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0 Chapter Directory 1442 Chapter 129 Intercepting The Emperor, Metaphysical Body, Virgin Bizi
    Chinese Name: 幻想世界大穿越  Author: 辰一十一(Chén yīshíyī, Morning 11)
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After the dragon car entered the Nantian Gate, Fan Wuluo drove the dragon to stop, walked out of the dragon car and stood on the frame, bowed to the phoenix car where the woman was riding and said: "The younger brother is the new lady of Lishan Brother Shi, this time I took my sister’s frame to bring friends to visit Tianting, but was stopped outside the Tianmen Gate. Thank you, sister, for leading us into customs!"

    "Your friend is the Emperor Zimu under the gate of Emperor Donghua?" The woman smiled and said: "He has caused a lot of trouble. I heard a lot in the lower realm. His emperor, the emperor, is willing to be with the lower realm. The little demon is in love. The women in the tribe have heard that they say he dares to love and hate, it is a love!"

    "It's not bad reputation... Unfortunately, Donghua Emperor's monarchy is rigorous, your friend was caught back, I'm afraid there is no good fruit!"

    Fan Wujie hurriedly hit the snake with the stick and said: "I still don't know the origin of my sister's name. Go back and give it to the sister. In the future, I will return the sister's gratitude today!"

    The woman stood on top of the phoenix car and looked at Brahma without loosing. She secretly said: "What a handsome boy!" She immediately felt good-hearted and smiled: "I am a servant, a famous man, and the two of us have old friendships , I used to go there often to the Mother of Lishan...... But then I grew older and was busy with tribes. I haven’t gone much in these years!"

    "But I don't know when the Madonna received such a small teacher."

    The woman's eyes turned: "But your mouth is sweet, bluffing the Virgin Mary to accept the disciples?"

    Fan Wuxiao made a wry smile and said: "It was all for the fate of the previous life, and I was not proud of the Virgin Mary."At this moment, the woman did not dare to laugh, she was surprised: "Brother turned out to be a reincarnation? Madonna...... Yes! Madonna has another real body, a great career, she taught a lot of teachers and sisters, because of a big There have been a lot of robberies. If the younger brother is really a virgin teacher, it would be a great background."

    "It is also that the goalkeeper will not know the other origin of the Virgin, otherwise he will never dare to block his brother."

    Although it was said on the face, the woman knew that there was a large number of generations who did not serve as the virgin mother. Many of the palace guests who heard the aisle in the Biyou Palace all claimed to be disciples, but the gateway to the heavenly master was vast and their minds were wide. Broad, recognize them. Among the cut-offs, there are three schools and nine schools, and the good and bad are uneven. Most of the cut-offs have a discussion with her peers, and her status is not unbearable.

    But it never occurred to me that this younger brother of Brahma Wujie was actually of such a great origin that he had cut off the teaching master. Otherwise, where would she dare to recognize this "sister", and would have claimed herself as a junior!

    Can Master Duobao compare with the three thousand red dust passengers Shi Shi, Lu Yue, Liu Huan, and Li Ping?

    Disciplined disciples are all known for their extensive friendships, so Fan Wujie called her sister. Although she was a junior to Lishan Our Lady, she was willing to accept it because of the custom of interception.

    Otherwise, they would teach disciples to travel around the world, and be called brothers and brothers with the scattered monsters of the world, aren't these people only one generation lower than the Master Tongtian, and have become many powerful elders?

    The reason why Yuanshi Tianzun was so fierce in cutting off education in those days did not necessarily have no reason for cutting off such teachings.What is the corner of Yuanshi Tianzun's eyes, how can he afford those people of the nine generations to repair monsters? His younger brother Tong Tianjiao had a mess of disciples. He was already very dissatisfied with Yuanshi Tianzun. Anyone with a scale and a horn can be called a brother of Daozi and Guangchengzi and Chijingzi. Although the Xuanmen is vast, but the rigor is strict, many of these disciples of the teaching disciples are not good people, and they break the Xuanmen's atmosphere.

    Most of the battles of the gods that year were deliberately clearing the Xuanmen portal.

    Guang Chengzi talked about Daoxing, but he was the first person in Xuan Men. It was the most outstanding generation among the four great brothers of Xuanmen. When it was too Yiji, Yuan Yu rushed to the Zixiao Palace and had seen the bell ringer in the Zixiao Palace from afar.

    People like Styx can naturally enter Zixiao Palace without other heads and ends.

    For Yuanlu and other Daluo, Guangchengzi needed to be introduced to enter the palace. In this way, the great supernatural power does not say him. Below the great supernatural power, it is up to Guangchengzi to decide whether he can make a return to Zixiao Palace The Chinese customer, Yuan Yuneng, got the chance, but it still took the face of the brother Xuanmen. Yuan Yu has always said that he is a middle-men of Xuan Men, just because of his acquiescence from Guang Chengzi, and he was admitted to the palace of Zi Xiao by Zhao Gongming. Therefore, although Yuan Yu had the best relationship with Zhao Gongming, Guang Chengzi was the best His leader.

