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0 Chapter Directory 368 In 360, God Is In The World
    Chinese Name: 天枢  Author: 徐胜治(Xú Shèngzhì)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The tug in front of Amon, who was once the lord of Ennead Pantheon's Divine State, Ann-Ra. Ang-la vowed to enter the world of Samsara with his own Dhammakaya, and completely re-certify. His Divine State has not existed since he left. Even if he re-Eternal Transcendence, he is another god. And Lian Huasheng’s accomplishments in the cultivation of Bodhisattva in this life have surpassed the God of Genesis of the year, and he understood the causes and effects.

     No wonder he said to Amon just now, "For the leading edge", and their leading edge is here; and he said to Amon, "You are An-Ra", because An-Ra’s Divine State has long been integrated by Amon's Paradise, creating the world. Amon’s promise was also inherited by Amon. There is no such a god in the world, or Amon is already the name of Amon, and the Bodhisattva in front of him is Master Rinpoche.

     Amon went to Lingshan Buddha Country to beg to see Amitabha, but Amitabha was no longer visible, or met in another style, but unexpectedly ran into Master Lian Huasheng who came to meet him. In the realm of cultivation, there is not too much polite nonsense, not to mention that the voice of wisdom has already contained thousands of words.

     Amon immediately saluted and thanked him, turned and left. The Lioness Nemea and Lian Huasheng smiled in return. When they raised their heads, they saw Amon turn around, all showing a slightly startled look. Amon did not step into the void one step, but as if he opened an invisible portal and stepped in. The moment his back disappeared, the other side of the portal seemed to present a scene of Paradise.In the eternity of Unliving and Unying, time and space are infinitely far apart and infinitely close, and Amon steps directly across different worlds, which shows that he fully understands the two different guidances and can confirm each other in the spiritual platform.

     After Amon's back disappeared, Nemea smiled at Lian Huasheng: "He wants to ask the Buddha's Three Body Method, and if he still wants to ask the question, I am afraid he can only ask the Supreme One Qi to transform the three cleansing ways, but that is also not The method of teaching, his completion needs oneself to repair after all."

     Lian Huasheng groaned: "Too forgotten, you won't see him. Even if he sees it, he won't know it. In fact, he has even seen the Jade Emperor, and he should have confirmed anything if he wanted to prove it. It may not be possible to achieve it. If you understand it, you still want to do it. The cultivation base is at this point.

     ...Just after Amon met Mr. Yu and before heading to the Lingshan Buddha Kingdom, Michael and Gabriel became Archangel, which is what Xianjia Jumang called the golden immortal achievement. Amon also finally realized what kind of knowledge is from "suddenly opens up to a wide panorama" from "the road without a road".

     Returning to Paradise from Lingshan Mountain, another Angel happened to usher in. Regardless of her experience in the world for so many years and what her name was, after coming to Paradise, her name is Maria.Amon personally greeted Maria's arrival, and whispered to her in Paradise: "I finally waited for you here. I resolved something of my mind. When you come, I can go and try to prove the unknown completion. My heart has always been There is a question, just like the Temple guard Amon went to ask Guardian Adoratrice, I want to ask you."

     When he spoke, there was a faint golden light flickering around him, and the golden light shone over the silhouettes of him and Maria at the same time. Maria said softly: "What do you want to ask me? With your current achievements, is there any cultivation problem to ask me?"

     Amon smiled and said: "All the time, the people who have pointed me the most are those who have not yet Eternal Transcendence, such as Nietzsche, Maria Adoratrice, Aesop, Aristotle. Thinking about everything is my cultivation. Isis Temple's Guardian Adoratrice Maria back then It is the most perfect priest I have ever seen in the world. I would like to invite you to see this world now."

     Maria looked into his eyes and held his hand soothed and said, "I can see where the problem is, and you should know it by yourself. There are many people in the world who take pride in believing in you, and so was when I was a priest There is nothing wrong with this. But they ask everyone to be proud of believing in you. Under their rule, people even lose the right to choose. This should not be the case, but the most important issue is not here."Amon asked: "Then what is more important?"

