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0 Chapter Directory 567 The End Of The Fifty-year Reincarnation
    Chinese Name: 地狱公寓  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The devil... actually moved to that room?

     Seeing that Lian Sheng was pulled into that room, Mi Tian also rushed towards it! However, when he ran to the door, the door was locked. And the sky holding the hell contract is burning in anger!

     Actually in his own in front of one's eyes, just let a person die! If he goes on like this, he is really afraid that the following will be pulled in, it will be Mi Zhen or Li Yin! Even... he was afraid, it was raining!

     Barely calming his mind, Mi Tian knows that he can't panic now. Anyway, this floor is this size, he can always seal the devil! Thoughts arrived at this, he accelerated his pace and continued to run around the floor!

     However, it seems that because of the speed getting faster and faster, he stumbled and the whole person stumbled to the ground, the contract in his hand flew out, and flew five or six meters away in an instant!

     Mi Tian immediately wanted to chase it, however, about ten meters behind him, a door opened, and then he felt a strong suction force coming from behind, his whole person turned backwards Fly over!

     Without the contract of hell, Mi Tian in this apartment 30th stratum, naturally can only get trampled on!

     At the moment, Li Yin and Mi Zhen are also apartments hiding in a different space at the 29th level. At the moment, the two of them didn't even know that Mi Tian was struggling on the verge of life and death, not to mention that the apartment had 30th stratum.At the moment, the two can only hide in the innermost room on the 29th floor. But even so, it won't last long. The two are hiding in one room at the moment, displaying all the weapons they can find in front of them. But even so it is still useless. Although supporting the door with various furniture, it is still without any means.

      Life and Death Line, at this time, both Li Yin and Mi Zhen knew that unless a miracle appeared, the two would definitely die today. The street light went out baffling, and it was useless even if I went to light the fire again. This shows that this thing is also strictly restricted by the apartment, not a cheater at all.

     As for jumping from the 29th floor, there is no need to think about it at all, there is no viable surname at all.

     But at this time, Mi Tian is grabbing the doorknob of a door, the whole body and the ground are completely parallel! That powerful suction force made him feel extremely horrible, he could not support it for long! If you go on like this... and Li Yin and Mi Zhen are leaning against the corner at the moment, they don't know how long it will be. But at this moment, the window above his head suddenly opened wide, and one hand suddenly reached out, grabbing Li Yin's body, and then suddenly pulled him out of the 29th floor!

     Li Yin's body suddenly fell in the sky, and on the ground, a huge black hole awaited him! Then, he saw that Mi Zhen also appeared beside him and fell together!

     In the end, both of them fell into the black hole!The next moment, Mi Tian suddenly heard the sound of the wall behind him. He immediately looked at him in horror, and saw that the wall cracked again. At this moment, he had completely adapted to the darkness, and he could see it a little more clearly. After seeing the black hole, Li Yin and Mi Zhen's bodies appeared in the corridor! Then, pulled towards the door of the room!

      "No... no!"

     Mi Tian in this brief moment is almost desperate, but unfortunately the green projection avatar is already vanished, otherwise there may be a chance!

     But at this moment, suddenly a pair of slender white arms stretched out from the void, grabbed the parchment on the ground, and then suddenly threw it in the direction of the sky!

     Immediately afterwards, the master of the arm fully entered the floor! It'!

     At this moment, Mi Tian also just fell off his hand! However, he still grabbed the corner of the parchment and was sucked in! But looking back, he saw that Li Yin's body had been pulled in half, and immediately threw the parchment!

     The green body finally exposed its position and was pulled into the apartment by the devil 30th stratum! Her body at this moment is also coming here!

     When Li Yin's body entered half of the room, he finally caught the debris of the contract! At this moment, Li Yin suddenly felt the suction disappeared. In the room, he and Mizhen are both after the calamity, renewed life. Li Yin pulls Mizhen in one hand, as long as she is beside her, then with this hell contract, there will be no whats the matter!Lu Hemitian's body is no longer pulled by suction. Green stood up, and as her body, the beauty remained unchanged. She is still in a black kimono, one step at a time, the speed is very fast, and she is heading towards Li Yin and Mi Zhen.

     Mi Tian is also struggling to stand up, as long as Li Yin and Mi Zhen are within ten meters, they will be saved. However, as soon as he lifted his footsteps, he felt his body pulled back!

      "No... Sister... Save me!"

     The shouting cry made Mi Zhen turn pale with fright! She immediately ran out of the room with Li Yin and looked at the sky in the corridor, her body turned back, and a door at the end of the corridor was already open!

     That is eternal darkness.

     That is a horror that can devour all hope.

     That is despair that no life can bear.