    Yuan Yu whispered in the ear of Fan Wujie: "She is actually a clan of the aunt!""But it is! You saw that she was a woman, but I saw "Xuan"......" Yuan Yu's right hand portrayed a "Xuan" scripture, one left and one right, and two strings with an S shape. Intertwined together to form a pattern that resembles a double helix and a gourd shape, this is the mystery of'Xuan'. "

    "One yin and one yang is the way, the yin and yang string is the mystery!"

    "This is the human body sacred body. Unlike our moral training practitioners, the human body sacred body only needs to grow naturally, and the great achievements of the sacred body are natural monarchs. The sacred body comes from the witch, and the sacred body is the great witch. Of course the sacred body There are strong and weak, and tyrannical holy bodies, such as the inheritance of the twelve ancestors and witch tribes, and Dacheng is a figure who steps on Da Luo."

    "This is just the natural ability of the Great Witch. If you practice in the Great Witch's way, there will be no shortage of tortured characters like Chi Tian, Chi You, Hou Yi and Kua Fu. They passed through the practice of the day after tomorrow, and the Holy Body made breakthroughs to create their own. Physique, then there is the Xingtian Eucharist, the Jiuli Catholic Eucharist, the Sun Shooting Eucharist, and the Sun-day Eucharist."

    "Of course, the holy character with the great Holy Body and the characteristics of Da Luo is also rare in the era of Maori."

    "It must be the blood lineage passed down by the Twelve Ancestor Witches, and only the leader of the Zuwu Tribe has such a bloodline. Now that the Wu people are integrated into the blood line of the human race, it is almost impossible to see this kind of natural sacred! The bloodline of the human body is also integrated into the human race to achieve the twelve holy bodies... This is like mysterious body in my eyes. The holy body intertwined with dragons and snakes should be the mysterious body of the twelve holy bodies."

    "Xuansu Eucharist, the man called Xuan, Tai Xuan Eucharist, the woman called Su, the female Eucharist."

    "Aunt's Protoss, Prime Minister's Body...I think I know her origin!"Fan Wujie sat in the car, slightly startled: "Which lady is that?"

    "Aunts, Yuns, collectively referred to as Yunshou!" Yuan Yu did not speak bluntly, but turned his head and talked about the origin of the Ancestral Clan.

    "Yunsong... This is the name of the Flinren, it is the descendant of the Flint-the Flint is the surname of the wind, and is divided into ten parts: one is the Tianxiong Department, two is the Tianqi Department, three is the Tianyi Department, and four is The Hexiong Department, the fifth is the Tianyang Department, the sixth is the Tianyin Department, the seventh is the Migratory Bird Department, the eight is the Migratory Insect Department, the nine is the Thunderstorm Department, and the ten is the Emperor Department." Fan Wujie surprised.

    "The ten surnames of the wind are one of the origins of my blood. They are too old. Huaxu, Nuwa, Fuxi, Taihao, Shaohao, Hexu, Qiu, Lei Ze , Panhu's and Bitzi's are all from the surname of the wind. Among them, the emperor's department has Fuxi, the descendant of the Xi emperor, the thunderstorm department has the Reze, the migratory department has the panhu, the migratory bird has the Shaohao, and the Tianyang There are Huaxu's, Tianyou (yin) part has Nuwa's, Hexiong part has Bizi's, Tianqi part has Furen's, Tianxiong part has Taihao's!"

    "The ten surnames of the wind, the hundred surnamed Ji, and the surnamed Jiang surnamed Lishan, are the origins of the inheritance of the human race, the orthodox of the three emperors and the five emperors."

    Fan Wuluo moved with indignity: "That lady is the Empress Madam Wa? Yes! My sister is an archaic primitive, one of the ancestors, and it is of course to have friendship with the Empress Wa Empress..."

    Yuan Yu knocked on Brahma's head and shook his head and said with a smile: "What do you want? Although the wives did have some relationship with the Emperor Wa, I said that this woman has a human body sacred body, but it is a female sacred body. Witches are mixed blood. Although the Wu people are also one of the origins of the human blood, how can the Nuwa descendants have the blood of the Wu people?""Xu is a marriage, mixed blood!"

    "Although the oldest tribe of the human race, in order to inherit the Pangu orthodox and continue the inheritance of the Wu clan, most of them are mixed with the Wu clan, but other clans may have mixed blood lines, only the Nuwa clan will not, the emperor Wawa is the Nuwa clan. The greatest pride, how could they mix the human lineage? The Nuwa Cultivation is certainly the purest and the deepest inheritance of the god body. When you open the God's possession, you will never take the path of the Great Witch of the Eucharist, otherwise Nuwa Da Wu, isn't that a big joke?"

