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Chapter Directory Chapter 1981 Ever Frozen Frozen! (The End Of The Big Seal Comes With A Postscript)
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translation:

"But, can I really do that? I can't. Soul Beast is on the verge of extinction. If there is no more of me, then they will really no longer exist (ence). Sky Blue Bull Python, Titan Giant Ape, etc. Why do two of your father’s best friends, even Soul Beast, who once became a God, stand on my side? It is precisely because they see the same concerns as me. Soul Beast will die forever if it is not saved. I can’t stand by. The people who watched me were just like that!"

     "I also tried to escape once. The amnesia was actually that I deliberately shook oneself's brain and caused oneself to lose memory. At that time, I thought, you will always be by my side, and I who have lost my memory. I can’t do anything for the race anymore, maybe I can stay with you forever. However, you found the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum for me and healed my brain injury that I deliberately did not heal myself."

     Gu Yuena's smile was a little anguished, "Nevertheless, I am trying to pretend that oneself is still in amnesia, even hoping to deceive oneself by this. However, in the face of Abyss Sacred Monarch act, you already have a life and death survival. How can I sit back and watch the crisis? Only act, cast Dragon God Transformation with you, and save you."

     "After that, I once again thought of countless ways, and I have been wandering in struggle and pain. However, I still have nothing to do, and I still can't do it. In the end, I am Despair."Having said that, she closed her eyes in pain.

     "Despair, I have been silent for a long time. I tried to forget you again. At the Martial Arts Selecting Husband General Meeting, I even really thought about marrying Qiangu Zhangting, a man I don't like, so that I can genuinely Forgetting you, or hurting you, keeping you away from me. But, you are here. And I am oneself, how can I forget you? In addition to you, even a finger, I don’t want others to touch Touch, how can you really marry someone else? Only your ring can be worn on my hand."

     "After the Martial Arts Selecting Husband General Meeting, I finally gave up. I know that I will not be able to defeat fate after all. In that case, I can only follow my fate. From then on, there is a plan ahead.

     Having said that, her eyes regained their brilliance.

     "I don’t have the wisdom of your father to plan Ten-thousand Years, pull strongly against a crazy tide. However, I also came up with one, try not to hurt you, and even stop deepening my hatred with Humanity, and let me The people of the ethnic group have a plan to proceed with a chance to live.""The past is over. No matter how we retaliate against Humanity, even if we kill all of the current Humanity, we can no longer resurrect the dead people. And when I was transformed into Humanity, it was just to blend in with you. , Understand you, thereby subverting you."

     "If it were not for me, how could the Spirit Transferring Pagoda research Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit so easily. In the Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit, it has already joined my spiritual seed, and that’s why I use it It took a long time to regain power. Then I found the exist(ence) of Myriad Beast Platform, Lesser World, with the help of Dragon God Nucleus. Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python use another way (of life) to save Soul Beast. They collect Soul Beast Seed and live in the procedure in that side Lesser World. However, Myriad Beast Platform is too small after all, and cannot be sustained by their strength. For this reason, I discussed with them and used Dragon God Nucleus as Myriad Beast Platform Nucleus, but they need them to support me to retaliate against Humanity. This is how the Myriad Beast Platform will come."

     "With the role of Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit and Myriad Beast Platform, we control most of the High Rank Soul Masters. From your Humanity perspective, since then, our conspiracy has been fully unfolded. It’s for the counterattack today.""It's just that we didn't expect that Holy Spirit Cult would cooperate with Abyss Plane you, and that Abyss Sacred Monarch would do anything to fuse in order to be able to Devour Douluo Continent plane. But during that time, there was no depression in my heart. .Because we can fight side by side again. Joining in the final outcome is that we lose, at least I can just live and die with you, being the Abyss Plane Devour Douluo Continent plane, whether it is for Humanity, or for our Soul Beast For instance, they were all devastating. That was also the first time, we angered against a common enemy fighting together. What you didn’t find is that all of us Soul Beast, who can incarnate in human form, were thrown into that battle. Play a role on the battlefield."

     "When Abyss Sacred Monarch came, I felt that we couldn't resist. After all, he relied on the strength of a plane. At that time, there was only one possibility, that is, I will turn you into Devour, and we will become the Dragon God, beyond the Douluo Continent plane. Fang may defeat it. However, I don’t want to do that. That’s not what I want. I would rather fight to death with you. I don’t want to hurt you or betray you."

     "Today, in front of all of your Humanity Elites and in front of my deployments, I can say that since I was reborn, I have never killed a Humanity that shouldn't be killed. So, Wulin, your wife is pure , There has never been half pollution."At this point, she smiled happily, but in her eyes, she was already full of crystals.

     "The appearance(ance) of Sea God has changed the ending I originally thought. The plan that I thought was not needed at all has an opportunity again. Sea God is gone, the Planar Lord sleeps, and the eternal tree evolves. All of this All gave me the opportunity to fabricate my original plan. I couldn't refuse the urging of my subordinates at all, and my original plan has reached the time when it must be implemented."

