would have been known for a while. Wei Xiaobei has become a powerful existence in parallel with the Sanqing, and he himself is just a furnace boy.

    "Yinling, your luck is good, the leaves that Aoki Tianzun gave you should have a life-saving effect!"

    The relationship between Master Xuandu and the two boys is very good, so there is no concealment, simply point out the preciousness of the leaves.

    However, Master Xuandu can only see this, but the others are ignorant.Indeed, this gift given by Wei Xiaobei is indeed magical, a life-saving wonder cultivated with Yggdrasil as a raw material.

    As long as you carry this thing, you can save your life three times in any situation!

    Taking out such treasures, I am afraid that even the great gods in Heavenly Court will look at arrival and look envious.

    Not to mention the small chat between Master Xuandu and the two boys, only that Wei Xiaobei really opened his eyes after entering the Bajing Palace.

    This eight-view palace is the residence of the old monarch. It is said that there are nine kinds of magical landscapes.

    At this time, Wei Xiaobei has seen the first scene arrived.

    Hanhai Cangming!

    As soon as he entered the Bajing Palace, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed, and the sky above him suddenly turned into an overhanging sea.

     Wei Xiaobei walks under the overhanging sea, reaching out to touch the waves of the entity, the sea surface, and even see various fishes that shuttle through the sea.

    This is the first time Wei Xiaobei has seen this landscape.

    However, this time Wei Xiaobei was here at the invitation of Laojun, and it was not good for Laojun to wait too much, so after a quick glance, his thoughts moved, and the surrounding scenery changed again, turning into endless mountains. .....

    The second scene, Luan wins Kunyue!

    The third scene: Zhonghua Shenxiu

    Fourth scene: Yueyang Yaohui

    Fifth Scene: Yaoguang Luohuan

     Sixth scene: Shui Lan Yanxia

    Seventh scene: Yun Neiyuan

    Eighth Scene: Falling Stars


     Wei Xiaobei looked at the scenes one by one, and was really amazed by the old gentleman's handwriting.

    This scenery is actually an independent world!Only Laojun has such a means to integrate these worlds into the Eight View Palace and turn it into a view!

    Especially the Eighth Scenery of the Falling Star Galaxy made Wei Xiaobei breathtaking.

    The big river of silver shining stars stretches out all the way, and I don't know how many stars are composed.

    To be honest, the stars owned by Wei Xiaobei are placed here, but it can really be called the gravel of the long river.

    After Wei Xiaobei left the downfall galaxy, he immediately arrived in a chaos of arrival.

     Wei Xiaobei knows that this is the ninth realm, chaos and turmoil!

    He can faintly see the light flashing in the chaos, and it is a Prototype of the world. At a glance, there are no fewer than tens of thousands!

    "Hahaha, Aoki is here, why stopped?"

    At this moment, a peaceful and quiet voice came from the chaos. The next moment, Wei Xiaobei saw a small pavilion in front of him, with four coffee tables in it, and seated three people.

     Although Wei Xiaobei saw it for the first time, he knew the names of these three people in a flash.

    "Aoki has seen Sanqing Daozu!"

     Wei Xiaobei didn't flinch, but stepped into the small pavilion, while raising his hands and fists, while sitting in front of the empty coffee table.

    "Yes, Tianzun Aoki is here. I will have another Taoist who can talk to me."

    Previously speaking was Taishang Laojun, and at this time Spiritual Treasure, who was friendly, smiled at Wei Xiaobei, raised his glass and smiled, "Since the Taoist is here, then the four of us can Have a drink."

    Taishang Laojun did not object to Spiritual Treasure’s proposal, just smiled and raised his glass.On the contrary, it seems that Yuanshi Tianzun was not very satisfied with Wei Xiaobei, a lucky junior, but when he saw the other two raised their glasses, they had to lift them.

    "In this case, Aoki is backward, then borrow flowers to dedicate the Buddha and do it first."

     Wei Xiaobei was not at all restrained at this time. He acted with his heart, and then poured the drink into his mouth, swallowing it as much as possible.

    Seeing Wei Xiaobei's actions, Sanqing was a little surprised, and then even the seriously serious Yuanshi Tianzun laughed aloud: "Xiaoyou is so massive, this admiration admires!"

    Upon seeing this, Wei Xiaobei felt faintly awkward at this moment. After drinking the drink, he seemed to feel a little dizzy.

