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0 Chapter Directory 981 New Book "Long Live The Coach" Has Been Uploaded
    Chinese Name: 全能运动员  Author: 过关斩将(Guòguānzhǎnjiàng, Clear the Pass)
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    The new book "Long Live the Coach" has been uploaded, and it is about a coach.
    In fact, when "Almighty Athlete" was on the shelves, I thought about writing an all-around coach. In more than a year, I have been constantly brewing, learning, adjusting ideas, and summing up experience, and finally determined the current one. version. For me, this is a new attempt. I also hope that there will be a new breakthrough in the writing, and I hope it can bring some new experiences to readers.
    Call all my brothers and sisters, my parents, recommend, collect, and reward, and sincerely everyone supports me!
    Thank you everyone!
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