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Chapter Directory The New Book Dome 'Sky Of Heaven' Has Been Released! Brothers And Sisters Are Coming!
    Author: 风凌天下(Fēng líng tiānxià, The Blowing Wind)
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After a few months, the new book "Sky of Heaven" finally landed at the starting point!

This time the new book preparation time is unprecedented long, and conscientiously conceived is also unprecedented. ∷Four∷Five∷Chinese∷

The manuscript was overturned a dozen times before and after ...

At present, the new book has "more than 300 words!"

The old brothers saw that they must come and celebrate.

If you do n’t say anything else, you only need to read one chapter to find it back. It ’s unique to us.

New book "Sky of Heaven", book number 3, 3, 6, 2, 9, 2, 0,

Please add a collection.

And it's already fat ...

Everyone supports me.

Relying on parents at home, relies on friends when outside, and in the circle of nets, everything about Feng Ling is popular with everyone ...

Thank you everyone!

Hope we continue to walk along the way; create another glory for us!

New book introduction:

Laughing Heroes Under Heaven, I am the monarch!

Celestial monarch Ye Xiao, fighting the Three Great Sects with the strength of one person, with one resist ten thousand, killed the Quartet, but in the end he was outnumbered. Once I woke up, I discovered that the world of rebirth was the worldly soul, and I got Heavenly Crystal Spirit Essence, Endless Space.

In this life, he once again killed back to heaven, more one step further, became the master of the sky, Unhindered, happy and enemies, laughed Heroes Under Heaven.

ten thousand crags and torrents, Using Me As Honor; Bahuang **, only I dominate!


Zhu Jun can still remember that sentence: Who will dance with me? Who accompanies me to the world? Who shares me, Transcending the Nine Heavens?

Now, are you willing to accompany me to fight against this sky? !In this sky of heaven, write our new legend!

Brothers and sisters, Feng Ling wait here you guys!

bring it on!

Let's start the battle! !



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