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0 Chapter Directory 176 The End Of The Book
    Chinese Name: 狂神  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Gabriel looked at the murderous Tiamandis blankly, and muttered: Impossible, I obviously already felt that your consciousness has completely disappeared, why are you still alive. *No ads~~Web Collection~Top*dian*Bookstore" His face turned pale, and his eyes showed disappointment, unwillingness, fear and anxiety.

     With a flash of black light, a figure suddenly rushed towards Tiamandis. Tiamandis did not dodge, but greeted him with open arms. Two figures, one gold and one black, merged together suddenly. The light dimmed, and the dark shadow was Fallen Angel Lucifer. He grabbed Tiamandis' shoulders excitedly, his mouth trembling, speechless.

     Two lines of clear tears flowed from Tiamandis’s eyes. After a while, he sincerely shouted: "Big Brother."

     Lucifer could no longer control herself, tears wetted her cloth, and choked up: "Brothers, am I not dreaming? You are not dead." The two sighed, and the feeling of brothers reuniting made them completely surprised and surprised. Excited.

     Feiyuna floated to Zi Yan's side, the two sisters stood together, their eyes rested on their mother, God King Sophia. Sophia was also staring at them and her daughter blankly, her eyes flashing with regret and regret.King of Hell Hades and several other archangels stared at us who were already dead, obviously unable to adapt for a while.

     There was a sigh of God, light and shadow flashed, God Father appeared in the middle of us, his brows were furrowed, he looked at us, and looked at these rulers of the two worlds of God and Ming, his eyes were full of loneliness.

     "God Father." All the gods salute God Father at the same time.

     Facing God King Sophia and King of Hell Hades, God Father said faintly: "You really disappoint me. You were the first I created, but you have not only failed to move the two worlds of God and Hell towards peace and prosperity. Pushing, on the contrary, is constantly destroying everything, because how many innocent lives and souls in your heart have disappeared."

     Sophia and Hades lowered their heads at the same time.God Father shook his head. Everything is already born, and it is impossible to save it again, Sophia, what have you done as my first child? Tiamandis can be said to be your brothers, and Feiyuna is your own child, how do you treat them. There are also Lei Xiang and Zi Yan, who almost died because of you. I am really sad and disappointed if you do this. "God Father paused and turned to King of Hell Hades? Could it be that power is really that important to you? I know that you want to unify the Three Realms and take the energy of the three days as your own, all your actions Not only does the various races of Underworld continue to perish, but also all the creatures of Three Realms are involved. You can't even see through the power. It seems that you are no longer suitable to sit in the position of the king of Underworld."

     Sophia didn't say anything. As the God King, she actually shed tears.

     Hades' body was trembling slightly, and his eyes showed disappointment and unwillingness. In fear and trepidation, he said: "Please forgive God Father."

     God Father ignored them and turned to Dead Angel Gabriel, "Gabriel, you are also my child, but you framed the brothers for your own selfish desires, caused brothers and sisters, and indirectly killed Feiyuna, are you convicted? ?"Gabriel froze first, and then, his eyes kept flashing complicated expressions. Suddenly, he roared, knowing no sin, what sin I have, I love Feiyuna, but she can’t compare to my Tiamandis, I don’t. Reconciled, I am not reconciled. I am the vital part. Even if I choose one more time, I will still do it. "He was very excited and yelled constantly. God King Sophia was shocked all over after hearing his words.

     God Father sighed and waved his hand, the colorful light shrouded Gabriel, he stood there blankly without making any sound. Sophia was shocked, fell on her knees, and begged God Father: "God Father, please forgive him. I caused all these sins. I am willing to bear them all. Please punish me." The voice was sad, and tears fell.

     Lucifer and Tiamandis walked to me, and Big Brother Lucifer gave Feiyuna a complicated look. After all, that was the one he had a crush on! I know that he will definitely not tell this matter, nor will I. We will not affect the happiness of the Tiamandis Big Brother anymore. Their happiness is so hard to come by. We are all waiting, waiting for God Father to handle all this.God Father said to Sophia faintly: "Now, it's time for you to tell everything. You tell everyone why you would have imprisoned Gabriel when he framed Tiamandis, and why you killed your own life. Flesh and blood."

