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Chapter Directory 1139 Adults And Big Things! The Finale! Aiqing, Retreat!
    Chinese Name: 夜天子  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Tongren, Yufu.

     A big girl with a tall figure, beautiful eyebrows and a temperament like a white cloud sitting on a chair, gently moving her toes from time to time, seemed very disturbed in her heart.

     However, her upper body is always steady, her neck is straight, her sitting posture is elegant, the same sitting, the same posture, or the differences are very subtle that are not easy to be noticed, but because of these differences, she Sitting there, like the beauties in the paintings written by Dan Qing, it makes people more enjoyable.

     Yu Junting took a sip of tea, glanced at her, and said: "Guo Dynasty rules, women are fifteen, and you should be married. You can be more than one year or two years old. Although we Ye Family, there will be no official government. I've been here to ask about this, but you... still don't think about it?"

     The two red clouds of the beautiful lady were covered with peach cheeks: "Don't worry, people... people..."

     She has been around for a long time, but no one came out of it. Yu Junting smiled slightly and said, "Not in a hurry? Really not in a hurry? Then I don't care!"

     Mei Ren'er's cheeks became even more red now, and she said in a strange way: "Sister Junting, you...If you do this again, people will ignore you!"

     Yu Junting smiled and said, "You ignore me? Hey! Yaoyao, your life, but I will only help you think about it. If I don't care about you, I'm afraid you will really be an old girl! "Yaoyao, it turns out that this jade with a dusty temperament is the innocent little girl back then. Yaoyao was said by Yu Junting, her face became more flushed, her eyes flowed, and there seemed to be a clear spring flowing in it.

     She lowered her head, and replied in shame: "People, during their study tour to Jinling, there are also some young talents who have some feelings for them, but... it's just that people like to have a quiet nature, and they are always uncomfortable. I like it. But I don't know what kind of man Junting sister helped her find?"

     Yu Junting said: "Do you think those stunned youths are not mature enough? But you don't know that surnamed Ye guy on Wo Niuling, are you satisfied?"

     Yaoyao said "Ah", and she wanted to get an electric shock. With a flick, the face of the egg that had just been whitened turned into a big red cloth, and she said in embarrassment, "Sister Junting, you... don't drive away." My joke..."

     As Yaoyao said, she was about to run away, and Yu Junting said, "If you leave, my sister really doesn't care!"

     Yaoyao fled to the door, because of this sentence, she suddenly stopped there, as if taking root.

     Yu Junting runs the foundation of Yu Family, and naturally there is not much conflict with Tian Miaowen and others. But there is still a mindset to win favors and solid favors. West river three tigers are sisters Jinlan before they get married, and they have the best feelings, so they naturally formed a small group.Yu Junting does not live in Wo Niuling, she is still looking forward to raising her son to an adult before officially marrying Ye Family, but by then I am afraid that she is already an old man. Although she is well maintained, in case Ye Xiaotian dislikes her How to do?

     Ye Xiaotian always has a few people who are facing her. Then she will enter the door of Ye Family in the future so that she will not be isolated.

     Yu Junting's thoughts may only be due to the insecure mentality that she has developed since she was a child of her uncle. Tian Miaowen, Zhan Ning'er, and Xia Yingying may not have thoughts against her.

     But this sense of insecurity is indeed affecting her. As a result, she and Duo Ni became particularly close. After Song Xiaoyu married into the Ye Family, she became the object of her wooing. But her biggest trump card is Yaoyao.

     Yaoyao left Wo Niuling, studied in Tongren, lived in her mansion, and later went to Jinling to find masters and masters to study piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Which one was not handled by her, and the two could be as close as sisters. , There is nothing to talk about, the feelings are already deep to the extreme.

     Yu Junting got up, walked behind Yaoyao who was agitated sitting or standing, and said softly: "Silly girl, how can I not understand your thoughts? You, what you want, you have to muster the courage to go. Fight. There is a lot of time in your youth, how long do you want to waste?"

     "Sister Junting..."When Yaoyao heard her, her nose was sour, and she suddenly felt aggrieved by all kinds of grievances. She couldn't help but turned around and threw herself into her arms, and started crying loudly.


     Ye Xiaotian’s trip to Guiyang prefecture was like a family outing, but until they left, the people of Guiyang prefecture didn’t know that Ye Emperor had just been here a few days ago.

