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0 Chapter Directory 742 Six Weddings, The End Of The Series
    Chinese Name: 生肖守护神  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Xiao ^ said ^ no ads ~ ~ Net n Zha Ge Lu smiled bitterly: Because this is me to host the wedding, I do not want to host the wedding for the first time, it will be destroyed. Me and Ru Yue, and several other brides And the groom are good friends. Mr. Long, can you please sell me a face."

    Zhang Xinyu hesitated and said flatly: "No, I'm sorry, Master, for the happiness of my daughter, I must take her away. I don't know how she was blinded by the kid named Qi Yue, but I never Allow my daughter to corrupt the house."

    Zha Ge Lu frowned slightly. At this time, the temperature in the hall suddenly dropped suddenly, and even Ruyuedi's face also changed. Zhang Xinyudi's words were a bit heavier. Others didn't know who Qi Yue was, and everyone at the venue who didn't know? What did Qi Yue do for the ball? How much has been done? How many times have you been born like this, and you have turned the tide. At this time, you are so evaluated. Zhang Xinyu also seems to feel wrong. At this time, Qi Yue spoke, and his face was still a bit of a helpless smile, facing the people around him. Dao: "What are you doing? Today is my happy day, you don't want to destroy the atmosphere." As he said, he had walked to Zhang Xinyu and respectfully politely said: "My father-in-law, I think, we have some misunderstandings. Let’s do this. The wedding is suspended. Ruyue and I will explain it to you first. How?Ru Yue secretly relieved her breath, Qi Yue did so and suspended the wedding, which has given her parents a great deal of ground. After all, Qi Yue’s position in Yanhuangdi can be so rational during the wedding. It’s not easy. Ru Yue Looking at Qi Yue, Qi Yue is also looking at her. They look at each other with a smile. "No, there is nothing to explain. Like the moon, let's go." Hai Ruyue's temper can be said to be completely inherited Since his father’s place, even stubbornness is the same. So, at this time Zhang Xinyu fully showed his stubbornness. The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. What else can Qi Yue say? He can’t always tell his father-in-law that, in fact, I just saved the ball, so it’s okay to marry a few more wives. Just then, the voice outside suddenly sounded, "Chairman arrives."

    Around the door, the people separated to the two sides. Under the crowds, an old man in his sixties walked in from the outside. The old man was spirited and looked handsome. It was the chairman of Yan Huang Republic. The chairman did not know Something has changed at the wedding. As soon as I saw Qi Yue, my eyes lit up, and I hurried up and took the initiative to hold Qi Yue's hands and smiled: "Mr. Qi, congratulations, today is Mr. Qi Daxi Earth days. I know you don’t lack anything, so I can only take a look and eat by the way. Mr. Qi won’t mind it.”

     Qi Yue hurriedly replied: "How could it be? It is an honor for the chairman to come."

    The chairman smiled and said: "Yesterday. I heard the living Buddha say he was coming to preside over the wedding for you. How about this? I will be the host for you." > In addition to Qi Yue and six wives and ten Zodiac Guardian God fighters, there is a person. This guy looks very young and looks very handsome. At this time, he is wrapped around Mo Duan, typically a pair It’s frustrating and frustrating. It’s not someone else, it’s Lao Niu. It turned out that after Pan Gu and Nu Wa told Qi Yue everything that day. They left Lao Niu, in order not to let Lao Niu play tricks, they Please ask Qi Yue to collect Lao Niu as an order again, but this time, it’s a real messenger. At least, Lao Niu has absolutely no strength to leave Qi Yue. Lao Niu is very happy. One thing is that he is the same as Qi Yue, he also He doesn't want to leave the ball. He has already adapted to the life of the ball, not to mention, he already has a mind in his heart, that is, he beat him with a punch. So after Qi Yue came back, he began to deal with the ball. Lightly launched the crazy crazy exclusive pursuit, if not everyone knows what he was like. I'm afraid no one can imagine that the powerful oxen king exists like this, and chasing the girl to be so persistent, but Mo Mo is not at all Ignore him, so he is still struggling. At this time, the wine has almost drunk. Yan Xiaoyi stands up and laughs loudly. Today is the day when you and your sister-in-law are overjoyed. Well, we have prepared two programs, as long as you are finished, we will let you go, let you cave. How about? "Qi Yue glanced at the side that had been completely stunned. Zhang Xinyu couldn’t help but feel happy, he said, it was really time for the chairman to come, and Mr. Rice cooked mature rice. Let’s talk again.

    Zhang Xinyu was really sluggish. The appearance of the Living Buddha had filled his heart with horror, and at this time, the chairman had also appeared at the wedding scene. Moreover, it seemed that the chairman treated Qi Yue as if it were an equal way. It will appear on a young man in his twenties. Zhang Xinyu calmed down at this time and thought that her daughter had always had her eyes above the top. She could choose the land, wouldn't it be ordinary people?