     "When you come to propose, you know that I feel as if having one's heart cut out. I obviously want to be able to accept your ring, even I really want to shout to you before you propose to me "I am willing." But, I can't. I can only cry in my heart when I look at what you have done for me. Even so, I still can't help but accept your ring, because only then can I Let me genuinely think that I am your wife."

     "I started this war, not really for Ruin Humanity. Because that will not bring us benefits, just like you Ruin, we will cause ecological imbalance, we Ruin and you, how will the result be different? Not to mention, I don’t think we can really Ruin you. The sleeping Planar Lord still has the possibility of waking up, and even if I can defeat him, I must destroy the entire plane as my foundation. Therefore, either the fish dies or the net splits Never advisable.""However, this disaster still has to be felt by you, and still has to be launched. Because I want to let you know that you have to bear the consequences if you do something wrong. I also want to let you know that our Soul Beast has the ability to resist."

     Speaking of this, her sounds|voices gradually became louder, and her majesty was revealed in a pair of beautiful eyes, "Even if I die, the spiritual seed I left will still exist(ence). Dragon God Nucleus I will stay In Myriad Beast Platform, as Myriad Beast Platform Nucleus, you can also control these spiritual seeds again. And through these Seeds under the Dragon God Nucleus plant(ing), even if your Soul Master of Humanity has descendants, you will always inherit Go on, unless you kill all the Soul Masters that are controlled, otherwise, these seeds will always be there. As long as you try to Ruin our Soul Beast and try to hurt us. Then, through Dragon God Nucleus, you can control you again and let us again. The war that can destroy you is coming. And this Control requires at least Ten-thousand Years to disappear."Having said this, her eyes fell on Tang Wulin’s face again, and she became gentle again, “This is my plan. All I have done is to make Soul Beast and your Humanity be able to Peaceful coexistence. But, what I did this also meant that I didn’t complete everything that I had to do as Soul Beast King. After all, I stood on the opposite side of you. As the King of Humanity Hero and Humanity, so what Maybe marry such a me? Even if you finally compromise, we will go far. And as the me who can control the general trend, I will definitely become your exist(ence) of the most vulnerable of the consequences. Perhaps you can leave everything behind. By my side, but, there will be so many ties in your heart, you will never be happy. In fact, you can't be with me when I have this identity, we can only be hostile ."

     "Our Soul Beast has too much power, which is also not what I want to see. Imbalance means the appearance (ance) of ambition. Therefore, I also left a limit on Dragon God Nucleus, not in the Soul Beast line. At the moment of Life and Death, this Spiritual Control will not appear(ance).""This is my plan. Only when I die can I relieve the Soul Beast's ambitions, and only this war appears(ance) can make your Humanity wake up. Wulin, I just hope that after my death, you Being able to constrain Humanity, leaving us Soul Beast a line of survival spatial. To complete our agreement and promise, at least leave us with a Star Dou Forest. With Da Ming and Er Ming in, I believe they will also constrain Soul Beast, and will never again To hurt Humanity. And your Humanity has researched out the Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit, no need to hunt Soul Beast, let us two races live together in peace. Okay?"

     Halo converged, and Dragon God Nucleus, who had previously settled Tang Wulin, had soared up and plunged into the Myriad Beast Platform in the air. Tang Wulin regained his ability to act.

     "Why? Why are you doing this? Why didn't you tell me all this earlier. There must be other ways, there must be other ways!" Tang Wulin let go of the Golden Dragon Spear, and came to Gu Yuena's side in a flash , Put her in oneself's arms.

     At this time, Gu Yuena's vitality has become less and less, and the pretty face gradually revealed the pale white color, but her hands still grasped the Golden Dragon Spear tightly, not allowing Tang Wulin to pull it out. Oneself's Life Force by Golden Dragon Spear Devour.As the Silver Dragon King, her own Life Energy is too strong, even the Golden Dragon Spear can't kill her for a while.

     Gu Yuena looked at him tenderly, "This is the best result, the best relief. I'm so tired, let me go. If you live well, you have to wait for your father and mother to come back and find you. Okay?"

     "Not good, not good..." Tang Wulin was already cheeks streaming with tears. He tightly grasped Gu Yuena's hand and wanted to pull her hand away, but how could Gu Yuena's last strength be so easy to fight against? Yes, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't take her hand away.

     "Gu Yue, you know, I can't lose you. How can you be so cruel? How can you bear to leave me alone."

     Gu Yuena shook his head gently, "Between us, it represents Humanity and Soul Beast. Only one can survive. I have already seen that you have made up your mind to leave the one. But what about me? Are you willing? You are not as smart as I am after all, you are just my fool after all."

     Life is about to come to an end, but at this time, she smiles very sweetly, seemingly without the slightest pain or regret.