     With a few bear kids, big and small, even though there are people taking care of them, they still make people badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire). After finally getting home, Ye Xiaotian finally breathed a sigh of relief, and said to the children who had just been picked up from the car: "Okay! Go back to each house, find each mother, and get out of here!"

     Ye Qingshan yelled: "I don't! I still want to listen to my father tell me the story of'The Wolf is Coming'!"

     Yu Haoran immediately responded: "We want to listen to the story of'The Wolf is Coming'!"

     Poor, a "wolf is coming" story. Ye Xiaotian racked his brains to compose the lyrics. He has already talked about the eighteenth time that the wolf is coming. Who would have thought that the majestic Ye Emperor also had one's hands in front of a group of bear children. bound and be unable to do anything about it.

     "I want to listen? What happened later, I don't know! I still listen to your Sanniang telling me, go to your Sanniang!" A group of bear children heard, whizzed, and rushed into the compound. Son, I went to find Zhan Ning'er.Ye Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief, just about to step into the courtyard, and suddenly saw a beauty flashed next to him, swaying like a willow in the wind, he was slightly taken aback, and exclaimed: "Yaoyao, why are you back!"

     Yaoyao's little deer jumped slightly in her heart, pursed her mouth and smiled at him, and said, "I have finished my studies, and I will come back naturally. Isn't Xiaotian welcome?"

     "Welcome! Naturally welcome! Hahaha..." Naturally, Yaoyao took his hand, and when he held it, her heart suddenly felt sweet and warm, as if she had returned to her childhood.

     The picturesque Xiao Yanghua dressed in Tsing Yi, followed the group of maids, but her eyes were already on her. Yang Hua remembered what Sanniang Tian Nifeng told her that Yaoyao was her half-sister.

     Therefore, during the limited number of days when Yaoyao comes back every year, the maid beside her is not familiar with Yaoyao. Only she, with her deliberate approach, has established a very close relationship with Yaoyao.



     Ye Xiaotian took a sip of tea and coughed.

     After returning to the inner house, Ye Xiaotian knew that she was also here when she saw Yu Junting who was talking to Tian Nifeng. After dinner, Yu Junting wanted to speak to him alone. Ye Xiaotian took her to the small study room as it was an important matter. Who knew...

     "No! What kind of jerk are you talking about!"Ye Xiaotian solemn in word and countenance: "Yaoyao is not sensible, you also follow her to mess around!"

     "Naughty?" Yu Junting straightened up, showing a graceful and moving curve: "She will be twenty soon, and she is past the age to be married. What is she waiting for, don't you understand?"

     Ye Xiaotian said: "What do I understand? She deliberately avoids me, why do you think I keep not looking for her? I just hope that she can walk more outside and meet a pleasant man. You, how come you still push The wave and add to the billows, act as accomplice to the tiger, if you let go of her thoughts early, she will naturally find a pleasant man!"

     Yu Junting shook her head and said, "It's not that I don't understand, it's that you don't understand! Why do you think she wants to go to school, avoiding you far away? Because she just doesn't want to stay by your side, being treated as a little girl by you all the time. She wants to stay away from you and come back to you in the future so that you can accept her..."

     "What?" Ye Xiaotian was a little confused, why can there be such a different interpretation of the same thing?

     Yu Junting said: "She is also the oldest, when do you want her to wait until she is the head? You want her to be happy, and being with you is her greatest happiness, why did you call her search for the mule while What about riding on it?"

     "Huh? I'm just a bit of a donkey, who is a donkey?""Don't interrupt! The girl is back now, a handful of small cabbage, if you don't pinch, it will be called Zhu Gong!"

     "What do you mean by letting the pig go?"

     "Because Yaoyao said, if you want her, she just finds a man to marry it! It doesn't matter what traffickers or pawns are!"

     "Naughty! No way! I have always treated her as my sister, I can't get through this level of myself!"


     Ye Xiaotian and Yu Junting hadn't blushed for a long time, but this night, each sticks to his own view, and it was a big quarrel. Finally, Yu Junting spitting anger storm off in a huff: "Okay, I don't care about your business. Looking back, Yaoyao can't think about it, find you a footman as a brother-in-law, you will be happy!"

