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Chapter Directory 1309 Fanwai In The Karel Region (1)
    Chinese Name: 宠物小精灵之庭树  Author: 轻泉流响(Qīng quánliú xiǎng, Fast Spring)
    Original: | Translator:

Since the destruction of the Rainbow Rockets, the wizard world has entered a prosperous age of Trainer.

     The third trainer wave comes!

     For this carnival of prosperity, Pokémon League intends to bring League Champions from all regions together for a top-level competition facing the world.

      According to the legend of Hoenn region, Fairy Elite Four has been invited by the former Hoenn League champion Dawu, and hopes that Tingshu can replace the current Hoenn League champion Miccoli in the championship exchange.

     Ting Shu accepted the invitation, but there is no championship handover ceremony yet.


     "No, Lotto, call Tingshu!!!"

     Peaceful life is intoxicating. Ting Shu lives a leisurely life in the town of Qiuye. Occasionally training and training does not pay too much attention to the championship exchange.

     After the battle of the Rainbow Rockets, he really didn't want to keep himself nervous.

     "What's wrong?" The garden tree with Beautifly watering flowers looked at Rotom Pokédex.

     "In addition to Girona, there may be someone in the championship exchange that will become your strong enemy Lotto." Lothom said.

     The garden tree has a strange expression, legendary Altaria, super Diancie, and a bunch of elves that can Mega Evolve/ution, you tell me how to lose.

     But Ting Shu was used to Lotham's fuss and asked with a smile: "Is there any new information?"

     "Galer region, current champion Dante Lotto!!" Lothom said.

     The Garel...

     Ting Shu puts down the kettle. The elven world is very big. Even in some areas, he has never been to it. Galer is one of them.In the Galer region, there is a phenomenon in which the elves become huge, which seems to be inferior to Z-force and Mega Evolve/ution.

      Rotom Pokédex, are you paying attention to this?

     "Dan Di, this person is also said to be very powerful Lotto." Rotom Pokédex said.

     Dandi, the current champion of the Garel region, has an amazing record of not losing in the official elf battle, and his strength and character are bursting with popularity. It is said that the first time Dan Emperor participated in the gymnasium challenge, he won every match. After winning the championship, he still maintained an undefeated record with his partner Spitfire Dragon by virtue of his own match-making talents...

     Completely undefeated... compared to the record of Ting Shu, Girona and others.

     However, it may also be related to the fact that the other party has not played with the real powerhouse.

     But anyway, after Lothom and Tingshu talked about this person, Tingshu was curious.

     "'Fairy World Championship' is a conference in the Garel region that competes for the world's strongest spirit Trainer. Before the championship exchange, there will be two people fighting there. Galil Superstar Dante Lotto~~~"

     Lothom gave amazing news to Tingshu... Before the championship exchange, did Indigo League even want to fight with the Galle Union? ? ?

     Although I don't know whether it is a real game or an exhibition game... but this news made Ting Shu smile.

     "I understand what you mean, what a strong enemy... you are bored at home and want to go on a trip.""Hey Lotto~~" Rotom Pokédex chuckled, and Ting Shu saw through his mind.

     The Galer region has exactly where it wants to go.

     The peculiar phenomenon there, it also wants to study more.

     "No problem, is the Galer region right? Emperor Dan...I remember this name." Ting Shu stretched out and looked out at the blue sky outside the window.


     The next day, Ting Shu took Rotom Pokédex and some elves in disguise and went to the Garel region.