     "Say you love me." She said softly.

     "I love you." Tang Wulin roared almost exhausted All-Out."Husband, I love you too." Gu Yuena finally let go of her hands holding Golden Dragon Spear, because at this moment, her whole body has become dim and irreversible.

     Her slender palm, which had become blood-colored, gently stroked his face. Her dim silver eyes were full of reluctance and nostalgia.

     Suddenly, her eyes suddenly widened.


     The other end of the Golden Dragon Spear pierced his chest. Almost in an instant, he had hugged her body tightly into oneself's arms, no longer distinguished from each other, no longer because of the barrier of the gun. Close contact.

     "No..." Her sounds|voices are already extremely weak, but at this time, she has no way to stop everything he did.

     The pain on Tang Wulin's face disappeared, and he looked at her with a smile, "It turns out that Heart is pierced like this, only some cold, not very painful. How can you leave me? You are my wife , I said, where you are, where I am, you want to leave, how can I stay alone."

     She put her hands on his chest, trying to push him away from the Golden Dragon Spear, but at this time, where is she still strong?

     Tang Wulin hugged her tightly, and she couldn't break free."Wulin, you still have father and mother, you promised them, you have to wait for them to come back!"

     Tang Wulin shook his head gently, "There is Elder Sister beside Mom and Dad. But you only have me."

     "Wulin..." Gu Yuena's tears finally burst out, and she couldn't take care of everything anymore, exhausted oneself's last strength, and hugged him tightly. And her aura started pouring out at this moment.

     Tang Wulin exerted force on both feet, and the two of them rose into the air under the piercing of the Golden Dragon Spear, and soared into the air. He embraced Gu Yuena with one hand, and waved the other hand into the air.

     Suddenly, everyone in the previously frozen space and time to shatter became able to move.

     "Wulin --" Numerous sad cry sounds sounded below. Everyone looked up at the couple in Sky who fell in love so much but ended up in tragedy.Tang Wulin’s gaze was very calm, "Actually, everything today may have ended before this last battle. Originally, I wanted to use oneself’s Life as the price to wake her up and leave her to Humanity a slim chance. Of survival. And I will not suffer from this pain after all. But I did not expect her to plan like this. You have all heard what she said just now. Humanity, Soul Beast, only peaceful coexistence, can we continue the world of Douluo Continent Go on. I hope that with our departure, we can wake you up and let you throw away the obsession in your heart."

     "Since the birth of Continent, Humanity and Soul Beast have both lost too much life because of each other. I hope that our death will end all this. This is my last request. Sister Mo Lan, Shrek Academy and Tang Sect. I’m sure you guys are pushing for this. Da Ming, Er Ming, two uncles. If my parents come back, please say to Wulin, forgive me for being unfilial. I didn’t wait for them to come back. I, really miss them. Say to them for me,'Dad, Mom, Elder Sister, I'm sorry.'"


     Both Da Ming and Er Ming have red eyes and want to fly. However, there seems to be an invisible strength Imprison in the Sky, and no one can fly.Tang Wulin shook his head to them, "No one can stop us from being together. Never again. From this moment on, all responsibilities and burdens have nothing to do with us. We only belong to each other. Everything about me is nothing. Only belongs to my wife Gu Yuena."

     While talking, Tang Wulin raised his hand to peek into his chest, a crystal clear bead had fallen into his palm, and at the same time, a divine light flashed in his eyes. The Silver Dragon Spear that had fallen on the ground before suddenly turned into a ray of light, and flew in front of Light and Dark Douluo Long Yeyue.

     "Dragon God Nucleus controls the spiritual seed in Soul Beast, and this Silver Dragon Spear is left to Shrek oversee. Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena, goodbye."

     While talking, he fingered hard, and the Ice God Bead instantly shattered and spread into a large ice mist. Devour him and Gu Yuena's body. A layer of frost clearly began to condense on them, and Gu Yuena's already withered body suddenly stagnated.

     Tang Wulin looked up to the sky and roared, "Golden Dragon Yue Talk Tang Wulin, Silver Dragon Wu Lin Gu Yuena! Farewell, Douluo!"

     In the next instant, they had turned into a cloud of ice mist and shot out, instantly disappearing into the air. Fly to the north.

     Everyone in the room stared blankly at this scene in Sky, whether it was Soul Beast or Humanity, the heart seemed to be suppressed by a mountain.

     Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena, die!Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin, committed suicide!


     Extreme Northern Lands!

     A crystal clear ray of light drop from the sky. It is a huge ice block, in which gold and silver double-colored complement each other.

     Finally, it landed at the Extreme North Nucleus circle and burrowed away with a roar. Take the two who have left an indelible brilliance in the history of Humanity and Soul Beast, go deep underground, frozen forever!


     All the Humanity Elites controlled by Spiritual Seed Control regained their memories after Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena left. Although they are controlled, they clearly remember everything that happened.