     Sophia's eyes flashed with fear, and she kept shaking her head, God Father, don't push me. "

     God Father sternly said: "I am not forcing you, I am giving you a chance to be reborn, could it be that they were killed by you and almost lost their lives, shouldn't they know the truth?"

     Sophia was shocked. She looked at God Father in a bewildered manner and said idiotically: "A chance to be born again? I..."Lucifer said: "Sophia, I also really want to know why you listened to the slander and framed the Tiamandis brothers in the first place. Even if I pleaded hard, you would not change your mind. You turned out to be not like this. When God Father was created, you were like the big Elder Sister of our six Level 1 Gods, taking care of us and leading us to get acquainted with God's Realm. At that time, I only had immense respect and admiration for you. Several of us , We all sincerely regard you as the king of God's Realm, and our loyalty to you is only a manifestation. Even in the first life of the gods and the world, we will support you unreservedly, attack with all strength, and suppress Underworld If it weren’t for the timely appearance of God Father, I’m afraid we already wiped out the Underworld. Why? Why? Why did you change later, the originally wise and wise you became so impervious to reason, you went to frame our brothers. "Lucifer became more and more excited as he spoke, his fists clenched tightly, and a black mist emanated from his body.

     "Yes, mother, why? Why is all this?" Feiyuna asked sadly, "Zi Yan and I are your biological daughters, but why do you want to deprive us of the right to happiness and not give us the freedom to love? ."Sophia stood up slowly. She looked at God Father, and then at several of her men. The expressions of Battle Angel Michael, Charm Angel Rafael, Military Angel Solent also revealed questions. , They also want to know why. He turned to us, sighed slightly, and said to Feiyuna and Zi Yan: "It's me who is not good. I am sorry for you. Since you want to know, then I won't hide it anymore today. All this has always been like one A heavy burden is on my heart, God Father, I don’t ask you to forgive me, but please forgive Gabriel, all this is indeed my fault."

     God Father said indifferently: "Go ahead, tell all the secrets in your heart, and make all your own judgments."Sophia nodded, she glanced at Dead Angel Gabriel with a complicated expression, and said quietly: "From the time I was created by God Father, I became the master of God's Realm. In God's Realm, I have absolute Authority, I am God King. After me, except for Hades, there are six of your Level 1 Gods. At the beginning, I treated you as brothers, took care of you, and even loved you. However, God Father is creating us At the time, it gave us one of the most precious things, that is-emotions. Although I am God King, I also have feelings. You six are all so good. Free Angel Lucifer wanted and unrestrained, Battle Angel Michael is upright, Charm Angel Rafael, just like his title, has incomparable charm, Military Angel Solent is full of amazing vitality, and Mad God Tiamandis has the ability to be a leader. Among you, you can only tell Dead Angel Gabriel does not have distinctive characteristics, but everything about him is still so good. In constant contact, I gradually fell in love with two people, one is Mad God Tiamandis without wings." She looked at dumbstruck Tiamandis Big Brother smiled and said, "I'm surprised, isn't it? I told the truth. At that time, I really fell in love with you. The other one I loved was to sue Dead Angel Gabriel."Gabriel, who was sealed by God Father, was stunned. He stared at Sophia blankly, obviously unable to accept this fact for a while.

     Sophia continued: "At the time, I was in pain. As a God King, how could I easily fall in love with my subordinates? However, when the feeling came to me, I couldn't give up. Later, because The relationship between the Wingless Gods, Tiamandis left me to lead them. As time passed, my heart gradually shifted to Gabriel, my feelings for him continued to surge, and even myself was already almost out of control Now, every Sky City I suppress my heart and let myself not think about him, but his shadow keeps flashing in my mind. The longer I suppress it, the more terrifying it will burst. Finally, one day, I can't control my feelings anymore." She looked at Gabriel idiotically, and said sadly: "You don't even know until now, yes, I have never said it. I don't know if you still remember. Remember, when you were in the Closure, you lost your consciousness for a short time. It was not because of cultivation, but because of me deliberately. At that time, I was stunned by the *, and I gave myself to myself without reservation. about you."Sophia’s words stunned all of us. Although we had all guessed that he and Gabriel had an unusual relationship, none of us would have thought that she loved Gabriel so deeply.

