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0 Chapter Directory 1036 The Finale, Sorry, Kill You Next
    Chinese Name: 琴帝  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translator:

With the fluctuation of the colorful lights, the eyes of Sura, Haiyang (ocean), Anya, and the two tower owners became heavier and heavier. The children are even more afraid to speak.

    Desperate emotions spread between each other, and their hearts were filled with endless pain and sorrow.

    Suddenly, as the silver dragon silver coin that Sura sat down whispered, everyone discovered that his body had recovered his ability to move. In a panic, adjust your body shape and maintain a good flying attitude.

    Everyone's eyes flashed inexplicably, what's going on? Why did the seal of the goddess of the realm disappear

    The colorful rainbow light in front of him gradually faded, and the two figures slowly emerged in the light. Everyone's eyes immediately focused on them. The mood has become more depressed.

    A man and a woman, they all wore magic robes belonging to Ye Yinzhu, holding hands, their expressions were full of intimacy and joy.

    "Yinzhu, you..." Sura's voice choked, but he couldn't say anything.

    "Little Dragon Girl" let go of Ye Yinzhu's hand, her figure flashed, and she flew to Sura out of thin air.

     Sura hugged the child in his arms, "What are you doing?"

    "Little Dragon Girl" grinned and said, "No matter what, I haven't seen your two babies well."

     Haiyang (ocean) urged the snow dragon leopard to quickly stand in front of Sura, looking at Ye Yinzhu with a slight smile on her face in the distance, but no action, her heart also fell into the freezing point, is Yinzhu already by her Confused completely? Angrily shouted: "Stay away from Sura.""Little Dragon Girl" pursed her lips and said, "What are you doing so fierce. See how I punish you." Then, her body almost approached Haiyang (ocean) almost instantly. Before Haiyang (ocean) reacted, she kissed her face hard.

    "It's cool, no wonder Yinzhu likes you so much. You don't know if you are a silly girl and your sister changes her body?"

    A familiar feeling invaded the heart of Haiyang (ocean). She looked at the "Little Dragon Girl" in front of her in surprise, "You, you are..."

    "Little Dragon Girl" raised her face seriously and said seriously: "I remember that when you were five years old, you seemed to have pissed through the bed. That's right. Don't be like your mother when you read the piano."

    "Sister Xiang Luan?" Although the embarrassment was uncovered, Haiyang (ocean) didn't feel half embarrassed at this time. Her five-year-old, even the grandpa who had passed away, didn't know it, only to the best sister. Speaking.

     Xiang Luan opened his arms and embraced Haiyang (ocean) and Nianqin, his eyes full of tears of happiness, "It's me, it's me. I'm not dead, I'm not dead."

    Bright Tower Master O'Brien and Soul Tower Master Mike Milan have now come to Ye Yinzhu's side and said in a mouthful: "What the hell is going on?"

     There was a trace of sadness in Ye Yinzhu's eyes, "The soul of the female demon king was killed by me. I used the magic of the undead to inject Xiang Luan's soul into the dragon's body. The blood of the Shenlong family was spread, and Xiang Luan was also resurrected."

    "Oh my god!" O'Brien and Mike Milan looked at each other and said in disbelief: "You mean, we won?"

     Ye Yinzhu smiled, "I think so."At this moment, suddenly, a violent breath of death suddenly erupted from the abyss, rising with countless screams. The sudden change suddenly scared everyone, even though Ye Yinzhu was broken. His own soul was hit hard, but it was the first time to react, his hands released a layer of life energy, wrapped everyone in, and quickly opened the front of the abyss.

    I saw more than two hundred figures in the sky accompanied by the violent death, Ye Hongyan's thick voice sounded, "Mother Demon King, take your life."

     Ye Yinzhu was startled and hurried in front of Xiang Luan. "Hongyan, don't do it first. She is no longer the mother demon king."

    The huge black light slightly converged. Ye Hongyan took a glide in the air with his Death Dragon and Wolf Knights and landed on the flattened mountain top beside the abyss.

    Ye Hongyan looked at Ye Yinzhu suspiciously, "What's going on?"

     Ye Yinzhu smiled bitterly and explained what had happened before.