     Maria replied: "They can't tolerate someone who has beliefs different from them, not just showing beliefs, but thinking different styles of things and everything. Or they can tolerate them on the surface, but they still have self-righteousness deep in their hearts. Noble. Because they are noble, the gods they believe in must be the noblest. There is no problem with their inner beliefs, but there is a problem with their attitude towards people."

     Amon sighed, and took Maria's hand and stroked it in his palm: "Go on."

     Maria: "They ask others to think according to their style, but when others do that, they will not get real recognition; they just think that others should be like that, and they don't think that it is a kind of understanding and tolerance. In Angel In my eyes, these people are of course ridiculous. For example, Jesus once said on the cross to forgive those people, but is there any so-called? Those people are no longer there, and the reincarnated souls are still floating in the world. Maybe you sit down when you listen to Vincent's words in Tianzhu Among the believers who listened to the lecture, the souls of those people were reincarnated."

     Amon smiled bitterly: "Yes, Vincent Bu said it thoroughly, and it is another kind of sentiment to me, so I turned around and went to the Buddha's Spirit Mountain."Maria: "Why don't you go to the world to try something? Even if you cut off your incarnation and go through the world, it might be possible to achieve Consummation."

     Amon hugged her and said, "Thank you, these are exactly what I intend to do. The world is so, so Eternal Transcendence's guidance is so precious. And I will go to prove my completion, it is in the eyes of mortals who believe in me. , It may seem ruthless."

     ......Out of Egypt, there is a small oasis in the Xuya Desert. There are weeds with deep roots growing on the hill, a sparse bush at the foot of the mountain, and there is a spring in the bush. Oasis exists because of the water source that has not disappeared, and it has become a place for businessmen to rest.

     The water source is limited and the location is desolate and remote, it is difficult to form a village or town. It is difficult to avoid the noon day on this bare Desert as far as the eye can see. Fortunately, there is an ancient Temple ruin not far from the foot of the mountain. This magnificent Temple was built a thousand years ago and has been abandoned for nearly 700 years.

     Just six hundred years after Jesus was nailed to the cross, a young man came here. He did not follow the caravan, nor did he drive a car with camel horses, nor did he even package luggage. He came to this oasis in the Desert on foot by himself.Jesus had also been here back then, listening to Ilya's story about God Amon in front of the ruins of Temple. And now it is more than 630 years after the birth of Jesus, the appearance of the ruins has not changed much from then, but it is more broken, and the lying statue has been broken into several pieces. It can be preserved to the present, which may be related to the dry climate in Desert, and the Egyptians used the strongest and durable stones when building this Temple, and even passed Magic Technique treatment.

     The magnificent stone pillars support half of the dome in the sun, and the altar is buried by sand dune. The huge idol lying incomplete in the sand dune, and half buried by the sand, people can no longer see the face of this god. But this business road is more prosperous than ever, and there are more caravans coming and going. At noon, this place became a very lively resting place in Desert.

     When the young people arrived, three different caravans stopped here, and an old man was telling people the story of the ancient God Amon.

     This old man is no longer the Angel Ilya of the year, but a traveler in the world, following the caravan in the east, seemingly to travel Pivot Sky Continent. The old man is not tall, he is wrapped in a scarf and kept a white goatee. The wrinkles on his face and forehead are deep like dried dates, but his eyes are sharp and clear.He leaned on a decorative surname Staff, explaining the origin of this ruin and Amon's glorious past in Egypt to a group of young juniors in the caravan. The old man's knowledge was quite profound, and attracted the people of the other two caravans, standing in the shadow of the gods to listen.

     When the young man came over, no one noticed. He quietly passed through the crowd and stood in front of the old man. No one knew that the silent young man was Amon.

     This magnificent and incomplete idol has been devastated in the long war. The God Amon standing in front of it once felt infinitely emotional, but it is now peaceful. The people who fought to kill all claimed to believe in him, follow him, and defend him, and he has many names in the world.