     Soul Beast temporarily withdrew to the Myriad Beast Platform to recuperate, and the two sides dispersed.

     Douluo Federation Speaker Mo Lan try hard to suppress one's grief, and Humanity numerous (representatives) Top Rank Elite, including Shrek Academy, Tang Sect, War God Temple, Spirit Transferring Pagoda, held a Continent joint meeting to discuss the relationship between Humanity and Soul Beast problem.

     One month later.

     Douluo Federation, together with Star Luo Empire and Dou Ling Empire, announced the legalization of Soul Beast. Will jointly promote the bill to give Soul Beast survival spatial.

     Douluo Continent, delineate the original scope of Star Dou Forest in the ancient era and give it to Soul Beast, and rebuild Star Dou Forest with Nucleus as the land of great evil.Humanity and Soul Beast signed a non-aggression agreement. At the same time give Soul Beast identity authentication. Any Soul Beast with identity authentication is equivalent to Humanity and, like Humanity, has the legal right to survive.

     If Soul Beast leaves Star Dou Forest, it needs to be approved and reviewed by relevant departments.

     Soul Beast commits the same crime as Humanity. Soul Beast who is not civilized and has no Wisdom is prohibited from leaving Star Dou Forest. Once left, Humanity has the right to hunt.

     In addition to the rebuilt Star Dou Forest, with the gold and silver Double Dragon as the mark, a separate area for Soul Beast and Humanity activities will be established. At the same time, a bronze statue of Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin and Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena was erected to commemorate the two generations of supreme talent who dedicated their lives for the peaceful coexistence of Humanity and Soul Beast.


     Ten years later, Eternal Sky City was initially completed, Shrek Academy regained its peak scene, and Continent first Academy fame follows merit. Eternal Sky City has also become a holy place for all Soul Masters, replacing the exist(ence) of Once Sea God Pavilion.

     Shrek Academy established a Hall of Fame in Eternal Sky City. In the Hall of Fame, only three statues are in the hall. They are the first generation of Shrek Seven Monsters, and they established Tang Sect, almost by the strength of oneself, they reversed the universe and destroyed the Sea God, Tang San, the conspiracy of Martial Soul Hall!Build the Spirit Transferring Pagoda to fight against the Sun-Moon Empire like the sun at noon. With its powerful power, it prevents the Sun-Moon Empire from unifying the Continent, leaving a foundation of Ice Spirit Douluo Huo Yuhao for the ancient Douluo Continent inheritance.

     And the last one, after the Shrek Academy suffered a catastrophe and the bombing of Shrek City, after suffering and cooperating with the Ten-thousand Years plan left by Sea God Tang San to defeat Abyss Plane, Douluo Continent regained its brilliance and died. , Solve the Soul Beast threat. The Dragon Emperor Douluo and Golden Dragon Yue Talk Tang Wulin, which let Humanity and Soul Beast coexist in peace.

     They are the most important figures in different eras in the history of Shrek Academy.

     In the center of Eternal Sky City, there is a statue, revered as the first City Lord of Eternal Sky City. It is precisely with the amount of Golden Dragon Spear Devour Abyss Plane Life Energy that helped the Ancient Tree of Life evolve into the Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin of Eternal Ancient Tree.


     Douluo Continent numerous (representatives) Limit Douluo Along with the subtle evolution of the plane, the energy stage of the entire Douluo Star has improved.

     Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie, Light and Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, Excessive Love (passionate) Douluo Zang Xin, have broken through the 100th Rank successively and are respected as the true God Rank Elite.

     So far, Soul Master's history appears(ance) leap forward, and 100th Rank is no longer the maximum limit of Soul Master. As for what stage can be reached, Limit Douluo, who has broken through numerous (representatives), is also unclear. They are also exploring.Numerous (representatives) who have broken through the 100th Rank will eventually not live forever without God's Position, but their lifespan will increase to 300 years.

     Douluo Continent is still evolving. What is the end of Soul Master, at least until the evolution is complete, no one can know.


     Extreme Northern Lands, Wanmi Abyss.

     Under the huge ice layer, the two bodies hugged tightly.

     The bizarre nine-color ray of light, placed faintly discernible in the placement of a person's belly, reflects their figure, and also reflects the golden-colored long spear that runs through their bodies!

     (End of the book)

     "Douluo Continent Four Ultimate Douluo" Introduction: After one Ten-thousand Years, it has frozen.

     Please read the postscript!



     I have finished writing a book of more than five million words. There are really many, many things I want to say to everyone. I believe that every one of you feels sorrow and sorrow when you see this ending. But in fact, the most reluctant and sorrowful person in my heart is me. Therefore, if you have free time, you might as well read this postscript.

