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Chapter Directory Chapter 1200
    Chinese Name: 巫界术士  Author: 文抄公(Wénchāogōng, Sir Manuscript)
    Original: | Translation:

readx(); Land of Destruction, the natural law battlefield created by the two largest and highest existences, the entire Astral Plane is the strongest place, and a terrifying earthquake that suddenly affected the entire Space structure suddenly occurred. ¥℉,

    The void trembled, and a large number of thick and complicated Law chains appeared, which began to disintegrate.

    The powerful bondage that was enough to contain the Breaking Dawn Magus suddenly unraveled, and the earth cracked a hundred times harder than the Magus alloy, and the whole world seemed to be coming to an end.

    "what happened"

    "Why is this so?"

    This earth-shattering change immediately alarmed many existences, whether God or Magus, at this time they did not care about the damage of their men, but hurried to the most violent location.

    A strong sense of palpitations and restlessness has spread in their hearts.


     The center of the Land of Destruction is also the core area surrounded by the three most fierce battlefields of Violent Wind Canyon, Cage of Darkness, and Swamp Blade Hill. A violent explosion occurred suddenly, and the roaring fire column was mixed with the heat that burned everything to nothingness. From the beginning, a dark giant pit directly to the center of the ground was left.

    "Space Law This is the breath of Space Law" Lord of Darkness murmured excitedly.

    "Someone broke the place where the two Will will meet, who is it?"

    All Magus and Gods looked at each other, and then gathered the suspicion on Leylin and Jergal.

    No way, under this upheaval upheaval, Leylin's original Sin's power has dissipated most of the mist. And the two of them are strong enough and have never appeared. It is enough to explain many problems.

    "Time and Space Law Realm of Eternal"Under the eternal temptation, the Magus did not even think about it, and entered the ground one after another, and went to the void where the two Great World Will meet.

     Gods hesitated for a while, and then entered the deep pit under the leadership of God of Nature Silvanus and the four major elemental gods.

    "Ah Leylin Leylin"

    After entering the void. The first thing Magus and Gods felt was a Will full of resentment and unwillingness.

    They only had time to see the phantom of Nightmare Hydra roaring in the final scene of the war. Although the scales flew across the body, several snake heads were languishing, but still with a kind of transcendent temperament.

    Under the phantom's phantom, Leylin both hands, holding the long sword of Seven Deadly Sins, pierced the cover of Death Sacred Scripture, and the silver blade directly cut the head of ancient death Jergal.

    The power of the powerful Devour burst out, and the black Death Sacred Scripture turned into a black liquid, which was absorbed by Seven Deadly Sins Greed.

    The ancient power of death on Jergal was completely devoured by Leylin, and the injuries on Nightmare Hydra quickly healed. The breath grew stronger.

    "Endless Body The ultimate Endless Body has no one to deal with the Lord of Original Sin except Magus 9.

     Silvanus and Lord of Darkness lost their voices.

    "Everyone has come very well. How can the evolution of history be less witness to the existence of natural law?"

     Leylin looked around. Said with satisfaction.

    "Lord of Original Sin, what the hell do you want to do?" Lord of Darkness stood up and shouted, there was some kind of faint excitement in Darkness in my heart.

    "Me?"Leylin looked back, mixed with the power of the original Death Jergal, and was suddenly released by Seven Deadly Sins, and fell to the ground where the two Will will start to appear broken.

    "Of course to pursue eternity and truth"


     The terrifying breath exploded.

    The original seal here was impacted by Leylin's intentional guidance of Jergal's power many times in the previous battle, and cracks have begun to emerge. With Leylin's final blow, it burst apart.


    Two shining and bright, the terrifying Will with the two Greatest Origin Forces of the World suddenly came, with fiery anger

    At this time, High God and Magus Will consumed more than half of each other's consumption, but they have not reached the extremely weak Realm. It is easy to suppress the eighth-level limit.

    "To High God"

     Silvanus kneeled directly with a group of Gods.

    "Great Magus Will" Lord of Darkness's forehead also dripped cold sweat and bowed to salute with other Magus.