     People today may have forgotten that there was a boy named Amon's in the world. He verified the path of Eternal Transcendence, fused with the ancient Pantheon, once revered as Egypt's Master of Gods. But the story told by the old man reveals the silent history. It not only mentions Amon, but also mentions the names of Anu, Enlil, An-Ra, Horus, Seth, etc., and clearly explains why there is such a temple here. .The people in these caravans also believe in gods or profess to believe in gods, and the kingdoms they are in have also fought with each other in the name of gods, but these people are not clear. They are the statue of God Amon lying in front of the sand dune. Of course, the old man didn't talk about the origin of the gods they believed in today.

     But Amon could hear the off-strings in the story. Although the old man did not fully explain the identity of God Amon, he clearly had a vague hint. This old man is not an ordinary person. Amon can see that he has passed the endless Test and has the Ninth Level achievement of original power. At the same time, Amon also knew that he would not know oneself, and he had not seen Amon in the life cycle experience that this old man could witness.

     Therefore, the story told by the old man is just a legend in the world, containing his oneself wise understanding and thinking. When the old man finished telling the story, he turned around but was surprised to find that sand dune and the audience were gone, and the surroundings became another world inexplicably. He was standing in front of a palace on a high mountain. The long steps in front of the palace stretched like a glacier into the clouds and mist in the deep valley.

     The gate of the palace was open, but the magnificent palace was not seen through the gate. It was a valley surrounded by peaks, as if it were a world of its own. A young man stood in front of the palace, looking at him with a smile on his face.The old man's reaction was quite calm, and he had recovered in amazement. He recognized that this young man had just stood in front of him and listened to the story. At that moment, it must be the method used by this man. He saluted: "Which god are you, why did you meet me like this?"

     Amon smiled and said, "Old man, I just show you a realm while speaking at the same time."

     The old man squinted his eyes and said: "I have never seen you before, but I think you are very familiar!"

     Amon looked at him and said: "Everything in this world always has something that seems familiar, and it's normal to feel familiar, not to mention that you are telling a story just now, and I am the person in the story. I walked past the Temple again and heard Oneself has become a story. After so many years of cultivating in the world, the moment you finish telling the story, I will say thank you!

     Amon's thanked him, and the scene in front of the old man returned to normal immediately. He was still standing beside the ruins of the Temple in the sand dune, with the people who had just listened to the story in front of him, and Amon had disappeared.

     ... Metatro broke through the golden fairy realm, which is the Archangel in Paradise, but he has not yet completed the final step of verification. Because Amon is not in Paradise, Amon has not yet integrated the world created by Metatro with oneself Paradise. This is a symbol of Archangel. Angels are waiting for the return of God Amon.Metatro is the last Eternal Transcendence of Amon's undesired disciples, but is now the fourth Archangel after Themis, Michael, and Gabriel, and he is still the leader of Angels. On this day, Angels had a familiar feeling inexplicably, as if their god returned to Paradise, but did not see Amon's appear.

     At the end of the grasslands and hills of Paradise, a rainbow appeared on the top of the distant mountain. This is not a rainbow on earth, but the eternal brilliance of Paradise. The voice of Amon's call was heard in the soul of Angels. It was not a language but a kind of Information, because the words God Amon wanted to tell Angels could not be fully expressed in words, and could barely describe it-maybe he was leaving, or saying that Not to leave, but to exist in an incomprehensible style.

     An Angel asked, "My god, Amon, will you never see you again?"

     Amon explained in his soul: "No, this eternal Paradise is just like me. If you have the guidance of Paradise in your heart, you will be with me. If you have me in your heart, you can see me at any time; there is God in your heart, and Paradise can naturally Seeing God is like this rainbow. That is the God in faith and the me in your heart. I have never left."After saying this, there was a song in Paradise—"Look, I hung my bow on the cloud, marking a covenant with the earth. When I stepped on the clouds and hung a rainbow, I set up with you, and The vows of all living beings on the earth. May the torrential flood never return, and whenever a rainbow falls on the clouds, please remember my eternal vow with all living beings..."

