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0 Chapter Directory 789 Marvel Of The False (Fanwai Finale)
    Chinese Name: 忍者招募大师  Author: 24K纯帅鸦(24K chún shuài yā, 24K Pure Raven)
    Original: Unknown | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Under the personal leadership of the Zero Division, the entire Jingling Garden was running quickly like an engine filled with oil.

     In less than a week, Shudara Senju Maru completed the formation of the new Central Sixty-Four Room, and Nimaiya Wangyue also began to formally contact Bavente, and more than half of Bavente were grateful. Joined the corpse soul world.

     At the same time, Kylin Temple Tenshiro and Ichibei of the main military department also formed teams to the virtual circle and the world, and began to send people into the two worlds.

     Hikishu Kiryu was not idle either. She was originally from the 12th Division. With the help of the scientific madman Nirvana, she had initially determined the spatial coordinates of the invisible empire and began to move people nearby.

     All in all, although things are very complicated, with the "leader" of the zero division, everything is going on in an orderly manner.

     One month later, the zero team has initially completed the goal set by Zhang Miao, and has completed everything that can be done so far. As for those that cannot be done at present, they have tried their best to prepare.

     For example, Hikishu Kiryu, although she did not accurately locate the spatial location of the invisible empire, she moved all the people in that range and asked the ghosts to set up an interception barrier to prohibit others from entering.After finishing this, she returned to the Lingwang Palace again and reported to Zhang Miao the news of her preparation.

     "Your Majesty the Spirit King, I haven't found a way to enter the invisible empire, and I can't even determine their exact location, so I can only follow your instructions and move everyone nearby as much as possible."

     "Well, that's fine."

     After listening to Hikizhou Kiryu's report, Zhang Miao nodded suddenly, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

     "As for the rest, leave it to me!"

     After speaking, he stood up from the throne and gave a low voice.

     "Turn on curse seal two!"

     With this thought of him, the surrounding spirits quickly gathered towards him, and at the same time his body began to emit a dazzling light, just like a giant welding rod burning all over!

     Seeing this scene, Hikishu Kiryu, whose eyes were tingling, quickly covered his eyes with his hands, and at the same time showed a look of horror.

     "This power is... actually several times stronger than the original Spirit King... No, it should be said to be dozens or even hundreds of times stronger!"

     Hikizhou Kiryu was not wrong. Zhang Miao, who turned on the second curse seal condition, was indeed more than a hundred times stronger than the Spirit King.But Yizhou Kiryu didn't know that Zhang Miao himself was not in charge of this power, but Zhang Miao's other consciousness!

     At this moment, in Zhang Miao's inner world, one looks exactly the same as Zhang Miao, but Zhang Miao, whose eyes are blood-red, is laughing wildly.

     "Hahaha, I finally came out, Zhang Miao, Zhang Miao, did you know? You are just rubbish, rubbish!"


     Zhang Miao didn't speak, but calmly looked at the presumptuous self in front of him, his face unwavering.

     Seeing him like this, the "Zhang Miao" standing opposite him seemed to have received some insult, and immediately reached out and grabbed his collar by the collar.

     "You don't know how stupid you are. You who have the system are originally the master of the world. The original purpose of the recruitment system is to eliminate the unbearable world. Just kill the stubborn guys and be recruited to replace them. , You can directly master the entire Naruto World.

     But what did you do? You obviously have the help of the system, but you keep shrinking. You don't even dare to kill Uchiha Obito. What is it that you are not useless? "

     Having said that, he loosened Zhang Miao's collar again and then grinned."But it's different now, because I came out, as long as I killed you, I can replace you, and with the help of the system, let those who dare to resist me scream in the flames of destruction, and finally Being burned out, this is a refreshing life, hahaha!"


     Hearing what he said, Zhang Miao still didn't speak, his eyes were still calm, and his complexion was still calm.

     Seeing him like this, the other "Zhang Miao" who was laughing wildly, his smile gradually became awkward... and then gradually turned into anger.

     "Damn it, aren't you afraid that I will kill you? Huh?"

     Seeing him flying into a rage out of humiliation, Zhang Miao finally couldn't help it. He laughed with a "pū chī" and bowed to him at the same time.

