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Directory The Outer Part Of Wanjiefan (4) The Thundering Temple Of Thousand Junctions, Strategies) Unification Of Wanjie
    Author: 静夜寄思(Jìngyè jì sī, Thinking in Quiet Night)
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"Jin Peng, I will give you one last opportunity. Do you really prefer to lose your life rather than submit to me?" Thinking of the tens of thousands of years of fighting with Jin Peng, the Holy Demon God tried to make the final effort.

"The genocide cannot live under the same sky, you should stop thinking about it," Jin Peng replied disdainfully.

"Since you do n’t know how to cherish yourself, I ca n’t save your life." The Holy Demon God saw that Jin Peng ’s intention was decided. He no longer had any hope for Jin Peng, but cut it fiercely, at the same time, He closed the eyes in pain.

At the next moment, kuang duang'ed made a loud noise into the ear of Holy Demon Lord, eyes opened, but found that Jin Peng had vanish from vanish from sight, his giant knife was on the ground, and there was a strange young man in front of him. people.

At the time of imminent peril, it was Tang Xiu who rushed back to God Realm to save Jin Peng ’s life. After sending Jin Peng into the Heart of the World, Tang Xiu glanced at Star Light Supreme and Drunk Immortal Supreme who were seriously injured His eyes became cold.

Tang Xiu neglected the difference in the Time-Flow Speed between God Realm and Earth. He only spent a few days on Earth. He never thought that God Realm had passed more than 100 years, and so many things happened.

Tang Xiu couldn't imagine what kind of tragedy would happen to Magnificent Tang Empire if he didn't return to God Realm in time.

"Young man, who are you, where did you get Jin Peng to where did it go?" Seeing Tang Xiu standing securely in the knowledge that one has backing stood in front of yourself, the cautious character of Holy Deity God began to wreak havoc."It doesn't matter who I am, I know who you are." Staring at the Holy Demon Venerable for a moment, thinking of the Master's instructions, Tang Xiu suddenly laughed, and he said abruptly, "Jin Peng got me Heart of the World is gone, it is so injured, only the God of the World and the elixir of the Heart of the World can make it heal as soon as possible. "

"What did you say? Heart of the World? Young people, where are you found Heart of the World, can you let me take a look?" Saint Deity God was originally full of vigilance against Tang Xiu, heard Heart After the four words of the World, he instantly trembles and impatiently urges Tang Xiudao.

Under the intense gaze of Sacred Deity, Tang Xiu carelessly threw the Heart of the World Pilgrimage Deity.

When Sacred Deity's attention was all focused on the Heart of the World, and it was about to touch the Heart of the World, a sword appeared suddenly, splitting the Sacred Deity into two halves.

"Boy, you dare to count me, you are so brave!" A few meters away, the Holy Demon Lord flustered and exasperated shouted, looking at Tang Xiu's eyes.

Being reeled by a youngster, if he had not carried a god-level Person-Substitute Puppet with him, he would even lose his life and control the countless eras of God Realm. The Holy Devil God has never suffered such a big loss.

"I not only dare to count you, I dare to kill you, Do you believe or not?" Tang Xiu said coldly back to the holy demon, and then the thought moved, all the Qiongchi Divine Realm behind him was taken in by him Inside the Heart of the World."Shenjie hasn't dared to talk to me like this for a long time. The people who talked to me like this are all dead. What kind of death method do you want to choose?" Shouted.

Tang Xiu saw that Sacred Deity Master didn't start, he instantly understood that the other party was afraid of his own strength.

New hatred piled on old accumulated together, Tang Xiu was too lazy to talk to the holy deity god, but instead directly sacrificed the destructive sword of the free deity deity, cast incarnation magic power, and instantly trapped the holy deity god.

"Incarnate supernatural powers, are you descendants of Xiaoyao Venerable?" Seeing the close and numerous figures all around Tang Xiu, the weapon held in Tang Xiu's hand is the exclusive artifact of Xiaoyao Venerable Master, and the Holy Demon Venerable could not help but exclaim Lost voice.

At the next moment, the Holy Deity Lord unhesitatingly sent a message to several other gods in the temple: "The descendants of the Happy Lord appeared with the Heart of the World."

It ’s not that Sacred Deity does n’t want to swallow the Heart of the World alone, but because he ca n’t see through Tang Xiu ’s strength at all, and he feels strong confidence from Tang Xiu, and Tang Xiu ’s strong killing intentions, he has been freed. Respect for time and time again The experience of sneak attacks and assassinations, the Holy Demon Respect does not dare to underestimate Xiaoyao Respect, even for the descendants of Xiaoyao Respect, he also played a twelve-point spirit.

After receiving the news of the Sacred Deity, four other deities teleported unhesitatingly to the battle site.

After all, Heart of the World was originally an artifact jointly created by the Twelve Deities. Mastering the Heart of the World means mastering all the worlds. Not only the endless Laws of the Heavenly Dao in the Heart of the World, but also their twelve The gods have worked hard to collect countless treasures from Zu Xing.Heart of the World is the True God Temple in the eyes of the twelve gods. The current temple is just a fake temple built by Heart of the World after the loss of Heart of the World, regardless of the scale or value of the buildings. Too far.

So Heart of the World has incomparable appeal to the twelve deities.

When Tang Xiu discovered that the five deities of the temple were all in line, a mocking smile suddenly appeared on his face.

At the next moment, ninety-eight puppet gods were taken from Heart of the World release by Tang Xiu. Under the order of Tang Xiu, these puppet gods unhesitatingly besieged the five gods of the temple.

"Holy demon, you must not die, knowing that the other party dug a trap and told us to jump inside!"

