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Chapter Directory 1140 Postscript
    Chinese Name: 夜天子  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
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After two years, 3.42 million words, I finally finished "Ye Son of Heaven".

     Regarding Ye Son of Heaven, this ending, as the author, I like it very much. I like Leopard Tail, with a grunting sound it stops, with a lingering rhyme. What I hate the most is that Zhang the Third and Li the Fourth Wang Er Mazi confessed Qingqing Chu Chu to every role.

     You can think of it as unfinished, but if you look at it objectively, every book of mine actually ends with this style of writing. I like to remember it as a memento. Compared with the ending of the Flying Fox in Snow Mountain and the ending of White Jade Tiger, my ending is not tormenting at all, and everyone is happy, without leaving too many buttons.

     Some people say that it is rushed or unfinished, and some people praise it that the ending is just right. In fact, some people say that at the end of any of my books. As long as he thinks he hasn't finished it or wants to read it, it is rushed and unfinished, because it doesn't meet His mentality, but as the person who wrote the book, the structure and development of the whole story are in my heart. Someone knows better than me should it end?

     Huiming, as long as you continue to write the number one in the consecutive list, when no one can beat you and you can continue to take the first place for at least a few months, I am over. I am not responsible for the work, but it should end with my thinking. And the end, you tell me, for what benefit?Brocade clothes, it was September, and my total number was 16,000 votes higher than the second place. As long as I write for another three months, I will become the first person in the history of the starting point to win the annual list twice. I ended! For this, my die-hard fans and my big allies are very angry. You tell me that I am not responsible for the work, nor did it end with my thinking that it should end, but for what benefit?

     Ye Son of Heaven, some people said it was to make a TV series, so it was convenient to end it in a hurry. But where does this reason come from? I continue to keep updating and staying hot until the project is established, filmed, and the broadcasting platform is arranged, and the ending is not released to everyone, then it is called serving for the TV series! I am over now, it will only shoot the first season (the first few volumes) at the end of this year! ! ! You tell me, I am not responsible for the work, but for what interests?

     Ye Son of Heaven, what makes me most satisfied is that the protagonist's style is quite different from the previous works. This can be seen from the reactions of many readers during the writing process.There are also people who regret that they have not captured the world and have not gotten a few princess princesses. They feel that the "pattern" is small. There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people. These are the same stories, reflected in the hearts of different people. The different opinions that arise are normal, and I don’t want you to agree with my point of view. I only hope that the protagonist, this story, after a period of time, will still have an impression in your heart, that is what I am after.

     As for the next book, I’ll take a break for a while. I’ve been writing for ten years. This book has been written for two consecutive years. A machine has to be stopped and maintained after two consecutive years. A car has to be overhauled several times. Take a breath.

     For the next one, the style, genre, and era are still under consideration. I hope to see your opinions and consider them in summary. Thank you!
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