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0 Chapter Directory 757 Ten Ji Moving Yangmou
    Chinese Name: 酒神  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Ultimate Certain Kill Skill Hell Coming Bullet. And it is the single ultimate Certain Kill Skill. When Dark Heaven uses his own consciousness to lock Ji Dong, even if Ji Dong can instantly transfer the scroll to the other side of the continent, as long as he is still in this world, this skill will Will act on him and destroy him completely. Therefore, the dark secret is simply not afraid that Ji Dong will escape. What's more, after using Jue Lian Poppy to improve his strength, once he leaves here, the effect of Jue Lian Poppy disappears. What chance does Ji Dong have?

     Seeing Dark Heaven’s unbridled smile, at this moment, Ji Dong actually smiled. Although he was not as arrogant as Dark Heaven’s smile, the moment He saw Dark Heaven’s smile, his heart twitched for no reason.

     "What are you laughing at?" Dark Tianji looked at Ji Dong suspiciously. At this time, the twenty-eighth magic pattern appeared on the light wheel behind him, which was eight short, and the Hell Coming Bullet was about to complete.

     Ji Dong said calmly: "I laughed. It’s because you were so happy too early. Do you think you can crafty plots and machinations? You have your plots, and I have my machinations. Who is the ultimate winner, In fact, it was decided the moment you swallowed the chrysanthemum pig."Listening to Ji Dong’s words, not only the dark sky is amazed, even the light tomorrow’s saints one by one, who is performing the five elements intergrowth cycle formation method, are also shocked and inexplicable. The only ones who can remain calm are Kuang Tomorrow and Chen Sixuan. That's it, because only they know what Ji Dong is talking about.

     The number of light patterns on the dark light wheel behind the dark heavenly machine has reached 30. At this time, even if he wants to interrupt his own skills, it is impossible to do it. For this ultimate Certain Kill Skill hell coming bullet, he has already Too much magic power was paid.

     A gleam of green light appeared on the chest of the dark heavenly machine without any warning at this moment. His body suddenly shook. He was performing the Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, his face instantly solidified, and the thirtieth hand appeared. A light pattern was so solidified that it did not continue to complete.

     The previous touch ment is still extremely proud of the dark heavenly secret, at this moment, his face is already showing extremely horrified, his whole person seems to have been frozen there, and the huge magic power fluctuations behind it only continue to stagnate in the previous At the level of touch ment, the thirty-first light pattern could not continue to form.

     "No, it's impossible." The Dark Heaven screamed lose one's head out of fear. However, no matter how he called, he couldn't stop the green in his chest from becoming more intense.The green is like a raging wave. Constantly impacting frantically on his chest, the dark light wheel behind the dark secret became unstable. The black and purple electric light fluctuated violently, and even the dark divine barrier that was responsible for the protection around his body appeared. After another electric light flashes.