"Damn, isn't this a puppet deity of the city of the gods source, why not only did they not listen to our orders, but attacked us!"

"Please also stop, as long as you forgive our lives, we are willing to serve you as the Master!


When the ninety-eight puppet puppets suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and all the retreats of the five princesses of the temple were sealed, the five princesses knew that the general trend had gone.

If enough preparation time is given to the five deities, they can dispatch troops to concentrate all the strength of the entire god domain into Qiongchi God Territory, even if Tang Xiu has 98 god deity puppets, it is a pity that Tang Xiu appeared It was so sudden that the five deities were guarded against Tang Xiu ’s does n’t have any, and he did n’t expect Tang Xiu to have 98 puppets around him.Although the fighting power of the god puppet is not as good as that of True God, but the number of puppet puppets can not stand, almost every twenty puppet puppets besieged a god, and Tang Xiu glare like a tiger watching his prey to supervise and To make up the knife, no matter how strong the five gods are, they can only be passively beaten.

Tang Xiu completely ignored the pleadings of the five deities, but silently ordered the puppets of the deities to step up their attacks. He himself continued to perform Space-Time Law, disturbing the display of the Laws of the Heavenly Dao and accelerating The failure of the five deities.

The five great gods saw Tang Xiutie's intention to kill themselves, and they no longer begged for mercy, but took out the housekeeping skills one by one. All kinds of Person-Substitute Puppet, war pets, artifacts, and potions that stimulated potential all took out. They Directly identified the target of Tang Xiu, and continuously attacked Tang Xiu.

However, Tang Xiu had already realized the Laws of the Heavenly Dao of the Five Great Deities. During the process of comprehending the Laws of the Heavenly Dao, he went through the cultivation process of the Five Great Deities one by one, even their hearts and minds. Assuming very clear, all the calculations of the five deities were turned into a kid ’s trick in front of Tang Xiu, which had no effect.

This is a battle between gods.

This is an Overwhelming Flood destroying the Heavens and extinguishing the Earth's battle.

This is an unprecedented battle since the birth of God Realm.

When the five great gods were at stake, they had to show their bottom of the press box.

Tang Xiu was afraid that after the five gods escaped, he would never find such a good opportunity to kill the five gods. He also spared no effort, crucial moment and even spared the god puppet to explode, just to prevent the five gods from breaking through Run away.

A sword, cut through the void.A knife, cut through the abyss.

Punch a black hole.

One foot, "the earth quaked.

This battle of twilight sky and dark earth lasted for five days.

No one knows what this matter is, because everyone who witnessed it is turned into ashes.

After five days, Qiongchi God Territory and Tianyao God Territory have completely vanish from sight. The territory of Puppet Galaxy is almost completely reduced to ruins. The entire god realm is split into eight plates, and the area of God Realm is reduced by one third.

When Tang Xiu confirmed that there were no traces on all body dies and Dao disappears in this world, he was relaxed. At this time, there were only twenty-seven remaining puppet puppets, and these two Seventeen puppet gods still lack arms and broken legs, which caused Tang Xiu to suffer a pain.

It's just that the background of the five great deities is too deep, and there are endless life saving magical treasures, you can't guard against it's escape skills, strange and unpredictable assassination supernatural powers, if not Tang Xiu's character is cautious enough, has always maintained great deal He was highly vigilant, Tang Xiu could not catch the five gods to catch everything in one net, or even bury his life in the hands of the five gods.

When Tang Xiu led 27 puppets into the Heart of the World, the cheers of the people of Magnificent Tang Empire were greeted.

Although the people of Magnificent Tang Empire participated in this World Extinguishing War without any means, but they were inside the Heart of the World but they could clearly see all the details of World Extinguishing War.

During these five days, the mood of the people of Magnificent Tang Empire was like riding a roller coaster. From time to time, Star Light Supreme and Supreme Qiong Wei were scared and fainted several times."Master, I thought I had to wait at least several hundreds of thousands of years to get the genocide revenge, and maybe even hate life. I didn't think it would be less than a hundred years, and you helped me to avenge the genocide." He gave a few heads to Tang Xiu, and then said gratefully.

If Jin Peng previously recognized Tang Xiu as the main, he only valued Tang Xiu's growth potential. At this moment, he was completely conquered by Tang Xiu's strength.

As for the Magnificent Tang Empire, let alone, in their eyes, Tang Xiu has already become the existence of looking up, they have had dreams and hadn't thought, Tang Xiu can grow into a god in just a hundred years, and the temple Several Highest Ruler gave a nest, so that they now face Tang Xiu completely do not know what to say.

"Senior Jin Peng, although the five deities of the temple have been destroyed both in body and soul, but the temple has been operating in God Realm for millions of years, their influence will definitely be ingrained. For the next fifty years, I hope you can take twenty The seven puppets of the gods sweep the entire God Realm and wipe out all the remnant forces of the temple. Can you do it? "

"Senior Drunk Immortal, Star Light Supreme, Supreme Qiong Wei, although the temple is destroyed, but the order of the God Realm cannot be disordered, I need you to help me, reorganize the order of the God Realm, and implement the law of Magnificent Tang Empire to entire God Realm, Let God Realm become a free, peaceful, just and prosperous Culture World. Can you do it? "

"Old Sycamore, Eagle, I need you to come back to the fairy world with me, select the right talents from the fairy world, help manage the order of the world, restore the glory of the god realm, are you willing?"

...After briefly refining himself to the Heart of the World, he was promoted to Grand Completion God, and he became the master of the world. After telling everyone about it, Tang Xiu's face was complete, and commands were conveyed from his mouth. Went out.

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