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0 Chapter Directory 1961 The New Book "Slashing The Dragon" Is Overhauled, With A Million Words "Crying Blood For Support"
    Chinese Name: 废土崛起  Author: 通吃道人.QD(Tōng chī dàoren, Take-all Daoist)
    Original: | Translator:

Zhou Qingfeng, a luminous nightclub street, walks against the current alone. The street was full of hustle and bustle, and he was wearing a gray sweater, his hands were in his pockets, and his head was down on the sidewalk.

    But the sidewalk was not quiet, the store's sign flashed a beautiful neon, drunk men and women screamed arrogantly, the rough-skinned foreigner embraced the student girl openly, the strong perfume smell made people sick. This is the place in the city that is most in line with international standards and the most chaotic.

    A police car was parked on the street, and several Police and auxiliary police officers were checking the passers-by's documents. They did not pay much attention to foreigners and student girls, but stopped Zhou Qingfeng. "Hello, take out your ID card and take a look."

     Zhou Qingfeng stopped and took out his wallet and took out his ID card. He asked casually, "What are you checking?"

    "Routine inspection." One Police is responsible for stopping Zhou Qingfeng, another auxiliary police is responsible for querying the ID card online, and several Police are staring at the pedestrians under inspection, such as the enemy. Zhou Qingfeng's information was quickly returned, and the blocking Police asked: "Are you a teacher in the nearby university town?"

    "To be precise, I am a teacher at a nearby technical school."

    "Technology school? Are you going there now?"

    "Back to school dormitory."

    "Did you pass here last night?"

    "I go out after dinner every day."

    "Did you see any special people and things last night? For example, fighting or something."

    "There are fights in this street every night." Zhou Qingfeng said coldly, "You guys come out at night to be jealous of these foreigners to fight for the wind?"Police shook his head without answering positively. He confirmed that Zhou Qingfeng had no problem and handed back the ID card and said: "It's no longer your business, go back."

    Many people were examined together. After Zhou Qingfeng withdrew his ID card, he heard someone talk: “Last night, an African student here was beaten up by someone. Police came over and saw that the body was cold. Media 1 According to reports, AIA was shocked. Someone was naturally in a hurry."

     Zhou Qingfeng did not intend to participate in the discussion, and listened to a few words to move on. But he was thinking in his heart: Last night the nigga was beaten to death by me? I think he's quite strong, but he didn't hit me with two punches.

    The lone figure continued to move forward, Zhou Qingfeng looked around the street on both sides. He found that in just one day, there were several more monitoring probes on the road-the days of the nationals are getting better and better, but there are more and more garbage from abroad, and many are quite disgusting. The Chinese don't like to cause trouble, and the managers pull back, which is too suffocating.

    When passing by a dark corner, Zhou Qingfeng heard a few nonstandard Chinese tone laughter. Hearing this tone, he could imagine that the alley was hiding in the alley and the exposed woman surrounded by the foreigner.

     Zhou Qingfeng slowly turned his head to look at the dark alley, then turned his head to look at Police just a few tens of meters away. He stopped and scanned the surrounding monitoring probes, and then took a deep breath. His plain expression suddenly became untidy-a seal was pulled out of his pocket and spontaneously ignited without fire. He was a bit taller than he was thin, his arms and chest swelled instantly, his muscles were thick like rocks, and he even breathed a little bit harder.Zhou Qingfeng turned into the black alley and pointed a small flashlight in his hand. He quickly saw the scene inside—a black ghost with white teeth showing her arms around two women. From the age point of view, the two women can only be regarded as girls, most likely female students in the nearby university town.

    The forest is big, there are all kinds of birds, some cheap goods just like nigga. Zhou Qingfeng can't control this matter, but the atmosphere is broken, and the consequences are often out of control. He shoved the niggas in the face with a flashlight and asked, "Nigger, you're so cool, right?"

    The name of the nigger made the opposite African garbage angry. His dark skin kept shaking, covering the light of the flashlight with one hand and scolding: "Fuck, who are you? What do you want to do? Turn off the damn light."

    The glare of the flashlight made the niggas see Zhou Qingfeng. Zhou Qingfeng said coldly, "I'm looking for a nigga. The bastard raped a girl from a nearby technical school six months ago. The police haven't caught him until now, only knowing that he should be an African student from the nearby university town. , Often come to this nightclub street."

    "Yellow skin monkey, I don’t understand what you say." Nigga let go of the two student girls and stood upright and scolded: "I can't count the number of easy-girls I've had, who can remember half a year What happened? I warn you, turn off the light in your hand, otherwise I will beat you."

    The two student girls are all wearing makeup and shouting to Zhou Qingfeng: "If you are busy with business, you can get away quickly. The most annoying thing is that you don't have enough money to live but you like to find a presence, like a fly. Buzzing every day.""I think this pig needs a lesson." The nigger hummed. He is over two meters tall, muscular and has thick arms. The guy didn't wait after the warning. He clenched his fists in two hands and rushed over with an evil wind. Obviously this guy has practiced boxing and the like, with great strength and fast speed, even his fists are bigger than ordinary people.

