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Chapter Directory 919 End Of The Book
    Chinese Name: 陨神记  Author: 半醉游子(Bàn zuì yóuzǐ, Half-drunk Wanderer)
    Original: | Translator:

So far the story of Meteor God comes to an end.

     If you can see here, Youzi sincerely thank you for your support.

     The text part is written to the end, it is an open ending, which can not only leave more space for readers to leave blank and imagination in the ending, but also leave enough space for online drama or film and television creation in the future.

     If you need to create a new chapter in the future, such an open ending is more appropriate.

     Overall, this book still leaves a lot of regrets.

     The wanderer doesn't like to make some gimmicky gimmicks, so we have one thing to say, a little about regrets.

     The first thing you have to admit and reflect on is that for the first time creating a custom class, this experience is really not enough. When this book was first written, Wanderer thought about something far-reaching and had great expectations. He planned to walk step by step from Wilderness from the perspective of Cloudhawk, and then go through various Elysian Realm cities from low to advanced. This process continues to enrich the worldview.

     According to the original idea, this story will not reach a place like Skycloud at least until the middle.

     However, because of the requirements of the former online drama director, too much baggage was inserted into Woozi's creation, and Woozi's initial mentality was to write this book as a customized article, which led to a lack of sufficient firm position and accepted these baggage and even Designed for many people.

     In this way, after the second volume went directly into Skycloud City, the outline of the wanderer was disrupted, and many tasks outside the settings appeared. The first few volumes can still be controlled. But in the middle and late stages of the creation, there is a feeling of dancing in shackles. This is also one of the reasons for slow update.Among them, in terms of politics and religion, Yunbo can be written more cryptically.

     But because of the premature entry into such a plot, no matter whether it is a political bond or not, it is not enough to set up a plan and plan, so the performance is not satisfactory... Youzi believes that this work does not Did not fully express the most ideal things.

     But completing a work like this has taught you a lot of things.

     Thank you very much for your tolerance and support along the way!

     This is the first time You Zi writes a customized article. I am not sure if it is the last time. But if there is still a chance to do such creation in the future, I will definitely stick to my creative thinking and strive to present it to the maximum extent.

     Now the online drama has been successfully turned on.

     Nanjing Yuanli Animation Company, which is responsible for the production of online dramas, is the most powerful animation company in China. It has many years of technical precipitation and production experience. The online drama of Meteorology will be presented in the form of motion capture. I hope you all come to I can support it.

     The director and screenwriter are all experienced and profound, and Youzi believes that they will learn from each other on the basis of Meteor God and create a more exciting story.

     Youzi fully believes that I did not present the complete thing in China, and I will get a good supplement and improvement in the online drama.

     I hope everyone will pay attention and support it.

     The story of Meteorite is over here.

     But there is a legend about Cloudhawk, but it is not over, or even just started.If possible, Wanderer takes the time to write some extra words to make up for the regrets left in the text and enrich the stories of various characters and the protagonist Cloudhawk.

     Finally, bow and thank you again for your support!