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0 Chapter Directory 758 The Finale! I Am Your Blaze!
    Chinese Name: 酒神  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translator:

Golden figure, holding Fire God sword from the sky. This is the first ultimate Certain Kill Skill released in Ji Dong's life! The previous moment, or the first ultimate Certain Kill Skill that he might endure the dark sky machine, but at a later moment, all this has been reversed.

    The majestic golden figure lifted up the Fire God sword from the sky, facing the golden Fire God sword, the look on the dark heavenly machine's face was only despair. He couldn't do anything originally, and he could clearly feel how powerful the golden Fire God sword was, the Fire God sword in the hands of Fire God.

    Kuang's bang, the dark gods shattered, the next moment, the golden streamer was also destroyed with the Fire God sword above 10,000 meters.

    The body of the dark heavenly machine, with no trace of residue at all, has been completely destroyed. A green figure soared from the sky, which is the chrysanthemum pig that was previously swallowed by the dark heavenly machine.

    The forces of darkness and light collide in the air. These two extremes are mutually exclusive. The relationship between victory and defeat can only be seen by the strength of the two sides. Fire God's advent is completely above the unfinished version of Hell's Adrenaline, this sword not only contains the power of Fire God, but also contains Ji Dong's most powerful attack.

    When Ji Dong endured the thirst-quenching increase in the loveless poppy drink thrush, his extermination blow also temporarily reached the ninth level. This is why he said to the Dark Heavenly Machine that if the Dark Heavenly Machine does not display the Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, he is also sure to reinvent the Dark Heavenly Machine.The ninth heavy extermination blow brings Ji Dong a brand-new skill, which is also the strongest extermination blow, extermination pin. Piercing all barriers, including God's barriers, is the real way to destroy God. Fire God is coming, it is the power that contains the God Destroyer. Not to mention that the Dark Heavenly Hell is still not completed. Even if he has completed it, the final result will not change much.

    When Fire God came to the moment of hitting the dark god barrier, the God-killing needle had instantaneously pierced the barrier in front of him and the body of the dark heavenly machine. The power of terror penetrated the Divine level body of the dark heavenly machine. Taking advantage of the situation, he was not killed by Fire God.

    The darkness faded away like ice and snow under the attack of light, and the body of the dark heavenly machine shattered.

    However, at the same time that the body of the dark heavenly machine broke down, Ji Dong's Fire God sword also lost all its light, turning into a dark long sword falling from the sky and falling towards the ground. Tomorrow, the saints only felt that Ji Dong, who was standing at the forefront, would become paralyzed if his body became soft. The three layers of overcast Yang Crown instantly recovered into two layers, and the golden light faded like tide.

     After all, Ji Dong is not a god. When he exhibited Fire God's advent of the ultimate Certain Kill Skill, all the increase brought about by the loveless poppy came to an end. If it had not been assisted by the core of life before. He couldn't hold on until this time. Even so, the core of life is still broken. If it is not that the divine power is exhausted, how can Ji Dong not control the Fire God sword and let it fall from the sky?At this moment, a green light descended from the sky, covering Ji Dong's body, revitalizing his spirit, and straightening his waist plate again. It was from the holy wood department magic power of Daisy Pig. However, after completing this, the body of Daisy Pig has fallen on the back of Dayan Sheng Fire Dragon and passed out. The aftermath of the desperate struggle in the dark sky and the final collision of light and darkness made it impossible for this holy beast to rescue Ji Dong temporarily, and he was seriously injured and comatose.

    "Ji Dong, how are you?" Chen Sixuan stepped out and came to the back of Ji Dong, hugged his body, and desperately infused the ultimate Second Wood magic power into Ji Dong's body, supplementing his near dryness. body of.

     Ji Dong's body is weak at this time, but his spirit is still extremely exciting. His soul cultivation base has been raised to Divine level. But it did not weaken because magic power subsided.

    "Quick, you can't let the dark heavenly mind run away, you must destroy him to the end." As he said, Dayan Sheng Fire Dragon had received Ji Dong's order and swooped down. go with.

