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Chapter Directory Chapter 2050 God King Fanwai Biography Of The Witch
    净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Degeneration Demon Territory, Blackrock Demon Palace.

In the Princess Mansion, a beautiful figure stood in an attic. The woman was graceful, dressed in sexy, long cloak fell on the clean sapphire floor, she did not wear shoes, slender beautiful legs, white feet on the Qingyu floor The background adds a little charm.

Her face is natural without a doubt. As a princess of the Black Stone Demon Sect, known as the witch, Yan Yuruo, I do not know how many times have appeared in the dreams of many people.

Even, in Degeneration Demon Territory, many magic islands come to raise relatives to count Yan Yuruo into the harem, but the witch's temperament is extremely strong. For thousands of years, no one has been paid attention to by him, even if he is the devil's son, As well as those talented young Devil figures, none of them can enter her eyes.

As a result, Well-known by the Common Folk witch Yan Yuruo is proud and arrogant and does not pay attention to the heroes of the world. Over the years, she has offended many people.

"Yilou listens to the wind and rain, and who knows the lovesickness." A wry smile flashed across the witch's enchanting eyes. She was charming, and there was rain floating in the attic.

"Princess." Behind, there were soft footsteps, a cold beauty appeared behind the witch, and yelled softly: "Princess, the devil let you leave."

"Leave?" Yan Yuruo gently shook the head, looking at the picture in the smoke and rain in front of him. Here, there are traces of him."Ju Yu, you have been following me for so many years, only I know what it is because, presumably, you are also the one who knows me best." Yan Yuruo said softly, Ju Yu, once the demon of Blackrock Demon Island, her destiny Once changed by one person, and after that person left, Ju Yu still remained in the Black Stone Demon Sect and followed her only because, in their memories, there was a figure of the same person.

"Only my father and you know why I ca n’t look down on those people, even now this Degeneration Demon Territory is the most outstanding arrogance in thousands of years, the youngest devil emperor." Yan Yuruo looked at the sky with a smile, said: "Whenever I want When I forget that memory, his name will suddenly appear, and break into my life again, from the magic mountain, to the Emperor Qingxuan Tian, and then to the King of God, that bastard guy is deliberately not wanting me to forget. "

Ju Yu smiled bitterly, so not so, everyone will meet many people in their lives, some people are destined to just pass by, even if they have left precious memories in your life, but that person is different, when you are about to forget his At that time, his name will be mentioned suddenly, appearing in your life, he is more and more dazzling, like the blazing sun above the sky, you ca n’t forget it if you want to forget it.

"Sadly, that bastard's big marriage, Thirty Three Heavens celebrates in the fairy land, the beautiful women around him, the goddess is the spouse, and how can we remember these passers-by, he broke into our people's life, and ruthlessly left, I saw only The new man laughs, but the old man cries. "The witch sighed, Ju Yu was speechless. She knew that Yan Yuruo had a piece of memory with him, but she could not talk about the new man and old man, but the witch's temperament was just like this way.At this time, the rain outside the attic suddenly stopped, and a terrifying demon cloud enveloped the sky. It was terrifying. The Black Stone Demon forms flashed and came around the attic. Their eyes were full of vigilance and stared. A terror cloud above the sky.

There is a scary Scarlet Lightning in the dark magic cloud. Above the condensed lightning cloud, a young figure appeared, his figure is thin, his eyes are unparalleled, and his extreme pride is revealed. Scarlet Lightning is hidden in the pupil, which is terrifying.

The people of the Black Stone Demon Sect looked at the figure in the sky's, faintly fearful, and somewhat admired. For thousands of years, Degeneration Demon Territory youngest Demon Emperor, Blood Demon Emperor, and many Demon Sect people did not understand, like this kind of Peerless Supreme Talent, and has become a giant like the Devil Emperor, but also able to endure to pursue for many days, why their princess still refused to be beyond a thousand miles, so that this Peerless Devil Emperor finally angered.

The blood demon emperor stared at Yan Yuruo, the bloody pupils were so proud, and there was a bit of anger, his hands stretched out, and in the blink of an eye, the scary Scarlet Lightning came between heaven and earth. For a time, countless Scarlet Lightning bloomed in the vast Devil Sect In an instant, vanish (ed) in a puff of smoke, here transformed into the world of Scarlet Lightning.

"You said, I'm not qualified to mention on equal terms with the person in your heart, then I will show you now, am I qualified enough?" Blood Devil Emperor's bloody pupils looked towards the front of Yan Yuruo's attic, In an instant, the earth was torn apart by Scarlet Lightning, and there were scary cracks. One by one, the cracks wrapped the loft. The endless lightning wrapped the whole loft in it. Scarlet Lightning even crossed by Yan Yuruo.At the next moment, the loft flew into the air, surrounded by Scarlet Lightning. The scene was too horrible.

"Blood Devil Emperor, why don't you have to be emotional, please let Yu Ruo go." Black Stone Demon King stood in Void and said.

The Blood Demon Emperor took a quick look towards him. With only one glance, a Scarlet Lightning directly penetrated the body of the Blackrock Demon King, pierced his chest, and flew out.

"I promised Yan Yuruo that he wouldn't kill the Blackrock Demon Sect, but if anyone dared to stop me, kill no amnesty." The Blood Demon Emperor said coldly, his eyes fell on Yan Yuruo again, and said: "I will ask you one last time. Come with me?"

