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0 Chapter Directory 790 Words Written In The Back
    Chinese Name: ļʦ  Author: 24K˧ѻ(24K chn shui y, 24K Pure Raven)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

After finishing writing, the four-thousand-word chapter is very sincere?

     Hehe, I originally planned to write it as a comprehensive comic, but I think about it and forget it.

     To be honest, I originally planned to write Hokage, Grim Reaper, and Pirates, but the Pirates havent read it, and theres no time for refills, so I can only give up. As for the originally planned Natsume and Giants, there are food seeds and the like. , Think about it, it seems that there is nothing to write, so I just dont write it.

     I have been thinking about the ending for a long time. I feel that this is more in line with my style. If you dont like it-then hit me, hahaha haha!

     return to the topic!

     Writing things you dont feel is cheating to subscribe, and Shuai Ya doesnt want to do that. Shuai Ya just wants to show everyone what he likes. Whether its good or not is one thing, but its another matter.

     In short, this book is now over. If the new book is about to be uploaded at the end of National Day, it is still a two-dimensional classification. Although it is not an anime fan, it is something that has been conceived for a long time. It should not disappoint everyone. You will be notified in the introduction of this book at that time.

     Everyone is welcome to continue to support, and the blade is not needed.

     Another: "The Prince of the Tang Dynasty" will start to make up tomorrow. By the way, I apologize to the classmates who have been waiting for a year. It was because I didn't drive well and caused the book to be blocked and everyone waited so long, sorry.Another: I don't know how to wear women's clothing.

     That's it, okay!
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