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Chapter Directory 430 Chapter 422: Hundred Guardian Beasts
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: | Translation:

The venue was very quiet, without even making a sound.

     However, with Bai Song's current Perception, he can already perceive the location of those secret whistles, and the two of them are moving very lightly and fast.

     "I'll cover you." Bai Song didn't say a word, just made a few lips and gestures.

     Huo Yan nodded and quietly moved towards the organ.

     After watching Bai Song make an ok gesture, he took a deep breath and then took out the ball of light needed to turn on.

     start up!

     The ground trembled slightly, and Huo Yan's heart was about to jump out of his throat. Fortunately, this situation was only a momentary, and then immediately calmed down.

     Huo Yan looked back at Bai Song and found a pillar on the ground, which had never been discovered before.

     Bai Song is painting the black viscous potion on the pillars, making the originally luminous pillars darker, but the pillars seem to have a purifying function, and they quickly clean up the dirt on their bodies.

     What Bai Song does is also very simple, which is to keep repainting.


     In the dense jungle.

     The seemingly unremarkable grass moved suddenly.

     "Hey, was there a shock just now?" A rough-looking man said to his companion next to him."No?" Another looking thinner man, who seemed to be playing some game, said casually: "Lao Lei, don't be suspicious, I have discovered a new little game, which is very interesting. Let's play it together."

     The big man named Lao Lei frowned, and peeked his head out of the grass to investigate the situation outside. The outside was very calm, and there was no turbulence.

     "Is it really my illusion?"

     Lao Lei, who returned to the grass, rubbed his chin in doubt, but he clearly felt it just now.

     "Lao Lei, you are too tired. Seriously, our regiment is getting bigger and bigger. We are both old members, but our status is getting lower and lower. All this kind of chores let us come." The thin man stopped. After finishing the game, he looked at Lao Lei and said, "Lao Lei, you are older than me. It is the first batch. Now I have been sent to do this. I am not worth it for you."

     "You said, why are you messing with those extra hearts?"

     The words of the thin man made Lao Lei shaken. Indeed, he was Wang Xiaoer in the group to celebrate the New Year, and it has been worse than a year.

     However, Lao Lei still defended: "When I came, the team leader specifically explained that it was a special period of time, and I was afraid that the new team members would make mistakes. At this time..."

     Before Lao Lei finished speaking, he was interrupted by the thin man.The thin man dug his nostrils and said casually: "At this time, it's the most capable people who do the most work that you rely on your old team members to stabilize the situation, it's the most capable people who do the most work. Our team leader is like this, and the team leader just looks at you honestly. "

     If he was thin, Lao Lei couldn't refute it either.

     What's more, whoever is said to be honest and good for bullying, even the real honest person, will probably run away.

     Thinking of this, Lao Lei did not continue to defend the leader.

     Lao Lei, who had listened to the words of the thin man, asked the thin man, "What is the name of your game?"

     And at the moment.

     Huoyan Bai Song has also reached a critical time.


     This time it was a thundering noise, the door opened, and the guardian beast could no longer suppress it, and roared out with anger.

     "problem occurs!"

     Lao Lei, who was downloading the game, turned off the built-in game interface and walked out of the grass.

     The same scene also appeared in places such as stones, trees, etc. The secret guards that several first-class teams planted here to monitor were almost awakened.


     The beam of light in the field changed colors.

     Five elements: thunder, electricity, wind, rain, and fire.

     The guardian beast that finally appeared is now active.It is red all over, four or five meters long, and the flame behind it is like a thorn behind a stegosaurus. What makes people more eye-catching is the dark red horn on its head, which seems to contain endless Strength.

     Both hands are very long, but feet are very short.

     "It's actually the Huoyuan Unicorn. The pure Attack Power wants to crush the guardian beasts of the other four elements." Bai Song saw this scene and thought to himself: "However, the pure Attack Power, in exchange for clumsy speed."

     Huo Yan glanced at Bai Song, only the first channel was opened, and the second channel took some time, and during this time, the guardian beast had to be supported.

     Bai Song gave Huoyan a thumbs up, indicating that there was no problem.

     Huo Yan glanced at the huge Huoyuan Unicorn with some worry in his eyes, but seeing the appearance of Bai Song plan in advance, he went to open the second door according to Bai Song's words, and handed his back to Bai Song.

     "Big guy, don't look at me, I'm just an assassin, you need the same big guy to fight with you." Feeling the unkind look in Hobara Unicorn's eyes, Bai Song raised the corner of his mouth and said, "Come out, bloodthirsty crocodile. ."

     A similar behemoth appeared beside Huoyuan Unicorn. Of course, this behemoth was for Bai Song. Compared with Huoyuan Unicorn, the bloodthirsty crocodile still looked a little smaller.However, although the bloodthirsty crocodile is weaker than the fire original Unicorn, it is definitely not defeated in terms of momentum.

     The bloodthirsty crocodile also felt the threat of Huoyuan Unicorn and let out a roar, and a black tombstone appeared on Flame Unicorn's body.

     Set up a monument before killing.

     If there is a ranking list of pretend skills, Tombstone Strangulation can definitely rank top. No matter whether you can beat it or not, you will not lose in momentum at all.

     Those secret whistles also began to approach one after another, and they saw this scene as soon as they approached.

     "What happened, Monster Wars? Oh my god!"

     "I feel that if these two monsters come here, I will be killed in seconds."

     "Wait, look, there seems to be someone behind that crocodile?"

     "Not one person, but two people, report this matter quickly."

     The secret whistle were no secret whistle anymore at this time, all were exposed. When they saw these two monsters, they chose to report.

     Because this is no longer something they can solve alone.

     And there was a man in the secret whistle, carrying a big sword, and quietly withdrew from the crowd.

     The thin man saw it right away, and squeezed it over and whispered: "Lao Lei, you don't want to die. One of the monsters is controlled by that person at first glance. Didn't you go to death in the past!"Death at the Starry Tower is not a trivial matter, especially for a battle-tested veteran, the loss of one death is irreparable.

     "I have already reported to the team leader." Old Lei said lightly, and then looked forward: "Maybe I am really stupid. The team leader has explained to me that no one can let this passage be opened."

     Then, Lao Lei withdrew from the crowd, leaving the thin man alone.

     "Hey, Lao Lei, you are so stupid." The thin man sighed, and then mixed in behind the secret whistle team. He is also a veteran, and he can't afford the loss of a single death.
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