     Sophia looked at the sluggish Gabriel and smiled bitterly: "Am I very mean? It was from that time that I changed. As Lucifer said, I became impervious to reason." She turned to Feiyuna and Zi Yan children, you are all my own flesh and blood, but you have completely different places. Silvia is indeed born out of my energy, and Yunna, you are not Gabriel's and me! "

     There was a brief silence in the colorful energy, which was extremely terrifying. I don't know when, God Father already lifted the seal on Gabriel. He rushed to Sophia's side, grabbed her shoulders excitedly, and said nothing: What? How could Feiyuna be my child? Our Level 1 Gods are infertile! "

     Feiyuna's body shook and almost fell. Tiamandis hurriedly supported her. They did not expect that Dead Angel Gabriel, who killed them, turned out to be Feiyuna's father and Tiamandis' father-in-law.

     Feiyuna trembled: Not true, it's not true. "Sophia said sadly: "Up to now, I have no need to lie. This secret has been hidden in my heart for thousands of years. Yes, Level 1 Gods can't give birth directly, but I'm getting married with Gabriel. Yuan Shi stole the mark of his life and merged with me to give birth to you. Therefore, he is indeed your father. Later, I don’t know why, perhaps is God will punish me, Gabriel, he actually demons and gods at work I fell in love with you, but you fell in love with the Tiamandis I used to love. Selfish I hated Tiamandis, and also hated you-my daughter." She quietly watched Looking at Gabriel, he asked quietly: "Gabriel, tell me, have you ever loved me."

     Gabriel slammed back a few steps, his body convulsed constantly, his face turned pale, and his lips trembled and could not speak."Let me answer it for him." Battle Angel Michael, who had not spoken, walked out. He looked at Sophia and sighed. Lord Wang, you just said that God Father gave us the most precious thing. , That is the feeling, it makes you fall in love with Gabriel. However, we also have feelings. I can tell you frankly on behalf of the brothers that, including Lucifer who has already turned into Fallen Angel, all six of our Level 1 Gods have loved you, at least once. However, your status is so respected, in our eyes, you are always so inviolable, how can we offend! Do you know why you have done so many wrong things, but the few of us are always following you? That's because you are the goddess in our hearts! "

     Sophia looked at Michael, tears gushing out like a fountain, and wept: "All of this is my fault, it's all my fault!" She was very emotional and kept crying.After a long time, Sophia gradually calmed down and said quietly: "It is precisely because of these complicated reasons that when Gabriel framed Tiamandis out of jealousy, I acquiesced, because I was also jealous, I was jealous of Feiyuna, why I love the two All men fell in love with her. Later, because of my lie, Yun Na committed suicide. At that time, I was completely stuck in a sluggish state. I could not recover for a long time. What did I do? I actually killed my daughter , I regret it, but everything is already irreversible. Later, in order to make up for the trauma of my soul, I created Ya'er and devoted all my body and mind to her. When Ya'er first came into being, In order to avoid a tragic life, I transferred her to God's Realm and made her a child of human beings. I thought at the time that this would not cause the previous situation."Sophia paused, and then said: "But, who knows that the sky is not what people want, so Ya'er in Mortal Realm fell in love with the heir of Tiamandis, that is, Lei Xiang. Later, Gabriel was also jealous, I captured Ya'er from Mortal Realm. For selfish reasons, I sealed Ya'er’s memory and created everything in the future." She looked at Zi Yan affectionately, "Just now, when When Ya'er died for Lei Xiang like Feiyuna, I regretted it, I really regretted it, and I killed another daughter of mine. At that time, I really wanted to exchange my life for them. , But I couldn’t do it. Just when I was already desperate, God Father appeared. God Father, you gave me hope again. This is my story. All of this is caused by me. Please punish me, I am willing to confess for my sins." She said, she knelt down slowly.

     I hugged Zi Yan and looked at God King Sophia, who was full of regrets and regrets before me. The hatred in my heart completely disappeared. Sophia's mental hardship has already punished her. I no longer hate her, nor anyone else.