    In this swiftly short atmosphere, only Leylin's figure is still standing proudly, looking at the light of the two Wills with eagerness.

    "Yes, only this level of Will can meet my promotion needs"

     Leylin laughed wildly, the whole person solemnly/calmly exploded, innate skill Spell Hydra incarnation cast to peak, at this time he was the real bloodline origin Original Sin Nightmare Hydra

    Rage peak's rage sent out from the two largest and highest Will.

    As if the Giant Dragon was provoked by ants, the two Will will leave Wrath, and the power of the Space to block everything will emerge again, completely condensing this void.Under the direct vision of Magus Will, the fierce time Law has converged, and it will come to Leylin's head to wipe out this daring ant completely.

    "Time is up"

    Only at this moment, a strange smile appeared on Leylin's face.

    Time pushes back slightly.

     In the Magus world, seven floors underground, Leylin's A.I. Chip avatar took Shar, Mother of Ten Thousand Serpents, and a group of Calamity Lords to completely surround Mother of Earth's Core.

    "You know what I need, hand it in" A.I. Chip avatar came out indifferently, looking at Mother of Earth's Core under serious injury status/mode.

    "I have helped you gain the power of Earthmother God, just spend this time, you can peek at the next Realm"

    "Now we don't owe each other, and did you choose to surrender that part of Will fragments or die directly"

    At this time, Mother of Earth's Core was seriously injured by Earthmother God, and all other existences rushed to the ground, and no one can come to rescue.

    "Your actions make me sigh"

    Under survival or death. Mother of Earth's Core chose the former decisively, and a little cyan light flew out. Not in Leylin's hands.

    "Well start"

    Behind Leylin, it has always been like a transparent person. The previous Shar models did not come out, and a little golden seed flew into Leylin's hands.

    When the blue light touched the golden seeds, a terrifying qualitative change suddenly occurred, and the tender green branches and leaves were pulled out. It instantly grew into a giant tree

    "Life Tree Completion Plan Launched"Leylin's A.I. Chip avatar laughed wildly. The huge Life Tree is hung down thousands of silk, began to spread to Magus around the world, continuously pumping nutrients, making the Life Tree even stronger.

    Seeing this scene, the seriously injured Mother of Earth's Core could only sigh and left the Magus world.

    Since the return of World of Shadow, Leylin has been thinking about a problem how to deal with World's Will

    Obviously, if you want to advance to the ninth level, get eternal. To High God and Magus Will is a level that can never be bypassed.

    To deal with the existence of these two nearly nine levels is an almost unsolvable problem. Fortunately, what Shar did. Provides Leylin with a very good idea.

    Although these two Great World Wills are extremely powerful, their essence and shadow Will are no different, they are all composed of the subconscious and thinking of all life in the world.

    Therefore, the Life Tree plan can also be applied

    After Leylin's modification and A.I. Chip's deduction, this time the plan is more sophisticated and complicated than Shar's.

    at this time. A terrifying tree of light has occupied the volume of the entire Magus world. Except for the Mother of Earth's Core and some family members who were moved out by Leylin in advance, all creatures are not spared.

    With a local advantage, Leylin has consciously launched a gene mutation and subconscious implant program in the Magus world, and it has done more thoroughly and decisively than Shar.

    "Life Tree's completion of the plan has the most difficult point in the large world, that is, the existence of natural law and Mother of Earth's Core"Leylin’s A.I. Chip murmured, “However, as long as I get more than 50 authorities, it is enough to affect Magus Will. Underground World penetration is not enough, and the fragments given by Mother of Earth’s Core can also meet the demand.”

    The eighth-level limit is also a part of the world, and their Will also occupies an important proportion in World's Will, so Leylin first gave mercy before, and seriously injured Mother of Earth's Core, and now only with human persecution, it succeeded in one fell swoop

    And, according to Leylin's approach at this time, the entire Magus world is under his control, and the control ratio has reached an alarming 90 or more

    "it has started"

    At this time, the confusion of Land of Destruction came, and the A.I. Chip of Leylin murmured, and the whole person fell into the Life Tree.