    The narrow alley restricted the movement and dodge of both sides. Zhou Qingfeng either turned his head to run away, or stiffly climbed up. But in fact, he failed to react. He even stunned the opponent with an iron fist. With a muffled noise, Zhou Qingfeng's head was swayed to the side, and the flashlight fell to the ground.

    The nigger immediately said, "I thought that how dare I dared to challenge me? But as I always know, none of your yellow men can fight, what is the use of your brain? You don't know how to fight, Without us being black and strong, your women need real men like us.

    Even with the magical seal seal just now, Zhou Qingfeng's size is only one meter eight, which is much shorter than the niggas in front of him. But he did not fall as the nigga had expected, but instead twisted his neck and neck as if nothing had happened: "I really haven't practiced combat, and I have never fought anyone in the past. But I know it's enough to kill."

    "Killing people? I don't know who we are going to kill now!" Nigga said happily, "Oh..., you just mentioned the case six months ago. I remembered it was done by a friend of mine, he I also boasted about how cool that time was, but Police couldn’t catch him. It made me want to get a few local girls who would resist, and the easy-girl around me was too challenging.”"That's great, I didn't find the wrong person." Zhou Qingfeng looked up at the nigger's eyes again. The fierceness in his eyes made the nigger shudder.

    I don't see Zhou Qingfeng's big movements. His right arm swings like a siege hammer and suddenly hits the niggas' abdomen. The nigger also tried to dodge, but he didn't get enough distance. With a heavy punch, he unconsciously bowed his waist and grew his mouth like a live shrimp.

    This power is surprising!

     Zhou Qingfeng punched the left arm again, whacking the nigger's jaw. The head of the beating niggas flicked to the right, bleeding a lot, and several teeth flew out. The face frame of the other party deformed in an instant, and the neck almost cracked with a click.

    The niggas who took two punches stepped back a few steps, and looked at Zhou Qingfeng with horrified eyes-the man in front of him had great strength, and even more terrifying was his ability to fight. Nigga is very convinced of the power of his fists. Even a trained professional boxer, even with a full set of protective gear, can't be hit with a heavy punch.

    But the man in front of him did it. He not only did not feel any discomfort, but also immediately gave a strong counterattack. This is beyond imagination!

     Zhou Qingfeng stepped forward, Shen Sheng said: "If you like me, you junk-playing women will play well. I can't control it even if I'm upset. But you shouldn't bully ordinary girls who want to go forward, half a year The girl who was raped by you trash is my student. Not only did she suffer huge humiliation, she was also found to be infected with AIDS, and she jumped off the building half a month ago and died.She called me before she died and said, ‘teacher, sorry. I don’t want to live anymore because of this incurable disease.’ I persuaded the child to spend the night, calling her parents overnight, calling the police station, and mobilizing everyone to find her. But she finally jumped from the roof of the school. The next day I saw the scene of her parents crying after touching the body. "

     Zhou Qingfeng became more and more angry, his emotions became out of control, and Zhang Kuang was unscrupulous.

    "That's a very nice girl. She was only 18 years old. She didn't enter college but she still wanted to have a skill to feed herself and her parents. But all of this came to an abrupt end half a month ago, and he is all you Made by these niggers.

    My teacher failed to protect my students, and I deeply hated my incompetence. Today... I am here to avenge my students! "

    The two bitch makeup bitches in the alley had realized that something was wrong and screamed. Police outside the alley heard the call for help and quickly hurried over. The nigga who had just been repelled did not fall. Instead, he howled and rushed up. His bloody face shouted with tears, and his fists were clenched to attack again.

     Zhou Qingfeng really did not learn how to fight, he would only resist the opponent's fist. A heavy punch hit him in the neck, and he immediately returned the same punch—the nigga hit him, but he took a step back; he hit the nigger, and the ribs of the opponent were interrupted by incredible power.

    The exchange of punches made the niggas unable to carry the pain.

    But one punch is not addictive, Zhou Qingfeng beats on the other person's head.

    "We work hard to build our own homes, it is not for you trash to destroy."Bang's punch was on the nigga's eye socket, and the skin was opened, and the eyeballs were shot out.

    "We haven't had a good life for a few years, and we are not obliged to contain your waste."

    Bang gave another punch on the neck of the nigga. The neck of the nigga was not broken, but the nerve was suddenly hit hard, and he immediately fainted.

    "We are not weak and can be bullied, we are just more reasonable, but we also have occasions that are not reasonable."

    Zhou Qingfeng, full of anger, fought the nigga in front of him as a life-and-death enemy. Bang Bang's fists flew the blood and blood of the nigger, without any power to fight back. The beating nigga was originally a fighting athlete from Africa, but after a while, he fell down and was dying.

    At the entrance of the alley, there were several shouts of ‘Do Not Move’, but the police who came rushed to see only a sturdy back jumping on the wall and disappeared quickly. A tall African student was standing on the ground in the alley. Blood flowed from his mouth and nose. His head was beaten like a rotten watermelon, and he hung on the spot.

    Zhou Qingfeng, who walked across the wall, quickly fled the scene and entered a road barrier near the nightclub street. After a while, he came out of the woods of the isolation zone again, and recovered his usual thin appearance. He looked back expressionlessly at the murder scene where the siren was not far away, slowly lowering his head silently and leaving.