     In fact, in the past two years or so, there have been a lot of things I want to tell you, but I am afraid that it will affect your experience, so I have accumulated to the present, let Little Tang express it, and it can be counted as doing it for Dragon King. A conclusion, a hope for the future.I was born in 1981. I often call myself Little Tang out of self-humility. However, Little Tang is really not young anymore. This year I am 37 years old. However, I never thought that my midlife crisis would come so early.

     If you read books online, you will find that our daily update volume has been reduced from 6,000 words a day to 5,000 words a day. Even the Wednesday watch every Monday was gone. There are many book friends who blame me, scold me, and ridicule me. I actually know that.

     I did not explain, because whatever the reason, it is actually an objective reason for you. Renewal is indeed reduced. I accept all the blame and accept it silently.

     It has been fourteen years since I wrote the book in 2004. For the past fourteen years, I have updated it every day. I once thought that in these ever-changing times in the future, I may encounter all kinds of difficulties. I also think that oneself is strong enough to face everything, that is, what others can do, I just keep changing. In the literary circle, I, Little Tang, rely on the reliable Two Word!

     However, I did not expect that I would encounter such a difficult thing in my life.If I remember correctly, Dragon King started at the beginning of 2016. At that time, it was actually when I was resurrected. Because, in 2015, two things happened around me that had a huge impact on me. In October, my grandmother had a pulmonary embolism and turned to a cerebral infarction. From the original shrewd old lady, she suddenly lost consciousness and language ability overnight, and she was lying on the hospital bed with half-length disability. At the end of November, my beloved wife, Muzi in "Children of Light" and Li Muzi in "For You I Will Love the Whole World", detected breast cancer, and it was the most serious type of triple negative breast cancer.

     For me, this is like the sky is falling apart. I tried all-out to make oneself able to face it bravely. Grandma's hemiplegia is irreversible, but in my impression, breast cancer is curable. I took my wife and had an operation immediately in the best hospital in Beijing. The tumor was removed.

     During that time, my life was very dark. I lost a catty every day for two weeks. He dropped from 85 kg to 78 kg.

     Until one day, when I put my hands on the keyboard and immersed in the world of stories, can I temporarily escape the pain. I also know that at that time, I know that I love writing so much. The fourteen years of persistence are all because of this love.The operation was very successful. After that, my wife had four chemotherapy sessions. Everything seemed to have passed. And I also felt that I seemed to be able to extreme sorrow turns to joy. At the beginning of 2016, the Dragon King legend finally began.

     At that time, I actually thought about the ending that you saw today.

     Whether it's the last permafrost, or the introduction of Douluo Continent IV, after Ten-thousand Years, the ice has already been conceived.

     A writer’s story will definitely be affected by life, and so do I. That's why I have my second city "Embrace Lies and Embrace You" and the tragic ending of Dragon King.

     However, I believe I will definitely see the rainbow after the storm, so when my tragedy ends, I will have hope, and I will eventually bring this hope back. That's why the sister chapter of "Embrace Lies, Embrace You", "Once Jiang Nan Is Here", will be published this year, and there will be a future Douluo IV.

     However, at that time, I really never thought that my ordeal had just begun. Everything is not over yet.Frankly speaking, at this point, I suddenly don't want to write it because I really don't want to recall everything I have experienced over the past two years. However, after a long pause, I decided to write it out. Because I want to tell you that I did not reduce the amount of writing because of laziness, but because it was too bitter and my heart was too bitter. At the same time, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for thinking of you, let alone writing a book, perhaps I had already jumped off the terrace at the most painful time. It was you who gave me the courage to survive and the courage to continue writing down, and you were the one who allowed me to do what I encountered and still move forward. As Mo Lan said to Tang Wulin, brave!

     Brave! What a simple word! However, I didn't really understand the meaning of these two words until I was thirty-seven years old, and what kind of strong strength they contained.

     In 2016, I gradually slowed down. Dragon King achieved great achievement(s) and got everyone's support. Glory waved to me again, just like the reconstruction of Shrek New City.

     The sharpness in my heart is sharpened again, confident and striving forward. I am high-spirited, not only want to be a writer, but even ambitiously want to become the boss of a listed company.

     For a year, cut one's way through thistles and thorns, and move forward bravely. Everything is going well.

     Until December, until that day.

     Second time review after Muzi operation.Multiple lymphatic metastasis, sternum metastasis, liver metastasis.

     I asked the doctor, can liver metastases be cured?

     The doctor said that for triple-negative breast cancer, there is no targeted drug, only chemotherapy, liver metastasis, on average, one and a half years...

     One and a half years..., a year and a half...

     The sky is falling!

     I realized what it means to be lying in bed with tears streaming down.

     I am a Capricorn. I am not a strong Capricorn in my heart. I am strong on the outside to hide my fragility.

     I am a melancholy and moody writer, I am good at association and ideation, and good at creation and thinking.

     However, at this moment, all of this has become my defect, because at that moment, what I think of in my heart is what would happen to me if she left. I discovered that if she left, I would not have oneself.