     The devil, is the last door at the end of the corridor. Despite has not seen, the horror makes people tremble out of instinct!

     But where did Mi Zhen take care of this? To get past, as long as you approach Mi Tian and let Mi Tian enter the ten-meter range of the contract, he will be saved!

     When she rushed out of the room, she grabbed the contract and gave it to Green, saying, "Come on! Please help my brother!"

     Green took the contract, however, at this instant, Mi Tian was already drawn into the door of the room! Not only that, the wall in front was cracked again, and the bodies of Yin Ye and Yin Yu also emerged from it!

     The green figure is like a teleport, appeared in front of Yin Ye and Yin Yu! Then, the contract in her hand, the Blood Red Vortex immediately circled!Yin Ye and Yin Yu thought they were dead, but when they entered the apartment 30th stratum, they found that Green appeared in front of them with the hell contract! Next, Green looked at the front door and walked straight in!

     The devil is in this room!

     Li Yin and Mi Zhen are also rush forward! Next, all five people entered the room!

     At this moment, in the room, not a soul in sight. In the huge living room, there is no shadow at all! On the ground, a sculpture suddenly appeared, and it was the sculpture in which the four people shared the curse! As a precaution, Mi Zhen gave the carving to Mi Tian for safekeeping!

     Obviously, at the final moments of life, I knew that once I died, then Mi Zhen, Li Yin and Shen Yu would also die, so Mi Tian immediately broke the carving and canceled the co-curse.

      "No... No... impossible! It can't be like this!" Mi Zhen fell on her knees on the ground, her face full of despair!

     At this moment, Green suddenly handed over the contract to Li Yin.

     Li Yin took the contract and immediately understood it. He took a step forward and pressed the contract on the ground fiercely, growling: "die to me! Demon! Disappear forever!"

     The contract in Li Yin's hands, watching the blood red vortex constantly spinning on it, and then, suddenly, all the eyes were absolutely dark! That's not even the light of one thread, one hair, it's darkness like turning blind!

     This process lasted for about a dozen seconds, before everyone recovered their vision. The Blood Red Vortex on the Hell Contract has changed into a black circle.The devil has been sealed. Moreover, this time it was a complete seal. In the next fifty years, the Devil will never appear again.

     Yin Ye and Yin Yu stared at this scene in a daze, it was almost hard to believe all this.

     everything is over.

     At this moment, the knees down on the ground's Mi Zhen, only tears bursting out. final moments, if Mi Tian did not throw out the hell contract for her and Li Yin, he would not die now. Originally, it was myself who would die!

     Even in the face of the blood, Miya will definitely not shed tears, but at this moment, she is crying. Crying with despair.

     At that time, in front of the parents' spiritual position, he vowed to take care of his brother's Mi Zhen, and for this reason, he was young and shouldered everything. After entering the apartment, it has been mutually dependent for life, shared delights and common hardships to today. In the last of the last, I finally found the way to the blood of the devil-level, entered the apartment 30th stratum, and sealed the devil. However, Mi Tian, just left her forever.

     "Do not--------------"

     The tears of Yazhen tearing the heart and rending the lungs resounded throughout the apartment. Li Yin held her tightly in her arms, also cheeks streaming with tears. And then, the hell contract in his hand gradually became transparent, and finally, completely disappeared.

      Midnight 00:00 is here. The residents had an idea, from the apartment 30th stratum, appeared in the hall on the first floor of the apartment.

     It is no longer possible for Yajin to enter the apartment, but the 30th stratum is the exception. Soon after the devil was completely sealed, she disappeared from the apartment 30th stratum and went outside.At this moment, everyone saw that his shadow suddenly changed one by one.

     Li Yin found that his shadow became upright, and his hands seemed to hold what thing. This is exactly how the shadow changed when he entered the apartment when he was holding a job search magazine! The only difference is that the job search magazine is gone. Silver Night, Silver Feather, and Green are all like this.

     This moment has finally arrived. Li Yin yearn for sth even in one's dreams. I don't know how many times this fantasy has come. Now, he is so excited that he can't cry. In order to get to this point, the tenants who died in the apartment can be said to be too many to count. But now, he is finally no longer an apartment occupant and can leave this apartment!

     "Midnight, Kexin, Liancheng, Dr. Tang, the stars, Huangfu Gorge...and, the sky..."

     Thinking of the names of these dead residents, Li Yin's heart at the moment is really beyond description. He finally survived, and finally... fulfilled the long-cherished wish of countless residents and survived!

     As for the deep rain, she appeared in Qingtian Park at the moment beside the lake where she performed the blood of the devil. The blood word is over. And because the sculpture was destroyed, she no longer bear the curse of Li Yin, Mi Tian and Mi Zhen. At the moment, she had an idea and appeared in the hall on the first floor of the apartment.