     "Bajie, stop making trouble!"

     "Damn it, who is the Bajie?"

     "Then... Ergouzi? Donkey egg? Dung ball?"


     Hearing Zhang Miao's alternative name, the blood-red "Zhang Miao" suddenly took a breath, and pointed at Zhang Miao with a trembling finger.

     "You... you are bully intolerably, I want to die with you..."

     Just when he was about to say "I will never die," before he could finish speaking, Zhang Miao stepped forward and hugged him in a bear hug.

     "Sorry, brother!""Uh……"

     After being hugged by an ardent bear by Zhang Miao, the blood-red "Zhang Miao" suddenly stunned, and the original angry expression froze on his face.

     At this time, Zhang Miao also spoke up again.

     "I was originally an orphan who was no one to rely on. The only honor was the craftsmanship taught to me by my father, and a little cleverness, so I was really upset after the crossed over.

     But I don’t know why. Whenever I want to be lazy or give up, a courage rises from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t know what it was, but now I know it. That’s you, the brother who has been with me. Thank you! "


     Hearing Zhang Miao's words, it was the turn of "Zhang Miao" with blood-red eyes to be silent.

     As another consciousness of Zhang Miao, he is very clear that what Zhang Miao is telling is the truth and the truth, so he doesn't know what to say for a while, so he can only remain silent.

     But Zhang Miao had a lot to say, so he opened his mouth again.

     "When I watched Hokage anime before, I saw Naruto in the final Bijuu (Tailed Beast) training. Didn’t he see his inner self in front of the waterfall? That is his dark side. Actually, I have been there secretly. , I wanted to see you, but I didn't see it. To be honest, I was a little disappointed."Having said this, Zhang Miao suddenly smiled, and then let out a long breath.

     "Huh... but now it's alright, I finally see you, this is really a happy thing, you can do whatever you want to destroy, don’t tell me, I can accept others, why can’t I accept you? Well, because we are all one, good brothers!"


     As soon as Zhang Miao said this, the face of "Zhang Miao" with blood-red eyes changed again, but this time it was not anger or surprise, but a look of relief.

     "Sorry brother, I'm afraid I can't arrive at these things. You have passed the test of the true god, so I should disappear too."

     Having said that, his body quickly became transparent, and within a short while, he became confused, and even his voice became intermittent.

     "So...this final blow of destruction is up to you...for me...finish...it..."

     As the last voice fell, he completely disappeared, and Zhang Miao, who was in the Spirit Palace, opened his eyes and slowly opened his mouth at the same time.

     "This blow was done by us together... good brother!"As he said, the light on his body suddenly became more dazzling, and a huge light group with a diameter of one meter was condensed on his chest. This light group was still dazzling brighter than the light emitted from him, just like a small one. sun!

     And when the center of this "little sun" began to produce black spots, the entire Spirit Palace began to tremble violently, as if it was already on the verge of collapse.

     Seeing this scene, Hikishu Kiryu suddenly showed a horrified expression, and both legs began to tremble slightly.

     "Just relying on the gathered energy, the Spirit Palace is on the verge of collapse, how can there be such a terrifying move? This...what the hell is this?"

     Just when Hikizhou Kiryu's face was filled with despair, Zhang Miao had already completed the last move, and at the same time he shouted.

     "The wonder of the Spirit King!"

     This trick is actually a virtual flash after Zhang Miao reaches the Shenxu level. The real name is "Shenxu's exclamation", but Zhang Miao feels that it sounds like "shenxu's exclamation" and feels very ashamed.

     In addition, he has now become the Spirit King, so he changed the name to "Spirit King's Exclamation", so that it sounds imposing and will not cause misunderstandings.With a loud shout from him, the "little sun" that had stayed in front of him suddenly turned into a comet with golden flames, broke through the space barrier of the Spirit Palace, and fell towards the Jingling Garden below.

     Because the power was too strong, when it fell, the surrounding space was shattered, and there were black cracks wherever it could be seen. Obviously, the space in the Soul World was already in a condition of collapse at this time.