    "This brother, how about we take a step." A majestic voice rang beside Zhang Xinyu. Zhang Xinyu turned around and saw an old man in military uniform standing beside him. He saw the ground first. There are three shining gold stars on the old man’s shoulders, and he can’t understand what the representative is. "You are?" Zhang Xinyu subconsciously used a respectful speech. Ji Changming smiled: "I am another father-in-law of Qi Yue, We will be considered relatives in the future. Let me tell you something. If you still want to take Ruyue to leave after listening to me, no one will stop you."

     Qi Yue raised her eyebrows? Are you going to provoke? "

    Yan Xiaoyi Hey hey smile but the last chance, we all will not give up the land. Boss, today is your happy day, this room is the rules, you can not break the rules! "

     Qi Yue said helplessly: "Well, what do you want me to do?"The Zodiac Guardian God soldiers looked at each other, and they all showed a terrible look. Hu Guang, like a trick, took out a suit from behind. Threw it to Qi Yue. Qi Yue took it over and saw that it was What is a man's vest and red underwear. You will not let me put on this." Qi Yue was dumbfounded. Yan Xiaoyi smiled and drew a stack of hundred dollar bills from his arms, "Boss, like this, you just put on this body and then run Go out and change all the money into coins, even if you pass the first level."

    We want to play me! Qi Yue looked at everyone with tears and laughs. Yan Xiaoyi said righteously: "Boss, it is because of difficulties, so you have to bravely face it!" Only in this way can you prove your deep love for the six sisters-in-law. Boss, you are not going to back down."

    The old man said aside in time: "How come? Qi Yue and I didn't flinch when fighting the ground, let alone this gadget. I bet that Qi Yue's character, even energy, will not be used. You can do this easily. It’s too pediatric. Qi Yue, do you mean it?"


     Yi An stuffed Qi Yue with a red cloak, "Boss, the heart is not as good as action, hurry up.** It's too short!"

     Qi Yue glanced around from the crowd and gritted her teeth: These kids are waiting for me. See how I can clean up you later."

    Hummer smiled and said: "I will talk about it later, go quickly."

    Qi Yue ran away when he changed into a human costume. He remembered when he went out. In order that no one would disturb him in the country, there were no buildings at all within tens of kilometers around it, let alone no one. Without energy is a fool, I fly ...An hour later, Qi Yue finally came back. Actually, it didn’t take so long to use his strength. It was only on the road that he was treated as perverted ten times and met with the police six times. A lot of time. Looking at the big bag of coins, looking at Qi Yue in human clothes, Zodiac fighters can't help laughing. "Enough is enough. I can go to the room." Qi Yue no matter what they laugh, * * The earth's eyes have looked at his six wives. When he thought about the big sleep, he had forgotten the land affairs just now. After all, his face is not as thick as usual. "Boss, you seem to have forgotten. Half of it! How can I call the Dongfangdong in the cave?"

     Qi Yue looked at Xiaoyi, who was talking to Yan, and compared her fist. "Xiaoyi, do you want to be full of peach blossoms again? Then again, you just made a perverted idea like this. Be careful that you can't take care of yourself in life."

    Yan Xiaoyi hurriedly compensated and said with a smile: Of course not, this time, it was carried out in your cave, it’s okay."

     Qi Yue's face relaxed a little, and he snorted almost."

    Surrounded by the crowd, he finally entered the cave. When Qi Yue saw the huge bed, which occupied almost 20 square meters of bed, who couldn’t help but who designed the blood flow backflow, it was really cool. Next, Qi Yue remarked: "Xiaoyi, let's say, what do you want me to do?"

    Yan Xiaoyi, hey, smile, boss, you and your sister-in-laws should first get under the covers. You wear so little land, don’t catch a cold."Qi Yue glanced at Yan Xiaoyi with satisfaction, and thought, this is a good brother, knowing your boss, I was in a hurry to go to bed. In the eyes of the Zodiac warriors, Qi Yue finally came on with his six wives shyly His long-awaited big bed. The Zodiac Guardian God looked at each other, Hu Guang said: "It is possible to start. Boss, we are not difficult for you. You only have to throw out nine hundred and eighty-one clothes from the bed. You have passed the level. Both your land and your siblings will do. The India-China land does not count."

    There are so many? "The brides have all been replaced with traditional Yanhuang cheongsam. Even if there are underwear inside, no one will ever have three pieces. Qi Yue himself is only three pieces. There are only twenty-one pieces for seven people, and eighty-one places. There is too much difference. "Not enough! It's hard to do." Hu Guang pretended to be embarrassed. Qi Yue wasn't angry. "What else do you want?" "

     Hu Guang laughed and said: "It's very simple, the clothes are not enough, so I'll fix it with hair."

    Yue Yizheng. Yan Xiaoyi said with a bad smile: "Yes, it is hair, and, below the waist, ten hairs are required to wear a dress."

    Who are the bad guys who came up with the idea? "

    "For the sister-in-law, you bear it."

     Qi Yue looked at her six wives, and when she saw the ground, she looked pitifully hairy! In my day, there are still 60 pieces left. You need 600 hairs...

     Qi Yue's earthly life has finally begun.