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Chapter Directory 4923 Fanwai-City And City Chapter 20 (End)
    Chinese Name: 神道丹尊  Author: 孤单地飞(Gūdān dì fēi, Fly Alone)
    Original: | Translator:

Everyone opened their mouths, and today they have been shocked and do not know how many times, but they were still shocked by this scene.

    They dare to bet on their heads. The scene just now was not an illusion, but real.

    But how is this possible?

    Is this a time reversal? Or reverse life and death?

    Either way, it is beyond imagination, even beyond martial arts.

     The creator of Heaven and Earth Natural Law?

    They looked at Ling Han blankly. Will this man be the creator?

    Otherwise, how can you reverse time or life and death!

    Compared to other people's shock, Bai Yu's heart is just a mud horse.

     Oh, you resurrected my son, proving your supremacy, but why kill him again?

    Play me?

    The only son died, he was already suffering enough, and now he has to experience it again.


    However, Ling Han is too strong, even stronger than the universe supreme, even if he is dissatisfied and angry, what can he do?

    He shivered even more. Ling Han has proved that he surpassed the Supreme of the Universe. Even if Dongwu Supreme came in person, I would also like to salute Ling Han respectfully, even without Ling Han’s shot, Dongwu Supreme would kill himself first.

    "This dog lord will too!" The big black dog loves to show off acting cool. At that time, Kenken was quiet and stretched his paw immediately.

    Suddenly, as if the time had reversed, the flesh and blood reunited and turned into a person.

     Han Feng.

    "Dad, how did you come--"

    Pa, before he finished speaking, he saw that the big black dog pressed his paw down again, and Han Feng burst again, turning into a bloody rain.This!

    Has been dead three times.

    If you want to comment on one of the most tragic characters in history, then Han Feng is estimated to be on the list-three deaths in a day, it is estimated that any record can be broken.

    Everyone was stunned again.

    This ability to surpass the world, even a dog?

    A dog!

    Moreover, this dog is too insignificant, and wears a pair of iron underwear, which can completely blind the blind! Such a wretched existence actually has Heavenly Dao-level abilities?

    How can people believe this?

    And Baiyu Real Man is really crazy.

    The son died twice again!

    Damn, how hatred is this, why do you want to kill his son again?

    You want to show your own strength, can't you just resurrect people? Han Feng only stepped on the first level of martial arts. What could prove him by killing him?

    "Girls too!" Hu Niu said.

    She loves to play, and immediately sees a happy heart.

    She stretched out her hand, hoo, the bloody rain was immediately reunited, and then condensed into a human form.

    Well, it's still Han Feng.

    "Dad, why are you here?" Han Feng asked strangely, didn't he just come for a primitive Star Planet hunt, and he had an amulet on his body, and no one on this star could hurt him.

    So, what did the dad do?

    Everyone couldn't bear to look at him.

    Although this guy has done bad things, he has already died three times. No one wants to watch him die for the fourth time.


    "No!" Bai Yu shouted.

     Han Feng is even more strange, why does Laozi look like he is dying?Star Region dominates, a Star Region is under his control, what else is unbalanced?

    "Hee hee." Hu Niu smiled, pressed his hand again, snapped, Han Feng hung up for the fourth time, and died in her hand for the second time.

    Definitely the most unlucky guy in history.

    Everyone shook their heads and died four times. No one can break this record in the future.

    "Pride girl, do you want to play?" Hu Niu looked at the empress.

    Three of them have shown the terrifying ability to reverse life or death or time. Although the empress has not yet shot, but everyone believes that the four can be tied, and the emperor definitely has such ability.

    The empress sneered, she was so arrogant, how could she do such a childish thing?

    Seeing that she didn't shoot, Baiyu was relieved.

    "Big dog, let's play." Hu Niu's play is coming. "After I'm resurrected, you come to kill him to see if you can do it. Then, we will exchange."

    "Okay!" The big black dog also plays happily.

     Hu Niu reached out again and Han Feng was resurrected for the fourth time.


    He said a word, but it was a terrible discoloration, because the big black dog had stretched out its paws and pressed towards him.

    In an instant, the dog's paws became the size of the sun, inexplicably scary.

    "Dead dog, you're so raped!" Hu Niu whispered, and quickly raised his hand, huh, Han Feng flew out and turned into a star directly.

    Under intense friction, bang, Han Feng immediately burned, and instantly turned to ash.

    "You lost!" The big black dog was smug.Hu Niu's eyes turned: "According to the Natural Law of the game, you killed him to count as you won this round, but the guy was killed by a girl, so this can only be regarded as a tie, come again!"

    "Little Han, your daughter-in-law is still as skinny as before." The big black dog said to Ling Han, his face speechless.

    "Enough! Enough!" Bai Yu lived out of anger, he shouted, "This King fights with you, the whole world is buried for this King!"

    Boom, a terrible energy burst out of his body.

    He wants to explode and destroy the entire Star Planet.


    Lu Hao and others instantly felt cold all over the body. They could sense the horror of this energy, surpassing the largest existing nuclear bomb and do not know how many times, they can completely crush the Star Planet where they are located.

    It's over, it's still dying.

    This is the gap in strength. The expert wants you to die, you don't even have the qualification to fight.

     Ling Han smiled and pressed his right hand out. The explosion of Baiyu Real Man was limited to a three-dimensional space of less than two meters. The endless runes were shining and shining brightly.

    After a while, everything was calm.

    "Play again?" the big black dog asked Ling Han.

     Ling Han shook his head: "Forget it, this is not necessary."

    "Worship, see you!" Lu Hao and others immediately knelt to the ground. The one in front of them was even more divine than the gods, so powerful that he couldn't figure it out.

     Ling Han thought for a while and said, "Since this star has recovered Spiritual Qi, so be it. Yang Qi is my friend. I also ask you to take care of it."

    "Yes, yes!" Lu Hao and others nodded, respectfully.With the word "friend" alone, they will spend all their resources to cultivate Yang Qi.

    Hey, a figure appeared out of thin air, but it was a slender young man with an amazing gas field.

    "Grandpa!" The man saluted Ling Han, and saluted Hu Niu and the empress. "Two great grandma!" Salute the big black dog again: "Good dog."

     Ling Han nodded, this is his great-grandson, and also an excellent descendant, named Shi Taicheng.

    "What's the matter?" he asked.

    "Back to Taizuye, there is a drastic change in the underworld, and there is a big event suspected. Please also invite Taizuye to preside over the overall situation." Shi Taicheng said.

     Ling Han pinched his fingers and couldn't help showing a smile.

    "What's wrong?" the Queen asked.

    "Yin underworld's son of fate is named Shi Hao." Ling Han said, "It's a very interesting guy."


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