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0 Chapter Directory 2407 Thousand Years And Thousand Years Make A Smile, Finale
    Chinese Name: 万古至尊  Author: 太一生水(Tài yīshēng shuǐ)
    Original: | Translator:

readx(); "Humph!"

     Li Yunxiao grabbed the thunder in his left hand and raised his sword in his right hand. A sword symbol swayed around, showing a strange spatial form, even inside.

     Li Yunxiao was suddenly blessed, and there seemed to be a flash of light flashing in his mind, staring at the shape of the big sword, his eyes suddenly lit up.

    Since the integration of Xiaoqing, five years of infatuation has allowed him to fully absorb the pure Yimu Spiritual Power. Although cultivation and perception directly surpassed the Realm King, it was only that.

    At this moment, under the mad attack of "Yuan", he suddenly understood the space inside the sword, as if a huge door had been opened since then, and Kangzhuang Avenue appeared under his feet.

    "Sure enough, it is the Profound Artifact produced by Chaoxuan Space! No wonder Six Wings will lose to you!"

    "Yuan"'s face was abnormally gritty, and the rune at the center of his eyebrow even spread into his hands, turning into a polygonal sacred object, and snapped over!

     Li Yunxiao shot Li Mang in the eyes and sneered, "Cut the demon and remove the demon!"


    The big sword fell like Foshan Yue, and slammed into the palm force, as if blocked by a layer of invisible force!

    Two terrible forces confronted each other in the air, and became two distinct worlds!

    One-handed sword tactics and one-handed Lei Mang are the strongest things Li Yunxiao has learned. He couldn't suppress the opponent and was shocked.

    What's more, under the enlightenment just now, his sword intent has been greatly improved. If not, then I am afraid to lose it at this moment.

    "Yuan" was horrified. The holy relic in his hand came from a great source. Even the Lord of the Thousand Realms dared not resist this blow, but was blocked by the opponent.Li Yunxiao continued to comprehend the sword intent in his mind. Although he was under great oppression, his heart was extremely calm, just like cultivation. It's hard to have such a chance just to retreat.

    As time passed, both of them were sweating and falling.

    Zheng and the other three were also extremely anxious. Xiaohong and Yue tried to shoot several times, but they were stopped by him. With the power of the three of them, if you break that terrible balance, you might die in an instant.

     Li Yunxiao suddenly felt a movement in his heart, as if he had realized what it was once again, and his eyes glowed with fiery light.

    He turned three heads and six arms at once, and the four arms behind him quickly pinched the trick. The thunder in front of him and Jianmang suddenly gathered together, and suddenly turned into a vast divine light, and the power multiplied instantly!


    The balance between the two was broken in an instant, and the world where "Yuan" was located shattered. He himself was shot and flew out, violently spitting out a large piece of liquid, all of which was dark black.

    "Yuan" had an unusually pale face, but besides being injured, it was more of a fear.

    "Don't, don't kill me!"

     Yunxiao came forward step by step with his sword. "Yuan" was finally scared. His eyes were full of panic, and he kept begging for mercy.

     Li Yunxiao suddenly sighed. Under the powerful pressure just now, he constantly realized that his realm has improved a lot. Now "Yuan" is defeated, and the sense of enlightenment ends instantly, which makes him feel very sorry and unhappy.

    "Don't kill you? Give me a reason not to kill you."

     Li Yunxiao coldly said, pointing a sword at the head of "Yuan", fearing that he would play any tricks again."Yuan" face pale, said: "You and I have no injustice, why do you want to kill me."

     Li Yunxiao's face sank, and he hummed: "That means there is no reason to live?"

    "Yuan" instantly felt the chill on the sword, and was shocked, and hurriedly said: "I have, I have a reason!"

    The expression on his face was gloomy, and finally he gritted his teeth, raised the polygonal sacred relic in his hand, and handed it over, saying, "This thing is for you, enough for my life."

     Li Yunxiao's pupil narrowed and said, "What is this?"

