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0 Chapter Directory 26 Seal Two Cracked
    Author: 咸淡boy(Xián dàn boy, Salty Plain Boy)
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Take a snap of Wu Xiao's headless body. Wang Xiaoxiao clenched the spear rod against the flesh with his left hand. He squeezed the long spear with his right hand, and then stretched his hand to the back. He held the spear head back, took a deep breath, and bit his teeth. Pull it out. The biting pain caused him to sucked in a breath of cold air, covering his wound and bending over to cough up a few slobs of blood foam.

Sitting down against a stone, Wang Xiaoxiao looked up to the sky, where the battle was in full swing. He does not know who Lu Xueyue's opponent is, but it is absolutely cruel to make Lu Xueyue die like this.

Although killing Wu Xiao, he by no means was not happy at all, so this injury was not a good thing for the next trip to the Magic Mountain. There are so many strong enemies around, glare like a tiger watching his prey, not to mention Wu Zongqiang, even a person from the same realm can kill him.

At this time, he can only secretly pray that Lu Xueyue can quickly end the battle, and unscathed, which can ensure that the two will have self-protection in the next trip to the Magic Mountain.

The battle in the sky is not over, he is not idle, swallowing a few Fu Yuan Dan, and secretly vomiting healing. Wu Xiao's spear did not hurt his heart, but after all, he penetrated his body and the injury was not bad.

With a loud bang, two silhouettes fell from the sky and separated in front of him again. They each flew out and painted two long deep trenches on the ground, destroying sand and trees along the way.

With strong wind blowing, Lu Xueyue stood in front of Wang Xiaoxiao.

Wang Xiaoxiao saw that there were two faint bloody finger prints on the white dress of Shengxue Xue, near the chest.

"How are you?" Lu Xueyue was the first to speak. Her eyes fell on the blood hole in Wang Xiaoxiao's body, her brows frowned slightly.Wang Xiaoxiao smiled and shook his head bitterly, saying that he could not die for a while, and then regardless of the anger that appeared on the face of the woman in front of him, he turned to look at the thin man who was not far away. ?"

Lu Xueyue took out a panacea and crushed it on Wang Xiaoxiao's wound, indifferently said: "Dongfangshuo, the new barbarian royal barbarian king."

Wang Xiaoxiao complexion changed, although he has not dealt with the barbarian, but Rumor for so many years, also know the strength of barbarian, at this time when he heard the royal barbarian, he naturally showed a shocked look.

He frowned: "When did you provoke the barbarian?"

Lu Xueyue didn't answer him, because at this time Dongfang Shuo approached them, with a natural look, not like anyone who had just experienced the battle of life and death.

Her right hand was raised slightly, and she was so angry.

Dongfang Shuo hurriedly waved his hands and smiled helplessly: "Come on, don't fight anymore, Miss Lu, anyway, you and I have been traveling together for three years. "

Wang Xiaoxiao was stunned, but they didn't expect the two to be old.

Lu Xueyue didn't feel the old feelings at all, his wrists flicked, and a sword rushed silently towards Dongfangshuo.

Dongfang Shuo shook his head with a smile, his fingers flicked, it seemed that the clouds were light and windy, but he resolved the sword spirit. He stepped back two steps and said: "I am afraid of you. I just saw that your realm has improved so much. I only scratched my hands before I learned from you, but your progress really surprised me."

Lu Xueyue said in a cold voice: "Study? Huh, I would like to thank your men for showing mercy."Both Wang Xiaoxiao and Dongfang Shuo's gaze took the same action without prior consultation and landed on the two faint bloody fingers printed on that white coat.

The latter showed an innocent smile, "It's not like you almost cut me with a sword. If I don't fight back, I will be cut by the waist now."

At this time, Wang Xiaoxiao coughed, coughed up blood foam, and his face was pale.

Dongfang Shuo glanced at him, and there was a murder in his eyes.

When Lu Xueyue crossed the sword, he had to start.

Dongfang Shuo knit the brows, said: "Who is he who are you, so you protect him so much?"

Lu Xueyue was silent, his sword pointed at Dongfangshuo, and he was very murderous.

Dongfang Shuo took a quick look, the headless corpse not far away, said coldly: "Since Wu Dongchuan is willing to be a dog of a barbarian, whoever wants to beat the dog also depends on the owner. Now Wu Dongchuan's son died here, I always want Give him an explanation."

Wang Xiaoxiao felt that an ice-cold murderous intent enveloped himself, and almost had the idea of dropping his legs to escape.

Lu Xueyue said coldly: "If you kill him, I will kill you!"

The smile on Dongfang Shuo's face slowly converged, indifferently said: "The more you protect him, the more I will kill him, you can't protect him for a lifetime!"

After talking, his figure flickered and disappeared.

At the same time, Wang Xiaoxiao felt the crisis skyrocketed.

Lu Xueyue tweeted, and a sword pierced behind Wang Xiaoxiao. Someone in the void flashed away, leaving a sentence, "Miss Lu, you let me down."

Lu Xueyue did not chase out, and looked back at Wang Xiaoxiao with concern. The latter shook his head in shock, indicating that he was fine.

——Deep in the valley, there is a bottomless black hole on the ground. Many people are scattered around the entrance of the cave, but they are kept five feet away from the entrance of the cave, and no one dares to step forward.

I saw the edge of the cave, filled with a devil qi, which came from the depths of the black hole, and a faint roar came out vaguely, hitting people's hearts like a wild beast.