    At this moment, it was the Spiritual Treasure who solved Wei Xiaobei's doubts.

    That liquor is not ordinary liquor, or it is not liquor at all, but it is made of chaotic gas. Even if the Taishang Laojun personally takes action, there will be only four cups in millennia!

    The benefit of drinking this chaotic drink is to wipe out all hidden dangers after the sermon.

    Of course, the reason why Sanqing drinks this drink is that for their existence, there is no more drink that can make them drunk.

    Only this kind of chaotic wine, no matter who it is, after drinking it, the drink will surely rise, and one will sleep for a thousand years, one cup for a thousand years!

    Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei realized that these three Qings for Mao were just sips.

    For them, a thousand years of sleep is undoubtedly a normal thing.

    Can you sleep for thousands of years?

    The problem is that there are still many things I haven't dealt with yet!Before waiting for Wei Xiaobei to say something, the old man said: "Aoki Daoyou, relax, be poor and send you back first."

    When the words fell, Wei Xiaobei felt that the body was light, and the time and space changed, and he returned to Aoki Paradise.

    Before waiting for Wei Xiaobei to step into Aoki Paradise, he felt that his drinking enthusiasm continued to flow. He only had time to send a message out, and then fell into Aoki Paradise, and fell asleep completely.


    Time goes by, and thousands of years pass by in a hurry.

    Aoki Paradise has been extremely calm during these 10,000 years. Even the real-world earth, with the help of Aoki Paradise, cleared a lot of Monsters from Dust World and became much safer.

    At the same time, in this 10,000-year period, the plane barrier between the earth and Dust World has gradually recovered, and the root of Dust World Monster has been fundamentally eradicated.

    The time of tens of thousands of years is not long for the gods, but for human(ity) on the earth, it is too long.

    But the only thing that hasn't changed on the earth is a statue of Wei Xiaobei erected all over the world ten thousand years ago.

    These statues made of special materials made Wei Xiaobei's reputation popular among human(ity).

    But for a long time, the legend of Wei Xiaobei has become a myth.

    In ten thousand years, the earth has not only returned to tranquility, but also changed even more.

    Nine thousand and five hundred years ago, the earth human(ity) developed a spacecraft that can safely navigate the solar system, thus ushering in the era of solar system development.

    Venus and Mars, two terrestrial planets, have been transformed by human(ity) into interstellar colonies.Eight thousand six hundred years ago, the earth human(ity) researched the spacecraft that can leave the solar system to explore the outer galaxy, thus taking the first step to leave the solar system.

    Eight thousand years ago, the earth found the first livable planet.

    Six thousand years ago, Earth's human(ity) ruled thirty-six nearby star systems.

    Four thousand years ago, the human(ity) of the earth was divided, the Eruption War, and the continuation of the war of the last millennium made the human(ity) of the earth divided into three great empires.

    Two thousand years ago, a great man ended the split and regrouped the human(ity) of the earth into a whole.

    Nine hundred years ago, the earth's human(ity) encountered an unprecedented crisis, and the aliens invaded, thus launching an epic war with the aliens for hundreds of years!


    Huh, Bang Bang Bang Bang...

    The cosmic defense base set up outside the solar system is undergoing the crazy attack of the alien fleet. Although there is no sound from this news video screen, it is involuntarily equipped with sound in the human(ity) heart of the earth.

    After nine hundred years, the human(ity) of the earth has lost from the initial big win to the back, and occasionally small wins, constantly weakened by alien strength.

    Today, the human(ity), which once ruled more than three hundred galaxies, has only one territory of the native solar system.

    "... human(ity) has arrived at the most critical juncture, with no distinction between the north and the south, young and old, no matter who, all have the responsibility of defending the earth and fighting the war, and should be determined to sacrifice all... ..."

    Earth's homeland China's administrative district is located on a street in the green lake town of Chuan City, and a large loudspeaker is playing the indignant final battle notice of the chief executive of the earth country.The high voice passed into a small courtyard, making a woman frown.

    She was helping a man to wipe the body at this time, but the man seemed to be in a coma. No matter how the woman wiped, the man showed no signs of awakening.

    But when the loud voice suddenly ended, the man opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes dull, looking at the seemingly familiar courtyard, and murmured in his mouth: "This wine is so strong!"