     "How can this be so? Well! I have always regarded Yaoyao as my sister, and now you want me to be her man? Then I am a beast!"

     Ye Xiaotian reluctantly followed up again, and stopped bitterly. He wanted to go to Tian Miaowen's room to sleep, but because he was upset about this, he went back to his separate lodging.

     Ye Xiaotian ate a cup of bird's nest soup, and seeing Yang Hua still standing aside, he said: "Go and rest, I'm going to sleep."

     Yang Hua replied, glanced quickly behind the corner screen, Yingying stepped back.Ye Xiaotian sighed softly. This Yang Hua, the daughter of the dignified Broadcast State (Banshu) Emperor Yang, is also a princess-like delicate figure, but now she is a servant girl, which is really pitiful. But, who asked her father to do so many devoid of conscience things? Rebellion and conspiracy, killing dissidents, massacring people, hands stained with blood.

     She treats Yang Hua not badly. Compared with her brothers who were castrated as palace slaves and the sisters who were demoted to the humiliation and survival of the Jiaofang Division, her ending is more fortunate.

     Ye Xiaotian has not forgotten that he is also Yang Yinglong's enemy, so he is not unsuspecting this little Yang Hua. However, a bean curd girl with no hands, can she get herself? Around this house, in the dark, but there is more than one dead guard protecting it.

     These dead guards, but he invited Hong Baichuan and Wang Ning, who had retired to Shishi, to help him retrain. Now his death guard is simply appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost, with great magical powers. Whoever wants to harm him is to send a group of well-trained assassins, and he may not be able to succeed.

     Therefore, Ye Xiaotian was always on guard, but did not stop her from being by her side. This little girl was already very unfortunate. If he were to be left out again, he would be bullied by other maids and slaves.Ye Xiaotian sighed, took tea to rinse his mouth again, then undressed and went to bed on the couch. Lying on the couch, leaving only a lamp like a bean, she suddenly remembered what Yu Junting had said to him, and frowned in distress.

     He can yell at Jun Ting, but how can he say harsh words to Yaoyao? This girl is very sensitive and delicate, I'm afraid that the tone is a little heavier, she will cry, right? Suddenly, if Ye Xiaotian felt it, he couldn't help being surprised and sat up.

     Ye Xiaotian raised his hand, drew out the bedside dagger, and shouted, "Who!"

     There is a mechanism on the side of the couch. As long as he pulls it, he will sink the bedding. A half-foot-thick iron plate will completely isolate him from the assassin. At the same time, the alarm bell will ring, his death guard Will rush in at the first time.

     Ye Xiaotian held the sword in one hand, and held the machine bracket next to the couch with the other hand, but he was stunned immediately.

     Shyly shouted: "Don't! Don't... it's me!"

     Although Ye Xiaotian is not very familiar with Yaoyao, the two of them had just chatted for a long time in the afternoon, and naturally remembered her voice, and they were startled: "Yaoyao?"

     An inaudible whisper came from behind the screen: "Well! It's... it's me!"

     Ye Xiaotian said: "Why are you here? What do you...hide in a convenient place, come out!"Behind the screen was quiet for a while, and a figure slowly walked out, Ye Xiaotian's eyes widened immediately, and the eyeballs almost didn't fall out.

     A slender shadow, under the dim light, the skin all over his body was glowing with moist and beautiful light. She... is not even an inch!

     Ye Xiaotian hurriedly turned his head and said, "You girl, what the hell! Put on your clothes!"

     "I do not!"

     Yaoyao bit her lip. Seeing him dodging, she had the courage to make her chest straighter again.

     Although Ye Xiaotian turned his head, he just hurriedly glanced at it, but the scene of spring light was deeply imprinted in his mind, and it was lingering.

     With her bumpy figure and smooth and graceful curves, her whole body was bathed in a halo, like a beautiful fox fairy in the legend, with a kind of unreal beauty. Just at that glance, it seemed that she could also see a touch of color in the middle of her thigh that was not the same as her snow-white skin.

     Ye Xiaotian suddenly had a bit of dry mouth and tongue, and he wanted to drink water again.

