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0 Chapter Directory 1444 Chapter Airborne
    Chinese Name: 无尽武装  Author: 缘分0(Yuánfèn 0, Fate 0)
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The sky is now full of flare from anti-aircraft guns, tracers flew towards the sky, turning the night into daylight, countless giant cannons were shining towards the sky, accompanied by a booming sound, the sky seemed to be a dazzling festival Another group of large fires, after hitting a British military aircraft, exploded in the sky with dazzling colors.

    "Boom!" A huge explosion sounded in the air not far from the transport plane. The huge airflow turned the transport plane up like fallen leaves in the autumn day, continuously struggling in the air, almost hitting another plane. The batch of people fell into the air from the plane and made a horrified cry.

    The parachute hatch of the transport plane had already been opened, but no one expected that the first batch of people who jumped out of the plane would be in this way.

    "Go skydiving!" Shen Yi shouted.

    It has long been known that the time from air to ground is not long, but it is destined to be dangerous, but no one expected that city would notify everyone in this way.

    People who did not fall from the transport plane rushed to the hatch and jumped into the air. A large number of Allied airborne troops had begun to airborne. White umbrellas were flying in the sky, just like a jellyfish, floating.

    The anti-aircraft machine gun spouted fire on the ground frantically, pulling out long lines of fire in the sky. From time to time, paratroopers were torn into pieces in the air by this crazy bullet rain, blood flying in the sky.On the transport plane of C-47, fatty trembles and moved to the hatch step by step. He is now the last one except Shen Yi who has not parachuted. Seeing the ground fire in the sky, the flesh and blood flying in the air, all adventure|risk, like other paratroopers, is a German handle in the air, and he is completely scared of courage.

    "I said you were so fucking fast!" Shen Yi shouted.

    The fatty shivered and frightened: "I... I dare not... I'm scared..."

    "It's so fucking damn, I don't understand how you passed the newcomer pass!" Shen Yi scolded angrily.

    With the concentration of artillery, the pilots of the aircraft have received orders to return all airborne troops immediately. C-47 began to turn. It is conceivable that Shen Yi and Fat's ending will either be shot down directly from the air by gunfire or taken back to the Allied Airfield.

    Neither of these two results Shen Yi wanted.

    He raised his leg fiercely and kicked fatty: "You give me down!"

     Fatty screamed and fell into the air.

    Fear made him lose his courage, but did not make him confused. At the next moment, a huge white lotus appeared in the air, and fatty shouted excitedly: "I opened, I opened!"

    "God's day, I'm not scared." Shen Yi jumped into the air with a curse.

    As soon as he flew out of the hatch, he heard a loud noise behind him, and C-47 turned into a sky of fire falling in the sky. The flaming wreckage of the aircraft rubbed Shen Yi's body into the air, and fell on the umbrella bags of some paratroopers floating in the air, igniting a fire. The paratroopers who lost the parachute screamed in horror, one by one from the air to the ground.The sky is full of fire, Shen Yi's umbrella bag has no chance of opening, his body crashes in the air, but there are countless pieces of debris on his head.

    It cannot be opened. Once opened, the umbrella bag is burnt and you are dead.

     Shen Yi's body was tumbling in the air, staring at the debris falling on his head.

    Rifle, the spirit in his hand, lifted up, and he shot towards the Highest Heaven.

    Pieces of wreckage of aircraft falling over his head were hit by bullets, and I don't know where to go. The wind sounded and coughed in my ears, but nothing in Shen Yi's eyes, only those fragments, forget the death, forget the height, forget the time, forget the body of the crash, and concentrate all the attention on this moment. In the fierce blast, the shrapnel flew across, and the reaction force accelerated his falling speed, which could threaten the existence of umbrella bags one by one. The first-level gun specialization greatly increases his ability to shoot dynamic objects, and the burning debris makes it easy to find targets in the air.

    Seeing that there was really no threat to the parachute above her head, Shen Yi pulled the umbrella bag, only to feel that the body of the crash suddenly stopped abruptly, and the whole person floated upwards, which was a huge reaction force. Shen Yi pulled up.

    At this time, he was more than 100 meters away from the ground.

    As they got closer to the ground, the firepower of anti-aircraft machine guns became more and more fierce.

    Some German soldiers were also shooting into the sky. After entering low altitude, although there was no threat of anti-aircraft fire, the threat from the sky of bullets was even greater. White light flashed a few times on his body. It was after the bullet hit himself that the bulletproof Yu Pei played a role and did not hurt him."Ah!" With a scream, Shen Yi clearly heard someone being hit above his head.

    A guy was unfortunately shot into a sieve by an anti-aircraft machine gun. The parachute dragged a corpse to float in the air. Since several holes were also opened on the umbrella surface, the speed of descent was significantly accelerated. He floated in front of Shen Yi, an adventure|risk.

    Looking at the corpse that was falling rapidly and the dancing fire and rain in the sky, Shen Yi moved slightly.

    For paratroopers, the sooner you land, the sooner you will be safe.

    At least much better than being beaten in the air but unable to fight back.

    Otherwise, even if there is bulletproof jade, if it is hit by a shuttle of an antiaircraft machine gun, it is basically a dead end.

     Shen Yi doesn't like to give his life to luck, especially in today's bad environment.

    He suddenly took out a pistol from the bloody Crest, which was what the youngster wanted him to throw away.

    He raised his pistol and fired a shot at his parachute.

    Fortunately, I still have this novice gun. If I use the Spirit Rifle, this gun is enough to burn the umbrella bag.

    The parachute took a shot, and immediately there was a hole on the surface of the umbrella. The strong wind ripped the wound, expanding the hole continuously, and the rate of descent suddenly increased. With the acceleration of acceleration, Shen Yi no longer airborne in a floating manner, but almost straight down. He stared deadly at the ground.

    Eighty meters.

    Seventy meters.

    Sixty meters.

    Fifty meters.

    There is a house not far away. As Shen Yi continued to fall, he slammed on the roof and fell straight from the roof.

    boom!Shen Yi rolled on the spot after landing, offsetting the falling impulse, and sat on the ground.

    There was a gunshot, a bullet grazed Shen Yi's scalp, and Shen Yi did not return his head. The German soldier at the door was shot with a backhand shot.

    Fortunately, just a German soldier.

     Shen Yi stood up slowly, screamed, and the bloody Crest came up with a prompt: Complete the first main mission, rewarding BP 500 points.

    "It's not easy to fuck you to earn 500 yuan." Shen Yi muttered.

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