    At the same time that the Dark Heaven was descended and destroyed by Fire God, his consciousness also ran quickly, wrapped up the fire God sword that Ji Dong had fallen, and fell towards the ground below. After man has cultivated the realm of God, his consciousness is condensed, and the soul will not dissipate as the ordinary people die. Although the dark heaven machine failed to really devour the chrysanthemum pig to become a god, but like Ji Dong's use of the loveless poppy to raise his soul to consciousness, his soul power is still at the level of consciousness after the body is destroyed, and panic escapes. As long as the consciousness is immortal, he will also have the chance to be reborn. Holding the Fire God sword is naturally because of the power of coveting the Fire God sword.The dark sky machine did not immediately escape, because he knew very well that it was impossible for him to fly past the Holy Cultivation Base Dayan Saint Fire Dragon with his created consciousness. What's more, Ji Dong's consciousness has always locked his consciousness, as long as this layer of lock cannot be unlocked, even if he escapes to the end of the world, he will be found by Ji Dong. Therefore, he must allow Ji Dong to unlock his consciousness in order to truly escape. Therefore, his consciousness did not escape, but went straight to the direction of the dark army.

     After all, Ji Dong was a bit slow because of the exhaustion of magic power. When Dayan Sheng Fire Dragon chased down, the consciousness of the dark heaven machine has rushed into the army of darkness, and then, the sound of the dark heaven machine has already sounded. "Don't come, otherwise I will kill him."

    The body of Dayan Sheng Fire Dragon swooping down suddenly, just in the dark army, a body slowly floated under the sweep of a black airflow, Ji Dong's Fire God sword was flying here The riser's neck.

    The black airflow is undoubtedly the consciousness of the dark heaven machine that has just escaped, and the one who was locked in and suppressed by his consciousness and supported by the sword of Fire God is Fu Rui.

     Ji Dong stood on the head of Maotai, behind him were Chen Sixuan and Guangming Ji, his soul cultivation base originally had reached the level of consciousness, at this time, with the full assistance of Guang Tianji and Chen Sixuan, it was far beyond the trauma. Dark Heaven, if it wasn’t for Fu Rui, Ji Dong was able to instantly destroy his unconscious and devastated God through the impact of consciousness.

    "Don't come here, you dare to shoot me, I will kill him immediately, and make you regret for life." The voice of the dark heavenly machine resounded in the air, because there was no **, and it seemed extremely strange.Seeing this scene in front of me, it goes without saying that both light and darkness already understand the outcome. The dark heaven machine that has become a god turned out to be the losing side, and cheers have spread throughout the light camp. All the bright and powerful men hurried towards this side.

    "Dark heavens, tiger poison doesn't eat children, are you even holding your own son?" Guang tomorrow said angry.

    Dark Heaven laughed wildly, "Son? A son who betrayed his father? Do you really think I didn't know that Fu Rui was inserted by you and lurking around me? Yes, he is my son, but he has already I don’t think of me as a father. At the beginning, I still trusted his return. But as you light saints wreak havoc in my dark continent, and also the formation used by Mage in your light army appeared, I knew, My good son is originally lurking around me. Otherwise. Why did he tell me that your strength is so different from your true ability? also that the five elements array is so important that he has no notice. You can be in the dark The continent is raging, I am afraid it is all because of the news brought to you by my good son. What is the use of such a son? I have not exposed him before, just because he is my son, I want to wait until I become a god, Destroy all of you, and my son will have no other choice to truly recognize me as my father. It seems impossible now. His life was given by me, he betrayed me first, and I will kill the parents again how is it?"Dark Heaven is not a fool. Fu Rui’s doubts have long attracted his attention. Otherwise, in the absence of Li Yonghao, why didn’t he hand over the Dark Demon Army to Commander Fu Rui but to the substitute?

     Ji Dong took a deep breath, he knew that it was useless to say more now, solemnly said: "What do you want?"

    The dark heavenly hate said: "I think you should be very clear about how to unlock your consciousness. I will leave with this son, don't try to scan my position with consciousness, you should understand that I can The first time I responded. When I confirmed that I was safe, I would naturally put this back in. Don’t tell me about the conditions. Now I have nothing and no room for discussion."

     Ji Dong took a deep breath, of course he knew that letting the dark heaven off at this time was definitely a problem for raising tigers, although he could not make a difference in a short time, even if he encroached on a new body and wanted to re-cultivate back to Divine The strength of level also needs at least several decades or even hundreds of years. However, as long as he is still alive, he is a huge threat to the two continent and the entire world. But what can Ji Dong do now? This jihad can finally win, Fu Rui lurking beside the dark heaven. It can be said that it is a great achievement, even Ji Dong guessed that the dark conspiracy's final conspiracy has a close relationship with Fu Rui's continuous conveying of the dark continent to him, not to mention, this is his brother-in-law! How could he watch Fu Rui killed by a dark sky?