     She was my girlfriend when she was sixteen. At that time, I was eighteen. Twenty years have passed along the way. I know that I can't fall in love with any other woman like I love her, because I can't live again. It is impossible for anyone to accompany me through the most important twenty years of my life like her.

     She is a little stupid, a little stupid, she has no ability, and her life ability is not strong. Without me, I don't think she can survive in society.But I just love her. Just like Tang Wulin can give Life for Gu Yuena, so can I! If my life can be used for her, I am willing!

     But can God give me such an opportunity? After all, we live in the real world, not in fantasy. After all, I do not have Ya Li's healing skills, nor the ability to resurrect.

     what should I do? At that time I asked oneself, what should I do. One and a half years, left to me, probably only one and a half years.

     At that time, Tang Tang was seven and a half years old, and Linlin was only four and a half years old.

     Once I wrote in the chapter Dragon King's network update, for me, this time is really too difficult. But I didn’t say why, because I don’t want to bring you pain. What I want to pass to you is happiness rather than pain.

     What can I do at that time? All I can do is bite the teeth tightly, find a way to save her! As long as I can save her, I am willing to lose a family fortune. For this, I even do everything.

     Since then, I have started donating money to Tibetan monasteries every day, trying to do the four words of "doing one good day".

     From then on, I started to be vegetarian on the first and fifteenth day of the lunar month, and released 20,000 life every month on the fifteenth of the lunar calendar.

     For impoverished mountainous areas, I donated ten ambulances.For poor mountainous areas, I donated two schools.

     As long as I see anyone who needs help in the circle of friends, I immediately donate money and materials.

     I asked the Living Buddha to recite sutras and pray for her. I asked the master to confess her grievances to the creditor.

     I can’t bother to ask her treatment hospital. She has such a serious and high-risk condition. She is only reviewed once every six months. The tumor hospital only re-examines after three months, so that it has spread to the liver. She doesn't know anything about it.

     At that time, I just hoped to find a way to save her.

     At that time, my heart was disturbed. I immediately contacted intermediaries in the United States and Japan, trying to find the best hospital in the world to treat her. However, after asking around, her species type, even in the United States and Japan, has no better drugs, only chemotherapy.

     Japan is closer, I took her there. The Japanese doctor told me that in this case, she can live in Japan for an average of three years.

     Three years are more than one and a half years, one and a half years longer. Such simple mathematics was a surprise to me at that time. Even if it is to live an extra day, I am willing to work hard!

     So, in January of 2017, I took her across the oceans to Japan and started treatment in a hospital in Tokyo.It was also from that time that I learned that the greatest pain in life is difference.

     Twenty days in Japan, ten days back home. This is our state of life for most of last year.

     However, in this state, every time you leave, you must be separated from the Parents and the children!

     Every time before leaving, my mother-in-law held us sobbing, how can I not feel as if having one's heart cut out?

     Linlin is young and not very sensible. But Tang Tang is a little older and understands a bit.

     I still remember clearly that once, on the eve of our trip to Japan, Tang Tang said that he would not sleep at all. I was even a little off, and asked her, why wouldn't I sleep?

     Tang Tang's words at the time, I still remember, still make me cheeks streaming with tears. She told me that she was afraid that she would not see her mother when she woke up the next morning.

     That night, my wife and I were crying.

     We promised Tang Tang to wake her up the next morning before catching the early flight. And that time, at five thirty.

     And the next morning, Tang Tang's eyes were red and swollen, and oneself woke up at 4:30 and kept crying to send us away.

     This is the difference, and we have experienced this difference for ten months, countless times.And this kind of me, can continue to let the Dragon King keep changing, I don’t know how oneself came here...

     Chemotherapy, paclitaxel, three months, first time review. The lesion on the liver is three-fifths smaller, great news. I overjoyed at unexpected good news. Taking my wife to travel in Europe. At that time, I just wanted to have less regrets. As long as her physical condition allowed, I would take her to places that I had never been to and give her the best.

     Chemotherapy, paclitaxel, six months, resistant. The liver lesions changed from one to five. I was standing on the three 18 Layers balcony of a Japanese rental apartment, and wanted to jump down the first time.

     Lang Yongchun said to me, brother, we are not afraid of troubles. This sentence gave me great courage. However, at that moment, all I thought of was liberation. It was a video from Tang Tang that made me bite the teeth tightly back.

     In August, the dressing of Eribulin was changed. This medicine is very expensive and there is not yet in China. After two months of re-examination, most of the lesions disappeared again, I am overjoyed. I took my wife, Tang Tang and Linlin to Maldives. At that time, I didn't know what the future would be like, I just wanted to take her to have fun.

     In October, Eribulin was re-examined at the second time, and it was found to be resistant, with diffuse liver lesions covering a large area, and transaminase ten times higher. The swollen liver pressed against her stomach, causing her discomfort.