     This was originally the song that Amon sang after killing Hermes and breaking Aphrodite into Samsara, but now it sounds in Paradise, as if it was also making a contract with Angels, or an indestructible guide. .

     The singing gradually faded away, Amon's trace disappeared, but an eternal rainbow appeared in Paradise. The disciples seemed to be able to detect that the rainbow was transformed by the golden light integrated into Amon's body and mind, that is, Amon's body and mind and Paradise were one.

     When Angels saw Rainbow, they had their own understanding. For example, Metatro suddenly understood one thing-at this time he could verify the Archangel. Metatro sat down under the rainbow, and Paradise immediately changed strangely. The high mountain seemed to stretch, and the grasslands and hills at the foot of the mountain became more expansive, just like the mountains and waters of his hometown, Babylon's.After seeing this scene, Angels came back to their senses, and their gods were indeed different from before. I think that when Themis came to Paradise, Amon unfolded his soul before fusing the world created by Themis. But now Amon does not show up like that, but the kingdom of Angel is naturally integrated with the world created by Metatro, just as Amon is still here, or wherever he is, the guidance of his body and mind has become eternal.

     Since then, the world has never seen Amon again, but he is there. I have never seen God Amon in Paradise again, but the temple in my heart can still witness his existence. As for where Amon himself is, there seems to be no difference.

     In Paradise, Celia-Ruoshui asked Michael-Larus one day: "Your brows are frowned. Are you looking at things in the world? When looking at the rainbow in Paradise, have you heard God answering your confusion? "

     Michael replied: "When I see the world and look back at Paradise's rainbow, I can often hear the sighs of God."

     Celia asked again, "What is God sighing for?"

     Michael: "God told me that there is no heresy in his eyes. The radiance of Paradise illuminates the light in the heart, and the whole life cultivates perfection. They are all the people of Paradise. Because of selfish desires, the righteous believers are destroyed, no matter what name he uses. Will fall."This was indeed Amon's heartfelt voice, or the sigh of the gods in his heart when Michael saw the rainbow in Paradise, because Amon didn't say this personally before he left.

     ...So where did Amon go? Did he merge into Unliving and Unying to become a true eternity, or to become a rainbow in Paradise? Yes or no, he may still appear in the world in various identities, it may be a certain person, or it may be a variety of different creatures, it may be a lifetime witness, or it may be a cycle of several lifetimes.

     If you can really meet, or you don't know who he is, or he doesn't know who you are, or he doesn't know who you are, or you don't know who you are, in short, it is very mysterious.

     For example, there is a river in remote Kunlun. Its name is the Yangtze River. There was a rare creature in the Yangtze River called the Baiji Dolphin. Amon once reincarnated and appeared in the world as a baiji dolphin. It felt like a spirit cultivated for a hundred years, but was finally trapped in the net of people. It was the last baiji dolphin in the world. This unfortunate Baiji dolphin's soul was reborn as a person again. He is now a pure and brilliant young man, his name is Bai Shaoliu.

     What is Amon doing this for? No one knows the mystery, but the mystery is in it. Has he verified his vow, or is he still on the way to verify? Everything is wonderful.-End of the text of "Tianshu"-Postscript: Today's story is about the 2012th year after Jesus was born. A beautiful island surrounded by blue seas and blue sky and tens of thousands of waves of waves. The island’s scenery is like silver-rimmed green, verdant and lush trees grow on the hills, and there is a white silver sand beach by the beach.

     There is a tall palm plant on the edge of the silver beach, and the dense canopy spreads out like a canopy. There is an exquisite tall crystal plate under the tree, which seems to be polished from a single piece of flawless crystal. It is more than half a person tall, and the thin crystal column is spread out in an arc at the upper and lower ends, and the top is a disc, which contains a shallow dish of clear water.

