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Chapter Directory 451 The Road To Detachment! (The Finale! A Five-thousand-word Chapter With The Testimonials Attached)
    Chinese Name: 无敌天妖系统  Author: 沧河贝壳(Cāng hé bèiké, River Shell)
    Original: | Translation:

The old man of Tianji no longer had the trifle without respect, and his expression was sad, "Ji Er, if you go again, I will be the only one of those old brothers and sisters at the time. I am so lonely!"

     Hearing this, Yun Ji couldn’t help but reminisce in her eyes. Familiar faces flashed in front of her eyes. Those were the 49 innate creatures born at the beginning of the "Heavenly Mystery Realm". In addition to her and the old man of Tianji, there were also There are people such as "Xuntian", "Bodhi", "Qiaomei", "Little Mushroom" and so on. Everyone is company for each other in endless time, but it is also endless fun.

     Together with age as heaven and earth, they are also full of spirituality when they practice together. They seem to be the forty-nine darlings of heaven, but how can there be complete and beautiful things in the world? These innate creatures of them all have their own life and death catastrophe!

     This catastrophe means death! Means the end of life!

     Under the rolling wheels of time, the innate creatures died one by one in the catastrophe. In the end, only the "Old Man of Heaven" and "Yun Ji" were left!

     Because the old man Tianji embarked on the path of detachment and became the "Lord of Eternity", he did not need to live and die again.

     And Yun Ji is the youngest innate creature, her life and death catastrophe has not come before this.After becoming the Eternal Lord, the old man Tianji also tried to help the old brothers on the road of detachment, but was unsuccessful. He could only watch them die one by one in the catastrophe, and the feeling was like slashing the flesh on the tip of the heart.

     The old folks left one after another, making the old man of Tianji cherish the people around him more and more. For this reason, he did not hesitate to use his great magic power to build one universe after another in the "Heavenly Mystery Realm", condensing countless planes to let everyone In the process of experience and understanding, I hope to make a breakthrough, but none of them succeeded during this period.

     The Domination Plane is one of thousands of planes. The Invincible Heavenly Monster System is also one of the golden fingers of the "Son of the Plane". In the eyes of the Dominion Landmen, Hong Yu and the Super Sky Monster System are too heavenly. -defying, however, looking at the endless planes of many universes, they are just'very ordinary' members.

     However, in this seemingly inconspicuous Domination Plane, Yun Ji has encountered unprecedented people and things...

     When Yun Ji's mind flashed these, the voice of the old man Tianji echoed in the void, "Even though I set foot on the road of detachment, become the eternal lord, and have endless life, but if you are missing you old folks Sharing, what's the point of being alone!""Ji Er! You must live! You must survive this catastrophe! Hong Yu, a little bastard, is very wild, maybe he will help a little bit in this catastrophe! Besides, your big catastrophe Jie's arrival early was caused by this little bastard, and it was too cheap for him to stay out of the matter!"

     While talking, the old man Tianji thought, Hong Yu was like a sandbag, and he was thrown back to Yun Ji.

     Don’t mention the joy of Mrs. Huayin, Greed Wolf, and Yun Ye, little bastard, if you want to die, everyone will die together, so don’t you want to be alone! The old man is really fair, fair!

     Yun Ji glanced at Hong Yu complicatedly, and couldn't help sighing. Even though she didn't want the other party to die with her, she knew the nature of the old man Tianji. Since the other party said so, then Hong Yu would definitely follow her into the university. There is no discussion.

     "Mr., this is my family and friends, I hope you can take care of one or two. Thank you for the younger generation!" Hong Yu didn't complain about the old man Tianji throwing himself over, but he didn't want his parents and family members. He also died with him, so he threw the Mahayana virtual world to the opponent.

     The old man Tianji did not speak, but he nodded solemnly.In the Mahayana virtual world, Hong Boyong, Empress Zhuang, Si Yin, Su Xi'er, Chu Wenying, Qing Xuan, Jiang Yuluan, Hong Xuan, Chu Jie, Han Zimo, Jiang Chen, Teacher Jinyan, Jinchuan, Feng Yicai, Qi Rui, Wei Dabiao and the others all cried out with grief. There is nothing more desperate than watching the death of relatives and friends and not being able to help themselves!

     The gear of life and death turned, and the sound of death was made. Hong Yu was dragged along with Yun Ji and the others...

     "Dead stallion, I'm sorry, my palace is causing you trouble." Yun Ji said with a complex expression.

     "If it weren't for me to rectify those demons, there would be no current things. I should apologize." At this point, Hong Yu suddenly showed a ridiculous smile on his face. At the end of the day, let’s talk about something meaningful."

     "What?" Yun Ji's flawless beautiful eyes blinked twice, and asked in confusion.

     "Ji'er, although I know that Yushu Linfeng is very popular with girls, but I didn’t expect it to be missed by your devil. Honestly, if this catastrophe hadn’t come, would you be true? Going to plot a fat baby?" Hong Yu said with a beating face.Yun Ji's beautiful face instantly flushed, and then a terrifying roar rang from her mouth, making everyone's ears hum, "Hong Yu! You will die to this palace!!!"