     Gabriel thump knelt down beside Sophia and said to God Father: It’s not Sophia’s fault alone. I was also wrong, and I should be punished. It all happened because of me, God Father. , You punish me. "God Father smiled, and he smiled comfortingly, "Children, I am very happy that you can realize now. However, if you are wrong, you are wrong. If you are wrong, you should be responsible for what you do. Hades, you, you know Is it wrong?"

     From the time God King Sophia began to talk about his own experience, Hades listened blankly. At this time, he heard God Father ask him and said indifferently: "God Father, I know it was wrong." His voice was not sincere. , But I clearly feel that he is indeed a confession from the heart.

     God Father showed a kind smile on his face and asked: "Where did you go wrong?"

     Hades sighed so obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way. I have always been working towards the peak of power. For tens of thousands of years, as the ruler of Underworld, I am very lonely. My goal is to unify the Three Realms and increase my energy to the level of God Father. Then I leave here and take a look at the outside world. , Looking for something novel. However, I now know that I was wrong, because there are still many in Three Realms that I have not dabbled in. After living for so many years, I never know what feelings are. I regret it, God Father, please punish me, but I hope you can save my life and let me feel the feelings of feelings. "

     After listening to him, I realized that he was actually moved by Sophia's experience, and King of Hell also moved his heart?God Father turned to Big Brother Lucifer West. It is because of Tiamandis that you became Fallen Angel and transferred to Underworld. If you want, I can restore your Free Angel body and make you a Level 1 Gods of God's Realm. "

     Lucifer looked at Tiamandis and shook his head God Father. I am willing to stay in Underworld. When I was in distress, Lord King of Hell took me in. I am willing to help him all the time. "His words immediately shocked Hades, his eyes filled with gratitude. He doesn't have people rebelling and friends deserting! I think he must be very warm in his heart.

     God Father nodded. Now that everything is clear, it is time to end, my children, God Father will definitely give you a fair trial. "

     Now none of us knows what God Father will do. This is the true judgment of God!

     God Father raised his arms, the colorful rays of light flashed, I felt a gentle energy enveloping Zi Yan and me, and my eyes lit up. The surroundings were no longer colorful energy, and we appeared in the two realms of Shenming and Ming at the same time. Above the boundary, Tiamandis Big Brother and Feiyuna are beside Zi Yan and me, and everyone else is floating not far from us.God Father’s kind voice came from the colorful ball of light above us, “The Second World of Gods and the Underworld, all my children, the war has brought you pain, all this will end, I hope, never be born again. I want Announcing a few things. First, I want to punish the King of Hell Hades who caused this war. Because of his power*, he started the third battle between God and Hell Hades, which is unforgivable, but he is already ready to me Repent. At the same time, God King Sophia and Dead Angel Gabriel are to be punished. They framed others because of their own sex, and they are equally unforgivable. Although the victimized Tiamandis and Lei Xiang are already unwilling to pursue them anymore, but, I still want to punish you. From now on, I will infuse them into Mortal Realm and be reincarnated as humans, and protect the Samsara of the Three Lives III. Sophia, Gabriel, Hades, do you take it?"

     Sophia, Gabriel, and Hades looked at each other in dismay and said with complex expressions: "Thank God Father for grace."

     God Father said: "After you have experienced something, you will have a stronger feeling for your life. Then, you can better sit in your current position. Okay, go ahead." Colorful Light Ball A huge beam of light suddenly shot out from the middle, the beam of light swept the three of Sophia in, the light flashed, and the three disappeared at the same time.The races at both ends of the dividing line were silent under the shining of the day of angels and the day of demons. The most excited are the gods and Beast Gods of the Wingless Gods. Not only did they see that I was not dead, but even the Tiamandis Big Brother was resurrected from the dead, so how could they not get excited.

     God Father’s voice softened, “Because Sophia and Hades accepted my punishment, before they came back, the place of God King was temporarily replaced by Tiamandis, and the place of King of Hell was replaced by Fallen Angel Lucifer temporarily. Until Sophia and Hades complete Samsara and return to the second world."