    "Little Junior Brother, don't promise him." Fu Rui's trembling voice sounded. Although the Dark Heaven suppressed his body, he couldn't stop him from speaking.Fu Rui was tearful at the moment, "Yes, my father, I betrayed you, but did you know? I grew up with no father. I was scolded when I was very young. As a wild seed, how lucky I am to survive day by day. In order to be able to prove myself, I work hard to practice, and work harder than others. When I suffer from pain, where are you? That day, You approached me, let me obey your orders, and tell you the news of the bright world, this is also your intention to leave my life on my mother. Yes, you are my father, but you hurt your mother Life, so you are also my enemy. Because of your appearance, my heart is very contradictory, so that the character is more stunned and unacceptable, so that the beloved woman will also leave me, if not Little Junior Brother’s wake up, I’m afraid Ye Xin will never forgive me. But, not long after I and Ye Xin were back together again, you launched the Holy and Evil Island Tribulation, which triggered the Thunder Prison Realm to destroy my heart. The last bit of warmth. After returning to the bright continent, I thought a lot, I thought of the Chunchun teachings of the teachers, Ye Xin, and those creatures destroyed by you. Although I betrayed you, but I can’t betray my faith. If the world is ruled by you, then no matter what race you are, you will burn the soul. So, I told everything to the Little Junior Brother, I want to redeem myself, and hope to redeem you. .After all, you are the only person in my world that is connected by blood. Even if there is only a slight chance, I would not give up."Speaking of which, Fu Rui has burst into tears, "But, soon I found out that I was wrong, because, I can't change your thoughts originally. Your heart has long been truly reduced to darkness. Little Junior Brother , Don’t worry about my life and death, I don’t want to live long ago, there is such a father, what meaning do I live? I betrayed my father, after all, I am his son, can die in his hands, I will never owe him again What's more, it's better to die cleanly than to suffer painfully. Do it, Little Junior Brother, if you don't do it and let him go, then I will never come back alive. If there is an afterlife, I hope to be able to live As an ordinary person, there is a kind and kind father."

    As he said, Fu Rui had closed his eyes, and his emotions were full of determination.

    "Son, you are really my good son. Yeah! Tiger poison does not eat children." The voice of the dark heaven machine suddenly changed. The previous madness and hysterics seemed to have completely disappeared at this moment. Suddenly, an extremely surging darkness The breath burst out of the dark heaven machine's consciousness, and immediately wrapped Fu Rui's body.

     Ji Dong was taken aback, and the consciousness he united with Guangmingji and Chen Sixuan no longer erupted with any reservation, blasting into the consciousness of the dark heaven.

    However, in the next moment he found himself wrong, because the consciousness of the dark heaven did not destroy Fu Rui, and the sword of Fire God controlled by his consciousness had turned into a black lightning, and came to him instantly. In front of you. Dark Heaven used his final power of consciousness to throw out the sword of Fire God and sent a fatal blow to Ji Dong.

    Boom ——, bang ——, poof ——

    The three sounds sounded almost simultaneously.Boom ——, the consciousness of the dark heavenly plane, instantly broken under the attack of the consciousness of Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan and the heavenly plane. His evil life and soul finally came to an end completely, and the form and spirit were destroyed.

    Boom ——, Fu Rui's body fell to the ground, and the Dark Heaven didn't kill him after all, even the most evil person, there was a hint of affection deep in his heart. At the last moment, Dark Heaven didn't kill his son.

    Poof, this is the sound of the sword piercing the human body, the sword is the sword of Fire God, and the body pierced by it is not the ultimate goal of the dark heaven, not the tyrant Ji Dong who has destroyed all his plans.

     Chen Sixuan stood quietly in front of Ji Dong. The final blow of the dark sky machine was too fast. The Fire God sword appeared in front of Ji Dong with a momentary shift, even Dayan Sheng Fire Dragon was too late prevent. However, Chen Sixuan was there, and she had already been there at the moment when the dark heavenly mind swept through.

     The sharp edge of the Fire God sword pierced her eternal armor, pierced her body, and pierced her heart. But she still stood there, a hint of bitterness or sweet smile in her mouth.

