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Chapter Directory 1538 Super Hero To Male, Forever (end Of The Book)
    Chinese Name: 漫威驰骋者  Author: 水瓶琴山(Shuǐpíng qín shān)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"I did lose. I almost lost my ass." Osborne said this decadently.

     Stark also opened his face armor and stared at him, saying, "Not just you, but your dark avengers will inevitably fail. What on earth are you doing this for?"

    "Do some superhero talents first, gain the trust and prestige of the people over there. Then come to face you with a positive image of yourself." Osborne directly said the truth.

     Stark looked at him contemptuously and said nothing. Just put him back on the ground.

    Now Osborne and his steel patriot armor are no longer fighting, but Stark's armor has also been severely depleted, and weaponry and energy consumption are close to bottom. And since other people's battles can still be dealt with, then let them oneself go to battle, he also needs to rest.

     Thor and Fierce are fighting fiercely with Ares, and their fighting strength is absolutely comparable to that of Fang Leng and Sentry. And they have noble identities, all of whom are gods. The fighting style is one of the Nordic Thor and the other is the Greek god of war. The collision of the strongest warriors of the two myths trembles the surrounding world.

    Thorn! Thor's hammer frantically gathered an amazing amount of lightning, and Thor's red cloak fluttered behind him, and even his whole body was surrounded by lightning.

    "Look!" Thor Thor growled, and Thor's hammer slammed into Ares' golden shield.

    clang! The earth-shattering loud noise and the dazzling thunderbolt flew away with Ares and the golden shield.

    There was also a deep pull mark on the ground.Ares struggled to stand up again. His muscles were full of burnt black, and even his beard was burnt.

    "Ah, hum......... a prince of the Asgard god realm. Thor, you really deserve Thor of the Nordic mythology!" Despite being hit, Ares was full of momentum. Obviously he still did not admit defeat.

     Thor Saul quickly said: "Aris, don't talk nonsense. I know you also have really stronger finale skills, let it come out."

    Ares is no longer nonsense, but abandoned the gold shield and gold spear. Instead, the two wrists and the whole body glow like a golden statue.

    This is not even a general golden light, but a peculiar energy, not an energy that can generally be explained by physical theory. It is an energy composed entirely of divine power.

    "Thor, let you try the strength of my god of war!" Ares growled, and the whole person rushed over like a beast of water.

     Thor Sol also did not run away, but waved Thor's hammer to face the battle fiercely.

     Thor's hammer and Ares' fists hit them together. The harsh sound of thunder and lightning is intertwined with the energy of the God of War. The snake-like thunder and the gold God of War are entangled with each other. No one wants to give in.

    But Ares withstood the attack with just one fist, and the other fist hit Thor with a single blow. Fly Thor the other way round this time.Thor was beaten hundreds of meters and hit a large hole on the ground. He stood up and raised Thor's hammer again. At the same time, he spit blood on the ground. The blow to him was very powerful. He felt that he had been hurt in the body.

    "Great! But as the prince of Asgard, Thor Sol. I will not lose!" Thor Thor continued to fight fiercely with Ares.

    The fierce battle between the two, the fierce confrontation between the power of thunder and the god of war.

    "What do you think is the principle of God and the God of War? Is it infinite power?" Saul and Ares violently confronted each other.

    "It's the strong one, gain the respect of others." Ares replied while fighting.

    "Wrong! It is to hold up a sky for more people, is to be dignified and accommodating! It's not a monologue! It's a warrior!" Saul reprimanded and corrected Ares.

    "Hypocrisy! Become a king!" Ares said arrogantly.

    "So you lost!"

     Thor Sol seized the crucial opportunity and hit Ares' chin with a hammer. It is mixed with an amazing hundreds of tons of power and an amazing amount of lightning.

    Ares was hit heavily, and this time fell to the ground, almost able to climb up in embarrassment. Standing before him was Thor.

    "Maybe you are right." Ares exhaled.

     Thor Saul looked at him and said, "No, as long as you have changed yourself. Re-appreciate the principles and cognition of oneself, then everything can be repeated."

    The American Captain and others also destroyed the auxiliary robots of the Dark Avengers.The battle between Wolverine and Deacon also came to an end. Most of the clothes except the trousers on the two men were ragged. This is a fierce battle between father and son, both of which are strong and sturdy, both are Adamantium's reinforced iron bones, and the fighting methods are both melee.

    "you failed!"

    "It's you who failed, Deacon!"

    Seizing the critical opportunity, Wolverine knocked Deakin to the ground, this time directly approaching Deakin's neck with Adamantium's claws.

    Deacon finally faced his failure, but he bite his teeth and wept bitterly. Wolverine also cried in pain. The two sides have always wanted to solve the happy knot, and now it can finally be achieved.

    Finally, the battle between Fang Leng and the sentry was fierce. Both are strong physical strength, and are a combination of power and speed.

    The fierce fighting was dim and dark, and both felt extremely bloody.

    "Sentinel, you are a great opponent!" Fang Leng said to the sentry admiringly while fighting.

    "You too, Avengers' superhero is powerful!" The sentry replied.

    "We all accompany you to the end!"

    Fang Leng and the sentry flew to a height of 10,000 meters, and the fierce battle in this high-altitude battle was swayed without scruples. The superhero collision of both strength and speed causes the airflow around the sky to blow up a hurricane.

    After fighting for some time, the energy of both of them has been greatly consumed.

    "Let's take the final blow!"

    Fang Leng shouted, letting the sky be heard within a few kilometers.Fang Leng and the sentry opened a distance of several thousand kilometers, and finally flew towards each other. The fists of the two are leaders, attacking each other at ten times the speed of sound.


    A fist that shook the sky, tearing and twisting the air around the kilometer. The reactionary force caused Fang Leng and the sentry to fly far away.

    Both were seriously consumed and eventually flew back to the ground.

    Fang Leng and the sentry looked at each other, and both sighed. In the end it was almost the same, and no one could win.

    "The Dark Avenger is already a failure, sentinel. You should also understand that we have no meaning contest. Since you also want to be a superhero, join us." Fang Leng looked directly at the sentry and said righteously.

    The sentinel thought for a while, and finally said, "Fang Leng, you and the Avengers' superhero are great. I want to join you Avengers."

    Eventually, the Dark Avengers were defeated, and the members either joined the Avengers or went to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s prison for reform education or detention.

    Fang Leng and other avengers then received the personal award from US President Darren in front of the White House lawn and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    "Good things, especially Fang Leng. Your avengers are all kind." President Darren said with a smile on his face and put Fang Leng the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    "Thank you, Mr. President. This is my glory. That's what I should do as a superhero." Fang Leng said firmly.

    After that, Fang Leng returned to the Avengers crowd. Group photo together.Whether it is Fang Leng, Stark, American Captain, Hawkeye, Black Widow woman, Dr. Banner, Thor Saul, Rogue, Cyclops, Qin. Gray, Wolverine, etc., every superhero is full of vitality and a hero in his bones spirit.

     Superheroes, are powerful guardians and immortal heroes of this world. (End of the book)