     "I... I like you! You can call me lowly! But, I tell you, you have no choice! Either you let me die! Or, you want me!"Yaoyao, who was brainwashed by Yu Junting, confessed boldly and bravely. Then, Ye Xiaotian saw an enlarged figure on the wall, getting closer and closer, and he saw the round buttocks on the wall. Twisting lightly, amorous feelings...



     The rooster crowed, and it was dawn.

     Last night, the brave little girl who pushed the Emperor back was gone. Yaoyao was lying in the quilt, her cheeks buried in the burning cloud, and she refused to go out. Ye Xiaotian struggled to feed her before she forced her to dress up, took her by the hand, and walked out the door. But as soon as she got into the sun, Yaoyao became too ashamed.

     At this time, Yu Junting suddenly walked out of the bamboo forest in front of her, doing everything in style, like a smile yet not a smile. Ye Xiaotian thought that Yaoyao would immediately be ashamed to escape without trace, but he really didn't understand the girl's thoughts. Yaoyao glanced at Yu Junting’s proud double peaks, then at the jade bowl on her chest, and suddenly whispered to Ye Xiaotian: "Brother Xiaotian, people...Is their breasts smaller? ."

     Ye Xiaotian suffocated, and looked at Yaoyao's worried eyes, busy sweet words and said: "It doesn't matter, that will make our hearts closer!"

     "Yeah..." Yaoyao smiled sweetly, and she had the charm of a bride."Tusi Ye Da..." Yu Junting's voice was sweet, but there was a sense of ridicule no matter how she heard it.

     Yaoyao was finally shy, and hurriedly said: "Sister Junting, you...you talk, I'm leaving now!"

     Yaoyao fled like a willow in the wind, just watching her gait, although she was light and graceful, it always conveyed a sense of uncomfortableness. Yu Junting is a person here, so she naturally understands.

     Yu Junting retracted her gaze from Yaoyao's twisted waist, and teased Ye Xiaotian: "Last night, I was waiting outside, ready in case a certain pretentious hypocrite really drove the girl out. , So that she couldn't think of committing suicide for a while, and the result..."

     She stretched her back and said, "As a result, I waited until the sun went three poles! My Great Lord, you finally willing to be a beast?

     Ye Xiaotian felt guilty at first, and then widened his eyes to gain the initiative by striking first: "Nonsense! At that time, I... If I am not moved, would it be better to be a beast? Cough! Under such circumstances, I still don’t. Promise? Doesn't Yaoyao really have only one way to die?"

     Yu Junting couldn't help laughing, and pointed out: "Ye Great Lord, you are so great!"Yaoyao hurriedly ran away from the bamboo forest, suddenly remembering the customs of last night, remembering that she finally fulfilled her long-cherished wish, and became the man she had been thinking about for many years, and she couldn't help but feel sweet in her heart. There was just a sweet smile on the corner of her lips when she suddenly saw Tsing Yi appearing in the forest.

     The slender waist is full and full, but Hu Lu (bottle gourd) is holding a jar of spring water close to his waist. The buffa head and bright eyes and teeth are Yang Hua. When Yang Hua saw Yaoyao, she immediately blessed her body and smiled sweetly: "I have seen the young lady!"

     Yaoyao blushed and returned the young lady. Later Xiaotian announced to the family that the young lady would become the sixth lady. With this young lady, how could she call such a shame. Yaoyao blushed and walked forward, holding her hand: "Sister Huahua, last night...thanks to you for taking care of me!"

     Yang Hua said: "The young lady treats Huahua very well, Huahua should work for the young lady!"

     Yaoyao was moved and said: "Good flower, you are good to me, I will not forget. In the future, I will be good to you in the future. Oh, by the way! This time I come back, I will not leave, I will follow Brother Xiaotian said, in the future...you will stay by my side!"

     "Thank you young lady!"

     Yang Hua happily put down the water jar and knelt down to Yaoyao.Yaoyao hurriedly helped, and said grotesquely: "Don't be so polite in the future. What kind of young lady is not a young lady? I treat you as a sister."

     Yang Hua, who was kneeling on the ground, lowered her head, but a sly smile appeared on the corner of her lips: "Be your portable girl, then there will be more private opportunities to approach that big villain! Yaoyao, you are really mine. sister!"

     Xiao Yanghua is looking forward to growing up soon. Will Ye Emperor's boat overturn?

     (End of the book)
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