    "Yuan" was silent for a while before saying: "Since you are the King of the Realm, have you ever heard of the'Emblem of the Realm'?"


     Li Yunxiao was shocked, almost lost his mind, and said in a terrified voice: "What kind of tricks do you play! Don't think I don't know the origin of the world coat of arms, how can you have such a thing!"

    "Yuan" smiled a little, a cold look flashed in his eyes, and said with a cold voice: "Why can't I have it? Naturally, this refining demon world, there will naturally be!"

     Li Yunxiao was suddenly stunned, his mind flashed suddenly, and said: "You are the man of the old demon world, that is, the lunatic who has refined the old demon world? You are not seriously injured by the ancient Maha gods and fled into chaos. Is it in the universe?""Yuan" was stunned, his eyes full of anger, he gritted his teeth and said: "Mokah they have already contacted you! Yes, I am that lunatic, but this year did not escape into the chaotic universe. At that time, I was seriously injured. Where did you dare to run around? Casting a little skill of carving insects, he fled back to the Demon Realm, always lurking here to try to come back, and buried my breath with a large array, so as not to be discovered by those in the place of reincarnation. But later despair 'S discovery, the resources of the Devil Realm simply cannot return me to the realm of the Thousand Realms!

     Li Yunxiao said: "So it turns out, what about the six wings? He should know your existence too?"

    "Humph, don't mention that waste!"

    "Yuan"'s face gloomed down and gritted his teeth: "I didn't think he was so useless! This year, he pulled him back from the brink of dying, and trained him to become a new generation of devil, and stepped into a thousand realms. The realm was actually killed! Waste, waste! Originally, the condition for me and him was that after he refined the two realms, he brought me into the chaotic universe, and only then can I restore my strength. , Even further!"

     Li Yunxiao immediately understood the causes and consequences, and said, "Then why do you want to win She Yuan? You can also talk to her about the conditions and train her to become the master of a thousand realms."

    "Yuan" said angrily: "Where is there patience? For many years, I really want to kill the land of reincarnation and kill all the people! Moreover, the Lord of Thousand Realms must also be talented, this woman's The talent is very general. It is a great opportunity to cultivate now, and it has reached the limit. It is impossible to go forward. So I took her away and thought about what to do in the future."Li Yunxiao smiled slightly, and with the left hand, he grabbed the coat of arms into his palm, and suddenly there was an inexplicable throb. He smiled and said, "This thing can indeed change your life. Now leave Yuan's body and go on your own."

    "What? You let me go?"

    "Yuan"'s eyes protruded and said angrily: "It's not easy to win the house. If you come for a few months late, the victory or defeat of today's battle is still two! I can't lose this body!"

     Li Yunxiao said with a sneer: "Since you are defeated, you must accept the reality of defeat, instead of blindly'hypothesis' and'if'. I have promised to let you go, but no promise to let you take Yuan away Flesh. If you refuse to leave, you have to die."

    "You...! Damn it!"

    "Yuan" roared endlessly, but under the threat of the sword, he chose to leave immediately.

    The next moment, a lot of black bubbles came out of the body of the body, the body and fluid "Guru Guru" overflowed from the body, slowly flowing on the ground, and finally condensed into a sticky slime, "Shoot" So he flew into the sky and went away in the distance.

    Suddenly, the hot flame on the sky flashed, and an extremely horrible and swift flame blade was cut!


    There was a desperate scream inside the meat, and the sound of "Bang" broke apart in the sky, and then there was nothing left burning by the flame.

    The person who shot was Yuan, her face was pale, her forehead was full of cold sweat, and her eyes were even full of fear.

    "Humph, I want to go! I took the seat and didn't count on you forever!"After Yuan Yuan's meat was completely destroyed, the fear on his face gradually dissipated, and he said viciously. After she finished, she also felt powerless and instantly collapsed to the ground.