     And just because it was in such a condition, a huge palace covered with frost also appeared from the shadow of the Jingling Garden at this time.

     Seeing this scene, Motoyanagi Yamamoto standing in the distance suddenly opened his eyes wide.

     "Could it be that this is the ice palace of the invisible empire that His Majesty the Spirit King is looking for?"


     Hearing this question from him, the first soldier standing next to him immediately laughed, "But it will disappear soon...and the remnants of the Quincy!"

     It seemed to be responding to the words of the first soldier of the main army, his voice just fell, and the drop from the sky, like a small sun, "spiritual king's exclamation", directly hit the sky above the invisible empire.

     "Puff...kā chā..."With a sound like bursting bubbles and breaking glass, the space hidden in the shadow of the Jingling Garden instantly turned into pieces and disappeared directly.

     In addition, Motoyanagi Yamamoto did not hear anything, as if everything he had seen before was an illusion.

     But he knew that this was not an illusion, because Hikishu Kiryu had told him before that in the ice palace of this invisible empire, there still existed the army of Ukhabach, the Star Cross Knights.

     This is a combat team composed of 26 quintessence surpassing the Captain-level Reaper. According to Hikishu Kiryu, they can easily destroy the Jingling Garden or the Void Circle.

     But such a powerful organization was destroyed in an instant along with the space in which they were located. Such a method made Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni feel cold all over.

     "This...is the power of the King of Death, the Spirit King? It's really scary to make people!"

     Even Yamamoto Genryuzhai Shigekuni had this idea, not to mention the others, all of them stared wide-eyed, and many of them even stood unsteadily and just sat down on the ground.

     But Zhang Miao didn't know all of this. After he launched the "Ling King's Exclaim", the voice of the system rang in his mind."Ding...Congratulations to Mianxia for completing the last step. The current will to obtain the world is 100%. Naruto World and the world of death have begun to merge, and you will return to the Naruto World before the death of death. Now the countdown begins, 10, 9, 8, 7..."

     Listening to the countdown of the system, Zhang Miao's mouth suddenly turned up, and an expression of excitement appeared on his face.

     "Finally you can go back, the system you must advance the return time, don't let me miss my own wedding, I also want to hahahahahaha with some of my beautiful wives!"

     "No problem, don't worry, leave it to me!"

     Zhang Miao grinned again when he heard the system's "Three Combo of Peace of Mind".

     "Hey Hey……"

     Just when he was overjoyed, the countdown to the system reached zero. Zhang Miao only felt that his eyes went dark, and the whole person instantly lost consciousness.

     When he woke up again, he was immediately stunned by the scene in front of him.

     I saw a pair of blood-covered men and women standing in front of him, with a huge paw directly piercing through their bodies. Who were they not Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato?

     Seeing that arrived Zhang Miao's eyes widened, Uzumaki Kushina's face suddenly showed a trace of guilt."I'm sorry... Ryunosuke, Naruto, mom woke you up, I'm sorry..."

     Zhang Miao: "..."

     Sorry to your sister, it should be the system that I should be sorry for!

     System, your uncle, I asked you to set the return time for me before marriage, but didn't let you set me the time when Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) attacked Konoha!

     Hinata was not born yet, right? Are you mentally retarded?

     When Zhang Miao criticized the system as a dog in his heart, Uzumaki Kushina also spoke up again.

     "Ryunosuke, Naruto, you should not be picky eaters in the future. You must eat every day and grow up sturdily. Remember to take a hot bath every day and not stay up late. Keep enough sleep every day and get enough sleep every day. Try to make friends. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many friends, just a few trusted partners are enough..."


     When he first came to Hokage, Zhang Miao's mentality exploded when he heard these words, but now he heard it again, but the corners of his mouth twitched twice, and then he ordered the system in his heart.

     "System, I want to come back again!"

     "No, Mianxia, returning is not what you want to return, you can return if you want to!"

     Faced with Zhang Miao's request, the system immediately rejected him."And now is the fusion of the two worlds, all actions that interfere with time and space are forbidden, so you should take it back to the file, I am going to sleep, maybe I will wake up again in ten or eight years, wish You have fun playing, goodbye!"