     Ji Dong coldly looked at the dark secret, "Impossible? Nothing is impossible. If I don't let you become a god, do you think you can really become a god? You can break through to Divine by devouring all the five holy beasts. Level is such an important thing, do you really think I will forget? Everything you do has been very careful, indeed, I did not find any clues. However, there is no need to find anything at all, just a simple judgment can know you What is the ultimate goal. Especially when you have not participated in the war since the beginning of the jihad, I am more certain of my judgment.""No, it's impossible. I have completed the devouring of the last sacred beast through the dark altar. I have truly become a god, you, you..." When the dark heavenly secret talked about this, he couldn't say anything. The magic power made him have to go all out to deal with it. For him now, it is not time to send out the hell bomb to destroy Ji Dong. It's how to stabilize the threat of divine power that is madly rhythmic in his body. Although the supernatural power of the riot in his body is only one-fifth, he is currently in the process of using the ultimate Certain Kill Skill and cannot be distracted at all. Whether it is a physical breakdown or the collapse of the ultimate Certain Kill Skill being released, it brings him It will be a devastating disaster.Ji Dong laughed, he laughed very freely, "Impossible? You think too well. One thing you definitely don't know. You should simply swallow the chrysanthemum pig, let alone swallow him. You said before, The five sacred beasts are the pets of the five Level 1 elemental gods. Are the pets of gods so easy to swallow? Without the will of God, they will obey your mercy? When the Holy and Evil Island disaster happened, why did you Being able to swallow the fourth of the five sacred beasts, the dark altar is certainly useful, but your dark altar’s more role is to inspire the contract of God. It is precisely because of the relationship between the contract of God that you can complete the fight against the four sacred beasts. Swallow. However, at that time you could not swallow the chrysanthemum pig, in fact, it would never be possible to swallow it. But you think you can eat the chrysanthemum pig with the magic power that has reached the peak of the holy level, and also use darkness The altar locked its aura. All of this was actually planned by Daisy Pig and I. Before I rushed to the battlefield, in addition to mobilizing the fire crow army from the earth core world to the battlefield, I also did it. The other thing is that I have planned this arrogant plan with Juhua Pig to give it to you.""Based on your cultivation base at the peak of the holy rank, if it is a normal holy war, under your leadership, the dark army will definitely cause huge losses to my light army. If I expose you prematurely, you will naturally not continue. Have a dream of devouring a chrysanthemum pig. Although I can still suppress you with the effect of Jue Lian Poppy, it is impossible to keep you, and Jue Lian Poppy can only be used once. Even if we win the jihad, but once you leave Take off, that is the eternal disaster of our Light Five Elements Continent. You hidden in the dark are enough to bring us a devastating disaster. Therefore, I must take a risk, let you swallow the chrysanthemum pig, and let you temporarily Become a god. Only in this situation, you will not run away. Only by giving me the chance to truly destroy you.

     Listening to Ji Dong’s words, Dark Heaven’s face has turned pale as paper. He has always believed that his plan is perfect and no one knows it, but how could he have thought that Ji Dong had already figured it out. Everything he wanted to do didn't start suddenly until this last moment. Moreover, he did not leave him any chance of a comeback.Ji Dong looked at the dark secret, his voice was full of jokes, "Unexpectedly, all my looks before, including the words that the chrysanthemum pig deliberately said at the head of the light fortress. And all my performance after being swallowed by you, it is mine. In the plan. You have become a god, but you are just a broken god, a god with a time bomb in your body. If you want to hit you hard, I can actually do it just now, but that may not be able to kill you. Hit kills, once you give you a chance to escape the battlefield, then my plan has failed. So, I am waiting. At the same time, I am also guiding you. Finally, you still can't hold back and display the ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Only at this time, you can't get out of this state. Yes, if your ultimate Certain Kill Skill can really be completed, we will all be destroyed. However, the first ultimate Certain Kill Skill in your life, But it will never be displayed. The chrysanthemum pig that you swallowed, simply did not die, but lurked in your body. How does it feel to be interrupted when the ultimate Certain Kill Skill is interrupted at this critical time? Only in this situation can I have enough time to use my skills with my partners to destroy you.""At the beginning, it was the Holy and Evil Island catastrophe you planned that Lie Yan (raging flames) exposed the strength of Divine level in order to save me and was killed by the killing god Xiu Pros. You are the biggest enemy in my life. Today, I am going to treat you physically and spiritually for all the people who have died in your hands and also because of you, and for the common people who have suffered on Dark Five Elements Continent.

     The dark secret conspiracy was successful, he swallowed the chrysanthemum pig, but Ji Dong's conspiracy was also successful. After all, Yangmou overcame the conspiracy. The price that Ji Dong paid was also huge. The use of Jue Lian Poppy gave him the ability to temporarily resist the dark secrets. However, he simply didn’t care about this, even if he paid his entire life. how is it? As long as you can avenge Lie Yan (raging flames), and avenge your friends who died in the Holy and Evil Island catastrophe, all this is worth it. As long as the dark secret is dead, Ji Dong's greatest responsibility has been fulfilled, and at that time, he will be able to find his Lie Yan (raging flames).In fact, Ji Dong's arrogance is not without flaws. This is what he calls adventure. If the Dark Heavenly Secret has swallowed the chrysanthemum pig, it does not immediately show his Divine level strength to launch an attack. Instead, he quickly escapes, finds a place to practice quietly, and fully controls his Divine level power. At most ten years, he can truly refine the chrysanthemum pig in his body and fuse together with his own divine power. At that time, he can truly Once he becomes a god, Ji Dong's arrogance will naturally fail.