     Tiamandis and Lucifer exclaimed at the same time: God, how does this make it. "

     The God Father laughed heartily from the colorful light group, "Of course, this should be the best arrangement, Tiamandis, after my transformation, your abilities have been greatly improved, and you are fully qualified for this position. In addition to Hades, Lucifer is the strongest Demon God in the Underworld, and is also the most suitable for this position. You are only temporary, so don’t be so dissatisfied. I will resolve it and it won’t change. All races in the Second World must not violate ."

     At the same time, the people in the two worlds of God and Ming yelled: "Respect the God Father's decree." The Wingless God System and the Beast God cheered loudly. The Tiamandis Big Brother will command God's Realm, and they will have a good life in the future.Tiamandis and Lucifer look at each other in dismay, they are already unable to escape. I chuckled, I went forward and congratulated the two Big Brothers first, haha. "

     Tiamandis smiled and cursed: "You kid, you should do this position."

     I waved my hand again and again and said, "Well, Mortal Realm still has a lot of things I'm thinking about. It's Big Brother tackle a difficult job."

     God Father said: "Because Tiamandis already passed his Mad God position to Lei Xiang, so I appoint him as Tyrant God, Feiyuna as the envoy of the moon, Lei Xiang and Zi Yan are still Mad God and Crystal Star Angel . Lei Xiang, you have made a lot of efforts for the peace of Three Realms. If you have any requirements, please feel free to ask me."

     I smiled bitterly: "God Father, what can I ask for? I just hope you can let Zi Yan and I return to Mortal Realm and reunite with my family and friends."

     God Father sighed: "You are such a good boy. You are guarded by Mortal Realm. I can rest assured. I will give you and Zi Yan the right to go back and forth in Three Realms at will."

     I was immediately overjoyed. With this power, I can come to God's Realm to visit Tiamandis Big Brother and Big Brother Lucifer.

     "Thank God Father for grace."

     "Well, you have suffered enough, go, I will send you back."Suddenly, Zi Yan and I were enveloped in colorful energy. The light flashed, and our eyes became white, and we temporarily lost consciousness. Finally, I can finally go home.


     Mortal Realm, Jinyuan University 6, Steru Fort.

     Mo Yue, Zi Xue, and Bai Jian holding a one-year-old baby stood on the head of Fortress, staring into the sky.

     Mo Yue said sadly: "Lei Xiang has already been there for more than two years, why is there still no sound training?"

     Zi Xue took her arm and said foolishly: "Sister Yue'er, don't be sad, Lei Xiang, he will definitely bring Elder Sister back for us. I really miss them!"

     Bai Jian kissed his son’s pink cheek, stroked the golden emblem on his forehead, said in a soft voice: "Baby, call your father back soon! Are you waiting for him to give it to you? Do you have a name? He must come back for you too!" The baby stretched out his chubby hand and shook it, babbling, as if to say something.

     Suddenly, the originally clear sky suddenly became overcast, and a colorful beam of light burst out of the clouds. The beam of light seemed to be able to communicate with the world, and it contained huge energy.This scene reminded the three women of Zi Yan’s captivity. Mo Yue stepped forward, stood in the front, and quickly transformed into a Four-winged Fallen Angel. She watched vigilantly. She understood in her heart that with her own Power, still unable to fight against the gods.


     As soon as my eyes lit up, Zi Yan and I regained consciousness at the same time. Seeing the scene in front of me, my whole body was shocked. This is Steru Fort!

     With my gaze, I saw the three women standing on the wall at a glance. The one with four black wings flapping in the front is my beloved Yue'er. Behind her, there is Xue'er and the swaddling baby. Jian'er.

     Zi Yan and I looked at each other, let out a long howl, and rushed down like lightning, rushing towards the three girls at the head of the city.

     It may be that my appearance has changed so much that Mo Yue didn't recognize me. He snorted, and the narrow sword in his hand turned into a sky full of sword shadows to welcome me. Her attack like this had no effect on me. I rushed directly into the sword shadow and hugged her firmly. Mo Yue struggled fiercely, her plump* constant distortion, I whispered: "Yue'er, it's me."