    Ye Hongyan took a look at Ye Yinzhu, and then Xiang Xiang, who was attached to the little dragon girl. "That's okay? So, have we finally won?"

     Ye Yinzhu nodded again, infected by the excited eyes of everyone, and the sadness in his heart has gradually faded.

     O'Brien smiled bitterly: "Unfortunately, the magic cannon on the Zither Emperor has been destroyed. How to destroy the abyss, we still have to find a way."

     Ye Yinzhu sighed and said: "The killing power of the Zither Emperor is too strong. Perhaps, it should not have existed in this world."Ye Hongyan said: "There is no need to think about it anymore. This so-called abyss is a mother body that absorbs dead energy and regenerates abyssal creatures. The ruling power of our death dragon and wolf knights is just its nemesis, the one below, It has been killed by us. Otherwise, we will not be rushed by death. This death breath, I am afraid, is only completely invalid to our death dragon and wolf knight."

    Surprise came one after another, Ye Yinzhu and the two masters looked at each other, this time, the smile on their faces was finally a completely released smile.

    The four demon kings were killed, the female demon king died, and the abyss was forced. The war can finally be over.

    At this moment, a child's voice suddenly sounded, "Excuse me, should I call your sister or my mother?"

    It was Ruiqin who was talking, looking at Xiang Luan, his big eyes blinked, a little confused, but more excited.

     Xiang Luan hugged Ruiqin and choked: "Ruiqin, Ruiqin, my child. Forgive me, my mother has been hiding from you."

     Ruiqin said solemnly: "I can understand. After all, you are a child born out of wedlock."

    While everyone looked at him in surprise and it was hard to imagine a child being so calm, our clever and clever child prodigiously held Xiang Luan's neck and cried loudly, "Mom, mom..."

    No matter how smart, he is only a child after all.

    "Sister Anya, where are you going?" Sura didn't know when she had been riding a silver coin in front of Anya who was about to leave quietly.Anya grinned reluctantly and said, "Now everything has been resolved. You are also a family reunion. I should also command the Elven Air Force so that I can withdraw to the fortress."

     Sura hugged the child in both hands and couldn't free her hand to pull her in a hurry. At this time, Anya was already surrounded.

     Xiang Luan held Ruiqin with tears and zero bells, "Sister Anya, are you going to be as painful as I am? Even if you want, you should imagine the child in your stomach." From Ye Yinzhu, it was passed on to her without reservation In memory, she naturally knew what happened between Ye Yinzhu and Anya.

     Haiyang (ocean) looked at Anya earnestly, "Sister Anya, stay. Are we well together?"

     Anya lowered her head. "But I am the queen of elves."

    Our protagonist finally spoke. He demonstrated his determination with action. Anya’s waist fell into his warm big hand. "But I am also a foreign elf king. At the same time, I want to be in this world, whether it is Longinus , Or the abyss plane. No one can stop what I want to do."

    Looking up, Anya's eyes were already full of tears. When she met Ye Yinzhu's sincere and affectionate eyes, she didn't need to say anything.

    ... "Yinzhu, now Ruiqin is the prince of the Milan empire, Siqin is the prince of the blue Diya empire, what will happen in the future? Do we really let our children be kings?"Qing Lang’s laughter reminded me, “Let the children decide for themselves. They are smart enough, don’t they? . Now that you have inherited the body of the little dragon girl, then, our second child, what are you going to do with him?"

    "He will have the purest Eastern Dragon bloodline, let him join the Eastern Dragon eight."

     Anya, "Yinzhu, our children will stay with the elven clan in the future, will you help the elven clan? As a king of elves, I have no inheritors."

    "As long as the child is willing, I have no opinion. A few of my little clever ghosts, what are you willing to do in the future?"

    Ye Lianqin, "Dad, I want to stay in Falan, inherit the glory of the godfathers and become the most powerful magician."

     Ye Nianqin, "Dad, they all have places, then I will help you in Zither City."

     Ye Siqin, "Dad, it seems that being the emperor of Blue Diya Si is also a good choice."

    Ye Ruiqin, "Well, Dad, I want to lead our Ye family to unify the Longinus and the Abyss plane."

     Ye Yinzhu, "..."

    End of the book