    "Although there are twelve ancestors and witches, there are factions among the twelve ancestors and witches. Dijiang, Houtu and Zhujiuyin are the three leaders of the ancestors and witches. Complicated, during the battle for creation of human beings, the Wu people almost became one of the orthodox origins of the human race. Therefore, among the human races, the inheritance of any emperor may be of mixed blood of the Wu people, and only the Emperor Wa can never be !"

    "The ten surnames of the wind are mostly pure blood of the human race... Among them, the one with the deepest connection with the witch, is it not obvious at a glance?"

    Fan Wujiao bowed his head for a moment, and suddenly raised his head and suddenly said: "Biz...Yes! Among the twelve ancestors and wits, there is no Suiren, but Panzi is one of the twelve ancestors. There is an inheritance of ancestors and witches, which must come from the Cuz clan. The Flinren and the Buz clan have a blood alliance, which is the joint male department."

    "The surname of the wind, the girl-in-law, must be the witch of the Hexiong Department."

    "She is the surname of the wind, the servant, the servant of Hexiong..."Yuan Yu nodded and said: "Bez is an ancient holy king of the human race, but Zu Wu Zui is more prestigious, so after the reincarnation of Dijiang, there were bears and Xuanyuan was the emperor. In order to wash away the marks of the Wu people, Kuzi The other half of the lineage of the Flint Emperor was used as the source, and it was renamed Yunshi and Jieshi. The men are Yun and the women are Yunzi. They are the Yunzu Protoss!"

    "That lady is not someone else, or the old Saint King Bizi, who was knotted in the ropes and knotted in the past."

    "It is also the emperor of the twelve ancestors, the ancestors!"

    "The origin of the Xuansu Eucharist is the Pewish Eucharist. At that time, the Mother of Pewz rubbed her skin as a rope, of which the single strand was "Xuan", the two-strand composite was "Zi", and the three-strand composite was called "Suo". , Also known as prime. The ancestors of the human race, the earliest recorded the avenue with a rope, they knotted the rope, recorded the mystery of the avenue, the first practice method."

    "In the past, Taishang Laozi, the reason he called the path of cultivation, called Xuanmen, is because Xuanmen originated from the ancient ancestors' knots and explored the course of the avenue."

    Yuan Yu wrote an esoteric essay on the word "Xuan" in the void, and two mysterious patterns of one Yin and one Yang were intertwined and knotted, revealing the original, most simple appearance of the Avenue... One Yin and One Yang is the way!

    "Princess Madonna is mysterious and originates from my ancestral door. Therefore, the virgin mother has a unique status in the mysterious door, that is, the ancient ancestor of the human race, the orthodox origin of the three emperors and the five emperors, and also the ancestor of my mysterious door. God! Xuan! Female!"

    Fan Wujie's body shook slightly, and then calmed down quickly. He murmured: "So that lady is Zu Wuxi, the holy king of the human race, the mother of the gods, and the Xuanmen Jiutian mysterious girl!""Sister Sister really has a wide range of friends. This class... big guys actually have friendships!"

    Nine Heavens Mysterious Girl... and also known as: Emperor Xuan, Wang Su, Su Nu, Xu Nu, Emperor Bizi. They were the characters who taught the Emperor and practiced enlightenment for the Emperor. The relationship between the emperor and the emperor was complicated, and it was one of the twelve ancestors and witches. During the period of the ignorant human race, the ancestor who pioneered the way of cultivation, Laozi also inherited his legacy.

    Even Xuanmen was named because it was a mystery for the Madonna.

    Fan Wujian could imagine how Lao Tzu, the founder of Xuan Men, was groping for knotted ropes at the beginning of his enlightenment, exploring the mysteries of the heavens and the earth recorded by his ancestors, leaving the words of Xuan Zhi Xuan, the door of all mysteries.

    Jiutian Xuannv, the position among Xuanmen, is the ancestor.

    The Virgin Mary is in the human race and is the origin of the Three Emperors, the teacher of the Yellow Emperor, the wife of the Flint Emperor, and the ancient female Saint King.

    Zu Wu Kui Zi is one of the twelve ancestors of the Wu people.

    Therefore, the bloodline she left is called Xuansu Holy Body, which is the Orthodox of the Human Race, the Orthodox of the Wu Clan, the Orthodox of the Pangu, and the Protoss of the Heavenly Court. Such a person, such a great power, Hugh said that a little Ziyang emperor is the emperor Zhuan Xu who kissed her face. She didn't give face, what can Zhuan Xu do? This is the ancestor!

    Yuan Yu and Fan Wujie smiled relatively bitterly. For them, this is also the ancestor!