     Mrs. Huayin waited for the top three and choked silently, Nima! It's fine if we are tied up as cannon fodder, and you have to scatter dog food and listen to you flirting.

     After Hong Yu's uproar, the solemn atmosphere of heading towards death could not be relieved, and everyone's mentality improved a lot.

     Click, click...

     Everyone got closer to the interlaced death gear, and the sound of death continued to magnify in everyone's ears.

     Inside Hong Yu Dantian.

     The bottom of abyss, which has sunk hundreds of millions of meters, has entered a special area. There are so many demons here, and the scalp of make people is numb! Upon closer inspection, the densely packed Demon actually stood neatly, guarding a ‘big tomb’ standing in the core area!

     As the space fluctuates, a translucent figure emerges from the tomb. Seeing this figure, the demons suddenly become more respectful...

     "Heavenly Mystery Realm? Good place, this demon master has taken it!" A hoarse voice came from the translucent figure, and then he stepped towards the abyss passageway. Many Demons around quickly dodge left and right, giving way to a path. Come.

     Life and death gear area."Sister Yun Ji, I...I'm going one step ahead..."

     With infinite nostalgia and perseverance, Huayin's body was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke between the two gears. No matter it was the body or the soul, everything was annihilated!

     The first emperor born by thousands of planes, Mrs. Huayin, has fallen!

     A touch of sadness flashed in Yun Ji’s flawless beautiful eyes. Once upon a time, she met Huayin in the first plane, and even taught each other. The relationship between the two is very good, but today it is separated from life and death. Coming, it really made her feel a little sad.

     Greedy Wolf and Yun Ye turned pale, and they were frightened. They had just seen with their own eyes that Madam Huayin’s body was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke among the death gears, and there was no scum left. It was really terrifying. .

     What makes them desperate is that the interlaced gears are changing from time to time, and the speed is too fast to react. Just like Mrs. Huayin just now, there is obviously a large gap in the place she passed, but there are two interlaced gears. Suddenly appeared next to him, so that the other party had no time to dodge, and was crushed into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

     Being in such a Jedi, death could come at any time, which made them feel a little bit out of breath for a while.Hong Yu naturally saw the scene before him. He was also terrified, but at the same time, he was also suffering from the cold, crazy, and murderous breath that came from Dantian from time to time!

     With the rapid increase in the number of Demons, these auras became stronger, making Hong Yu's mind a little out of control...

     There are gears on the outside and Demon’s worries inside. Hong Yu only feels that he is in the double oppression of ice and fire, and the despair only he can experience.

     "Dead stallion! Be careful!!!"

     At this moment, Yun Ji’s panicked screams sounded, making Hong Yu's vague consciousness a little awake. However, the next moment he was horrified to find that he did not know when there were a few more mutuals on his side. The biting giant gear, the body has been moving forward like this, it is tantamount to slamming into the death gear!

     Ji Lingling shuddered, Hong Yu hurriedly tried his best to change direction. However, the huge tearing force produced by the rotation of the huge gear made it difficult for him to get rid of, and he was about to enter the death gear strangulation.

     Greedy wolf and Yun Ye are happy in their hearts, boy, although we can't escape death, it's enough to see you die with our own eyes! What if you are favored by Fairy Yun Ji? It's not about to die before us! readily! It's so refreshing!Just as they were taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster, a slim figure swept across the void and blasted towards Hong Yu. The speed was so fast that it made people stun the tongue. The next moment, a slender hand stretched out and grabbed it with a bang. Took Hong Yu's arm.

     In spite of her personal comfort, Yun Ji flew to rescue Hong Yu. With her all-out effort, Hong Yu's body, which was trapped in death gear, was gradually pulled out.

     Greedy Wolf and Yun Ye both had their noses crooked. Even though they were 10,000 unwilling, they were tied to Yun Ji's body. The two of them could only follow each other. At this time, they cursed and cursed Had to use Divine Ability and Yun Ji to pull Hong Yu.

     With the efforts of the three Yunji, Hong Yu's body is getting farther and farther away from those death gears, and the hope of surviving is growing.


     Suddenly, a weird and majestic wave erupted from Hong Yu's body, making the faces of several people in the field extremely pale immediately, and the endless cold and murderous aura diffused, and everyone's mind was almost stunned under its impact. Go away.

     Under the influence of this huge breath, the surrounding death gear's trajectory has become chaotic!

     Click, click...

     In the next moment, dozens of huge gears appeared around the group of people, crushing them crazily!"Hong Yu!!! I would never let you go if I was a ghost! I was killed by you!"

     With a desperate roar of greedy wolf, he was strangled by death gear and scattered ashes and smoke dispersed.

     On the other side, Yun Ye just struggled twice, and then he went to life lost and Dao vanished. Before he died, his eyes looked at Hong Yu with crazy resentment, and the little native not only robbed him. Woman, and, at the end of the end... His little life was lost by the other party, which made him extremely frustrated and angry.