     I stood in the terrace of three 18 Layers at the second time. At that time, what I felt was Despair!Japanese doctors told us that it is impossible to give us experimental drugs in Japan. If you continue, you may only be able to use a placebo. There are no more medicines available. Suggest that we go home for treatment.

     Japan is a rigorous country, which can also be said to be rigid. We are only foreigners after all, and we are second-class citizens after all. No, we are not even citizens. Just outsiders who have the ability to pay cash.

     Two roller coasters, let me be both mentally and physically exhausted. When I wanted to jump off the terrace at the first time, there was a lipoma on my arm. At the second time, my physical examination showed multiple gallbladder polyps, and there was a larger one, which was said to be a suspected tumor. Until later, I had a CT and said should not.

     When I returned to China, I started to contact the United States and took the entire family to apply for a US visa. Unlike Japan, the United States has the most advanced science and technology, but it also has the farthest distance.

     At the time, I had no idea whether we could come back alive if we went to the United States.

     However, time waits for no one.

     And at this time, in November, the grandmother who had been lingering on the bed for two years and could only live with her nose tube, left.As the eldest grandson, how can I not send my grandma away? On the funeral day, I want grandma to pray. Grandma, you have suffered, and as a grandson, because I took my wife to see a doctor abroad, I visited you less frequently. I am sorry for you. However, for your great-grandson and great-granddaughter, please bless your granddaughter-in-law, the child cannot live without a mother.

     On the same day, I received temporary good news that the newly changed chemotherapy drug capecitabine was effective, his wife's condition temporarily stabilized, and the liver transaminase index dropped a little. Bought us time.

     At that time, I met the noble man in my life, Dr. Y.

     He is an American scientist. Once works as the R&D director of Asia in the largest pharmaceutical company in the United States. He is the one I know with the most degrees. He is the first in China to publish a paper in a world authoritative medical journal.

     A good friend introduced him to me. Dr. Y returned to my country many years ago for cancer research in our country. When I came back to do research, I was a professor and graduate student at the Medical Academy. The cancer vaccine he studied is the most advanced tumor treatment in the world today, immunotherapy.

     At that time, I was already turn to any doctor one can find when critically ill. As long as it was possible and effective, I wanted to take my wife to try.So we found him, and after inquiring about the situation, he told me that his research was experimental. According to the most advanced international concepts, immunotherapy still has opportunities.

     However, there are no approved immune drugs for the type of my wife.

     Dr. Y helped me analyze some experimental drug treatment ways (of life) in the United States. After combining his opinions and the opinions given by American intermediaries, we finally decided to stay in the country for treatment. Because even in the United States, there is no better treatment. While staying in China, we can also use some drugs purchased from the United States. And, at least there is no need to separate.

     We chose a private hospital and tried immunotherapy while Dr. C was treating chemotherapy.

     After two months of review, the lesions were reduced by 90%.

     At that time, even Dr. C, the doctor in private hospitals, found it inconceivable, and the same was true for us.

     However, after riding too many roller coasters, we can't believe it anymore, lest we repeat the same mistakes in the next review.

     Another two months. The number of lesions has decreased by 5% again, and overall it is only 5% of what it was when I returned from Japan. However, there is no cure as Dr. Y said.Another two months will be Wuyue (Fifth Month) this year. third review. All the lesions on the liver disappeared...

     At that moment, I couldn't help but rushed up, hugged my mother-in-law tightly, and cried.

     It took exactly one and a half years from the recurrence to the disappearance of the lesions on the liver, which is the average survival time as the attending doctor said.

     Although it was later found that there may be lesions in the thoracic spine, at least the lesions on the liver disappeared. It means she can live longer.

     For us, the wife earns every extra day she lives. She is so brave. Even if the doctor in Japan publicly told her, maybe next year, when I won't see you today, she still has no cowardice. Tears shed only when you mention a child.

     I simplified a lot of things that happened this year and a half. In this year and a half, I traveled to Japan ten times, stood on the terrace twice, and accompanied her to Japan, France, Switzerland, Maldives, Phuket, Hong Kong and Macau.

     Also in this year and a half, I became one of the four national talents selected by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

     In this year and a half, I finished writing the Dragon King legend. All, twenty-eight books.At the moment when the manuscript is finished, the first thing I want to say to you is that I am brave. Really, I can finally say that oneself is a brave man.

     Although, for a year and a half, my temples have been full of gray hair.

     I have grown up, and I am also old. But I can say proudly, Tang Jia San Shao, there is still no change.

     Having endured so many mid-life crises, and at least temporarily pulling my wife back from the death line, I haven't stopped.

     Is it just brave? Do not! More importantly because of you.

     My wife is my family, and so are you. At that time, in the most difficult moment, the motivation to support me to write down was because I would think that I could not give up the whole family for one family.