    At this moment, the three men had already flown over, and they panicked, and hurried forward to help Yuan, who was concerned: "Master Yuan is alright?"

    Yuan waved her hand and didn't speak, only raised her eyes to Yunxiao.

     Li Yunxiao, the often weak Yuan, said: "I'm here..."

    Yuan said, "No need to say, I can probably guess your intention." She closed her eyes in pain and said, "You killed Zhuo Kun, but just saved me. And I am not your opponent. . From now on, you and I will become passers-by."

     Li Yunxiao smiled faintly and nodded, "It's so good." He clasped his fists and said: "The two adults, I have achieved the purpose of this trip, so I don't want to stay longer, so farewell. If he is destined, I may see you again. "

    Suddenly said: "Is Master Li about to leave?" Her eyes were slightly sad, full of reluctance.

     Li Yunxiao smiled and said: "There is no unbroken banquet in the world, work hard to practice, maybe in the future, I will see you on the road ahead."

    Yue did not know that he was going to the place of reincarnation, but felt very sad and a little sad.

     After Li Yunxiao said goodbye, he took Xiaohong away.

    Looking at their disappearing backs, Yue murmured, "I really envy Sister Xiaohong."


    After returning to the Holy Territory, Li Yunxiao began to retreat.

    In the battle of the devil world, I realized many magical methods, which was difficult to digest for a while. At the same time, the success of that coat of arms made him very excited, and began to study carefully.Two years later, an aura of magical power suddenly appeared over the entire Holy Territory, suddenly spreading in all directions, covering the sky for a long time.

    The entire Northern Territory was bathed in this magnificent holy light for a moment, and all Martial Artists felt all of them, and they seemed to be enlightened.

    After this vision lasted for several hours, the magnificent holy light turned into thousands of golden rains to nourish the entire northern region.

    A large number of Martial Artists have cleared the level in an instant, and they rushed into a higher level of surprise.

    At this moment, the main hall of Holy Territory was covered with a hazy light, and a large number of powerful people had already gathered around it. Many people practiced on the spot and benefited greatly.

    In the hall, a figure emerged from the sky. It was "Zhuo Qingfan", looking at Li Yunxiao in surprise, saying: "You actually stepped into the realm of Thousand Realms, which really surprised us."

     At this moment, Li Yunxiao's holy light continued to radiate with each other, which naturally gave birth to a sacred and incomparable breath.

    He smiled faintly, pinched the trick to put away the sky vision, and returned to the normal state, saying: "Luck."

    "Ha ha."

    "Zhuo Qingfan" smiled and said, "Luck is only the modest words of the successful."

     Li Yunxiao said: "Master Maha praised it, maybe he studied the coat of arms of the world, so benefit a lot."

    "Zhuo Qingfan" was also full of emotion, saying: "We all thought that the madman fled into the chaotic universe, but he was still in the small chaotic universe. But even if he continued to live alive, it would be very difficult to find the previous repairs. in order to."Li Yunxiao said: "Adults don't have to sigh. This is just a cycle of heaven and earth, and finally there will be bad rewards."

    "Zhuo Qingfan" nodded and said: "You can go to prepare, the channel was opened last month, and the Xingyu disk will come over soon."

     Li Yunxiao nodded, and the figure flashed and appeared outside the hall. Suddenly everyone all awakened and hurried forward to see, "Have seen the leader!"

     Li Yunxiao raised his hand and suddenly lifted everyone up, saying, "No need to be rude, I am no longer the lord of the Heavenly Martial alliance." His eyes fell on the man in the green robe not far away , Said: "Wei Qing, I will leave it to you in the future."

     Wei Qing moved slightly, swallowing again at his mouth, but nodded.

     Li Yunxiao smiled and said: "Then I can rest assured."

    At this moment, the people gathered outside the temple were like a mountain forest, gathering almost all the strong men in the two realms, even Zheng and Yue, also rushed from the demon world. All are familiar faces.

    There are also people from Li Family such as Li Changfeng, and many people are sad and sad.

