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Chapter Directory Completed The Testimonial And Pushed The New And Book Wulin Banxia Biography
    Author: 文抄公(Wénchāogōng, Sir Manuscript)
    Original: | Translator:

Among the unconsciously, from April last year to now, just one year, just completed the wizarding of the witchcraft, so that the copybook can finally be freed from the horrible pressure of updating, not failing the book friends Expectations are really fortunate.

To be honest, the results of this book exceeded the expectations of the manuscript, we are the fantasy first starting point last year! ! ! ! This honor is supported by the subscriptions, monthly tickets, and recommendations of all book friends. This honor belongs to all the book readers who support reading and copying! ! ! Thank you very much! ! ! Bow deeply! ! ! !

Thanks to all the book friends who subscribe to support copywriting, without you, there would be no witchcraft today! ! !

Here, the copywriter would like to thank several book friends in particular, and thank the three leaders of Lanxi, roseme @, Kongshan Xinyu 2015, especially the support of Lanxi Big Million, thanks! ! !

There are also Myfault, * GGQ *, Silent Xiaohai, Yuan has been by my side, Xia Shu⑨, Supreme? Bao, gently and skillfully, and other book friends, thank you for your support and encouragement until now!

There are many book friends who are rewarded later, but unfortunately the space is limited.

Thank you for the yin and yang of the book review area, fine fishing, and the support of the trickle, as well as the one-horned Vladivostok book friends. Many of his suggestions have insightful insights and rich materials, which have inspired the copywriting a lot. Thank you! ! !

Finally, thank you to all the bookmates who have supported the manuscript in reading. Your clicks, recommendations, collections, monthly tickets, and subscriptions are all the motivation for manuscripts! ! ! ! thank you! ! ! !Due to the author's inexperienced, writing skills are not skilled, and there are many improper or rough points when thinking about the plot. This book has many shortcomings when writing, I am very sorry! ! ! At the same time, I would also like to thank the book friends for their tolerance and understanding.

Finally, let's see you in the new book!

Biography of martial arts! The legend of unlimited martial arts flow, looking forward to your joint participation! Seek recommendations, click, bookmark O (∩_∩) O ~ (.)

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