    "No-"Ji Dong shouted in pain, grasping Chen Sixuan's shoulders with both hands, leaned down, and landed on the ground. The consciousness was fully urged and integrated into Chen Sixuan's body. However, the heart pierced by the Fire God's sword could not be recovered in any way. He could clearly feel that Chen Sixuan's vitality was dying at an incredible speed .

    "Ji...moving..." Chen Sixuan called him with some difficulty."Si Xuan, I'm here." Ji Dong's magic power was exhausted at this time, but his body was still supporting, his whole body was shaking, when the Fire God sword pierced Chen Sixuan's heart For a moment, he only felt that his heart was pierced. Tears came uncontrollably, and he clutched Chen Sixuan's hand tightly, sobbing.

    "Ji... move..., don't cry.... I don't... like to see you... sad and sad..." Chen Sixuan murmured, "I love... you... five... Years, I have also followed you... five years, now... has... to the end of destiny... I have only... two... a wish, I think... die in... your... In your arms, listen to you... say...with a me..."

    Yes, this was the last way Chen Sixuan thought of it, and it was her last chance. She knew that as long as Ji Dong could say the three words I love you to herself, maybe everything also had a chance.

     Ji Dong carefully cradled Chen Sixuan's body into his arms and gently stroked her face, "Si Xuan, why are you so stupid, I'm not worth it, not worth your love!"

     Chen Sixuan shook his head gently. There was no blood on her perfect charming face, but she looked at Ji Dong's eyes still so softly, "No, you... deserve...".Ji Dong slowly raised his head and looked into the air. His eyes were infatuated, "Five years, five years have passed. Lie Yan (raging flames), I have no words. Five years, I use a kind of peerlessness every year. The wine honors you, and my love for you has not changed. My heart has been suffering for the past five years. Now, everything is over, and the responsibility on my shoulders has been relieved, and I can finally be relieved. Although I don’t know where you are, my soul will find you."

    Looking down, his eyes fell back to Chen Sixuan's charming face with despair, and said softly: "Sorry, Si Xuan, I can only complete half of your wish. You will die in my arms." However, all I can give you is my own **, my soul no longer belongs to myself. When my lover left, it was already broken. Sorry, I know how good you are, but my This life has already belonged to Lie Yan (raging flames), and will only belong to her in the afterlife and the afterlife. I can’t repay my feelings for you, and I dare not owe you such a debt, I want to do it Go clean to my Lie Yan (raging flames). I owe you too much, and it will never be clear. All I can leave for you is my life."

    As he said, Ji Dong’s right hand had firmly pressed the hilt of the Fire God sword, and the power of consciousness exploded in full swing. With a puff, the Fire God sword that pierced the heart of Chen Sixuan was also pierced. Wear his heart.

    "Ji Dong, don't." The light tomorrow will be yelled, and all the light saints will pounce on them at the same time. However, everything is too late. The Fire God sword has pierced Ji Dong's heart fiercely."Don't come." Ji Dong shouted loudly, and the powerful power of the consciousness suddenly burst out, swept away all the people who tried to approach, and cleared an empty area within a hundred meters.

    As soon as he got his body, he broke away from the Fire God sword, and blood spewed out suddenly, spraying on Chen Sixuan.

    Bottles of peerless wines were thrown from the Vermilion Bird bracelets, and their caps were flipped open. The rich wine fragrance suddenly spread out, and a crystal drink mixing jug came out of the air. In every bottle of wine, there was one The ray came lasing and injected into the drink mixing pot. Immediately afterwards, the bottle of fine wine was scattered by Ji Dong, and a strong flame burned to form a huge ring of fire, which surrounded him and Chen Sixuan's body in the center.

     Ji Dong smiled. He smiled happily. It was a relaxed smile. His hand was tightly grasped on the drink mixing pot. The whole person seemed to have entered a state of madness.

    Shaking the drink mixing pot gently, there is no rhythm at this time, he muttered in his mouth, "Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), sorry, I can't wait for ten years after all. Ten The year is too long, I have found all the wine you want. I can finally find you cleanly, and there is no concern. Just let me make this last cocktail for you."

     Chen Sixuan stared blankly at Ji Dong. She was not dead yet. The Wood department magic power of the Nine-Crown cultivation base still held her last breath of life. She could not think of it anyway, and the end result would be like this.Tears burst forth, five years of depression, five years of suffering, at this moment has burst out like a blowout, I don’t know where the power came from, so that her body suddenly rushed out, freed from the Fire God The sword, rushed to hug Ji Dong's hand shaking the drink mixing pot.