     "It's over... finally over!" Yin Yu burst into Yin Ye's arms, crying tears of joy, "We are finally no longer an apartment occupant! Finally no longer!"

      "Un." Yin Ye caressed Yin Yu's hair. During this period, Yin Yu's hair has begun to grow. "We will be happy in the future. We will not separate again in this life!"After the deep rain appeared on the first floor hall, looking at the others, she thought that the curse was over, to everyone's delight and satisfaction, but when she saw Li Yin, she was in a very painful state, but she felt bad in her heart. At the same time, she also found that Mi Tian was not there.

     "How... What happened?" Deep rain came to Li Yin and asked, "Whats the matter happened?"

     At this time, Lu suddenly said to Li Yin: "I told Chu Mitian one thing. If the carving is deliberately destroyed, the curse shared by the four people will be concentrated on the person who broke the sculpture, and this person will bear all Curse. In other words, all the curses on you now no longer exist and are completely passed on to him. He chose to die himself."

     " said, Chu Mitian is dead?" Deep rain suddenly covered her mouth and exclaimed, Chu Mitian had an ambiguous feeling for her, she had already noticed it. Although she didn't love Chu Mitian, she was shocked when she heard that he was dead.

     At this moment, Li Yin is finally no longer an apartment occupant, the shadow curse is lifted, he from now on does not need to bear any more curse. After the curse of the underground ruins tower, all the curses (including the stone curse of Yeyougu), the curse of the three ghosts of the Xu family, and the curse of the devil... that Li Yin and Mi Zhen have encountered when entering the "hell" space are already vanished. The curse shared by the carving was borne by the dead Mi Tian alone. He knew he was going to die, so he made this decision before he died.Li Yin looked at Shen Yu and said, "Deep rain. No matter what case, you can never forget him. He saved all of us, including you. I know, he always likes you, no matter how you look at it. His, please... remember this."

     Once the devil is sealed, all the tenants in the fifty-year reincarnation process of the seal, even if the devil is resurrected after fifty years, must not hurt any one of the tenants who survived in these fifty years! Therefore, even if half of the blood in the deep rain belongs to a different space, but the Demon King is resurrected fifty years later, he can never do anything to her!

     All curses are completely vanish like smoke in thin air. everything is over.

     In the end, five people left the apartment, and Mi Zhen appeared in the original dead end. At this moment, she looked at Li Yin and others who were walking towards her. After walking out of the apartment, everyone came to the part behind the wall of the original dead end, and then turned back, they found that the apartment... disappeared. No, instead of disappearing, it is better to say that the residents will never see it again.

     All the green projection avatars have been combined with the body. She completely recovered her memory.

     Li Yin slowly walked towards Mizhen. After Mi Tian took all the curses alone, Mi Zhen could no longer take out the guide lights.

     Mi Zhen stepped forward and rushed into Li Yin's arms.

     "Li Yin...I...I..."

     This should have been a time for everyone's delight and satisfaction, but Mi Zhen was completely immersed in the sadness of losing the sky. Li Yin knows her mood, but, whatever the case, they have all survived. The road ahead is still very long."It's not your fault, Mizhen." Li Yin soothed Mizhen and said, "He chose it for you and for us. He must, I hope you can laugh all the time and live happily."

     "Am I really happy?"

     "Happiness never disappears. Live, our lives saved by Mitian, don't waste this life, and then live alive. This is the only thing we can do for Mitian."

     At this moment, Yin Ye and Yin Yu were also very emotional in their eyes. Yin Yu snuggled up to Yin Ye and said, "For so many dead people, we must be happy, Yin Ye!"

     "We, we will be happy. Certainly!" Silver Night is the same, after so much experience, finally can mortal danger, escape alive, obtain happiness, he will definitely not let go. The curse of the Golden Kingdom has completely disappeared, from now on, and doesn't have any power that can threaten the life of Silver Night and Silver Feather.

     And the deep rain, at the moment, there are mixed feelings. She finally survived, however, the stars, her parents, her life, and even the sky... were dead. She is in this world, will she still be alone?

     "Let's go." Li Yin showed a firm look at this moment, and turned back and said, "Silver night, silver feather, and deep rain, let's go together! Also, deep rain, you also leave K city with us Right. We will stay together as long as you want!"

     At this time, the deep rain showed an unbelievable look, and then she suddenly showed a happy look.As for the green, I don't know when it disappeared without trace. Her speed is naturally not something ordinary people can judge. After that, everyone in the world about World's First Poisonist will be completely erased. After all, green is also a resident. In addition, all Underground Influence, including Dream House, will also completely erase the memory of all apartment tenants (including Shangguan Mian).