     However, the possibility of seeing this flaw in the dark sky is infinitely close to zero. When a person has worked hard for a goal all his life and finally got the goal, how can he calm down? How could the dark heavenly secret of becoming a god not immediately start but find a place to cultivate? Even if he can find out and run away immediately, the worst result is that Ji Dong will fight him in the final battle ten years later, and who can be sure that Ji Dong will not become a god after ten years? Therefore, although Ji Dong's scheme has flaws, the flaws are almost non-existent. The dark secret is finally fooled. Just as Ji Dong said, the moment he swallowed the chrysanthemum pig, the final outcome was doomed. The chrysanthemum pig lurked in his body and broke out at the last moment when he used the ultimate Certain Kill Skill. , Immediately brought the dark secret into the abyss of destruction.At this moment, a brilliant golden beam of light dropped from the sky, piercing through the dark blockade, and fell on Ji Dong.

     It is the sunlight, the sunlight full of bright breath, the eclipse Phoenix Huo'er has successfully penetrated the black canopy under the dark sky, guiding the sunlight completely on Ji Dong.

     Ji Dong holds the Fire God sword in both hands. The brilliant golden sword blade is filled with incomparable brilliance. One after another golden light pattern begins to appear behind him. Light tomorrow is released by the saints and Dayan Saint Fire Dragon Magic power, like all rivers run into the sea, concentrates towards Ji Dong's body.

     The Yin-Yang Crown above Ji Dong’s head, the last touch of silver has quietly receded at this time, and is assisted by all the attributes of the saints of light, plus the fire of light led by the Fire God sword, Ji Dong finally took himself The cultivation base has been upgraded to Divine level.

     With a soft ding, the core of life in Ji Dong's chest quietly shattered. In order to maintain the state of Ji Dong at this time, all the life force in the core of life has been injected into Ji Dong's body.

     The black canopy was fading fast like ice and snow melted, and the originally only a little gold in the sky expanded rapidly, and the black canopy was continuously dispersed in the light.Dark Tianji’s face has become distorted, and the one-fifth divine power tumbling in his body makes him unable to do anything at all. Although his ultimate Certain Kill Skill is almost complete, he can’t use this power at all. I can only watch the Fire God sword in Ji Dong's hand bloom with incomparably bright colors.

     With a loud hum, the golden light on Ji Dong's body receded, and all the light was concentrated on the Fire God sword in his hand. The Fire God sword and Ji Dong's body were originally fused together, but in order to maximize the attack, Ji Dong has separated the Fire God sword from himself at this time. Only when the Fire God sword body is released can he turn this blow into a symbol of Divine level, the ultimate Certain Kill Skill.

     Like the dark secrets, he also only has this strength of one attack. Although the dark secrets at this time can no longer control the Hell Coming Bullet, the dark divine power on his body is still extremely powerful, only using higher than his thirty darkness The magic power of the light pattern can completely obliterate him without affecting everything on the ground below. Therefore, Ji Dong cannot take risks. He must use all his power to deal with the dark secrets."Go, Fire God sword." Ji Dong loudly shouted, the Fire God sword exuding brilliant golden light broke through the air, the four-foot-long Fire God sword exuded brighter light than the sun, and the void quietly cracked open. , A golden figure appeared quietly, and that illusory golden figure quietly grasped the hilt of the Fire God sword. In an instant, the unparalleled majesty filled the air.

     This is Ji Dong's ultimate Certain Kill Skill, Fire God descends to cut. That golden figure is the main god of fire attribute element in the gods, attracted by Ji Dong, the ultimate Certain Kill Skill, was temporarily summoned. The power of this sword, even the god of death, Xiu Pros, will lose its color.

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