Yan Yuruo smiled shallowly, soul-seizing, he looked at the blood demon emperor and said, "Am I pretty?"

The blood demon emperor's bloody eyes narrowed and nodded, "Of course."

"He has also admitted that I look good, but so what is not yet a negative man, hugged and hugged, touched and touched, but reckless and impulsive, really the most shameless bastard in the heavens of the heavens." Yan Yuruo scolded, Recalling the past bit by bit, her smile turned out to be extraordinarily bright, looking at the blood demon emperor said: "I am ready, let's do it."

"You would rather die than follow me?" The blood demon emperor looked at anger and said, "Who is he?"

"You still don't know well, otherwise, I'm afraid you won't be able to sleep in the future." Yan Yuruo giggle said.

"It's ridiculous, what is my identity, even if you don't want to follow me, you don't need to make up a void character, don't you say Degeneration Demon Territory, the whole Wanmo Island, and even Qingxuantian, who can qualify me for the blood demon emperor to fear?""Of course." The seriously wounded Blackrock Demon stepped forward and looked at the Blood Demon Emperor: "I know how good you are, but I have never persuaded Yu Ruo because I know it is useless, the person in her heart, you Basically unable to mention on equal terms, even if it is not qualified to look up. "

"You wanton." The Blood Demon Emperor looked at the Black Stone Demon King again. In an instant, the entire Black Stone Demon King was enveloped by endless bloody thunder, as if he would consign to eternal damnation as long as the Blood Demon Emperor's heart moved.

"Father, this is my choice, you don't have to intervene." Yan Yuruo looked at the Black Stone Demon King.

"Silly girl, he is already a person of Another World after all, this is too old, who can expect to see him, why do you have to suffer like this." The black stone devil sighed deeply, looking at the blood demon emperor said: "The person in her heart, It ’s a god, Immemorial Gods, Supreme Ex? Is? Tence's god. "

After saying this sentence, the Blackrock Demon looked up towards the heavens, maybe only towards the heavens, he could feel closer to him.

After the Blood Demon Emperor froze for a while, then he laughed violently, vibration of Heaven and Earth, accompanied by his laughter, the entire Demon Sect was overwhelmed by Scarlet Lightning, and countless people showed fear.

"It's ridiculous, can she still like Lord of Myriad Demons, Qing Xuan Tian Di, Thirty Three Heavens co-owner, Primordial God King failed." Blood Devil Emperor's laughter oscillated between heaven and earth, floating in the sky's attic Shivering, tottering."Yeah." Yan Yuruo returned to complied very seriously, making the Blood Demon Emperor stunned, and looked at her. I saw Yan Yuruo smiled shallowly, the smile was so gentle, she looks up at the sky, like she wanted to Seeing through this sky, her beautiful eyes suddenly burst into tears, saying: "You title Primordial God King, omnipotent, can you see everything that happened here, you can still remember that there was a witch in the Blackrock Demon Sect who wanted to It's a shameful and sad story to seduce you, but if one day you know that I'm dead, there will be a hint of emotional fluctuations. No, you are so busy now, I'm afraid you will never know that I am dead. "

With that, the witch slowly closes the eyes, like somewhat unwilling. Suddenly she opened her eyes and scolded again: "Qin Wentian, you damn bastard, has hurt the old lady all her life, and is still thinking about you."

The voice reverberated in the bloody thunder, and then gradually dissipated. Yan Yuruo ’s beautiful eyes were still somewhat unwilling, but in the end still closes the eyes, the endless Blood Thunderbolt came, trying to drown him.

However, at this moment, a sigh suddenly came from heaven and earth. Then, time and space seemed to be still, and a lazy voice seemed to penetrate through the ages.

"Who is scolding me!"

This sound is not loud, but it penetrates Blood Thunderbolt and falls in the ears of everyone in Blackrock Demon Sect.

The witch Yan Yuruo who closes the eyes shook her body and listened to the sound carefully. Then her sexy body shook violently, her beautiful eyes suddenly opened, and the void, a person silhouette seemed to come across time and space, gradually Appeared, only a moment, Yan Yuruo cheeks streaming with tears!Qin Wentian's figure appeared above the void, standing with a smile, this instant, there was silence all around, countless people trembling.

"King of God." Someone whispered.

"It's the King of Gods." Then, the sounds gathered into a terrible sound.

"God, I actually saw the God King." Some people were trembling because of the excitement. Before, they only saw it in the sky, but now, the God King appears in front of him.

Blood Demon Emperor ashen-faced, his body was also trembling, he had dreams hadn't thought, Yan Yuruo's favorite person would actually be Thirty Three Heavens co-owner, shaking his body, he slowly knelt down, Bowed: "The blood demon emperor sees the god king."

Qin Wentian has not seen, just waved his hand, the figure of the blood demon emperor vanish from sight, no one knows where he went, live or die.

Yan Yuruo's tears continued to fall, and her beautiful eyes stared at the figure that appeared in the void, but she saw Qin Wentian smiled and said: "Today is a day of great joy, why cry so sad."

"Overjoyed?" Yan Yuruo asked with a stunned eye.

"" "Un." "" Qin Wentian nodded his head, looked around the crowd, and said: "The Primordial God King mobile game Star Soul Awakening has been officially launched, and all the kings can go to download together, and join me in the Thirty Three Heavens , Prove the King of God. "

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