    The light-like Life Tree suddenly opened its canopy and began to spread to the Gods world.

     In Main Material World, many slender filaments hang from the sky like thin willows. All creatures, even mountains, rivers, and the earth's latent Will are directly stripped and integrated into the Life Tree.

    Even in hell, abyss, and heaven, almost no one was spared, except for some of the people who were taken away by Leylin God's Kingdom.

    That’s right, Leylin is in the Gods world and has also completed the Life Tree Completion Plan

    Shar, who has disappeared before, is dedicated to doing this thing. Although Leylin has been in the Gods world for a shorter time than the Magus world, Gods Will has to increase the genetic variation of the Main Material World creature in order to save the Main Material World. Probability, so that they can quickly adapt to the dark environment, but also gives Leylin the chance to start secretlyAnd, the most tyrannical Jergal among Gods is also used by Leylin Devour, as well as the Will fragments of several powerful divine forces, which is enough for Leylin to occupy more than 80 authorities

    A tree of life light that obscures the sky, solemnly/calmly descends on the Gods Magus world in the shape of a dumbbell, and shines beautifully in the Astral Plane

     kā chā kā chā

    At this time, in the core void of the dead, Gods and Magus looked at the scene that shocked them to dullness. The two world's wills that were still murderous aura, seemed like a machine without oil, and fell into a stagnation. .

    The life tree solemnly/calmly in the shape of a light tree hung down many roots and wrapped two shining Will into it. Started a powerful penetration and control.

    "To fully control the two Great World Will, there is still a lack of Will fragments that survive the existence of natural law"

     Leylin's eyes swept. The Gods were frightened and started running away.

    "Space Blockade"

     Leylin smiled indifferently, and most of them were manipulated directly by High God. The condensed Space blocked all God's hopes, and even pulled out a green figure and imprisoned him.

    "To High God why?" Silvanus' eyes were tearful, but its call had no effect at all. He was penetrated by Leylin with a sword.

    A little light flew out. Make Leylin have more control over Gods Will, until High God roared and swept away the remaining Gods.

    "Are you willing to hand over Will fragments, or let me do it?"

    Then, Leylin carried the Seven Deadly Sins dripping blood, and looked at the native people Magus of the Magus world coldly.These Magus really understood the truth, and immediately surrendered part of their Will, so that Leylin's control authority over the Magus world rose again.

    "Both World's Will have control over 99.99"

     Leylin's eyes flashed, "Merge it"

    In the tree of light of life. The two huge Wills began to blend slowly, seemingly exchanging natural law.

     Gods Will has become more inclined to Space, and the Magus world is full of a sense of changing time between the old and the new.

    "Your Way, integrate the natural law of time and space"

    Behind Leylin. The road of Nightmare Hydra and Original Sin emerged, and the peak-level Nightmare Force roared and began to integrate with the tree of life.

    "It's a promotion to level 9 Grand Magus"

     The Lord of Darkness and other Magus burst into tears, almost wanting to kneel and bow down, but the powerful blockade made them unable to do even a single flick, and could only witness the birth of the Grand Magus 9 with a pilgrimage.

    Eighth-level limit Magus is promoted to nineth-level, the most important thing is to carry the natural law of time and space with its own road.

    And now. Nightmare Force at the peak level of Leylin fully meets this need. The fusion of Gods world and Dreamscape world is enough for him to meet the needs of time and space natural law.

    The first is Gods Will, the former High God is now like the incarnation of Space, wrapped in Nightmare Force, and integrated into the original Sin road.

    Ding main subject Devour Gods Will won Space Law 100

     A.I. Chip's hint came, and the same was true for the subsequent Magus Will: Ding subject Devour Magus Will received time Law 100

    Road matches time and space natural law

    boomThe powerful pressure was released, repelling the Lord of Darkness, etc., and I didn’t know where in the Astral Plane it was.

    And Leylin's original Sin road is to expand indefinitely, wrapping both Great Worlds.