Dongfang Shuo stood among the barbarian strong men, his face no longer had the gentle smile when facing Lu Xueyue, and there was a gloomy pale face slightly, and the whole person showed a noble and domineering royal family.

A barbarian youth stepped forward and said respectfully: "Barbarian, the seal of the Demon Mountain broke to the final stage. The demon on the other side of the snow seemed to move quickly, and there were already pioneers."

Dongfangshuo looked at the black hole not far away and said coldly: "The two saints in the South Region are pinned down. The ancient god family should not wake up so fast. Since the Demon Clan is an impatient and returns to the Five Domains, this king does not mind. Help them, how to say, the barbarian was also the half master of the demon clan?"

With that, his palm turned over, and there was a black crystal in his palm. With the flick of his arm, the black crystal fell into the black hole. A short while later, there was a muffled noise deep inside the black hole, like Something exploded and the whole ground was sway together.

Many people in the valley showed a shocked look. Some people who saw Dongfang Shuo's shot had a bad look, and more people were surprised and uncertain.

Someone backed away, but no one left.Dongfangshuo looked around, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, revealing a cold sneer, "Human tribes have been thinking for nearly ten thousand years, and there are more and more arrogant people. They all say that they are in peace and danger. Sooner or later."

At this time, there was a piercing roar from the black hole, and there was a burst of sounds, like countless creatures were rushing fast, from Earth Core Deep Place, all the way to the ground.

At this time, some people in the curious crowd finally realized that something was wrong, and quickly backed away and skimmed towards the rear. However, at the same time, in the central area of the penalty area, a towering sky above the magic mountain suddenly traversed a huge lightning, like a thunder god's hammer, tearing the sky and bursting into the dark clouds with countless electric tongues. Immediately after that, thunder thundered and rolled.

At this moment, the Magic Mountain, which has been standing for some thousands of years, gives people an illusion of shaking. On the top of the mountain that is invisible to the naked eye, there is a layer of space that covers the entire Magic Mountain. The Magic Mountain of tens of thousands of years presents the evil spirit of evil to the world again at this moment.

Under the Magic Mountain, inside the restricted area, everyone felt a huge pressure from the heavens and the earth, like the depression of the heavens, the gods stroking the top, bending down and bowing their heads at this moment. People with poor strength are even unable to move when they are sitting down or lying on the ground.


In the mountains of the Magic Mountain, in the unknown bottom space, an oil lamp floats alone, like a ghost fire in the dark ocean.

Taking oil lamps as the boundary, one side is a huge hanging coffin, and the other side is a middle-aged scholar sitting alone in the stone wall.At this time, the coffin cover of the huge hanging coffin was removed halfway, and a tall figure could be vaguely seen, with a strong breath that could destroy the world and upside down the mountains and seas.

The middle-aged scholar in the stone wall is almost ready to breathe, breathing like a double dragon, and there is a dragon in the darkness. At this moment he suddenly reached out a hand, directly out of the stone wall, pierced the void, and landed on the hanging coffin.

There was a roar in the coffin, and then a thin palm came out, and the palms met, seemingly ordinary, only a clear sound, but the next moment, the dark space seemed to be split open by a sharp blade With the oil lamp as the boundary, the space is faulty.

The cold pulling force from the void raged wildly, the dark wind screamed in the dark, the hanging coffin fell heavily, smashed on the ground, and the entire underground space trembles.

That oil lamp was swaying violently, the lights were swaying, and it seemed to be blown out at any time. The stone wall was broken inch by inch, and the middle-aged scholar fell out.


In the deepest part of the underground space, an old man is walking slowly.

At this moment he suddenly stopped and looked back, with a wry smile on his face, shaking his head mutter to oneself: "Old man, don't you die before me."

He continued to walk forward, past that stone platform, until there was no road under his feet. In front of him, there was a bottomless abyss straight down, but in his eyes, he could see countless red hearts, He was beating vigorously, and even several eyes suddenly opened at this time, staring at him violently.He smiled helplessly. "There is a sage cloud in ancient times. I don't go to hell. Whoever goes to hell. I have spent my whole life in the ranks of saints, so I should be worthy of the word saints. Go to hell today!"

The words fell, he sat cross-legged, his hands wiped in front of him, a golden light flew out of his eyebrows, suddenly enlarged in the air, enough to cover the mouth of the bottomless abyss, then, his hands pressed, the golden light buzzed fall.

In the deepest part of the bottomless abyss, a burst of anger burst out of the already opened eyes. These anger turned into a virtual sweep, ignited the void, and finally formed three fire dragons, flew up with their teeth and claws, and rushed towards it. The golden light of Dao's rapid depression.

There was a loud bang, the mountain was shaken, the light curtain formed by the golden light trembles violently, three fire dragons collapsed and two, and the remaining one finally pierced through and drove straight to the old man sitting cross-legged above.

When the golden light curtain trembles, the old man is blown hard and spitting out a large sip of blood, and his slightly fat body is a little shaky, but there is no fear on his face, but calm as water.

"Although the ancient god family is strong, but the human race is not afraid of death. My generation of monks, dare to fight with the heavenly path. Why have you ever feared your family, although thousands of people will go on, when my old guys die, those little guys also die Those who will go on to succeed, without him, just die!"

After the old man finished, his body burst into a star burst, and fell into the bottomless abyss again!

On this day, there was a series of muffled noises in the belly of the Magic Mountain, accompanied by a roar rushing to the sky, the top of the Magic Mountain broke and collapsed.

On this day, there was a saint named Beiming, generously meeting death!