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《Rightful Lord Ye》brief introduction

Rightful Lord Ye

author: 月关

He was hereditary royal succession, but he was not a prince; he was born in an aristocratic family, but he was not a high class. As a prison steward of the Six Doors, he wanted to  honestly and sincerely pass on the iron rice bowl(secure employment) he inherited from his ancestors from generation to generation, but he didn't expect to be fooled out of that small world by a Elmer Gantry. A Tai Sui(most powerful in an area) was born. He boasted of his righteousness, and he was a good friend who could trust his wife and give his son. But wherever he went, all families hided their women in private rooms. He boasted of his friendlyness. But just to escape to be his boss, Jiang Ning's provincial adminstrative commissioner played the guise of "Ding You(no kids)" and gladly resigned... (Chinese Name: 夜天子)

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