     Li Yunxiao looked at one of them and smiled: "Luo Qingyun, you and I are fighting, I am afraid it will be a long time."

    Luo Qingyun's body trembles, mixed with five flavors, and clenches his fists: "Is the land of reincarnation? I will eventually go to a ****!"

    "Haha, well said!"

    The car beside you patted him on the shoulder and laughed: "You and I are both dragons. It is the most powerful existence in the world. Let us work together!"

     Li Yunxiao smiled faintly, looking at the old friend who had accompanied his two lives. At this moment, he was speechless.Che You laughed and scolded: "After two lifetimes, I can't eat any more, and now I can finally be relieved."

     Li Yunxiao strode forward and opened his hand to give him a hug, saying, "Thank you."

    Che Youbiao burst into tears, and huge teardrops dripped from his long eyes. He hugged him desperately and scolded: "The two men hugged together and they were disgusting! I am a real dragon in the world. "

    "Zhuo Qingfan" suddenly changed his face slightly and was surprised: "Actually arrived so soon." He raised his hand, pinched out several secret seals, and scattered into the sky.

    Then a halo spread over the hall, showing a colorful color, floating slowly like a scorpionfish.

    There seemed to be a universe in the middle of the halo. Under the stars, a silver beam of light poured down with the power of the universe, but it disappeared in an instant.

    Where the beam of light appeared, only a silver compass floated, exuding glory.

     Li Yunxiao's eyes were full of joy, he reached out and grabbed the Xingyu disk into his hand, while taking a single-handed shot, the silver light on the compass suddenly flowed, and a delicate and clear medicinal pill emerged from the Xingyu disk.

    He was overjoyed: "Narcissus!"

    The narcissus had already been sacrificed like this, and above the golden lotus, the fire of life of Fei Ni was beating weakly.

     Li Yunxiao went up to Nirvana Dan, and the medicinal pill suddenly shot over, suspended on the flame, and was roasted by a faint fire, a circle of aura was spirally spread out, and went around that fire.

     Li Yunxiao stared for a while, and the faint figure of Fei Ni appeared faintly in the vaguely nourished flame."Zhuo Qingfan" said: "Don't worry, with this Nirvana Dan, it won't take long for Fei Ni to survive. You don't have to delay, follow the path where the Xingyu disk falls. If the delay is longer, The weaker the trajectory of the channel, the greater the risk of passing."

     Li Yunxiao frowned: "I hope to see Fei Ni before I leave."

    "Zhuo Qingfan" smiled and said: "It is impossible, and it will take three or four days for Nirvana to rebirth as soon as possible, and it must be in a state of being drowsy after rebirth. Half a year, let the star trails of the Xingyu disk dissipate, then the risk is extremely great."

     When Qu Hongyan and others heard it, they hurriedly urged Li Yunxiao to leave. Qu Hongyan Qiang Yan smiled and said: "It's only fifteen years. Isn't Fei Yang planning to come back?"

     Li Yunxiao just sighed for a long time, gazing at the faces of several red faces. The tears of all the girls couldn't help but swirl in their eyes.

     Li Yunxiao smiled faintly and turned away, leaving only a voice echoing over the hall, "I will be back soon."

    The solitary and independent figure gradually disappeared in front of everyone under the infinite radiance of the Xingyu disk.


    Yishui Xiaoxiao, full of clothes. Qianjin has never been used to buying wine. Passing the world, the mind is down. Everlasting joy in the cup. A view of the breeze and the moon. Victory, must be happy. If you lose, you must be happy.

    (End of the book, thank you all!)//Today, the reader suddenly sent this word, it was the breeze and the bright moon upstairs, the world's crowds gathered together, the words chanted by Li Yunxiao when he appeared (as soon as he appeared, he drank Li Yi's blood tea, 囧.). After writing it at the time, I also felt very good and very suitable. Now I read it again, and it is very sensational, so it will be the end of this book. See you all in September!

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