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《Great Expert Ninja Recruiter》brief introduction

Great Expert Ninja Recruiter

author: 24K纯帅鸦

Crossing Naruto became Naruto's eldest brother. As a traverser who "has a brother and a room, and both parents die", Zhang Miao feels "pressured by the mountain". Fortunately, he has a ninja recruitment system! As long as the ninja fragments are collected, the corresponding ninja can be recruited. Not only can the opponent's total amount of chakras be obtained, but also the opponent's ninjutsu or Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit)! So the question is, is it really Uchiha's bloodline for writing the chakra eye, or the ramen lineage that the player played? (Official qq group of this book: 678253803) (Chinese Name: 忍者招募大师)

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