    "Fool, Ji Dong, you fool, you fool. Why, why don’t you say those three words to me! You didn’t betray Lie Yan (raging flames), but you kept refusing it. Lie Yan (raging flames) by my side, I am your Lie Yan (raging flames)!" Seeing that the only man he had loved in his life was about to die in pain, at this moment, Chen Sixuan could no longer care about evil God's gamble, this sentence, she has wanted to say for too long, too long, Ji Dong is going to die, then what meaning does gamble also? They couldn't be together after all. At this moment, she just wanted him to know that, in fact, she was always by his side.

     Ji Dong held the drink mixing jug dumbly and looked at Chen Sixuan who fell into his arms. The whole person fell into dullness, trembling: "You, what do you say..."

     Chen Sixuan's tears were dim, and the blood flowing from their chests was now blended with each other, "Fool, I'm your Lie Yan (raging flames)! Little Ji Dong, remember, you made it for me The first glass of wine is called Lie Yan (raging flames). When you first saw me, the first thing I saw was my hand. The first ability I taught you is Divine Yin-Yang Lock And the Yin and Yang vortex, also the imprint of the Great Sovereign King. Fool, you fool, why don’t you think about it, why Chen Sixuan will love you at first sight, and why he will follow you to death, because Chen Sixuan is Lie Yan (raging flames) ), Lie Yan (raging flames) is Chen Sixuan!"Listening to Chen Sixuan's words, Ji Dong was totally stunned and trembling: "This, this is impossible. My Lie Yan (raging flames) is dead, you, you are lying to me, otherwise, why don't you Tell me earlier?"

     Lie Yan (raging flames) said sadly: "Because I was resurrected as Chen Sixuan, it's a gamble with God King, I can't tell you who I am, unless you can use Chen Sixuan's identity, let you tell me I say I love you. But you, a fool, never say it. Actually, I’m so glad you can, but I’m so painful that we can’t be together. Ji Dong, Ji Dong..."

    Back to the light, coupled with emotional stimulation, made Lie Yan (raging flames) say everything. But her and Ji Dong's lives are violently passing by.

    With a bang, the crystal drink mixing pot in Ji Dong's hand fell to the ground, smashed, and the rich aroma of wine spewed out. The surrounding flame suddenly lit the liquor under their feet. The flame instantly climbed up to their bodies, They are completely enveloped.

    "Blade... flame..., I love... you..., I... love... only... Lie Yan (raging flames),...and...not...Chen...Si Xuan... …. Lie Yan (raging flames) …, I... don’t regret it.... I... love you...,... I... love... you..., I... love... embrace tightly Lie Yan (raging flames)'s body, his voice became very high in the flames, yes, he didn't regret it, he didn't regret it at all, if he said the three words I love you to Chen Sixuan, how could it be worthy Lie Yan (raging flames)? He didn’t regret it. Although in the end they all went to death together, he knew that Lie Yan (raging flames) wouldn’t really blame himself. Everything was over and he could hold Lie Yan (raging) flames), and die with her is better than not knowing where she is.Lie Yan (raging flames) slowly closed her eyes, raised her arms, and hugged Ji Dong’s neck, "Little... Ji... moving..., I... also love... you..., this... my life... …The love

    The thick flame, mixed with the thick wine aroma and the pair of lovers who have endured hardships and finally hugged each other, rose up.

    At the same time, also the endless void, a black and white light quietly descended from the sky, rising from the place where Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) hugged tightly, Holy and Evil Island, once again divided into two The light and the darkness were finally divided into two according to Ji Dong's wishes, and were completely separated.

    (If I finish the whole book here, will anyone want to smoke me? I dare not, so later also...)


    Spirit world.

    Black and white, two-color beams of light stand opposite each other. At this time, God Realm is surprisingly quiet, especially in the realm of the two kings of the highest ruler of God Realm, it is pa refuge

    The white light flickered, and the voice of the god of goodness slowly sounded. In his voice, he was filled with a sense of perplexity. "Evil, is this bet about you winning?"

    The God of Evil smiled bitterly: "It seems that I am really wrong. Five years, beautiful temptations, time honed, can't make that bastard change a little bit. But, I really don't understand how this love is. What's the matter. There is such power that makes them willing to give their lives for each other, and there is no regrets. If you lose, you lose, and I admit that I lost. However, the power of love makes me even more incomprehensible. Well, what conditions do you want me to promise you."The god of goodness smiled slightly and said, "Evil, do you remember how many years we have been kings?"