     The origins of the Gods world and the Magus world begin to merge, and the eternal light gradually blooms

    Not knowing how long it passed, Will of Leylin woke up.

    "This is the Realm of the 9th-level Grand Magus.

     Leylin's thought moved a little, and he felt the whereabouts of Syre and Daniel, Isabelle, Shar and other relatives and friends who had been moved out by him. They all had a good time in a certain Great World.

    Everything in the entire Astral Plane, as long as Leylin wants to know, can be instantly known, and no matter what he wants to do, it can be completed instantly.

    This is the ninth level Magus, Realm of God

    As long as he was still in the Astral Plane, nothing could hide him, even at the end of the world, he also sensed the existence of the Ancient Wisdom Tree.

    The other party sent him a friendly thought, a humble and small gesture.

    "It turns out that Ancient Wisdom Tree took the path of abandoning the ninth level and exiled itself on the edge of Astral Plane. Even if the strength is infinitely close to Magus Will, it will not be able to interfere too much in the real world."

    Now Leylin, although he can destroy each other in a single thought, Ancient Wisdom Tree has no conflict of interest with him, but instead has buried human relations in advance, so he has the chance to survive, which is also a certain degree of wisdom.

    Although he can meet his family at the first thought, Leylin glances at himself first."The Realm of the Grand Magus of Eternity 9 is eternal."

    The omnipotent ability made Leylin know that he now has an infinite lifespan. Even if the Gods world and the Magus world are destroyed, he will not be affected by the slightest.

    However, this ability is still in the Astral Plane, and outside the Astral Plane, there are more of the same world.

    The existence of technology, Psionic and even pure thinking have all emerged before Leylin.

    "Too much to know, but feel smaller and smaller."

     Leylin's thinking broke through the shackles of Astral Plane and came to another realm.

    In a universe parallel to Astral Plane, he felt a familiar taste, that was the road of technological development, and even his original hometown.

    "Now I am almost eternal, but it is not really eternal. After mastering the natural law of time and space, the next step is Law of Creation, which is located above natural law. Until the larger the truth world, the more worth exploring."

    After discovering this, Leylin, determined to pursue the truth, immediately had a new Target.

    As long as there is a road, as long as there is Target, he will never be depressed and will not lose the motivation

    "The road ahead will be wonderful"

     Leylin's eyes seem to see through Astral Plane, see through everything

    After a long time, above a blue technology planet.

    Numerous Hallucinatory technologies exude exhilarating brilliance. Almost every citizen has his own A.I. Chip, so that each of them has superhuman ability.


    The sky solemnly/calmly gloomy came down, exposing the terrifying black hole.Many humongous monsters flew out, biting everything they saw, spreading death and terrifying.

    "Not good A.I. Chip cannot be analyzed"

    "Space transmission is invalid, what is it"

    "The Space Fleet of the Highest Science and Technology Park was completely destroyed, and the Star Destroyer was completely destroyed."

    "The biological and chemical weapons are completely defeated, the Superman team is completely destroyed, the dimensionality reduction strike is invalid, the time machine is also ineffective, and the Federation is about to perish."

    A lot of news was circulated in A.I. Chip, which made all the technology residents' faces look desperate.

    Relying on technology, they conquered one universe after another, and developed into an unimaginable civilization. They were so vulnerable under the blow of external existence.

    "Calvy, you can't run away"

    Many monsters make up a human face, like a god, with the supreme Will.

    "Who the hell are you?"

    A little boy looked at the embarrassing figure who suddenly escaped from Space, stunned asked.

    "I'm Calvy. I'm here to escape the other party's pursuit. I'm sorry to trouble you."

    A shadow of apology appeared on the figure's face.

    "The existence that is going to destroy the world is here to arrest you" The little boy opened his mouth wide, but A.I. Chip in his body told him that the other party showed no signs of lying.

    "So who is it?"

     Crete smiled bitterly: "It's the ultimate Annihilator, the incarnation of all the original Sin, the seeker of truth, the endless Astral Plane, the traveler, the original Sin, the nightmare Hydra, the 9th level Warlock Leylin."

    The book ends.