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The past has always spread in Zhang Xiaoqiang's heart. The war has passed for half a year, but Zhang Xiaoqiang always feels as clear as it happened yesterday. When he saw the heroic tragedy in the TV series before, he always felt sad and scolded again. The last sentence of dog blood, but only through the experience will truly appreciate the scene of tragic and lamentation, and only after everything has calmed down, he can recall his lost companions, loved ones, and comrades in arms.

    Zhang Xiaoqiang in a wheelchair habitually wanted to touch the cigarette, then shook his head and smiled bitterly. He hadn't smoked for half a year, but whenever he remembered the final battle, he couldn't help but want to use cigarette paralysis For myself, when the warm sunlight sprinkled the copper-like light spot on the body through the gap between the leaves, I couldn't help thinking of the vulgar golden dragon, a smile appeared at the corner of my mouth, and no one expected the gun. The scary coward will one day become the king of beasts, the entire ocean is its bath, and it is also the nightmare of all Sea Race.

    In the distance, the green grass is thriving, countless pretty and flirtatious evolved flowers are scattered, and three little people are toddlers under the encouragement of a group of women. Behind, seeing a pair of children, Zhang Xiaoqiang's heart was comfortable and comfortable. He didn't look at the offspring running and laughing in the sun. It was warm, but when he saw the youngest of the three villains, the sadness in his heart gradually diffused , Out of Mingyue (bright moon), the only colorful crystal nucleus left to kiss, just like in the heart of Luo Mingyue (bright moon), the little loli with dreamy eyes is him and Luo Mingyue (bright moon) 'S daughter, Zhuo Siyue.Mingyue (bright moon) is not a human, so the fertility method and the person whoosh Huang, Mingyue (bright moon) left a giant egg in that room, afraid that Zhang Xiaoqiang blamed her for not daring to say that this egg is in Mingyue (bright moon) was born in her body when she was mature and needed Zhang Xiaoqiang's elite to complete the birth, but this way was too weird. Mingyue (bright moon) was afraid that Zhang Xiaoqiang could not accept it, so he didn't dare to talk to him Having a relationship, I finally thought that Tong wouldn't dare to tell Zhang Xiaoqiang the first time until Zhang Xiaoqiang calmed the little man in the egg with his thoughts before getting his third child.

    Maybe by nature, Zhuo Siyue doesnt accept those women, only close to Zhang Xiaoqiang, besides, its fun to play with Hong Fei. Of course, its quite harmonious with two brothers and sisters. The three little guys are all evolutionists. , The strongest is Zhuo Siyue, who is as good as Mingyue (bright moon). Although he is only half a year old, he is already one of the top Evolution in the world. Zhang Xiaoqiang is preparing to wait for Mingyue (bright moon) when she is an adult. )'S crystal nucleus merges with her, and I believe that Wan Qiang's resurrection may not be her opponent at that time.

    Speaking of Wan Qiang, Zhang Xiaoqiang couldnt help but recall the thrilling moment when he lost all his fighting power. Although Delia was protecting him, he had no power to stop Wan Qiang, who was at his peak, from Wan Qiangs eyes. In the killing intent, Zhang Xiaoqiang thought that he would die without doubt, but he was not unwilling, at least in Wan Qiang's hands, humans may not have a way to live.Unexpectedly, the integrated Blood phoenix of Wan Qiang has not completely disappeared, and the last energy is used to temporarily control Wan Qiang. Even if it is only a few seconds, it reminds Zhang Xiaoqiang of the nano robots injected to control Blood phoenix. These nano robots do not have Too much power, only one way is to release the Evolution matrix. The Evolution matrix is the nemesis of the zombie virus, which can neutralize the virus. There is exactly one needle in the blood phoenix body. The nano robot detonator has always been in the hands of Xiaoqiang Zhang Here, at the most arrogant moment of Wan Qiang, Zhang Xiaoqiang made him a complete tragedy, and changed from the king of zombie back to the Tong people, which caused Wan Qiang to find Zhang Xiaoqiang desperately and finally hugged by Yueya'er. The red algae slid down and fell into the sea and fell to death, and Yueya'er was also seriously injured. Until now, he has been unconscious. Zhang Xiaoqiang will visit every day and blame himself in his heart.

    "Brother Cockroach, Delia is here. She asked us to negotiate on the attribution of the survivors of South America. In addition, she wanted to see you..." Huang Quan and Kessler came to Zhang Xiaoqiang and just said it, Miao Miao took the lightning sculpture They rushed over to stop the two and said, "Dont disturb my dear, his injury is still not good, can you just do it? Isnt Huaxia Renaissance your boss? My dear has retired and he wants to enjoy life with us ......""Okay Miao Miao, don't talk to them like that, how can you say that is the governor in charge of the survival plan of nearly ten million people..." Zhang Xiaoqiang teased at Huang Quan with a ridiculous face, since he is still alive, just There is no need for Yang Ke'er to pay anything for the future of mankind, but he doesnt need to work hard for him anymore. This injury made him overdraw all his abilities. He is weak like the Tong people. Now he is no longer that whimsical. Brother Cockroach, just a scarred veteran...

    "Miss Delia?" Kessler asked a little hesitantly. He could see that Delia's concern for Zhang Xiaoqiang. If Delia and Zhang Xiaoqiang were combined, China would merge with Epoch. Yes, as an excellent politician, Kessler doesn't care about Zhang Xiaoqiang's private life, he only cares about the interests of Huaxin Fuxin.

    "Tell her that I love my wife and children very much and hope that she can find the beloved man soon..."

    Zhang Xiaoqiang's polite refusal to make Miao Miao's eyes narrowed, and he kissed Zhang Xiaoqiang with a reward, which caused Zhang Xiaoqiang to yell: "Miao Miao, including you, is not allowed to climb into my bed at night. How to marry someone?"

    "It's better not to marry, I will depend on you, to see who dares to ask me, anyway, I will follow you in my life, unless... unless you marry me...,"Zhang Xiaoqiang rolled a huge white eye and waved his hand to let Huang Quan and the two leave. He was not going to join Huaxia Renaissance anymore. There is a good saying. Its a matter of getting dressed and hiding deep in the name. Huang Quan looked at the lazy Zhang Xiaoqiang with a wry smile and said daringly: "Your brother-in-law seems to be dissatisfied with Qinghai's work and asks to change to Wuhan, which is not good for us..."

    "Oh?" Zhang Xiaoqiang opened his eyes, flashing his unhappiness before. At that time, he was just an otaku, no one looked down, there was this brother-in-law, so the two sides were not close, thinking of Zhang Xiaoqiang looking up at the sky here Said: "Then let him join the army, doesn't he want a higher starting point? Then let him kill zombie for the cause of human liberation, send two people to protect him secretly, the other is like the Tong soldiers Let him know how waste is made into a hero..."

    "Her husband, we are discussing to write a biography for you. This is from our family..." The cheers of Yang Ke'er faintly came from afar, Zhang Xiaoqiang was covered with black lines and shouted: "When I die Write it, anyway, I am just an otaku, there is no history to write..."

    After roaring, Zhang Xiaoqiang looked at Huang Quan deeply and said: "You must also remember that history is a double-edged sword. I don't want Huaxia Renaissance to be nailed to the opposite side of history. Go, go and start a new history. ......"