     Mo Yue's body stiffened suddenly. I held her pretty face in my hands and said in a soft voice: "Yue'er, it's me! It's your husband Lei Xiang!"

     Mo Yue looked at me blankly and trembled: Is it really you? Husband. "It is me who nodded my head vigorously, Yue'er. "

     Yue screamed, biting hard on my shoulder.

     The pain stimulates my nerves, but my heart is full of joy. I put my arms around Mo Yue and fell on the top of the city with Zi Yan. I stretched out my hand and sucked, sucking Zi Xue and Bai Jian to my side, spreading out my wide twelve silver wings to completely enclose them. For a time, happiness filled my whole body. In my whole life, there is nothing more to ask for.


     "Dad, father, look, what did I pick?" A six or seven-year-old boy ran happily. There was an excited smile on his face, his appearance was very handsome, his skin was fair, his head was beautiful pale green long floating behind his head, and he was holding a blue thing in his hands.

     "Run slowly, don't fall."

     This running boy is my son, Lei Sibing, whose name is based on the meaning I miss Xing Bing. Over the past few years, we have been living a peaceful and happy life.

     Holding my son in my arms, I smiled and said: Let me see what Sibing picked up. "I saw what was in my son's hand, and I was shocked. Isn't it the little Kaqiu I picked up? Not only is it the same shape, but also has the same breath. Little Kaqiu blinked at me and seemed to be looking at me. say hello."Dad, what is this! Can I keep it?"

     I smiled and said, "Of course. It's called Xiaokaqiu, you must treat him well in the future! Let's go, let's go find your mothers, and then visit your three flower god aunts."

     "Okay, okay! I like to see those flowers and plants the most. It's a pity that Aunt Lan'er didn't come this time, or we can steal nectar together again, hehe."

     I smiled bitterly and shook my head. My son is no less naughty than Big Sister Lan'er. With my help, Big Sister Lan'er and Dragon King have made rapid progress in their skills, and it will not take long to break through the current realm and rise to God's Realm. After unremitting efforts, Pan Zong finally won the heart of Jasper Dragon. They are now staying in Dragon Valley to practice with Gold and Silver. My mother still lives in the small courtyard of the capital, and my father-in-law, Duke-sama, kept the original agreement and visited her once a week. They were all satisfied with their current lives.

     "Husband, why are you so slow!" Mo Yue's voice sounded, and I kissed my son on the face. The feeling of happiness filled my whole body. This is my favorite life! I don’t know what happened to the God King punished by God Father. Now, they should already start Samsara's first reincarnation.


     Twenty years later.Sky Academy.

     Today is the last of the four colleges exchange contest, which is held by Sky Academy vs Siren Academy. A five-game three-win system is adopted. The first three games of Sky Academy are two wins and one loss. You only need to win one more game to achieve the final victory.

     In the field, the fourth game was being played like wildfire. In the competition are two teenagers. The students representing the Sky Academy are wearing white Warrior uniforms. They are handsome, but at this time, his face is covered with sweat, and he looks very eating. He is constantly using Light System Magic and each other. Wrestling.

     The representative of Siren Academy was a black-clothed teenager. His face was cold. Although he was not as outstanding as his opponent, the cold aura on his body had a strange attraction.

     Boom-The shadows separated, and the students of Sky Academy were blasted out of the ring. Bai Ying flashed past, and he was immediately picked up. The one who caught him was a very beautiful girl.

     The boy in white who lost the game wiped the bloodshot from the corner of his mouth and smiled bitterly: "Sister Fia, I'm sorry, I can't beat him."

     The girl he called Fia comforted: "It's okay, Parade, take a good rest, and I'll take revenge for you." Then, she touched her feet on the ground and floated onto the ring, looking at each other coldly.

     "Dish, you can't beat me, so let's give up.""Fia, you don't try to be strong in front of me, you have to fight to know who wins. The name of the first academy must be our Siren Academy."

     "That's good, then come on. Look at the trick. Judgement of Light."

     "Who is afraid of you, look at my dark triangle."

     Two lights and shadows, one white and one black, suddenly collided in the air, making a huge bang. A brand new chapter begins like this.

     (End of book)