     A look of helplessness flashed on Yun Ji's beautiful face, "Dead stallion, you can really harm people, but death early is also death, death late is also death, even if you are freed in advance!"

     Click, click...

     The interlaced gears that are getting closer spread to Yun Ji's body. Even though she is a powerful innate creature, she can't resist anything under this destructive force. Her slender body is shattered every inch, but even so, she is tight. The bare hand holding Hong Yu did not let go.

     Hong Yu saw this scene happen, his eyes were full of complex emotions such as anxiety, apology, loss, reluctance, etc. However, at this time, he couldn't do anything because he couldn't control his body at all. Up!After the vast cold and murderous aura broke out, he only felt that his body was under the control of this aura, so that he could not score anything for resisting!

     Next, he faintly heard a somewhat hoarse, cold voice, "Although this body is a little bad, it can barely support the spirit of the'Devil Lord'. From now on, the Heavenly Mystery Realm is mine. !"

     Powerful and unmatched power immediately descended on this body. Hong Yu was shocked to discover that his body was actually strengthened thousands of times! The speed made him horrified!

     Strong! It is too strong! With such a physical body, I am afraid that I will catch up with the secret old man!

     "The Demon Lord"? Is he the leader of those Demon? It's so powerful!

     Hong Yu's consciousness was quickly blurred by the powerful aura, but, in the dimness, he suddenly heard the frightened and angry voice of the'Devil Lord', "Damn! How could he catch up with the'Heaven and Earth Catastrophe' !"

     Click, click...

     In the sound of the gear of death and the roar of the devil, Hong Yu's consciousness became more and more blurred.

     In the blur, he only felt that the will to control his body was getting weaker, but the powerful force brought by the other party had never diminished!

     ...I don't know how long it took, Hong Yu suddenly woke up, he only felt that there was an extremely surging power surging in his body.

     The coolness from his arms made him forget about other things. He looked forward for the first time and saw that the beautiful Yun Ji, whose body was almost invisible, but her bare hands were still tight. Holding his arm.

     At this moment, a pair of death gears rolled over, Hong Yu was shocked, and subconsciously waved to resist.

     With his arm out, Hong Yu also reacted, secretly saying, how can my only body withstand the crushing of the gear of death? Hey, die if you die.

     However, hum!

     Suddenly, Hong Yu felt a pain in his arm. Then he realized that his arm was stuck between the rotating gears. In the pain, he instinctively retracted his hand and pulled his arm back from the gear.

     Hong Yu was blindfolded. He looked at his arm in a daze. When did my arm become so strong?

     Suddenly, there was a flash of light in Hong Yu's mind, and his eyes suddenly widened! No way! Isn't my luck so good?What he thinks at this time is naturally that the'monster' is probably at least the same level as the old man of Tianji. He wants to occupy the'celestial realm', but he happens to encounter the'heaven and earth disaster'. In this way, the other party As soon as he took control of his body, he was crushed by the gear of death. In the end, he did not know whether he died or flinched back. However, he was inherited by Hong Yu due to an unexpected turn of events because of his outstanding cultivation base. So, Only then can he resist the gear of death.

     Regardless of the real situation, Hong Yu would also like to express his heartfelt thanks to that...unlucky monster!


     Outside the dead zone.

     The old man of Tianji and the Mahayana virtual world are floating in the air.

     "Hey, if Ji'er goes, there will be only the old man left in the congenital life. I am really alone, lonely!"

     Originally, the Tianji old man who had developed a trifle without respect mentality thought that he could face life and death peacefully. However, when his'little sister' Yunji suffered a catastrophe, his mentality still collapsed.

     The sad cloud in the Mahayana imaginary world is bleak, anyone can see that Hong Yu is absolutely everything bodes ill, no positive signs, otherwise, he will not be able to throw the Mahayana imaginary world to others.

     Click, click...

     In the turning sound of the gear of death that make people heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil, everyone's mood is extremely low.And just at this moment, suddenly a rush of weather burst out! The strong breath changed the complexion of the old man De Tianji greatly!

     "The Eternal Lord! A new Eternal Lord is born! Is it Ji Er? Is she breaking through the gear of life and death and embarking on the road of detachment? It must be! It must be her! Haha... That's it!!!" The old man Tianji was so excited that he couldn't control oneself.

     Next, he did see Yun Ji, but the other person was carried out by another person. The kid had a strange smile on his face. At this moment, he was whispering something to Yun Ji, and the old man Tianji listened quickly. ——

     "Dead stallion, aren't we scattered ashes and dispersed smoke?"

     "Scattered ashes and dispersed smoke? You want to be beautiful! Before you have a fat baby with Lord Hong, you want scattered ashes and dispersed smoke? How can there be such a cheap thing!"

     "You, you will die for this palace..."

     (End of the book)

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     As for the next book, Shell is still thinking about it, and I will notify you when the new book is released.

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