     For Green, she regained her freedom a few hundred years later, and she agreed with Pu Miling.

     And she, the reason why she could not find the Demon King for hundreds of years, was because she found a special space. The apartment still left a multiple life path in the devil-level blood word, allowing her to live in that space for hundreds of years without being found by the devil.

     "Where do we go in the future?" Green talk to oneself, and then murmured: "Forget. What to do in the future, Let's talk about it later."

     The five surviving apartment residents, Li Yin, Mi Zhen, Yin Ye, Yin Yu, and deep rain, walked to the parking lot of the community and entered a car parked there in advance. They have been ready for a long time, and once they can leave the apartment, they immediately leave K city.

     Yinye took out a notebook computer from the back of the car, pressed the computer to turn on, and said, "Okay, Li Yin, please drive. I’ll book a ticket. We... leave K city as agreed in advance, and, If you go further this time, you will arrive at..."

     Li Yin understood that he started the engine, and the car quickly drove away from the cell, running fast.Five people are the last survivors of the 50-year reincarnation of the apartment. It is also the survivor of countless apartment tenants in the past fifty years. In the long history of the apartment, it can be said that it is rare for five people to leave the apartment in fifty years. However, because of this, they can leave the apartment completely, and even if they want to return to the apartment in the future, it will not be possible.

     At this moment, Mi Zhen still has tears on her face, but she also knows that she must be strong next.

     At this time, deep rain suddenly said: "Li Yin, Mi Zhen, I... thank you very much, also... Mi Tian, I also thank him. Although he has gone, but I will not forget him."

     Yin Ye also said at the moment: "Yes, so are we. Thank you and everything that Mi Tian has done for us."

     And Yin Yu beside Yin Ye, with tears in her eyes at the moment, said: "Li Yin, Mi Zhen, and the dead sky... No matter how long the past, your kindness, we will never forget, forever!"

     Hearing this, Mi Zhen caressed her chest, and then her head slightly protruded out of the car window, looking at the area behind her, and she murmured: "Goodbye... Mi Tian. For you, Li Yin and I will cherish our lives and live well."

     After reaching back into the car, Li Yin looked at Mi Zhen. The two stared at each other, everything was in silence.

     "I love you, Mizhen."

     "I love you too, Li Yin."

     Later, Li Yin looked her head forward again, stepped on the accelerator and moved towards the front... away.Behind, the community further and further, eventually, gradually vanish from sight... However, the apartment still stands in place. Fifty years of reincarnation ended, and the devil was sealed. However, a new 50-year cycle will begin again. No matter how long in the past, no matter how the human society changes, the apartment will never disappear.

     Time passed quickly, one night after one day.

     A van drove into this community. At the moment, there is a young couple in the car, there is still one little girl.

     "Is... right?" the wife of the couple said, "I heard that this house is cheaper."

     "Well, yeah. Let's take a look here. After all, a good house is too expensive. If the house is good, I will pay the down payment."

     The couple looked in their twenties, and the little girl with a pair of pigtails was so cute.

     "Xiaoqin, we are going to live in a new house, are we happy?" The wife of the couple teased the child, and then the husband drove the car in the parking lot. Ironically, it was Li Yin and others on the spot. The parking space where the car is parked.

     The husband took his daughter off the bus and said to his wife, "Yue Wen, do you know where the apartment is?"

     "Well, for the first time...why are there no security guards at the entrance of the community?" Yue Wen's woman also walked into the car door, locked the car, and walked with her husband.

     "Dongjie, although the house prices are very high, we can only live in a house that is almost the same, but as long as our family of three lives, we live in the same place." Yue Wen is full of confidence in the future at this moment, "I said? ""Well," her husband Dongjie nodded, and then the couple held their daughter's left and right hands, and the family of three was happy, and soon, the family of three appeared in front of an alleyway.

     "Go in, it should be near here." Yue Wen said to Dong Jie: "Anyway, this community is not big. Xiaoqin, we will see the new house soon, are you happy?"

     "Well!" Xiaoqin, who looked extremely cute, nodded and said, "I can live in a new house with dad and mom in the future! This time, do I have my own room?"

     "Of course! Xiaoqin rest assured, the room will definitely not be small!"

     Then, the three of them walked towards the depths of the alley. Soon, they walked along the alleyway and suddenly saw an apartment near thirty-storey high appear in front of them.

     "Is this building? Right," but Yue Wen was surprised: "There are even such good apartments here? Dongjie, let's go and see! Xiaoqin, do you like it?"

     "Well, I like it!" Xiaoqin said with a smile.

     A family of three laughed and walked towards this happy home in their minds, does not have one person found that there was no shadow at his feet...

     〖End of the Book〗