     It is the fountain of youth that Jumang condensed in the Garden of Roses back then, but for some reason it appeared here, and it has been placed in good condition. It is said that drinking the water in that plate can make you youthful forever.

     There is a small wooden house at the foot of the mountain not far from this palm tree. It is simple but exquisite. It was constructed of precious smoked songwood, with a tasteless fragrance that can soothe the soul. It has also been treated with a strange Magic Technique. Water and fire will not invade, immortal for thousands of years.In front of the steps of the wooden house, three people were talking. The man in the middle was dressed in a Tang suit with silver silk on the temples and silver silk embroideries and gold-rimmed sleeves. His name was Feng Junzi. On the left is a woman with long wavy golden hair. She is tall and slender. Her facial features have the beauty of Western classical style. Her name is Aftena. On the right is a young guy with a beautiful face and a bright smile in the sun. He is Bai Shaoliu.

     They somehow ran to this island away from the crowds and the center of the ocean to chat. Junzi Feng talked for a long time about the "famous" and "unknown" that Taishang said; Bai Shaoliu listened seriously, but didn't interrupt; Aftena just looked at Junzi Feng with a gentle smile, and didn't know her. Are you listening?

     Feng Junzi talked for a long time, but did not respond except for the sound of waves blowing in the sea breeze. He felt a little bored, and finally stopped talking and stretched out.

     Bai Shaoliu asked: "Is Mr. Feng tired? Why not stop and talk about something else? I ask you to sing tonight, OK?"

     Feng Junzi's eyes lit up: "Xiaobai, you are such a good boy! Would you like me to walk in the clouds?"

     Aftena interjected: "Do you still need to find a place to sing? This blue sea, blue sky and silver beach is not suitable for you to sing?"Feng Junzi's face was solemn, and he nodded and said: "Yes, Ana, you are too right, let's sing here!" Then he really sang a hymn--"Even if people are no longer loyal , We remain loyal.

     Our team will always stand in this land, and the depiction of a better era has awakened our youth.

     In an era of virtue and pride in sacrifice, we will always be with you and never surrender.

     Please trust us, just as you trust the oak tree and Yueyue of ‘umhmm’.

     The hearts of all brothers will eventually be bright and transparent, and they will love each other again and confess to the Lord.

     All heroes fight for the realization of their dreams. When they win, Satan will make a new list of our enemies.

     We also shape oneself in this way, in this era.

     You can not believe us, if we lose our dreams and glory, the quiet stars in the night sky please testify to our loyalty.

     When all the brothers are silent or change their beliefs, at that time, we will never lose our hearts like those people. We will preach in the name of ‘um um um’..."

     The singing sounded far away in the sea breeze, but Bai Shaoliu blinked. Aftena couldn't help smiling and said, "Gentleman Feng, you are out of tune!"Feng Junzi also laughed and said: "I have never found a tune for this kind of song. Where else can I run?"

     Bai Shaoliu said: "Mr. Feng has always been good at originality, and he can sing the taste of oneself in any song. But there is one place I didn't understand. What does the ‘um um um’ in that song mean?"

     Feng Junzi like a smile yet not a smile said: "That is a fill in the blanks. People can fill in any nouns according to oneself's needs, such as God Amon, Allaha, Egypt, Babylon, Hittites, Assyria, Bosi, Sidon, Maro, Strolling in the clouds, blue sea and blue sky, etc. etc. Xiaobai, have you really never heard this song?"

     Bai Shaoliu replied honestly: "I haven't heard it. It should be a hymn, but it's not in the "Bible" I have read. I still read too few books, but I just feel familiar."

     Aphrodite said: "Xiaobai, you haven't heard this song, it's actually normal. Let me tell you, it is the military song of the Nazi SS. The song sung by Feng Junzi is in the original word. It's'Germany', now you understand what's going on, right?"

     Bai Shaoliu was taken aback for a while, and finally sighed: "That's it, this is really a wonderful irony! This hymn itself is really well written!"

     [End of Book]