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0 Chapter Directory 967 The Old Cat Said There Was Nonsense ...
    Chinese Name: 间客  Author: 猫腻(Māonì, Fishy Cat)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

I finished the last chapter earlier, saying that it is the best today, indeed. No ads ~ Niuwen* ~ net. TTZW365. (Net) I was reading what I wrote a few days ago, and I always thought that this way I could make progress, which is a certain level of introspection. In the end, he came to a conclusion that made him a bit wrong. Starting from Yingxiu, to Suzaku, to Qingyu years, to the guests, the front is always unsatisfactory, no, it should be a headache, of course, it will be much more beautiful in the back. The beautiful here refers to me and me Compare yourself.

    Every story, I write better later than before. I write stories every day, and I write better later than before. Maybe I didn’t know before. So, it’s normal to think about it carefully, because I’m a bad guy who needs to feel like writing a story. Shun, when I write every day, I have to enter the mood to write Shun.

    When it feels good, I can really have three thousand words an hour. There is no doubt that I even had a peak speed of three thousand six hundred words. Of course, it needs to be modified, and this speed is like the story* *In that way, it is always just a flash of brilliance, not long-term happiness. I have been writing a book for six years. Most of the time I still suffer like the first chapter today, at a rate of one thousand per hour.It’s like saying that I’m serious about writing this, but it’s not true. My seriousness in writing stories is just sloppy, far worse than many people. There are so many terrible fragments in it. Sometimes when I look back, I think The face is a bit feverish. Of course, of course, there are also many clips that are very **, I look at myself very proud, but in sum, can only barely maintain a two thousand or two cents worth of thousands of words spent on subscriptions, and there is no unnecessary pride s things.

    Yesterday I read the chapter written by Feng Huo, and I was very touched. I have always insisted that Ergou is the best book this year. No matter what you pretend to be or not, this one is the most powerful. There is no one. And I used to dislike the Needy Son the most, so sometimes I always feel that this world is too wonderful. Ya is the same person. How come the level rises when you see the wind, so much, let me look at my eyes? So this is the utility of this serious killer.

    A lot of people used to say that my writing is good. I have never responded. Now, seriously, this is nonsense. The text should be simple and simple, when it is Chinese, it is beautiful, and when it is crisp, it is crisp. This is good text. How can the old lady’s foot wrap like me be good? Of course, and of course, there are occasionally good sentences in this foot-wrapped brie, except that I have to work hard to pick them all. You have to know that many friends have very wisely expressed hatred for the long and complex sentences that are pretending to be messy. I deeply agree, but the mountains and rivers are easy to change, the nature is difficult to move, and the dog can’t be changed... Bah, I admit that I am wrong, but it is estimated that it is near It's hard to change in two years, everyone.I seriously think that my chapters with good writing, I think I have worked hard, are those concise chapters, such as some chapters in the guest-there are still some chapters that are not sour, Fan Xian murdered for the first time in Qingyu years . It’s just not much, because it’s easy to write skaters when they are written, and skaters are good, but there are more disadvantages. The problem is that when you don’t skate, you will write very hard.

    Of course, to be crazy, how is it of course, of course, my favorite is my nonsense.

    These days are transitional chapters, which seem to be peaceful and smooth, but actually they are written with the heart, and three chapters are changed for three consecutive days. I am very proud of my hard work. If you think about it, it's not because you put pressure on yourself and let yourself be more attentive. In the first half of Zhou Xingwang's bastards, he can say such a big nonsense, a big truth, and a big truth. I, the storyteller, should keep this in mind.

    When there are no other things in life, my job responsibility is to compile stories for everyone to see, so I have to put pressure on myself and be attentive. When things really happen, write less, I think you lazy people who are used to me naturally Reluctant to hit my face, willing? Don't be willing to fight, although I am not a character who eats by face, but there are always days to welcome guests.

    I do not intend to lift the ban at any time as before in this nonsense chapter, and stay until the end, as an incentive and requirement for myself.

    The writing these two days is really a bit tiring, there is nothing vulgar, unavoidable, and no fireworks (I remember a book friend who said that he hated this sentence the most, and then I used this sentence in nonsense, am I particularly bored? ) Shouted:Please vote for the monthly ticket, the old cat needs your ticket, the recommended ticket for the banknote monthly ticket! If you subscribe to the bill, you will give it. If you want to give it, you can give it, recommend the ticket... It seems that you have never given me the habit, beat the ground.

    Bow your head and thank you for stepping down. I will sleep well, try my best to ensure my health, and compose a story for everyone to play...

    T***, when I was preparing to change, I realized that Yi Luo was actually more than a thousand words. Whoever dare to say that my writing is good, dragged on and killed him, Xin Chun continued to fight