    As a human race, people are the source of blood, and the ancient holy king must have flowed the blood of Virgin Mary. As a disciple of Xuanmen, Jiutian Xuannv is also the ancestor of Xuanmen, and the characters of Sanqing and his peers. Before Xuanmen, she explored the avenue of spiritual practice. The patriarch who laid the foundation for Xuanmen, she could not recognize Xuanmen, but Xuanmen had to recognize her.Fan Wuluo only knew that people's wives weren't really Gao Pan, but that Mother Virgin had originally handed over to Mother Lishan. He smiled bitterly: "The heavens are indeed lying tigers and hiding dragons. Our identity is really true. Not enough to watch!"

    "Xuansu Holy Body is close to the Avenue, which is the most suitable system for the cultivation of Xuanmen Avenue. Xuanmen Avenue already has the foundation of the ancestor. Therefore, this body also contains the most essential foundation of Xuanmen Avenue." Yuan Yu some Red eyes said: "If I were the Xuansu Eucharist... No, as long as I touch one side, I awaken a little bit of the Xuansu Eucharist's essence, and the path of spiritual practice will not be so bumpy."

    "The mysterious body of mysterious element can form mysterious element, and the mysterious heaven and earth avenue can be turned into mystery.

    "How does the Xuansu Holy Body grow and regardless, if it is practiced, it can form a mystery of fundamental life, also known as spiritual roots, spiritual cables, and all the numbers in the practice will be knotted in the form of life. Going to the knot, you can understand the ins and outs of the robbery, and you can use the robbery to practice. Every time you untie a knot, you will be able to understand the mystery of many avenues, the mysterious and the mysterious, the door of all mysteries."

    "Through the mysterious robbery and unlocking the mysterious knot, you can open the door to all the wonders, as soon as you can understand the magic power, take the heaven and earth avenue as a teacher, and don't need the help of pre-humanitarianism."

    "Xuansu Holy Body does not need any guidance, just rely on a mystery, keep making robbery, knotting on the mystery, and then untied one by one, through the number of robbery. Every time through the robbery, a knot is untied, Understand the Yifen Avenue, from which you can learn countless truths, and magical powers are self-contained. Because the practice is so convenient, the robbery is converted into practice, so the Tai Xuan Holy Body, the Su Nu Holy Body is also called the door of all mysteries by our Xuanmen. ""It is said that the Eucharist's Eucharist, if it is a pair of monks, can use the root of the female nun to produce one of its own mysteries. Only double cultivation can make a knot, and the two parties of the two cultivations confirm each other, one is yang and the other is yin, but it is to open the mysterious door and take the shortcut to the Supreme Avenue."

    "The method of Su Nu Shuang Xiu is the Su Nu Jing, which is said to be made by the Emperor of Heaven."

    "How about...Is your heart moving?" Yuan Yu smirked and raised his eyebrows at Fan Wujie. Fan Wujie swallowed and shook his head hurriedly, "Dare not dare, how dare you kid..." Fan Wujie Somehow, there was a faint palpitation in his heart, which made him denounce in a hurry.

    "Tai Xuan Holy Body is the door of all the wonderful, but the Su Xian Mu body is the door of Xuan Mu."

    Yuan Yu said with a meaningful smile: "This is the double-cultivation physique that Xuan Men dreamed of. Brahma, don't regret it if you miss it!"

    Fan Wujie said with a straight face: "That sister is kind to me, it is a good intention. If she is in love with her and loves her, it is a matter of heaven and earth, and yin and yang are in harmony. Sex. But if it is for the benefit of the cultivation of the picture, the design is framed, and a bad plot is born, then who am I?

    "Be a villain!"

    Fan Wujie was upright and awe-inspiring: "Wujian didn't mean to ask for the Phoenix, please be careful!"

    Yuan Yu was right now, nodded and smiled: "I have the test meaning, but I look down on my younger brother. Although the mysterious mysterious body is infinitely mysterious, it is one of the most suitable holy bodies for my Xuanmen practice, but where More important than your heart? If you shake your heart for this, a hundred metaphysical creatures can't save you from achieving Da Luo!""However, your sister Xuansu Eucharist is close to Dacheng."

    "You can't take a peek! Speaking of your skills, you may not be comparable to others! The twelve sacred bodies, the nine great deities, the top ten demon bodies, the path of cultivation in the ancient heavenly court, it really is more than one of our mysterious gates, look at this Above the heavenly court, there are countless sacred demons, with supernatural powers, and their physiques are close to the innate gods. In the ages of the later days, the divine bodies have fallen. Many special physiques can only become a help for cultivation, and they have become a place for climbing on the way of cultivation. When the ancients were restored, the magical effect of Tongtian Avenue."

    Yuan Yu commented on the ancient avenue glimpsed in the woman---"Simple and clumsy, compared to the ingenious use in the days of the heavens, although simple and simple, it is closer to the avenue."