    The god of evil said: "Who remembers this, there will always be tens of millions of years. It's always staying here, bothersome and annoying, these guys are more cunning than one, and they want them to take over the position of our god king, One by one is far away. It is still the Shura God who is smart, he just grabbed half of the Neptune inheritor, and gave his inheritance to Tang San. Now Tang San inherits his position as the Shura God, this kid is It’s easy, I don’t know where to go, I’m going."

    The god of goodness chuckled and said, "So, are you very reluctant to be this god king?"

    The evil god is snorted, "Could it be you want? But can we give it as the king of God?"

    The God of Goodness smiled and said: "It's not impossible. I bet that I won, and all I want you to do is give up the position of the God of Evil."

    The God of Evil was taken aback, "Shiny, are you crazy? Give up the place of God of Evil? Who will take charge of my duties as the King of God?"

    Shinto: "What do you think of Ji Dong’s kid? In the human world, he suffered so much pain. He and Lie Yan (raging flames) have been in our gamble again. Lie Yan (raging flames) also loves However, she is a god-former other than human beings. She must be tested by us before she can truly be granted a divine position, but Ji Dong is a child of innocence. His soul has already reached the realm of divine consciousness, let him inherit you The God of Evil God is a compensation for him. Of course, we can let him just temporarily act as the God of Evil God. Based on our test of his character and his character, I think this kid can competent."What made the god of goodness unexpected was that after listening to his words, the voice of the evil god was full of surprises, "Yes! How come I did not expect that Ji Dong, the boy's determination and determination, is difficult to find even in God Realm. He came to act as my god king, can't I go to the lower realm to play? Hey, that's it, let him temporarily replace my god king, I can go to the human world to stroll, only I personally experienced it, I am afraid that I can find the secret of love. Maybe there is a long-term marriage waiting for me. Let the King of God personally experience the taste of love."

    The god of goodness is chuckled, thinking in my heart, is the taste of love so delicious? Evil, it turns out that you guys have stayed here long enough, could it be I am not? You are not alone in thinking about playing in the lower realm.


     Southern Fire Empire, Li Fire City.

    In Li Fire City, there is a famous bar. The reason why it is famous is very simple. The first drink mixing that saved the generation of the Holy King, Wine God Ji Dong, started from here. The name of this bar is: Lie Yan (raging flames) Burning situation.

    According to legend, the first cup of wine prepared by Saint King Ji Dong for his beloved earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Empress, also known as Lie Yan (raging flames) burning situation.

    It was evening, and it was time for the bar to start serving customers.

    In the corner of the bar, a young man in black was sitting. This young man was extremely handsome, with a special splendor in his evil eyes. In his hands, he was holding a glass of blood-red Lie Yan (raging) flames) tasting casually, looking at the crowd in the bar from time to time, as if looking for something."Strange, the kind-hearted guy said when I was in the lower realm, my long-term marriage will appear in this bar, how come I haven't seen it yet? I should have a sense of Oh Garden. It's only for me to temporarily seal the memory of God Realm and completely play as a human being. I have been sitting for several days, how come I haven't."

    While the young man in black muttered to himself, suddenly, the bar door opened, and a person walked in from the outside. The moment she walked into the Lie Yan (raging flames) burning bar, she suddenly became the audience's attention. focus.

    It was a woman in white. Her pure looks to the extreme make it impossible to produce any evil thoughts. A white long skirt is spotless, two long strands of black hair are placed in front of her, and the dark and bright eyes have a gentle and moving brilliance. . The dusty temperament is like a flawless white lotus.

    It was her. The young man in black saw the stunning woman in white and was immediately surprised. He immediately felt that the woman in white was the person he was looking for. I couldn't help thinking, kind guy is really good, and arranged a girl with such a look, no less than Lie Yan (raging flames), really looking forward to it!

    Thinking about it, he had already walked up to the girl in white. There were a lot of people in the bar at this time. Most of them were still shocked by the white girl's face.

    The young man in black walked in front of the girl in white with great care, blocking her path, and said very straightforward: "Great, I finally found you, beauty, I think there is a long-term marriage between us, let us be vigorous Fall in love."As soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar in the bar, and there was a lot of scolding. Many drinkers looked at the young men in black as if they were watching idiots. Isn't it a straightforward conversation? No one thinks he can succeed. In their view, the girl in white didn't slap up, but already gave him a face.

