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Chapter Directory 1681 Regarding The Ending, Formally Explain.
    Chinese Name: 英雄联盟之七百年后  Author: 沉入海底(Chén rù hǎidǐ, Sink to Ocean Floor)
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First of all, the ending is not a dream of dog blood, nor is it just a mention of neuropathy. These two have no logical point to say. Seriously, I have considered a lot for this ending.

    The heroes are all separated by the protagonist's personality. Note that it is not fantasy. Split personality and fantasy are two different things. Split personality is a real symptom. There are other kinds of personality in the complete mind. There are countless cases in reality. You I can’t know the thoughts and actions of the deputy personality, and fantasy is just how I think and how I come, so some people who say Doraemon dreaming, and some books dreaming are schizophrenic, think carefully, they really have my book Logical?

    The reality is probably cruel. In the years of war, the successful rescue of hostages and the successful destruction of the enemy are very few. There are countless cruel facts that we cannot see, but because of the fragile heart of the people, the movies and so on are all beautiful.

    Yes, people yearn for good, this is normal, so the protagonist's process is beautiful, isn't it? Experienced the power of heroes, the beauty of heroic skills, personally on the real battlefield of League of Legends, and fighting the light-year heroes, if you have this opportunity to experience, will you choose to go?

    However, I believe that many people who read this book are grown-ups, not children, and they know the cruelty of society, and imagination alone can't do big things, so the ending and the opening chapter really echo, the opening chapter is that the protagonist wakes up from the train, then It’s time to pick up the train and have an accident, but no one thinks about it. It’s really beautiful.If I just want to write about coaxing the brainless upgrade, I will definitely set a good ending, such as going back in time, returning to the earth, etc., it can be set easily, but will you really like it? And I’m Virgo and I’m in pursuit of perfection, but why not, because according to the development logic of facts, the protagonist really woke up in a car accident, this is the fact, what heroes respect gods, what Summoner Skill(s), the real world Is there really?

    Maybe there is a parallel universe, but Ye Che has such a good luck.

    The real thing is perfect, it is really perfect.

    Going out of school and entering the society is based on not dreaming, but real hard work. Don’t expect luck on the spot. Instead of expecting yourself like this, only you can be the master and you are really powerful. People will also get something unimaginable by ordinary people.

    I hope my friends can truly understand and truly appreciate the deep positive energy in the book.

    Just like the protagonist, I like League of Legends so much, even if the whole body is paralyzed, even if the hand (Darius) foot is amputated, even if the teammate is killed and injured, the prospective girlfriend is sacrificed, and life is in absolute misery! ? As long as I keep thinking, as long as I still have a breath, League of Legends will remain in my mind forever! ! !

    (Some people are in a bad mood and feel that there is no hope in life, but can they miserable the protagonist... he just regained control of League of Legends by himself, and lived a wonderful and passionate life for 51 years!)

    The new book, the invasion of the supreme evil, guarantees that this book will be refreshed throughout the entire process.

    (End of this chapter)