     So, I carried it. I firmly believe that as long as we Tang Sect have me, there will be glory and glory. We are the most powerful, we are the first in the entire online literature world!

     As long as I am still writing, no one can surpass us!

     Because you are with me and because you love me, I will write it down. Therefore, even if it is frozen and frozen, it cannot prevent the continuation of Douluo!

     I wrote so much before I knew it. Your Little Tang and your Third Brother have really experienced too much, too much.

     It's really hard!It's like Gu Yuena's pain, like Tang Wulin's pain.

     You see their suffering, all comes from my heart.

     I just hope that there will really be extreme sorrow turns to joy. All sorrow and pain will leave. Only beauty is left to us.

     Finally, let’s talk about the upcoming events in Tang Sect.

     First, the first season of Doulo Continent animation will be aired on Tencent Video until the end of Qiyue, and the second season will be aired on December 1st. We strive to do so. From the second season, we will live on one episode every week until the end . Never make a lifetime series...

     Second, the Douluo Continent Taoist Master version of the TV series will start filming this year, and we will choose a super Rank Super Rank handsome Tang San!

     The third, "I am willing to love the whole world for you" TV series, has already met you at iQiyi This story is written between me and Muzi, and it is written about my oneself experience. Luo Jin played me and Zheng Shuang played Muzi. I like them very much.

     Fourth, after Dragon King, the new book I will meet with you right away will be "Douluo Continent Gaiden Tang Sect Hero Biography". There will be the protagonists of my twelve works, which will make you hot! blood! Boil! Teng!

     Fifth, the urban emotion series, the sister chapter of "Embrace Lies and Embrace You", "Once Jiang Nan Is Here", will meet with you around October.The sixth, the Super Rank worldview of my new Creation, and Falan World mentioned in the Dragon King will be launched and finally named "Shen Lan Qi Yu", this series will be written after Douluo Continent four. It will be a more extensive series than Douluo. The first to be created will be seven medium-length works, that is, the Seven God Beads series of Shenlan Qiyu. The first part that will meet with you this year is called "Shenlan Qiyu Wushuangzhu". do you remember? I promised everyone on Weibo to write a double male lead for everyone, and that's it. Wushuang has the right and the same life source of Wushuang beads. The unpredictable six domains, unfold on a magnificent scale seven colors sea, and the ten Three Great races will bring you infinite excitement and splendor. Three volumes are expected!

     seventh and finally, "Douluo Continent Four Ultimate Douluo" will meet with you before the end of this year at the earliest. Let me slow down and sort out my thoughts carefully. This will also be the last part of our Douluo series! Write at least thirty more books for everyone! Make up one hundred copies of our Douluo Continent series! I hope that even if it can be surpassed in the future, only my oneself "Shen Lan Qi Yu" series can surpass. So, I would like to remind everyone again, ten million don’t miss "Shenlan Qiyu Wushuangzhu", it will be my All-Out work, the first of the big series, absolutely wonderful!With the postscript written here, it should be time to end, but I still feel a little bit reluctant, because Dragon King is over. This is the hardest work I have ever written in history, and it is also the longest time-consuming work.

     But everything must end, and the end means a new beginning. Pray for the arrival of that extreme sorrow turns to joy.

     "The Great Tortoiseshell Master" is indeed a physical book that has been published, and the Internet is later than the physical book, I admit. However, I really can't help it recently, because Muzi has relapsed again, and it is more serious than the last time, and there are most of the liver lesions. I just found a clinical trial drug for her from the United States. Watching the indicators on the test sheet soar every day, I am deeply stimulated every day. My recent state has never been worse. I can only pray now that this trial drug will be effective and will give me another chance to be born again.The Big Tortoise Shell Division plans to serialize for more than three months, then serialize Tang Sect Hero biography on the Internet, and then Douluo IV. I don't know if Douluo IV can be turned on smoothly, because I don't know how my Muzi was at that time. Next Monday, Muzi will review the effect of the new drug. Today, I will release 100,000 Life to pray for her. Please give me some time, it is really too difficult. I have really had a bad time for the past two years. But I really want to keep writing and write the last Douluo of our Douluo Continent series in the best state. If you can, please pray for Muzi. Just ask her to stay with me for a few more years. Thanks, brothers and sisters of Tang Sect.

     In the end, thank you again for your spare no pains or effort support over the past two years, thank you for your love to Little Tang, I also love you deeply, it is this love that allows me to persevere. Please pray for me and my wife. I will work hard to write for you for a few years. If possible, I hope for a lifetime.

     The last, last, last, say it again, Douluo Continent Four Ultimate Douluo Introduction: After a Ten-thousand Years, it has frozen. One more sentence, the protagonist will change! Replace it with one, a child born by an egg! And now, please support "Big Tortoiseshell Master". The TV series of the Great Tortoiseshell Master has already begun preparations, and I will meet with you soon.
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