    However, to everyone's surprise, the girl in white looked at the young man in black without any surprise, nor did he scold him for talking about inferiority, but smiled softly and gently nodded.

    The young man in black was overjoyed and shouted: "I finally found my long-term marriage."

    The girl in white gently took his hand and said, "Sir, let's go."

    "Where to go?" The youth in black was puzzled asked.

    "Go to the hotel."


    "Sir, don't you say that we have a long-term marriage? As long as fifty gold coins, I will conclude this long-term marriage with you."

    "Ah--" The screams spread ten miles...


    Spirit world.

    "Ji Dong, wouldn't it be too much?" Lie Yan (raging flames) in a gorgeous white long dress embraced Ji Dong's arm, and the charming face was full of satisfied smiles. Finally, I can be with my lover, and the two have become magical kings.

    Ji Dong coldly snorted in black, smiled evilly, "Excessive? I don't think at all, you forgot how they played with us. Are they not going to experience what love is, then let them be good Feel the sweetness and bitterness of love, otherwise, I am sorry that they take good care of us."

     Lie Yan (raging flames) gently nodded, "You're right, they can't be cheap."Ji Dong chuckled, said: "Anyway, we are also the king of the gods, it is better to fake public favors, to get all the partners up? This way will not be lonely."

     Lie Yan (raging flames) nodded, said with a smile: "Okay! I totally agree. It is a pity that I want to be a Dragon Emperor, but I can't come for the time being. But everyone should have no problem."

     Ji Dong immediately began to think about how to make his partners come to God Realm in a magnificent way. Although it is good here, only they are too lonely.

    At this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) suddenly said: "Ji Dong, it's time."

    "Uh..., Lie Yan (raging flames), really either?"

     Lie Yan (raging flames) said seriously: "Of course, you have to compensate me for the pain I have been expecting with you for five years. It is 10,000 times a day, not much. The day of God Realm is very long. could it be Are you unwilling?"

    "Yes, of course, then let's start now. Lie Yan (raging flames), I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you..."

    (End of the book)

     Wine God is finally over, in fact, I have already thought about this ending as early as the beginning of this book. Indeed, Xiaosan admits that Wine God's emotional line process is a bit sad, but what I want to write is Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames)'s everlasting love. No matter what temptations you experience, you will not betray each other. Fortunately, the final outcome is good. After reading this last chapter, do book friends feel relieved? However, Xiao San was not relieved, but rather frustrated.Every time I finish writing a book, I feel this way. Every work is like my child, Wine God has finally finished writing, and the end of a story makes me think about more than three hundred days and nights in the year, all the things I think are closed, no matter whether this period is perfect, it It was all created by me devoting one percent of my life to my best.

    Thank you, once again, I have accompanied me through these three hundred days, nights and nights, and another year has passed. The total creation of Primary Three has also exceeded 20 million words. It’s been seven years since I started writing the book in February 2004. Without the company’s company and support, it’s impossible for Primary Three to go step by step to today, and it’s impossible to create a seamless connection to update this class. Feat. I don't know how long I can persist, but as long as I also have passion, our brothers and sisters in Tangmen still support me as always, this creation will not end. Thank you, thank you for your every contribution. Xiao San bowed to everyone here.

     Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) lovers will eventually become dependents, but I wonder if you still remember the suspense left by Primary Three in Douluo? After Tang San hunted the Dark Demon Evil Tiger, the dark bead with blue and blue two-color halos tore the space away. It went to another world, a world that belongs to the natal pearl. And its owner is the protagonist of our next book.

    The seamless connection continues, and today Wine God is over, and the Dzi Bead has also been updated. Today, there will be three chapters in a row, and the last chapter will be at 12 o'clock in the evening. Let's vote for the new book.The address of Dzi Bead Change does not need to be mentioned by Xiaosan. It is on the Wine God page and on the new book list. The book number is: 1777445.

    Finally, thank you again for having so many book friends who accompanied Xiao San to go through Wine God this year. The next year to welcome everyone will be the year when Dzi Bead changes. There is only one goal for Dzi Bead to change, and that is next year's annual total votes. Please also transfer the collection and your recommendation ticket to the new book Dzizhu, thank you.